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The Princess Diaries is a magical, funny, and endearing coming of age tale. It has all the ingredients needed in order to be remembered fondly by everyone who watched this movie when it was released in 2001. We were able to watch Mia Thermopolis transform from a geeky schoolgirl into a blossoming princess. Mia was played by Anne Hathaway who fit the role perfectly with the amount of personality and spunk that she naturally has. The movie chronicles the details of what happens to Mia as her whole life gets flipped upside down! Upon learning the fact that she is royalty, her initial response is to freak out! But as time progresses, she discovers that royalty might not be as bad as she thought it would be.

Julie Andrews stars as Mia's royal grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi. She enters Mia's life at such a pivotal time in order to help guide Mia through this news by sharing the family history and traditions with her granddaughter, as well as teaching her granddaughter about proper etiquette. One of everyone's favorite parts in the movie is the makeover scene where Mia emerges as a princess-like young woman with a newfound confidence. This movie is filled with so many gems and wonderful moments. How well do YOU remember The Princess Diaries?

1What was Mia's best friend's name in the movie?

Mia Thermopolis has a best friend who she relates to better than anyone in The Princess Diaries. Her best friend can see right through it when Mia starts acting differently with her newfound look and popularity. Mia and her best friend are exceptionally close and take the same route to get to school each day. They can relate on most things, being that they are both teenage girls and Mia's royal blood does not get in between them. What was Mia's best friend's name in the movie?

2What was the name of Mia's love interest?

Mia does not pay attention to this guy’s romantic interest when she finds herself distracted by the pursuit of the most popular guy in her high school. She realizes later on that she was wrong for not paying more attention to this particular guy and for only seeing him as a friend. She ends up romantically involved with this character, who also happens to be related to her best friend, by the end of the movie. What was the name of Mia’s love interest?

3What was the name of Mia's cat?

Mia loves to take care of her pet cat, seen lounging and relaxing in her home throughout the film. Did you know that four different cats, who obviously looked very alike, were used to film the original Princess Dairies movie? One of those four cats belonged to Anne Hathaway in real life! In the movie, Mia's cat gave her a feeling of comfort and love, before and after Mia discovered the truth about her royal blood. What was the name of Mia's cat?

4How old does Mia turn in the movie?

The Princess Diaries movie is centered around the fact that Mia is “coming of age”. Her upcoming birthday in the movie symbolizes a right of passage as she discovers the truth about her bloodline. She is mostly excited about her upcoming birthday because this is the birthday when most people are generally of age to begin driving a car. She already has a car waiting to be driven, even though it is extremely beat down and old. How old does Mia turn in the movie?

5What color are the cheerleader uniforms at Mia's school?

The cheerleaders at Mia’s school are also thought of as the most popular girls in the school. They are notorious bullies and constantly say harsh and hurtful things to bring Mia down. They are relentless when it comes to their horrible treatment of others, just to get a laugh or to gain a feeling of superiority. Cheerleaders are often depicted as the most "popular" or "mean" set of girls in many classic teen movies, including The Princess Diaries. What color are the cheerleader uniforms at Mia’s school?

6What is the name of the royal kingdom?

The royal kingdom that Mia is set to inherit has a certain name. It is described as being a small European country in the movie and Mia responds to the news in a very shocked way because she has never even heard of the place. Mia’s grandmother is dead set on trying to convince Mia to accept her rightful place on the throne in this royal kingdom where Mia's father used to rule. What is the name of the royal kingdom?

7What is the name of the main girl who bullies Mia?

The group of girls who love to relentlessly bully Mia in The Princess Diaries have a leader who runs the show. She cracks the meanest jokes and does her all out best to make sure that Mia feels badly about herself. She is blonde, beautiful, and at one point in the movie, she performs a catchy song called "Stupid Cupid". She dates the most popular boy in school, a boy who Mia even found herself daydreaming about. What is the name of the main girl who bullies Mia?

8What is the name of the boy who gives Mia her first kiss?

This guy is considered to be the most popular guy in Mia's high school and he is the boyfriend of Mia's cheerleader bully for the first half of the movie. Mia daydreams about what kissing this guy might be like but when they actually kiss, she realizes that what she envisioned was actually extremely far off from reality. Her kiss with this guy is awkward and the opposite of charming. What is the name of the boy who gives Mia her first kiss?

9What is the name of Mia's bodyguard and driver?

This character in The Princess Diaries drives Mia from point A to point B throughout the movie and makes sure that she is safe after she learns the truth about her father and her royal bloodline from her grandmother. He rescues her when her car breaks down on a rainy day and he acts as a loving father or grandfather type figure to Mia when she genuinely needs it the most. What is the name of Mia's bodyguard and driver?

10What happened to Mia's father?

Mia's father left her a beautiful birthday letter behind for her to discover and read in a moment when she feels like she is doubting herself completely. The Princess Diaries movies explains why Mia's father is no longer physically around but it does not go into great detail about what exactly happened to him. Without her father in her life, Mia must rely on the love and support from her mother, her friends, and now her grandmother as she progresses in life. What happened to Mia's father?

