Defeat These Dragon Ball Villains To Reveal Your Power Level

Get ready, because you're about to face some of the toughest villains in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Make no mistake - this is no ordinary quiz. We're not testing your knowledge, we're testing the one thing that matters in Dragon Ball Z - fighting ability. That's right, this quiz will actually simulate various battles with some of the toughest fighters around, and how you choose to defeat them is completely up to you. But one thing's certain - with such powerful opponents, the last thing you want to do is hesitate. Pick a move and execute it, before it's too late.

In this quiz, you'll be given the option of four different moves to defeat each enemy. And if you make the right choices, we'll give you a very high power level at the end of the quiz. Make bad choices, and you might just find yourself with a measly power level at the end of the quiz. A word to the wise - if you want a high power level, think carefully about which attack you use. Don't use a powerful attack if you're fighting a weak opponent. Only do what is necessary to defeat them - otherwise you're just wasting power. Ready for battle? Then what are you waiting for?

1Goku Black

Goku Black is one tough customer, and he ends up fighting some of our favorite heroes in the later episodes. He's actually an exact copy of Goku, but he's being possessed by another being - a god to be exact. He eventually meets his end fighting none other than Vegeta. But how would you fight him?


Frieza is a villain that hardly needs to be introduced, and it took a LOT of work to finally bring him down. We all know that it was Goku that defeated him at the end, and it took every ounce of his strength. But suppose it was you fighting him. How would you defeat him?


Broly is definitely one of the strongest fighters we've ever seen, and he took real effort to bring down. He's something of a tragic figure, a villain that you can relate to. But there's no denying that he needed to be dealt with. But how would you deal with him?



Cooler is another villain that we know all too well, and he's the brother of dreaded Frieza. He's also a better fighter than Frieza, making him even more of a challenge in the end. But suppose you were fighting him... How would you go about defeating him?

5Majin Buu

Majin Buu was definitely one of the most destructive, dangerous villains the heroes have ever faced, and it took a lot of effort to finally bring him down. In the end, Goku was obviously the one who finished the job, but how would you take him out?


6Android 21

Android 21 is a fan favorite as far as villains go, and she is the central antagonist in the new Dragon Ball Z video game. She's evil, but she has a good side as well, which makes her very interesting. Suppose you were fighting against her... How would you win?


And who could forget the original villain, Vegeta? That's right, we all know that he started off as a villain, and what a great one at that. So good in fact, that we just had to see him come back as a recurring character. But if you were fighting him, how would you win?



Cell is perhaps one of the strongest villains our heroes ever faced, and he brought some serious power to the table. In the end, he was defeated by Gohan, who full unleashed his potential in the nick of time. But if you were fighting him, how would you win?


Beerus is another interesting villain in Dragon Ball Z, and one that is essentially indestructible. That's because Beerus is a god, and no ordinary god at that - he's the god of destruction. He's capable of taking down just about anyone. But how would you defeat such an enemy?



Turles might look like Goku, but he is the complete opposite. Although he's Saiyan, he's actually a pirate, and even more merciless than your average Saiyan. He's quite the challenge for our heroes, until he's defeated of course. But how would you deal with him?

11Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero was a wonderful addition to the Dragon Ball Z world, and he was responsible for not only BEING one of the coolest villains we ever saw, but also CREATING some of the coolest villains ever. He's definitely a tricky customer to deal with, but how would you deal with him?



Piccolo is another person who we all remember from the Dragon Ball Z series, and people often forget that he started off as a villain. That's right, he was just another person obsessed with taking down Goku. Suppose you were fighting him in that tournament. How would you win?


Frost is another villain that popped up in Dragon Ball Z, and this is yet another member of Frieza's mutant family. It's clear that he's related, and he has the same fighting strength as his relative. Of course, he was taken out eventually. But what would you do to take him out?


14King Cold

King Cold was another notable villain in the DBZ series, but as soon as he turned up, it seemed like he was defeated in a flash. Of course, the person responsible was Trunks, who had come from the future. He is Frieza's father and he wanted revenge. But how would you end him?

