Only 30% Of Dragon Ball Z Fans Will Be Able To Answer These Trivia Questions

As one of the biggest and most successful properties in the history of animation, Dragon Ball Z has been a phenomenon that has shown no signs of slowing down. Many of us were introduced to this spectacular series when we were younger, and we have stuck by its side as it has expanded upon the story that we fell in love with all those years ago. With multiple shows, multiple movies and a plethora of manga available, people looking to get into the franchise will have to spend a good amount of time catching up, but we promise that it is worth every second of it.

The people that have put in the time know a thing or two about the franchise, including useful facts about the most famous characters to appear on the series. Sure, the main characters are the ones that most people are familiar with, but there are loads of others that have come along and left a lasting impression on the fans of the franchise. These characters are largely why this series has been able to remain fresh after all these years, and true fans love to show off their knowledge of them and the show in general.

Today, we want to see who has what it takes to rise above the rest and ace this Dragon Ball Z quiz!

Question 1

Is Broly The Brother Of Goku?

Question 2

Is Vegeta A Prince?

Question 3

Did Shin Defeat Cell?

Question 4

Is Trunks The Son Of Gohan?

Question 5

Is Tien Best Friends With Chiaotzu?

Question 6

Did Bulma Marry Vegeta?

Question 7

Is Vegeta The Father Of Trunks?

Question 8

Was Android 18 Created By Dr. Gero?

Question 9

Did Ginyu Work For Majin Buu?

Question 10

Is Whis The Child Of The Grand Minister?

Question 11

Is Dodoria Part Of The Frieza Force?

Question 12

Is Trunks A Hybrid (Saiyan And Human) Character?

Question 13

Is Gohan The Son Of Chi-Chi?

Question 14

Does Krillin Marry Android 17?

Question 15

Does Cell Have Multiple Forms?

Question 16

Is This Character Named Android 15?

Question 17

Is Kid Buu Reincarnated As Uub?

Question 18

Is Gohan The Brother Of Trunks?

Question 19

Did Yamcha Used To Be Enemies With Goku?

Question 20

Is Cell A Saiyan?

Question 21

Did Dr. Gero Create Frieza?

Question 22

Is Raditz The Brother Of Vegeta?

Question 23

Is Beerus Known As The God Of Destruction?

Question 24

Is Piccolo From Namek?

Question 25

Is This Character Named Master Roshi?

Question 26

Was Goku Trained By Piccolo?

Question 27

Did Master Roshi Train Gohan?

Question 28

Did Bardock Work For Majin Buu?

Question 29

Does Beerus Have A Twin Sister?

Question 30

Did Tarble Help Defeat Dr. Gero?

Question 31

Is Videl Married To Gohan?

Question 32

Was Dodoria Created By Frieza?

Question 33

Does Yamcha Find All The Dragon Balls?

Question 34

Does Piccolo Have The Power Of Regeneration?

Question 35

Has Frieza Been Defeated Multiple Times?

Question 36

Was Nappa A General In The Namekian Army?

Question 37

Has Krillin Been Revived?

Question 38

Has Kibito Defeated Whis?

Question 39

Is Zangya A Galaxy Soldier?

Question 40

Was Whis Created By Kid Buu?

Question 41

Is Zamasu The Servant Of A Supreme Kai?

Question 42

Has Master Roshi Taken On Android 17?

Question 43

Is Hercules A World Martial Arts Champion?

Question 44

Was Golden Frieza Created By Frieza?

Question 45

Is Bardock From Planet Vegeta?

Question 46

Does Goku Have 4 Children?

Question 47

Was Kid Buu Created By Garlic Jr.?

Question 48

Is Goten Half Of Gotenks?

Question 49

Is Android 17 Married To Bulla?

Question 50

Is This Character Named Chiaotzu?

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