Do You Know Your Fantasy And Comic Book Weapons? Take This Quiz!


Warfare and fighting have long been a part of fantasy and fiction stories. People love the idea of two opposing sides fighting over what they think is right, or in the always-entertaining story of good versus evil. These stories have taken different forms over the ages, and have also found their way into comic books and other fantasy stories.

Many people today are crazy about their comic books and fantasy series. Many of these fictional characters have become so popular that they've transcended into mainstream culture like never before. Everyone knows who Batman and Superman are, along with such memorable characters as Deadpool, Spiderman, Darth Vader, Frodo, Jon Snow, the list goes on.

But just as important as the characters themselves are the weapons they've used over the ages. Not everyone can fight with their bare hands, and thus rely on some kind of tool to fight their battles. In some cases, these weapons have actually become more popular and interesting than the people that have wielded them.

In this quiz, we'll look at 25 of the most famous weapons from comic books, fantasy, and other tales of the supernatural that have been passed down for ages. These are some of the most memorable and badass weapons of all time, and it's up to you to see if you can remember all of them.

Question 1

Which famous superhero uses the Lasso of Truth?

The Lasso of Truth is a powerful artefact. People tied up in it find themselves unable to resist its power and end up subjugated to the Lasso's owner's will. These people are compelled to do whatever the owner asks of them and must always tell the truth. The Lasso has long been considered an allegory to feminine charm and how beautiful women could use that to extract what they wanted from others. It's also eerily similar to a lie detector test, in that it can extract truth through coercion.

Question 2

What is the name of Thor's hammer?

Thor's Hammer is one of the most powerful items in all creation, both in the comic books in which he appears and in old Norse Mythology. The hammer is said to possess the power to level mountains, and is so heavy that even the strongest humans can't even lift it up, much less wield it as a weapon. In comic books, the hammer possesses even more powers, including the ability to track people, to return to Thor, and when spun around can even create whirlwinds strong enough to lift giant monuments.

Question 3

Which of the following fantasy series has its main character wield two swords?

Most fictional characters use one main weapon to solve their problems. This is to make things easier for them and to make that one signature weapon more identifiable with that character. But there's one character from a well-known fantasy setting that actually uses two swords instead. This character uses one sword, which is made of steel, when he's dealing with humans. The second sword is made of silver, and is reserved for monsters. Yet to him, both can be equally evil.

Question 4

What is the name of King Arthur's legendary sword?

King Arthur's legend is one of the most enduring legends in modern times. The story of the sword in the stone only releasing itself for the rightful ruler has been told and retold many times over centuries, and remains a popular story to this very day. The sword itself was said to have powers of its own, mainly that it could blind enemies when drawn. The scabbard was also said to have powers, with some tales suggesting its wearer couldn't die from wounds in battle.

Question 5

Which of the following items was not one of the Deathly Hallows?

The Deathly Hallows are a trio of powerful magical artefacts from the Harry Potter universe. These are believed to be among the most powerful weapons and objects of them all, as each one grants their bearer some facet of the power of death. In the stories, the Hallows are granted to three brothers by none other than Death himself, and each one of them suffers a different fate based on which of the three Deathly Hallows they obtained from Death.

Question 6

Which famous video game character uses the Master Sword?

Swords are probably the most popular weapons used in fantasy stories, comic books and video games. Even though we've long passed the point of their use in today's times, a lot of people love fighting with swords and bladed weapons, presumably due to their connection to knights and honorable fighters. The Master Sword is one such a weapon, said to be a symbol of good and virtue in a world plunged in darkness. This is why the sword is a major element in the video game in which it appears.

Question 7

Which of the following lightsaber color crystal doesn't grow naturally?

The lightsaber was once voted the single greatest fictional weapon of all time. This makes perfect sense; the concept of a laser sword that can deflect incoming projectiles is the perfect combination of futuristic technology with knightly duels. Lightsaber blades come in many different colors, based on the crystals that their owners put in the hilts. Most of these crystals grow naturally on planets in the Star Wars Universe, but one in particular does not. This makes this lightsaber color especially dangerous.