11Who is the first person that Mia tells her secret to?

Mia is flustered and shocked when her grandmother reveals the facts to her about her father and their royal kingdom. She whispers the truth about the fact that she is a princess into the ear of one particular character right after she finds out while a lawn mower blares. This character threatens to throw away her friendship charm if Mia holds back from telling her what is going on. This character reacts by screaming. "Shut up!" three times in a row.

12What does Mia smear all over her bully's chest?

Mia finally has had enough of her bully always getting her way so she decides to respond accordingly. Her bully leads the pack of cheerleaders in making fun of Mia and her friend Jeremiah who has bright colored hair and is wearing a colorful sweater. Mia's bully responds to this outspoken move by screaming and calling Mia a freak. Mia quickly hits back by telling her that she is a jerk. What does Mia smear all over her bully's chest?

13What does Mia say to her grandmother when she first learns she isn’t royal?

Mia used teenage lingo in conversations with her best friend regularly in The Princess Diaries. When her grandmother drops the "princess" bomb on her, she is so shocked that she can't help but respond in her most natural way of speaking. Her reaction sort of offends her grandmother because she does not understand that this is a normal reaction from a young person who is in shock! What does Mia say to her grandmother when she first learns she isn’t royal?

14What is the name of Mia’s high school Vice Principal?

Mia's high school vice principal finds herself flabbergasted and starstruck when she is in the same room with Clarisse Renaldi-- so much so that her hands shake insistently when she tries to hand the queen a cup of tea. She is the one who breaks the news to Mia that the press has discovered Mia's royal status. Mia's vice principal was filled with awe when she asked Clarisse what the royal kingdom was like. What is the name of Mia’s high school Vice Principal?

15What is Mia’s mom’s name?

Mia's mother did a great job of hiding such a major secret from Mia for her entire life but her reasons for doing that were out of love. Mia is loved and taken care of by her mother and they have a really open and honest relationship. They are able to talk about Mia's wishful thinking for her first kiss, among other things. Mia's mother also supports Mia's choice to accept or deny the crown. What is Mia’s mom’s name?

16What does Michael accidentally see on Mia’s nose?

Teenage girls sometimes do a lot in order to keep up with their appearances! In one particular scene of The Princess Diaries, Michael walks in to visit with Mia and talk to her about her car repair at the auto shop where he works, even though his feelings are still hurt from some of her previous actions in the film. Embarrassingly enough, he walks in while she has something on her nose. What does Michael accidentally see on Mia’s nose?

17What does Mia imagine her leg doing when she gets her first kiss?

We all fantasized about what our first kiss would be like when we were young. In The Princess Diaries, Mia describes how she pictured her first kiss turning out during a discussion with her mother. Her perception of first kisses were that they were magical and movie-like. She was in for a rude awakening when she received her first kiss and it was not what she wanted or expected at all. What does Mia imagine her leg doing when she gets her first kiss?

18Who slow dances with Mia at the end of the movie?

Mia finally gets to share a romantic moment with the right guy after she does the right thing and extends a romantic apology to him. She realizes she made a mistake by not paying attention to the people who matter the most and the people who care for her the most. This person shows up at the last minute to let her know that she is indeed forgiven by offering to dance with her. Who slow dances with Mia at the end of the movie?

19What is Mia’s mother’s job?

Mia’s mother uses her work to express herself creatively. She uses a form of her work in the movie as a way to enjoy herself with her daughter Mia in one of the scenes that includes throwing darts at water balloons pinned to the wall. The home that Mia shares with her mother is decorated very vibrantly and interestingly with a lot of color and style. This is probably due to Mia's mother's job. What does she do for a living?

20What did Mia have to learn during “Princess lessons”?

Mia learned quite a few things during her "princess lessons" and one of those lessons led to Mia falling down out of her chair. Another lesson led to Clarisse playfully making fun of Mia by mimicking something Mia was used to doing all the time. Princess lessons consumed a lot of Mia's time as she learned proper etiquette and the right way to do things under the directions and instructions of her grandmother. What did Mia have to learn during “Princess lessons”?

21What part of her grandmother’s statue did Mia break?

While Mia explores her grandmother's fancy furniture and home decor, she comes across an interesting statue. She accidentally breaks part of the statue off and does not know what to do with it so she sticks the broken piece into another part of the statue. Her grandmother probably would not have had a terrible reaction or made it into a big deal but Mia got flustered after accidentally damaging the artwork anyway. What part of her grandmother’s statue did Mia break?

22What did Mia ride to school in the beginning of the movie?

Mia and Lily rode something together in order to get to school when they did not feel like walking to school, before Mia gained access to her new form of transportation, available through Joe. Mia and Lily often times used their travel time of going to school to discuss things going on with them in their teenage lives. She runs into her neighbor's trashcan during the first scene of the movie on her way to school. What did Mia ride to school in the beginning of the movie?

23Where is Mia's home located?

