Do You Think You Can Get Over 80% On This Princess Diaries Quiz?

The Princess Diaries is a magical, funny, and endearing coming of age tale. It has all the ingredients needed in order to be remembered fondly by everyone who watched this movie when it was released in 2001. We were able to watch Mia Thermopolis transform from a geeky schoolgirl into a blossoming princess. Mia was played by Anne Hathaway who fit the role perfectly with the amount of personality and spunk that she naturally has. The movie chronicles the details of what happens to Mia as her whole life gets flipped upside down! Upon learning the fact that she is royalty, her initial response is to freak out! But as time progresses, she discovers that royalty might not be as bad as she thought it would be.

Julie Andrews stars as Mia's royal grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi. She enters Mia's life at such a pivotal time in order to help guide Mia through this news by sharing the family history and traditions with her granddaughter, as well as teaching her granddaughter about proper etiquette. One of everyone's favorite parts in the movie is the makeover scene where Mia emerges as a princess-like young woman with a newfound confidence. This movie is filled with so many gems and wonderful moments. How well do YOU remember The Princess Diaries?

1What was Mia's best friend's name in the movie?

Mia Thermopolis has a best friend who she relates to better than anyone in The Princess Diaries. Her best friend can see right through it when Mia starts acting differently with her newfound look and popularity. Mia and her best friend are exceptionally close and take the same route to get to school each day. They can relate on most things, being that they are both teenage girls and Mia's royal blood does not get in between them. What was Mia's best friend's name in the movie?

2What was the name of Mia's love interest?

Mia does not pay attention to this guy’s romantic interest when she finds herself distracted by the pursuit of the most popular guy in her high school. She realizes later on that she was wrong for not paying more attention to this particular guy and for only seeing him as a friend. She ends up romantically involved with this character, who also happens to be related to her best friend, by the end of the movie. What was the name of Mia’s love interest?

3What was the name of Mia's cat?

Mia loves to take care of her pet cat, seen lounging and relaxing in her home throughout the film. Did you know that four different cats, who obviously looked very alike, were used to film the original Princess Dairies movie? One of those four cats belonged to Anne Hathaway in real life! In the movie, Mia's cat gave her a feeling of comfort and love, before and after Mia discovered the truth about her royal blood. What was the name of Mia's cat?

4How old does Mia turn in the movie?

The Princess Diaries movie is centered around the fact that Mia is “coming of age”. Her upcoming birthday in the movie symbolizes a right of passage as she discovers the truth about her bloodline. She is mostly excited about her upcoming birthday because this is the birthday when most people are generally of age to begin driving a car. She already has a car waiting to be driven, even though it is extremely beat down and old. How old does Mia turn in the movie?

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