Do You Want To Believe? Take The Alien Invasion Quiz

There's nothing better than a good alien movie. And some of the best movies in this genre are those that deal with the idea of an alien invasion. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to suffer through an invasion from outer space? How would we fare? The military has in fact done research into aliens, and has prepared for this possibility. But would we even survive the first wave? If an alien species can travel across the stars to our planet, chances are they would be much, much more technologically advanced than us. And you know what that means... Yes, they would be able to wipe us out in a heartbeat.

That's why alien invasion movies and TV shows are so interesting. It confronts us with a possibility that maybe our cozy little existence here on Earth isn't as safe as we think. It also provides us with an external threat to think about. Because if there ever was an alien invasion, humanity would suddenly be united for the first time in its history. How much do you know about these types of alien movies? Do you want to believe? Take the quiz to find out...

Question 1

Identify This Movie Poster

As far as alien invasion movies go, few went as big as this one. Although this movie has since been remade, the original was the one that really made a huge impact in the Hollywood scene. This film featured the iconic and shocking poster which depicted the White House getting blown up by an alien laser fired from directly above. This alien threat was depicted as being almost invincible throughout the film. But can you identify this movie based on the poster?

Question 2

In Men In Black, How Do They Ensure No One Talks About The Aliens They’ve Seen?

Men In Black is definitely one of the most celebrated Alien movies in the world, and this one is a delightful mix of comedy, action, and intrigue. In this film, the aliens are again already among us, disguised as regular people. For the most part, these aliens are friendly. But every once in a while, we see an alien that intends to visit Earth not for pleasure, but to inflict harm. But do you know how they ensure no witnesses speak of aliens?

Question 3

True Or False, Transformers Are Technically Aliens

Another movie that really blew a lot of people away was the Transformers movies. A lot of people will agree that the first Transformers movie was the best, and that they started to get steadily worse and worse as the prequels kept coming. But there is something really charming about these films, and it's great seeing such a nostalgic childhood memory brought to life in stunning detail. But what are transformers exactly? Is it true that they're technically alien species?

Question 4

Identify This Movie

Here's another alien invasion movie that can hardly be called a classic. In fact, it's considered one of the worst films ever made. But one thing this movie is NOT is forgettable. It was actually so bad that it made its mark on Hollywood's history - just for the wrong reasons. The movie stars a recognizable face as the evil alien overlord who enslaves humans and makes them work for him. But do you know what this movie is called?

Question 5

Are The Main Characters In “The X-Files” CIA Or FBI Agents?

So far, we've focused on alien movies, but there are also tons of TV shows which also explore the subject of aliens. Probably the best show to ever tackle this genre was the X-Files. The show has become incredibly iconic, and the theme song still has the power to haunt us to this day. The film followed two agents as they hunt down evidence of aliens and other paranormal activity. But do you know if they were CIA or FBI?

Question 6

Identify This Movie

Here's another film that you might recognize, and this one is another interesting mix of both comedy and action. It's also unique because it portrays the aliens in a way that we've never seen before. Sometimes we see aliens depicted as physical beings, but in this movie, they went another route. The aliens are some kind of inter dimensional being, capable of controlling light and space. They appear as interesting things, but capable of harm. But what is this movie?

Question 7

Identify This TV Show

Here's another TV show that tackled the genre of aliens, and it's definitely one of the most recognizable shows these days. It's not as famous as X-Files, but it's a show that has received a lot of hype over the years. Earth is being invaded by aliens, and it's the responsibility of a ragtag group of humans to defend their planet. While this might seem like a pretty cliche story, there's some unique elements here. But do you know what this show is called?

Question 8

In “The Watch,” What Group Are The Main Characters Part Of?

Another movie that you might be familiar with is The Watch. This film again mixes both comedic and action elements into a delightfully funny and compelling film featuring some of the world's most hilarious comedic actors. The movie centers around a group of friends who are part of a group. The group never really sees many interesting things, but it does offer an opportunity for them all to hang out and have fun together. But do you know what group this is?

Question 9

Identify This Movie

Right now, it seems like mixing the "alien invasion" theme with comedies is a very popular idea. It's not clear exactly who started doing it first, but what IS clear is that everyone seems to be doing it these days. It's another collaboration between some of England's funniest actors and most talented directors, the same people who worked on Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. It's also deceptively action packed. But do you know the name of this movie?

Question 10

In “Battleship,” Who Are The Primary Enemies?

Battleship is another movie that didn't do too well, and you've probably forgotten all about it. After all, when you decide to make a movie based on a board game, you already know that the chances of success are rather slim. But this movie went way beyond the rules of the popular board game, and introduced a lot of special effects, explosions, and amazing action. The people on board the battleship were fighting an enemy. But do you know which enemy this was?

