Do You Want To Believe? Take The Alien Invasion Quiz

There's nothing better than a good alien movie. And some of the best movies in this genre are those that deal with the idea of an alien invasion. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to suffer through an invasion from outer space? How would we fare? The military has in fact done research into aliens, and has prepared for this possibility. But would we even survive the first wave? If an alien species can travel across the stars to our planet, chances are they would be much, much more technologically advanced than us. And you know what that means... Yes, they would be able to wipe us out in a heartbeat.

That's why alien invasion movies and TV shows are so interesting. It confronts us with a possibility that maybe our cozy little existence here on Earth isn't as safe as we think. It also provides us with an external threat to think about. Because if there ever was an alien invasion, humanity would suddenly be united for the first time in its history. How much do you know about these types of alien movies? Do you want to believe? Take the quiz to find out...

1Identify This Movie Poster

As far as alien invasion movies go, few went as big as this one. Although this movie has since been remade, the original was the one that really made a huge impact in the Hollywood scene. This film featured the iconic and shocking poster which depicted the White House getting blown up by an alien laser fired from directly above. This alien threat was depicted as being almost invincible throughout the film. But can you identify this movie based on the poster?

2In Men In Black, How Do They Ensure No One Talks About The Aliens They’ve Seen?

Men In Black is definitely one of the most celebrated Alien movies in the world, and this one is a delightful mix of comedy, action, and intrigue. In this film, the aliens are again already among us, disguised as regular people. For the most part, these aliens are friendly. But every once in a while, we see an alien that intends to visit Earth not for pleasure, but to inflict harm. But do you know how they ensure no witnesses speak of aliens?

3True Or False, Transformers Are Technically Aliens

Another movie that really blew a lot of people away was the Transformers movies. A lot of people will agree that the first Transformers movie was the best, and that they started to get steadily worse and worse as the prequels kept coming. But there is something really charming about these films, and it's great seeing such a nostalgic childhood memory brought to life in stunning detail. But what are transformers exactly? Is it true that they're technically alien species?

4Identify This Movie

Here's another alien invasion movie that can hardly be called a classic. In fact, it's considered one of the worst films ever made. But one thing this movie is NOT is forgettable. It was actually so bad that it made its mark on Hollywood's history - just for the wrong reasons. The movie stars a recognizable face as the evil alien overlord who enslaves humans and makes them work for him. But do you know what this movie is called?

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