Question 8

Which Lord of the Rings character's main weapon was called 'Sting'?

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most iconic fantasy franchises of all time. J. R. R. Tolkien's literary masterpiece, which has since been turned into several feature-length movies, is very much about the importance of friendship and loyalty. Despite the huge battles and ever-looming threats, violence isn't the central theme of the story. Still, several characters wield signature weapons that have names because of their own histories. One of these weapons is an Elven dagger called Sting.

Question 9

What name does Joffrey Baratheon give his Valyrian Steel sword on his name day?

Joffrey Baratheon is one of the most memorable characters from Game of Thrones. His arrogance, hatefulness and sadism have all made him arguably the single most hated character in the entire series. He was even more hated because he wielded so much power but rarely fought, if ever. On one occasion, he was given a Valyrian steel sword, making it one of the few still left in the Seven Kingdoms made of the legendary material. He didn't get many chances to use it, though.

Question 10

What is the name of this famous weapon?

Comic books are filled with various, interconnected universes in which supernatural and cosmic powers exist. It's one of these otherworldly forces that created this legendary artefact, which grants its wearer godlike powers. The item requires all six of the pictured gems to be collected, before adding them to sockets in the glove. Once that's completed, the wearer is given incredible powers of omniscience and omnipotence. In one comic book, the villain that wielded this artefact used its power to erase half the population of the entire Universe.

Question 11

Wolverine's claws are made of what material?

Wolverine is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. His backstory and life have been the subject of countless individual comic books, and entire movies have been devoted to his own origin story and his life. His most recognizable feature, of course, is the skeleton inside him that's made of an extremely powerful material. This material is so strong that his claws are virtually impossible to break, making him a very dangerous opponent for anyone foolish enough to challenge him.

Question 12

Chronologically-speaking, which Star Wars film first introduced the Death Star?

The Death Star is one of the most recognizable weapons and objects from the Star Wars Universe. It's the ultimate super-weapon, capable of destroying an entire planet with one shot of its giant laser. This makes the space station the biggest threat in the galaxy, and is thus a central part of the plot of at least two Star Wars films. But the Death Star has a storied past, and was even mentioned in passing long before it was ever built.

Question 13

In which Final Fantasy game was the Buster Sword first introduced?

A key element of fantasy stories is that they don't have to be realistic to work. Their entire premise is built on things not making sense in the real world, but still working in an alternate setting. That's why this weapon is actually used in Final Fantasy and actually works. This Buster Sword is the grandfather of unrealistic weapons: it's a massive blade that no person should be capable of lifting, much less fighting and winning with it. Yet that's what happens in the games: this awkward weapon actually works.

Question 14

What is the name of this weapon?

Batman is a famous superhero that became popular for many reasons, one of those being the wide variety of items and tools he has used to fight crime. One of his most iconic of these tools is one of the few that one could actually call a 'weapon' since Batman rarely uses actual weapons like guns or knives. He uses less 'mortal' devices like the one seen in this picture mainly due to his parents being killed by a gun.

Question 15

Which Star Wars villain uses seismic charges against the Jedi heroes?

Most people like to focus on the actual Jedi and Sith when discussing Star Wars. That means that some weapons get overlooked, including this ultra-dangerous device. This is a seismic charge, a bomb-like device that, when detonated, created a massive explosion and an even louder shockwave that can slice through meteors like a hot knife through butter. It only appeared in one Star Wars movie thus far, but it looked so badass and dangerous that it's a wonder it hasn't been seen again.

Question 16

What is the name of this set of weapons?

These weapons are the signature tools used by Kratos, the main character of the God of War series. They're considered among the most badass weapons in video game history. In fact, GameSpot included them in their list of "15 Most Badass Swords in Video Game History". The game's designers said that they chose this particular design because they complement Kratos' animalistic nature, and they also make combat much easier. They're also among the most savage-looking weapons ever seen in video games.