Question 11

Identify This Movie

Here's another movie that you might have forgotten, but you can bet that this movie also involved alien invasion themes. In fact, the word "alien" is in the very title, so it's pretty hard to miss. This movie starred some amazing actors, such as Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. And the premise was admittedly very simple. There were some neat battles between Cowboys and Aliens, and some people really loved it. But do you know the title of this movie?

Question 12

In “Pacific Rim,” What Do They Use To Fight The Aliens?

Pacific Rim is another interesting, slightly newer film which involves themes of alien invasion. This movie is getting a sequel soon, and people are quite excited about this one. The aliens are extremely massive creatures and are very powerful. The only way to stop them is by using weapons which are quite advanced, and even then, it's a definite long shot. The movie is actually quite good, and took some people by surprise. But do you know what they used to fight the aliens?

Question 13

Identify This Movie

Here's another movie that dealt with alien invasion, although this one really presented it in a unique way. Sure, it was filled with battle scenes and some pretty cool power armor combat, but there was also a definite psychological element to this film that took a lot of people by surprise. The movie took us on a real journey, and had us all wondering just what was going to happen next. But do you know the name of this film?

Question 14

Identify This TV Show

Here's one TV show that became massively popular over the years, and it was watched by millions. Although this movie started off with a movie, the general concept of this franchise was so popular that they just had to make it into a TV series as well. The world is fully explored in the series, and we get to know the main characters very well over the course of the many seasons. But do you know the name of this show?

Question 15

Who Starred As The Leading Man In 2005’s “War Of The Worlds?”

Another great movie that dealt with Alien invasion was War of the Worlds. Although slightly newer than some of the movies in this quiz, the origin of this story probably influenced half of the alien movies that have ever been made. It started off with a novel by HG Wells, and when he read it on the radio, people famously thought that an alien invasion really was happening. But do you know who starred as the leading man in this movie?

Question 16

Identify This Movie By M. Night Shyamalan

Here's another movie that portrayed an alien invasion in a pretty terrifying way. It wasn't that the aliens were violent or bloodthirsty, it was just that everything seemed so real. From watching the shocking news footage of the aliens walking down the street, to the scenes of the lead characters chasing shadows in the corn fields, this movie definitely kept us on our toes. And it's one of the best alien invasion films. But do you know the name of this movie?

Question 17

Identify This Alien

Here's one of the most recognizable alien enemies in movie going history, and those who love alien movies will probably have no trouble identifying this type of alien. Unlike many of the other alien threats that this quiz talks about, these aliens do not try to overwhelm the Earth will massive hordes. Instead, they operate in small groups, sometimes even alone. That is enough to take out hundreds of humans. But do you know what these aliens are actually called?

Question 18

True Or False, This Alien Is Friendly

Here's another alien which is incredibly famous in movie-going history. Most people will be able to recognize this face, as it comes from one of the most famous movies in history. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this was an alien movie catered to a slightly different audience than the genre is used to. In a way, this alien did invade Earth, as he landed on the planet and integrated with humans. But is it true that this alien is actually friendly?

Question 19

Identify This Movie

Here's another movie that you might be familiar with, and this one is also very famous. There's something really spooky and unsettling about some of the scenes in this film, and it really give some people goosebumps. It wasn't that this film was violent or gory, it was just that this film was so... strange... The vibe was really cool to some people though, and it's one of the most popular alien movies. But do you know this film's name?

Question 20

Where Does “District 9” Take Place?

Another slightly more recent film of an alien "invasion" is District 9. This definitely impressed a lot of audiences worldwide, because of the way it depicted a realistic interaction between humans and aliens. When we are introduced to this scene, we learn that humans and aliens have been living with one another for quite some time. But it's not exactly a perfect situation. It's not exactly an "invasion," as the aliens are essentially refugees. But do you know the name of this movie?

Question 21

True Or False, Starship Troopers Was Based On A Book

Starship Troopers is another one of the most interesting and memorable alien movies. In this movie, the Earth is indeed attacked by the alien enemies, and Buenos Aires is famously "wiped off the map" during the film. But in the end, it's the humans that take the fight to the aliens in the story, with the mobile infantry traveling across the stars to do battle on alien worlds. But is it true that Starship Troopers was based on a book?

Question 22

In “Avatar,” Who Are The Aggressors, The Aliens Or The Humans?

Avatar is another movie which explores alien worlds, and it's another film that will be remembered for many years. The visual effects of this film are simply stunning, and to say it's a feast for the eyes would be a massive understatement. We get to see this strange new planet through the eyes of an explorer - a human. He interacts with this alien race, but in the end he's left with a difficult choice. Who are the aggressors? The humans, or the aliens?

Question 23

Although The Abyss Involves Aliens, It Doesn’t Take Place In Space. Where Does It Take Place?

Technically, the Abyss is still a movie about aliens, although it's never quite clear how long these aliens have actually been on Earth. They definitely have the appearance of aliens, however, and seeing them for the first time in the movie is quite stunning. The people who interact with these aliens are not astronauts or researchers, they're blue collar workers who just happen to be in the right place at the right time. But where does this film take place?