Mia's home in The Princess Diaries, which she shared with her loving mother and her spoiled cat, was a refurbished fire house. It looked intricate from the inside due to its strange design, but also very spacious. It even had a pole for Mia to slide down when she was ready to leave for school in the morning. The decor in the home is very vibrant and lively, most likely due to Mia's mother's talents. Where was Mia's home located?

24What is Mia’s best friend’s radio show called?

Mia's best friend Lily hosted a radio show where she voiced her opinions. She requested the help of Mia for her newfound popularity and influence by asking Mia to speak on her show. Mia and Lily's mutual friend Jeremiah was featured on Lily's show, but Mia herself did not show up like she had promised. This caused a rift in the girls friendship since Lily felt as though she had been let down. What is Mia’s best friend’s radio show called?

25What kind of car did Mia drive?

Mia referred to her car as her "baby" throughout The Princess Diaries film, even though it brought her nothing but trouble. She got into a car accident in the car, she required help from Michaels' auto shop to repair her car, and eventually her car breaks down in the middle of the road, in the rain. Despite the fact that her car was extremely old and beat up, Mia loved it and cared for it. What kind of car did Mia drive?

26What type of transportation did Joe provide?

Joe was present to help Mia get around safely after she learned the truth about her royal blood from her grandmother. His services were given to her in order to make her life easier and safer, and to give her a small taste of what life might be like as a royal. She jokingly calls Joe "Joey" during her first ride in the new transportation that he offers and her first stop in the new transportation is to pick up Lily to head to school together. What type of transportation did Joe provide?

27 What was the name of Mia‘s makeup and hair stylist?

The makeover scene in The Princess Diaries is one of the most inspiring and fun scenes to watch in the whole movie. We watch Mia transform from a dorky school girl into a confident beauty queen. Her hair starts out wild and unmanageable and it ends up being silky smooth. Her glasses are replaced by contacts and her eyebrows are finally tamed. All of this work is done by Mia's fast working makeup and hair stylist. What was his name?

28What does Mia struggle with in the movie?

Up until the ending scenes of The Princess Diaries movie, Mia struggles with something that most people in the United States struggle with too. This particular struggle directly impacts and affects Mia in the leadership position of being a princess. She gains the confidence and strength to overcome this struggle eventually in the film when she realizes that she is braver and more like her grandmother than she ever thought she was. What does Mia struggle with in the movie?

29What does Mia crash her car into?

While driving to drive up a steep hill, Mia ends up crashing her car backwards with her grandmother riding in the passenger seat. Her old style car did not have the gusto to make it up the hill that she was attempting to drive up. In order to get Mia out of trouble with the law, Clarisse sweet talks to the police officer on duty by offering to honor him with the "Genovian Order of the Rose". What does Mia crash her car into?

30What does Mia buy her grandmother to eat?

When Mia takes her grandmother out to experience a day in the life in San Francisco, she treats her grandma to a certain food that most Americans think is delicious. She gives this food item a try and thinks it is delicious. Later on, Clarisse who is likely only accustomed to food from her royal kingdom, begins to feel ill from this food item during her rocky ride home in Mia's passenger's seat. What does Mia buy for her grandmother to eat?

31What was the name of the party that Mia went to with Josh?

Mia neglected something important in order to attend this party with Josh, a guy who did not even truly like her beyond the fact that she was newly popular. Josh invited Mia to this event and she jumped at the opportunity to go on a romantic date with the guy since she thought of him as dreamy earlier on in the movie. He crushed her dreams of what a romantic first kiss was supposed to be like. What is the name of the party that Mia went to with Josh?

32Who leaks information about Mia to the press?

This character seemed to be friendly enough but when it mattered the most, he leaked private information to the press about Mia. His claims for why he did it were simply about stroking his own ego. He wanted credit for the work he had accomplished in helping to improve Mia's look, although he did receive a bit of money for his willingness to release the private information to the news outlets. Which character leaks information about Mia to the press?

33What design is printed on Mia’s dress in the final scene?

Mia is dressed beautifully and elegantly in the final scene of the movie, in contrast to the soaking wet sweatshirt that she entered with when she was ready to announce her acceptance or denial of the crown. She changed out of her soggy day clothes into a beautiful dress with the help of Paolo who bursts onto the scene just in time in order to help her get ready. What design is printed on Mia’s dress in the final scene?

34What is the name of Michael’s band?

Mia carelessly misses Michael’s band performance because she gets too flustered and caught up in the fast paced changes happening in her world of newfound popularity. She leaves Michael feeling extremely disappointed when she does not make it to his concert. The fact that she did not prioritize his concert made him feel as though he was not really important to her and that caused him start to losing his interest in her. What is the name of Michael’s band?

35How does Mia publicize the fact that she will take the crown?

Mia has a clear and distinct fear of public speaking that plagues her throughout The Princess Diaries film. She overcomes this fear when she announces her acceptance of the crown. The confidence that Mia needs for her announcement comes from the letter she reads from her father and it comes after she extends an apology by sending an M&Ms pizza to Michael for making him feel as though he was not important to her. How does Mia publicize that she will take the crown?

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