Question 17

Which comic book character uses this weapon?

This ring isn't like the others on this list. It doesn't have a fixed set of things it can and cannot do. Instead, this item harnesses the willpower of the person that wears it, and can thus do almost anything. Oddly though, the earliest versions of this ring had one unusual caveat: their powers didn't work against weapons colored yellow. It wasn't until later that the characters that used this ring learned of newer ones that didn't have that condition.

Question 18

To whom does this shield belong?

Just like the ancient Spartans who uses enormous brass shields to protect themselves and demolish their enemies, so too did one notable comic book superhero. This character used this shield, which is virtually indestructible by all but the most powerful of cosmic and supernatural forces. The shield is also capable of bouncing several times and absorbing significant impact while transferring very little energy to the hero wields it. As a result, this shield might actually be more recognizable than its bearer's costume.

Question 19

To which legendary superhero/deity does this weapon belong?

This object has been considered a symbol of power and warfare for millennia. As far back as during early Roman times, gladiators would use weapons like this in combat because of how useful they were. The three prongs made it easier for them to score fatal wounds, and the space between them made it easier to trap an enemy's weapon and disarm them. In some comic books, there is a character that uses this weapon on a regular basis in the same way as an ancient deity.

Question 20

What is the name of this sword?

This is one of the most dangerous and powerful swords in comic book history. It is said that even the slightest scratch allows the blade to drink a victim's soul, killing them instantly. Worse, it's also said to have a mind and will of its own, and can thus manipulate those that wield it. Aside from various comic book, this sword - and others resembling it in appearance and powers - has appeared in various video games, songs and fables.

Question 21

What is the most powerful weapon in the Mario Kart series?

Mario Kart is one of the most popular video game series of all time. The game combines straightforward racing with wacky weapons that can be used against one's fellow racers. These weapons do anything from set traps in the road that slow down or stop other racers, to a powerful bullet that speeds someone at the back of the race closer to the front. The different weapons in Mario Kart make this game far more strategic and fun than a simple racing game could be.

Question 22

The Spear of Longinus was believed to have pierced the body of which famous person?

Comic books and other fiction stories tend to find inspiration in many places and sources, including both history and religion. Many comic books have found inspiration in historical events or supernatural stories told in religious texts. One of these events is related to an item called the Spear of Longinus, also known as the Spear of Destiny. This item was said to have pierced the side of a famous figure when that person was executed, and has also been referenced in comic book stories.

Question 23

Which of the following isn't one of the three pieces that make up the Triforce?

The Triforce is one of the most recognizable symbols in video game history. A symbol of the Golden Power of the deities that created the land of Hyrule, the Triforce is the combination of three triangles, each representing one of three facets of that power. The Triforce is a powerful artefact because it also possesses the power to grant wishes, and usually it can grant any wish the person that possesses it desires. This makes the Triforce a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

Question 24

Which James Bond film features a villain that throws a lethal hat?

James Bond villains have become something of a prototype for modern villains. Many of them have the same traits: they're wealthy, influential, unintimidated by Bond's plans, and boastful of their own accomplishments. One famous Bond film features a highly unusual villain: an Asian man nicknamed 'Oddjob', whose signature weapon is his top hat. Apparently, he can throw this hat like a Frisbee, and it has enough strength and force to kill a person on contact or decapitate a marble statue.

Question 25

In the Bible, the hero Samson uses the jawbone of which animal to kill 1,000 men?

The Bible is full of shorter stories about feats of supernatural strength by seemingly ordinary people. In many respects, this book's allegories and narratives resemble modern fantasy stories and comic books in that they speak of relatively normal people doing abnormal things. One of the most iconic heroes of the Bible was Samson, a strongman who was believed to have accomplished incredible feats of strength. He was capable of killing animals with his bare hands, and killed an entire army with the most unusual of weapons.

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