Do You Know Who These WWE Superstars Are Dating/Married To?


The sports entertainers working for WWE are at once athletes, actors, entertainers, and TV stars all, and the ones higher up on the roster get paid pretty well for these services. This adds up to what most people on the dating scene would call a “catch,” and as such, most of the men and women of WWE have beautiful wives or dashing husbands at their sides in their personal lives. Some haven’t settled down yet, but this only opens up their options to spending time with even more attractive people on the dating scene, quietly making fans jealous or impressed at their ability to impress the opposite sex.

Nine times out of ten, a given wrestler’s personal relationships play little to no role in their wrestling characters. In the rare times WWE actually does shine a spotlight on a wrestler’s husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, there’s at least a 50% chance the person playing that role doesn’t actually do so in real life. Because of this, the average wrestling fan may not necessarily know or even care who their favorite superstars are dating.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of fans who find this one of the most fascinating elements of their biggest idol’s lives, especially since a few of them get highlighted on various reality shows. If you watch any of them or just happen to care a whole lot about pro wrestler’s dating habits, take our quiz and ask yourself: do you know who these WWE superstars are married to or dating?

Question 1

John Cena

As the most popular and highest paid WWE superstar today, John Cena is without a doubt also the most desirable man in the company from a female’s perspective. Cena’s white-bread image is also one that easily lends itself to an equal partner, for what is Superman without his Lois Lane? Though he’s had some trouble in the past with an expensive divorce, Cena has since re-found love and companionship within the confines of the sport he loves, getting a second job along the way through a co-starring role in his now fiancée’s reality show. Who is the soon-to-be Mrs. Cena?

Question 2

Brock Lesnar

Destroying everything in his path, it might be a fair guess that Brock Lesnar scares away more women than he attracts. Of course, there are also some ladies that find this sort of destruction to be quite a turn on, and it’s not that surprising that certain former WWE Women’s Champions would be of that ilk. Brock and his wife have caught a little guff for the fact she’s 10 years his senior, yet it’s highly doubtful anyone has the tenacity to mock the couple for this to their faces. Which former WWE diva is now Brock's wife?

Question 3

Roman Reigns

Just because the vast majority of the WWE Universe sees Roman Reigns as the worst wrestler alive doesn’t mean he can’t still attract the ladies. After all, it primarily The Big Dog’s impressive muscles that caused Vince McMahon to decide he was the future of WWE. Strong arms and thick thighs have won Reigns four WWE Championships thus far, plus the heart of at least one woman, whom he married in December 2014. Reigns and his wife also have one daughter, Joelle. Do you know the name of Roman's college girlfriend turned spouse?

Question 4

Randy Orton

Similar to Roman Reigns, the “Apex Predator” Randy Orton has been on top of the WWE Universe for quite some time now despite a lack of any particular crowd interest. The only explanation is that Vince McMahon is blinded by Orton’s marketable look, which countless female wrestling fans have naturally responded to. This has included a number of WWE divas both on screen and off, though the woman Orton currently spends his life with has never appeared with him on WWE TV. What is Orton's second wife's name?

Question 5

Daniel Bryan

Given his incredible popularity, Daniel Bryan could probably propose to just about any single female in the WWE Universe and receive the same answer: Yes! Yes! Yes! Well, okay, most ladies might want more than just his beard, but after a brief courtship process, his charming personality and friendly demeanor is bound to win over just about anyone. Bryan probably isn’t interested in random women at this point in his life, however, having settled down and made a co-worker into his wife, with whom he recently fathered his first child. Do you know his bride's name?

Question 6

Triple H

Time to play the game…of love? Hey, it’s not like Triple H spends 100% of his time practicing the sport of pro wrestling, although his love life has been intrinsically connected to the business for some two decades now. That’s what happens when you marry into one of the most powerful families in sports entertainment, which has made many critics speculate HHH might have had ulterior motives since he and his now wife first started dating. Of course, their three children would likely beg to differ that their father is just in it for show. In any event, what is Mrs. HHH better known by?

Question 7

The Miz

A reality TV star, actor, and former WWE Champion, it’s easy to see why some women might agree with The Miz when he calls himself awesome. Granted, his arrogant attitude is enough to make most ladies look the other way, but one of his female counterparts in the WWE Universe were interested from the day he introduced her as a contestant in the Diva Search. Little did they she one day he’d bring her back to that exact moment and propose, nor that they would now stand side by side one another as Miz continues dominating WWE media. What does Mrs. Miz call herself when she's there with him?

