Only 30% Of Dragon Ball Z Fans Can Pass This Test

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most loved and cherished franchises ever created, and while many franchises have already petered out and have fallen by the wayside, this one continues to thrive and gain new fans. It has done this by having amazing stories that feature brilliant characters, and this potent combination has lead to sustained success. Needless to say, the people that start to watch this franchise usually stick around for the entire thing, and these people wind up learning an incredible amount of information about the stories and the characters.

Today, we want to see which people out there are able to ace this quiz about one of the greatest franchises of all time. It'll take a Super Saiyan effort to make this happen!

Question 1

Which Character Was First To Go Super Saiyan?

Question 2

Trunks Is One Half Of Which Character?

Question 3

Which Character Is Not Pictured Here?

Question 4

Which Of These Are Saiyans Born With?

Question 5

Which Planet Is Broly From?

Question 6

Who Is Gohan's Father?

Question 7

Which Character Trained Goku?

Question 8

Which Move Did Vegeta Invent?

Question 9

How Old Was Gohan When He Faced Frieza?

Question 10

Which Earrings Are Shown Here?

Question 11

What Does This Symbol On Vegeta's Head Mean?

Question 12

How Many Forms Does Cell Have?

Question 13

How Many Children Does Goku Have?

Question 14

Was Gohan Part Of The Ginyu Force?

Question 15

Did Trunks Come From The Future or Past To Help Take Out Cell?

Question 16

Which Dragon Is Summoned With The Dragon Balls?

Question 17

Name This Character

Question 18

How Many Episodes Did Frieza's Fight With Goku Last?

Question 19

What Is Android 17's Real Name?

Question 20

How Old Was Piccolo When He Took On Goku?

Question 21

Who Is Goku's Father?

Question 22

Which Character Took Out Chiaotzu In The World Martial Arts Tournament?

Question 23

Who Is Hercules' Granddaughter?

Question 24

Which Character Moves Into The Kame House?

Question 25

Which Character Is Stronger: Whis or Beerus?

Question 26

Is Zangya A Supreme Kai?

Question 27

How Many Children Does Raditz Have?

Question 28

How Old Was Dr. Gero When He Was Taken Out?

Question 29

How Many Universes Are In Dragon Ball Z?

Question 30

Which Universe Does Dragon Ball Primarily Take Place In?

Question 31

How Many Forms Of Buu Are There?

Question 32

What Is Beerus The God Of?

Question 33

What Is Bardock's Alias?

Question 34

Why Does Krillin Shave His Head?

Question 35

Is Piccolo Related To Garlic Jr.?

Question 36

What Does Krillin Call Yamcha?

Question 37

Which Form Of Cell Is This?

Question 38

What Is The Alternate Name Of Golden Frieza?

Question 39

Which Character Does Gohan Marry?

Question 40

How Many Dragon Balls Are There?

Question 41

Who Was The First Character To Unlock Super Saiyan Blue Evolved?

Question 42

How Many Grandchildren Does Goku Have?

Question 43

Is A Kai The Ultimate Being?

Question 44

Which Series Does Tarble Appear In?

Question 45

What Rank Does Ginyu Hold?

Question 46

Which Villains Did Bardock Serve Under?

Question 47

Which School Did Tien Attend?

Question 48

Kibito Is The Bodyguard Of Which Character?

Question 49

Is Android 16 The Supreme Kai Of Universe 7?

Question 50

Which Universe Is Zamas From?

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