Question 24

Identify This TV Show

Here's another TV show that involves aliens, and in this series, the aliens are portrayed as a pretty interesting force. There's no doubt that the aliens are not friendly, and they have invaded Earth pretty easily. The whole planet was taken over in one day, which is known simply as "arrival." We don't see much of the aliens though, as the Earth is run by a human force who serves the aliens. But do you know what TV show this is?

Question 25

In War Of The Worlds, What Eventually Kills The Aliens?

We've already mentioned War of The Worlds in this quiz, and one of the most interesting things about this film is the battle between the aliens and the humans. At first, it seems like a battle the humans simply can't win. The aliens have walkers that are equipped with force fields, and no normal weapons can get through. But in the end, the humans prove victorious after a long battle. But what is it that ends up killing the aliens?

Question 26

What Is Will Smith’s Occupation In Independence Day?

Will Smith is one of the main characters in the movie Independence Day, and they cast this role amazingly. He's just a regular dude for the most part, although he has some amazing talents and skills. We see that he has a pretty average home life, and a family to take care of. But when he heads off to work, we see that his job is pretty spectacular. But do you know what Will Smith's occupation is in Independence Day?

Question 27

Name This Actor In “Battlefield Earth”

Battlefield Earth is one movie that we've already mentioned so far, and it's definitely one of the most... unique movies about an alien invasion. One of the funniest parts about this is the antagonist, who has some pretty awkward and over the top lines throughout the film. The role is played by an actor who had a central role in getting the film made as well, and he probably regrets this one. But can you name this actor from the movie?

Question 28

In Signs, What Is The Alien’s Weakness?

Signs is another movie that has already been mentioned so far in this quiz, and it's one that made a real impact on a lot of people. It definitely took a different approach when it came to portraying an alien invasion, and the way in which it would impact people. The aliens themselves are almost never seen in the film, and that just adds to the spookiness of them. But do you know what the weakness of these aliens is?

Question 29

In Pixels, The Aliens Accept What Kind Of Challenge?

Pixels is one more movie that we're going to revisit in this quiz, and many people have seen this film. It came out fairly recently, and a lot of people probably went to see this film expecting it to be as funny as some of Adam Sandler's past films. It wasn't quite the same as many of the movies we've seen from him in the past, but in many ways this was good. Do you know what kind of challenge the aliens accept?

Question 30

In Stargate, The Team Travels To A Planet That Looks Very Similar To…

Stargate may be one of the most successful science fiction series in history, but it also started with a cult classic movie. This film starts with the discovery of a Stargate (DUH), and progresses to the point where they actually get the stargate working. After discovering that it creates a portal, they travel through it and find themselves on a strange new world. But it's not all strange, as the planet seems oddly familiar. But what is the planet similar to?

Question 31

In Starship Troopers, The Alien Enemies Are Known As...

Starship Troopers was a movie that could have been so much better. The movie deviated from the book source, to the point where a lot of the cool things from the novel didn't make it into the movie. For example, the mobile infantry were originally equipped with suits of mechanized armor and flamethrower hands. Yeah, pretty sweet. But one thing that stayed pretty much the same was the enemy that the troops fought. Do you know the name for these aliens?

Question 32

Identify This Movie

Here's another movie that involves alien invasion, and this one might be recognizable to some of our older readers. It's a slightly obscure movie these days, although it's another one with a cult following. The movie involves tons of humor, although the aliens are actually pretty horrifying, and have a disturbing appearance to them. They are not friendly, as the humans find out soon enough. It's an old classic. But can you identify this movie based on the screen shot?

Question 33

Identify This Movie

Here's another movie about aliens that a lot of people really adored. It was made in the same vein as ET and The Goonies, and many people really enjoyed watching it. Although it follows the path of several children as they attempt to make a film, it's not quite a children's movie, and has elements of horror and suspense. There is in fact an alien presence in the film, and it's quite interesting. But do you know the name of this movie?

Question 34

Identify This TV Show

Here's a TV show that every science fiction fan should be aware of. Although this show originates in Britain, it's famous worldwide, and has a true cult following. It's also one of the oldest science fiction shows around, and has gone through several rebirths and revivals. It does in fact frequently deal with themes of alien invasion, and some of the more common alien threats are quite well known with fans. But can you actually identify this famous TV show?

Question 35

In “They Live,” What Enables The Main Character To See The Aliens?

They Live was another very interesting film which featured an alien invasion. To be honest, the film wasn't about an invasion per say. It was more about discovering the shocking truth - that Earth had ALREADY been invaded and completely infiltrated by aliens long ago. They live among us, invisible - at least to the naked eye. However, our hero finds out a way to see not only the aliens, but also the brainwashing they've been propagating. With what does he see them?

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