Question 8

The Rock

Whether he’s busy being most electrifying man in sports entertainment or the highest paid actor in Hollywood, it goes without saying female fans of wrestling and movies alike most definitely smell what The Rock is cooking. The Great One spent much of his time in WWE married to the same woman, who now happens to serve as his manager. Amazingly, this business relationship remained strong despite a divorce and both parties moving on to new love, and The Rock is now dating a woman with whom he recently fathered a child. What is his girlfriend's name?

Question 9

A.J. Styles

In many respects, the wife of A.J. Styles is responsible for why The Phenomenal One avoided WWE for as long as he did. Way back in 2002, the sports entertainment juggernauts offered a then rookie Styles a contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling, but he turned it down, not wanting to move away from his spouse. Although A.J. might have missed out on big money and some flashy spotlights, the fact they remain happily together to this day with four children probably means he doesn’t regret a thing. Do you know his wife's name?

Question 10


Big and brutish, crushing everything in his path, Rusev is another monster who may frighten more women than he can make fall in love with him. It only takes one ravishing blonde to satisfy this sort of beast, however, and the Super Athlete has had the same beautiful woman by his side since his early days in NXT. Initially paired together at random, Rusev and his manager proved to have so much chemistry it translated to a real relationship that recently blossomed into marriage. What is his bride's name?

Question 11

Big Cass

Despite the fact he spends all his time with an annoying goof like Enzo Amore, Big Cass has plenty of qualities for ladies to admire. Once again, these are some of the same qualities that Vince McMahon thinks can make a wrestler into a superstar, so many insiders are predicting the sky could be the limit for the former NXT tag team standout. This could prove great for the man himself, of course, and also the woman who has been standing behind him since his humble beginnings. Maybe WWE will even let them pair up on screen again. What is Cass's girlfriend's name?

Question 12

Alexa Bliss

Beautiful things can come in small packages, though if the ladies of WWE think Alexa Bliss is merely a pretty face, they’ll soon experience Five Feet of Fury proving she’s so much more. The first and thus far only woman to win the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships, Bliss has wowed male viewers of both rosters, not to mention the many fans who have been following her since the beginning in NXT. This includes her long time boyfriend, now fiancé, who has been linked to his now more successful partner from day one. Do you know Alexa's husband-to-be's name?

Question 13

Dean Ambrose

Some people dig a little crazy in their romance, and for this reason, countless female WWE fans have been flocking to Dean Ambrose from the day he made his debut. In fact, the mentally unhinged portion of the WWE Universe has become so attached to Ambrose that his girlfriend claimed to receive death threats when they went public about their relationship. Obviously, this was in no way an appropriate reaction, yet it nonetheless portrays Ambrose as a man women are willing to fight for. Considering his girlfriend has since become his wife, it’s fair to say she won. What is Mrs. Ambrose's name?

Question 14

Shane McMahon

If Stephanie McMahon’s love life is any indication of the McMahon family pattern, one might expect female wrestlers to have been after Shane McMahon from the moment he turned 18. Regardless of the wrestling element, young Shane-O-Mac was once seen as the charming heir to a billion dollar company, the sort of thing that gets guys placed on most eligible bachelor lists. While there were no doubt countless ladies chasing McMahon in his day, he ultimately chose not a wrestler but a more reserved announcer, who has since moved on to producing films. Do you know this Mrs. McMahon's name?

Question 15

Matt Hardy

Back to the idea some women dig a little chaos in their lives, those who can’t settle on the merely crazy might find interest in a guy whose outright Broken, i.e. Matt Hardy. Before he was Broken, Hardy already had a strong foundation of female fans willing to scream their lungs out whenever he and Brother Nero/Jeff took their shirts off. There were times in TNA when this status slightly faded away, yet his future wife never seemed to mind the body transformations. Maybe she was just pleased with how well Hardy got along with Señor Benjamin…in any event, what is his wife's name?

Question 16


Pretty much every human being in anyway related to Stu Hart has either wrestled or married a wrestler, and the Calgary legend’s granddaughter, Natalya Neidhart is no different. In fact, she and her future husband had been friends since childhood who trained to get into the sport together, falling love with wrestling and one another at virtually the same time. They also got to spend a few good years in WWE working side by side, until an unfortunate injury took her husband out of the ring seemingly for good. Do you know what his name was while still working for WWE?

Question 17


Cool, charismatic, and with long, flowing locks, Edge didn’t need to say a word to get the male fans of WWE intrigued by his character. Similarly, the female fans were already starting to fall in love with the guy, and that this romance took an R Rated turn only served to make Edge’s most adoring fans love him more. Granted, there was also a pretty high profile cheating scandal or two that might make some women think twice, unless perhaps she knows Edge would never dare hurt her lest he get his butt kicked. What was Edge's wife's name when inside the ring?