15Android 18

Android 18 is another amazing villain that later turns good. But for a while there, she was the biggest threat around. Lots of people tried to defeat her, and all were put in their place - including even Vegeta! But what would you do to take her out?


16Garlic Jr

Garlic Jr was another great villain, and he appeared largely in one of the most memorable DBZ movies ever. He holds the honor of being one of the few villains to ever successfully gain immortality using the dragon balls. With that in mind, how would you defeat him?


Zarbon is another fan favorite as far as villains go, and his unique character is sorely missed today. He seemed very relaxed and overly feminine, until of course his true form was unleashed - the beast like monster within. But if you were fighting him, how would you win?


18Android 17

Android 17 is another amazing fighter that started off as a villain. Although he seemed cruel and evil at first, he later warmed up to our heroes, eventually joining forces with them. Fighting against him was still no easy task, however. How would you take him down?


Raditz was the first main villain in the entire Dragon Ball Z series, and the first taste we got of a true Saiyan warrior. Looking back, the character is almost laughably weak, but he still posed a major threat back in the day. If you were fighting him, how would you defeat him?



Dodoria is another one of those memorable villains from the Namek saga, and this one is one of Frieza's most trusted henchmen. Still, it didn't take long for Vegeta to take him out - it was actually one of the fastest defeats in DBZ history. How would you deal with him?


Nappa is another one of those interesting early villains in the series, and this one proved to be quite devastating. Even though he was eventually defeated by Goku, he succeeded in wiping out a lot of the best fighters Earth had to offer. But how would you defeat him?



Bojack is another memorable villain, and he was actually the star of the show when it came to one particular movie that most of us will remember. Although he's a servant of Frieza, he's very powerful in his own right, and was hard to bring down. But how would you defeat him?


Spopovich is another memorable villain. He wouldn't be too much of a problem if it wasn't for the fact that he was controlled and made much more powerful by another evil villain. Afterwards, he was pretty much indestructible. But let's assume you're fighting him. How do you win?



Another interesting addition to the Dragon Ball Z story was when Nappa unleashed the fury of the Saibamen upon Earth's defenders. These little creatures packed quite the punch, and took down plenty of fighters. But in the end, they were destroyed. How would you do it?

25Cell Jr

Cell Jr is the name given to another tiny enemy that attacked in a huge pack alongside Cell. They're very much like the Saibamen, although much, much more powerful. However, in the end Gohan seemed to have no trouble with taking them out. How would you do it?



Cui is another villain from the DBZ Namek saga, and he didn't really last too long. He's one of the few henchmen who got a really decent backstory though, and he was always a rival of Vegeta. In the end, Vegeta showed him who's boss. But how would you take him out?


Chaozu is one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball Z series, but many will forget that he was technically a villain at the beginning. He fought against some of the "good guys" in the martial arts tournament. But if you were fighting him, how would you win?



Zamasu is another fine addition to the already awesome lineup of villains from the DBZ universe, and this one is actually another god. He's a supreme kai, and he gives our heroes some real trouble before his time is up. But how would you defeat him?

29Emperor Pilaf

Emperor Pilaf is, for the most part, a pretty comedic villain who is never meant to be taken too seriously. When you consider some of the other villains we've seen, he really pales in comparison. However, he does prove a bit troublesome. How would you deal with him?



Dabura, at first glance, resembles Satan. And that's pretty much what he is - he's the guardian of the demon world. As such, he's quite powerful, and gives the good guys a real challenge. In the end though, he is defeated - although in a very strange way. How would you defeat him?

31Captain Ginyu

We all know that captain Ginyu was one of the toughest opponents our heroes ever faced... Well, until Goku showed up, that is. In any case, he proved to be a powerful fighter and a really unique, often hilarious villain. But how would you take him out?


32Android 16

Android 16 was perhaps everyone's favorite Android, even though he was initially intent on destroying Goku. He displayed a love for nature and birds early on in life, and was very peaceful. He gave it his all, although he was ultimately defeated. How would you end him?