Question 18

Kevin Owens

Despite being one of the most hated pure villains in WWE today, the whole bully act Kevin Owens puts on during SmackDown is nothing more than a character. In reality, Owens is a devoted family man who has been married to his wife for 10 years now. The couple thus far has two children, one of whom is a son named after Owen Hart. How any members of the family react to Owens repeatedly beating the hell out of family friend Sami Zayn is unclear, let alone how they respond to any of his other jerkish behavior. Do you know Kevin's wife's name?

Question 19

Maria Kanellis

Few people really understand what’s going on with Maria Kanellis and her husband in WWE today. Don’t get us wrong—we totally get why just about any guy would want to date, marry, or just hang out with Maria for as long as she lets them, but the roles they’ve been playing on television don’t make a lot of sense. Not that her husband seems to mind, simply happy to finally get a shot at proving himself in the big leagues through his wife’s fame. Regardless of how he feels about their employment, what is Maria's husband's name?

Question 20

Ric Flair

WOOOO! “The Nature Boy” has been wheeling, dealing, and kiss stealing for so long he could probably make his own personal girlfriends quiz with twice as many question as this one. That said, only a select few of these women have been lucky enough to become Mrs. Ric Flair, albeit with four exes and a fifth fiancée and tow, Naitch has indeed had far more wives than the average human. The woman he’s currently engaged to might have been the one for him all along, yet they somehow didn’t realize this some 20 years ago when she was his valet. What was Flair's fifth fiancée's ring name?

Question 21

David Otunga

It’s a rarity for a pro wrestler, or any athlete for that matter, to have a spouse who is significantly more famous than they are, and for this reason David Otunga is unique amongst the WWE Universe. Back when he was merely a promising lawyer, Otunga met a former American Idol contestant turned Academy Award winning actress and fell in love, getting engaged in 2008. Nine year engagements usually aren’t a good sign, but the couple are reportedly still happy and in love, her career continuing to reach new heights as Otunga sits by and calls the action on Raw. Which pop star is Otunga's fiancée?

Question 22

CM Punk

Directly fighting against the establishment is definitely one way to get disenfranchised woman to take an interest in a guy, and this is just one of the tools CM Punk used to attract cadres of female fans in the WWE Universe. This has infamously included a large number of his co-workers, at least if rumors are to be believed, anyway. It’s hard to say exactly who Punk has or hasn’t dated given the way wrestling fans like to tell tall tales, but we can say for sure the woman he’s married to, who fits the pattern as having worked with him many times. Which fellow former WWE superstar is Punk's wife?

Question 23

Shawn Michaels

For all the drama going on between WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars, the Heart Break Kid’s reputation as a Sexy Boy was able to cross promotional boundaries. As his theme song proudly boasts, Shawn Michaels was able to wow female fans all around the world, and this somehow held true even if those ladies happened to chose Nitro over Raw. Granted, there’s no indication HBK’s later wife necessarily would have watched either, but she wouldn’t have been able to anyway, too busy performing as one of the Nitro Girls every Monday night. What former WCW dancer is HBK's wife?

Question 24

Hulk Hogan

For roughly two decades, Hulk Hogan was the biggest icon in professional wrestling, and he remains one of the most notable performers the industry has ever seen to this day. However, his stock has dropped considerably in recent years due to accusations of racism, which came concurrent to a sex tape, and not long after an extremely costly and high profile divorce. As usual, the Hulkster was able to summon the power of Hulkamania in his personal life and rebound, meeting a much younger woman who would soon become his second wife. Who is the current Mrs. Hogan?

Question 25


Men around the world definitely feel the glow every time Naomi walks down the ring, and that was before she even became a two time SmackDown Women’s Champion. Way back when Naomi was merely strutting her stuff as a Funkadactyl, male members of the WWE Universe were taking notice of her considerable talents and assets, and many have celebrated at the revelation she might actually be able to back it all up in the ring. Of course, her husband probably believed in her all along. Which wrestler from a famous dynasty is Naomi's husband?

Question 26

The Big Show

Given his size alone, The Big Show could be cast off as another Brock Lesnar or Rusev, who frightens potentially dating prospects away on first glance. However, the world’s largest athlete has also proven to be a big friendly giant many times throughout his career, and let’s not forget some ladies see bigger sizes as a good thing. The Big Show has found at least two women for whom this holds true, the first an ex-wife he divorced after five years. He married the second in 2002, and they remain together to this day. What is The Big Show's wife's name?