Recoome was another interesting addition to the Dragon Ball Z saga, and he was definitely one of the most disturbing. Not because he was evil, but because he was so belligerent, to the point where he though that the life and death battles he was fighting were hilarious. How would you kill him?


34King Vegeta

King Vegeta is another example of a great villain that appears on and off in the series, and he's obviously the father of Vegeta, and the king of all Saiyans. As a high class Saiyan, he is incredibly powerful. But how would you deal with this legendary Saiyan warrior?

35Android 19

Android 19 was another memorable villain from the series, although he really didn't put up much of a fight. He was more there to introduce us to the androids, and show us the kind of moves that they were capable of. If you were fighting him, how would you defeat him?


36Lord Slug

Lord Slug is another interesting addition to the world of DBZ, and this one ended up being quite entertaining to watch. He was very much a powerful enemy, and he really put our heroes to the test. If you were fighting him, how would you bring him down?


Another memorable member of the Ginyu Force, Jeice is a fan favorite with an inexplicable Australian accent. He's an all around great fighter, although he was never going to last against the likes of Goku and Vegeta. But imagine you had to fight him. How would you take him down?



Guldo is yet another member of the Ginyu Force, and either the strongest member or the weakest, depending on how you look at it. Although he's a weak fighter, he has the ability to freeze time, giving him (in theory) limitless power. But how would you defeat him?


Yamcha might not be thought of as a villain, but like a lot of the classic characters, he started off fighting against the good guys back in the early days of the martial arts tournament. Yamcha is seen as extremely weak. But how would you deal with him?



Burter is another member of the Ginyu Force that is definitely worth mentioning. He famously proclaims himself to be the fastest in the universe, despite that obviously being false. He puts up a good fight, but it doesn't last long. How would you deal with him?

41Princess Snake

Another villain that made a few appearances here and there was Princess Snake. We're first introduced to her when Goku is running down Snake Way. She tempts him to come inside, but we all know what nefarious threat was waiting. How would you deal with her?


42Pui Pui

Pui Pui is another villain that poses a serious threat to our heroes, and he comes along as a henchman of one of the most dangerous villains. He brags that he trained on a planet that had much greater gravity than Earth. If you were taking him on, how would you win?


Tien might currently be one of Goku's best allies these days, but we tend to forget the fact that Tien once fought against Goku in the martial arts tournament, which technically makes him a villain. He wasn't easy to beat. But how would you go about defeating him?



Zangya is another recognizable villain in the DBZ universe, and she is quite powerful. She is seen taking out foes like Krillin with ease, and she definitely is a handful on the battlefield. She was eventually defeated by her own ally - Bojack. But how would you bring her down?


Kado is a red humanoid alien that Frieza later describes as being on the same level as the Ginyu Force. He works for Frieza, along with his brother, who is blue. These two brothers put up quite a fight, and it takes some creative thinking to bring him down. But how would you do it?



Abo is the brother to the aforementioned Kado, and he is just as dangerous. Our heroes quickly find out that if they want to beat these two, then their only chance is to try something crazy. In the end, these two are vanquished. But how would you defeat Abo?

47Evil Krillin

What if Krillin was evil? We all know that Krillin is sometimes a little cowardly, but he's always been a very moral and righteous individual. What if that went out the window, and he was somehow brainwashed and tempted by evil? How would you then defeat him?



Perhaps one of the most dangerous villains in the entire series, this evil sorcerer was responsible for awakening and resurrecting some of the most deadly and evil fighters in existence. He eventually meets his doom, but not before he wreaks havoc on his enemies. How would you take him down?

49Evil Gohan

What if Gohan was evil? We've seen him unleash his full anger before in battle, and he totally transforms. But what if he let his anger get the better of him, and started to go on an uncontrollable rampage? How would you then be able to bring him down?


50Mr. Satan

And last but not least, you'll be taking on none other than Mr. Satan. We know, he won't put up much of a fight. But he is a pretty famous DBZ character, and we just had to include him. He's nowhere near the level of the other fighters. So how would you take him out?

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