Question 27

Tommy Dreamer

According to ECW lore, it was actually Raven and not Tommy Dreamer who first dated the woman who would later marry the Innovator of Violence. Of course, ECW also claims she used to be an overweight summer camp attendee which is where they all met, and in fact Dreamer’s wife was a model pretty much her entire life prior to wrestling. Despite this glamorous background, the woman would also prove herself more than extreme enough to hang with Dreamer through some of the bloodiest ECW matches in history. Which extreme diva now calls herself Mrs. Tommy Dreamer?

Question 28

Booker T

Wrestling championships aren’t won legitimately, but this doesn’t mean women aren’t impressed when they see a five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion like Booker T. Even years after that promotion went out of business, the feat sounds impressive, especially when Booker screams it in his trademark way. The WWE success that followed only cemented his legacy and status as a catch, and Booker coincidentally became single around the same time he switched companies. That status wouldn’t last long, as a former Nitro Girl and future valet quickly won his heart. Who is Booker T's wife?

Question 29

Kofi Kingston

It may have taken the support of Big E and Xavier Woods for WWE to finally recognize Kofi Kingston’s potential and give him a serious push, yet one woman has stood by the man’s side since back when he was a struggling solo act. Kingston’s wife had to sit by and watch as he was repeatedly passed over for championship opportunities, and was likely amongst the loudest fans cheering “New Day Rock” when his time in the sun finally came. Which of the following women is Kofi married to?

Question 30

Eve Torres

From the moment she won the 2007 Divas Search, Eve Torres set out to reclaim what that title meant by becoming the first winner to actually find continued success in WWE. While a few prior participants had achieved some flash in the pan style fame, Torres was actually able to stick around for a few years, three times becoming the WWE Divas Champion. Part of what made Torres stand out could have been related to skills imparted upon her by her husband, not a wrestler, but rather a member of a legendary MMA family. What is Eve's husband's name?

Question 31

Sasha Banks

Flashy and beautiful as she is viciously talented inside the ring, male wrestling fans have plenty of reasons to root for “The Boss” Sasha Banks every time she gets inside the ring. Throw in her street cred as Snoop Dogg’s cousin and an interest in Asian culture and anime and there’s no surprise Banks is one of the most popular females in wrestling today. Unfortunately for any guys out there interested in finding out if she’s legit, Banks is married to a fellow wrestler who also happens to be WWE’s costume designer. What is Sasha's husband's ring name?

Question 32

Shinsuke Nakamura

Although Shinsuke Nakamura has just recently made his American mainstream wrestling debut for WWE, the King of Strong Style was a prodigy in his native Japan, winning his first IWGP Championship at the young age of 23. This was long before Nakamura revamped his persona to include references to his favorite pop stars, yet women were already falling in love with this incredibly talented young superstar from his early days in the business. This includes, of course, the woman who became Nakamura’s wife in 2007, who naturally has followed him to the US for this next part of his journey. What is Mrs. Nakamura's name?

Question 33

Stacy Keibler

The gorgeous long legs labeled the “Weapons of Mass Seduction” are merely two of Stacy Keibler’s many charms, a fact well known by the many WWE fans who watched her every move again and again in awe. Keibler may have left wrestling almost a decade ago, and her acting career hasn’t quite taken off in the way she hoped, yet the former Miss Hancock has remained in the spotlight largely for her high profile dating life. That faded away when a certain ex-boyfriend fell out of the picture, but a woman like Stacy had no trouble rebounding with her equally impressive husband. Who is Keibler married to?

Question 34


Huggers gonna hug, but that doesn’t mean Bayley is in love with every single guy she wraps her arms around. Despite what some of the Huggable One’s fans may hope, there’s only one man for her, and he happens to be a fellow wrestler she’s been engaged to since late 2016. Thus far, Bayley’s beau hasn’t found any fame in WWE, albeit not for lack of trying. During the Cruiserweight Classic, her man was on stand-by should any competitor had been injured, and he auditioned for Tough Enough at least once back when that show was around. Who is set to earn infinite hugs as Bayley's fiancé?

Question 35

John Bradshaw Layfield

In the same way some women like monstrous brutes, there will always be a number of females who fit the old cliché that chicks dig jerks. This is the best explanation we can come up for as to why a woman would choose to live her life alongside noted bully and consummate heel John Bradshaw Layfield, though his millions of dollars might help. That isn’t to say his wife is a gold digger, though—she’s noted financial analyst who has appeared on television many times to discuss the global economy, so we just think she likes talking about that stuff. Which Wall Street expert is Mrs. JBL?

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