Do You Know Which Angel Character Survived?


In the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there is almost no room for redemption once a person turns into a vampire. Getting sired means losing one’s soul, and no matter the type of human they were before hand, taking away someone’s capacity for right and wrong more-or-less assures they’ll soon start worshipping the gods of destruction. That said, there is one small hope for vampires in that they could one day be returned to their original state—if not human, then damn near it. Few vampires see any purpose in working towards this goal, but then again, that’s what makes Angel so special.

Turned into a vampire hundreds of years ago, Angel is now on a journey to reclaim the man he once was. As a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there’s plenty of overlap between that iconic series and the one that would take Angel’s name, but his journey was no mere sequel or continuance of the Buffyverse, as some might brush it off as being. In fact, the Angel universe is just as rich and expansive as anything to happen in Buffy, with countless unique demons, villains, and get this, lawyers, populating the world and trying to stop the man from achieving his redemption.

Being an undead warrior with super powers, Angel sees no choice but to fight against those trying to stop him and hopefully get the chance to Shanshu once more. Take our quiz and find out how big a fan you are by answering whether or not these characters survive to the end.

(Note: the answers relate to the series finale of Angel. Yes, that means the comics don’t count.)

Question 1


Moving to Los Angeles can be a tall order for any individual, even if he’s a centuries old vampire with seemingly unlimited resources. Angel nonetheless felt no hesitation in leaving Sunnydale for LA, initially as a way to simply get away from a love he couldn’t have. However, being a chivalrous sort looking to shanshu—which he believes (hopes) means reclaiming his soul at long last—Angel opens a paranormal investigation firm, helping fight demons and maintain peace in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Question 2


Popping out of a mystery box in an incorporeal state, not even Spike had any idea what the hell he was doing in Wolfram & Hart’s executive offices. As far as anyone was aware, Spike perished in the final battle seen on Buffy, and in fact, that was pretty much his plan. Now part-ghost, Spike has no choice but to work with his oldest rival/friend yet again, and he might just get one up on Angel by discovering if this whole Sanshu Prophecy thing was about him all along.

Question 3

Cordelia Chase

Truth be told, Angel’s reasons for hitting Los Angeles are fairly unique, so it made sense the series would introduce a character more in tune with the traditional dream. After graduating from Sunnydale High School, popular valley girl Cordelia Chase hoped to become a world famous actress, and there’s no place in the world better suited for such a goal than sunny LA. Of course, it’s also an incredibly hard dream to turn into a reality, which is why Cordy gave up almost instantly to help out Angel and his team of investigators.

Question 4

Winifred Burkle

Well before Angel and his friends stumble upon Winifred Burkle in the bizarre land of Pylea, the poor girl had already gone through mental torment almost unfathomable to those of us in the real world. For five years, Fred was stuck in an alternate dimension where humans were kept as livestock and slaves, and terrifying demons ruled the world. Luckily for her, Angel almost accidentally came to her safety, and from there she repaid the favor by becoming probably his smartest and most creative investigator.

Question 5

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Life as a Watcher wasn’t quite right for Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and that’s regardless of the fact he understood the role well enough on paper to become Head Boy at the Council. As it turned out, Wesley also wasn’t the best “rogue demon hunter,” a title he bequeathed himself after heading to LA and looking to take matters into his own hands. That said, Wesley’s intellect was not to be stopped, and once he had the manpower provided by Angel Investigations, his brain was put to good use, saving the day on many occasions.

Question 6

Charles Gunn

When there are vampires, demons, and other creatures of the night constantly murdering people and raising hell throughout California, it’s just not believable that Buffy, Angel, and their friends would be the only ones to notice. Everyday normal folk would be equally effected by the chaos, and in Angel they finally found their representation through Charles Gunn. What Gunn lacked in supernatural knowledge he made up for with his passion to destroy vampires at all costs. As the show progressed and he learned more and more about his enemies, he eventually knew more about mystic matters than almost anyone else.

Question 7


Trendsetting in every way, Angel was not only the first vampire to develop a soul, but also half of the first vampire couple to ever produce a child. Throw in the fact Angel’s romantic partner in the exchange was one of his arch-nemeses, Darla, and there’s no way the resulting child wouldn’t have a ridiculous number of issues throughout his childhood…and we haven’t even mentioned the kidnapping or adventure through a hell dimension. Somehow, Connor survived it all to meet his father again as an adult, yet things would nonetheless only get more dangerous from there.

Question 8

Buffy Summers

Into every generation a Slayer is born…but if you’re taking a quiz about Angel, that’s probably old news. Although the whole point of Angel leaving Sunnydale for LA was to escape the pang of a love he couldn’t have, he couldn’t run away from Buffy forever, especially with her Slayer superpowers making it easy for her to track anybody down. Luckily for Angel, Buffy only ever appeared in LA to tie up some loose ends, which granted, in their line of work, can be some of the most hectic tasks around.

Question 9


Despite how some people feel about karaoke, the fun-loving always singing jolly green giant from Pylea named Lorne is one of the nicest demons either Buffy or Angel had ever met. Never feeling at home in his native land, Lorne jumped at the chance to join Angel and crew in Earth, setting up a bar where demons and humans could happily sing their hearts out in peace. That Lorne also had the ability to read the thoughts of people when they sang also became invaluable, making him far more than a monster with a great voice.

Question 10


And so it all began, with a prostitute who would do anything to prevent the suffering caused by venereal diseases. That turning into a vampire not only cured her, but also let her live forever and made her ultra powerful in the process, all served as mere icing on the cake for Darla, the woman who in turn would sire Angel into vampirism almost the moment they crossed paths. From there, Angel and Darla experienced an epic romance across several centuries, slowly falling apart as he developed his soul.

Question 11

Faith Lehane

Let’s face it—by the end of her tenure on Buffy, things were hardly five by five for Faith Lehane, the darker, more mysterious second Slayer called into this world upon the death of Kendra. Things got so bad with Faith in time that she had to flee Sunnydale to escape persecution from the police, and since Buffy was directly related to why the cops were so interested in her, she figured it was only fair to destroy something Buff loved along the way, or at least bother him for a few episodes, whatever the case may be.

Question 12


Darla is to Angelus as Angelus is to Drusilla. That’s to say Angelus has more to do with the person Drusilla became than any other influence, and not just because he made her a vampire. Well before Angelus sired Dru into the monster she became, he tortured her psychologically and physically for years, causing the once pious churchgoer to go completely mad. His damage done, Angelus then made her immortal and soulless, preparing her for an eternity of mindless destruction throughout the world.

Question 13

Allen Francis Doyle

Once Angel left Sunnydale for Los Angeles to avoid the pain of loving a girl he couldn’t be with, he found himself alone to brood…for all of five seconds, at which point Allen Francis Doyle cockily stumbled into his office. Doyle found his way there due to the prophetic visions bestowed upon him by the Powers That Be, which also had the side effect of splitting headaches even his half-demon brain could barely handle. Of course, once Doyle and Angel started getting along, the headaches were a little easier to deal with.

Question 14

Lilah Morgan

The moment Angel moved to Los Angeles, he incurred the interest and eventually wrath of the supernatural law firm Wolfram & Hart. Chief amongst the lawyers assigned to his case was Lilah Morgan, a regular human woman who saw it as her goal to kill Angel and prevent the rest of his crew from fighting the various forces of evil she called her clients. Lilah’s contract with Wolfram & Hart might extend for all eternity, but this doesn’t necessarily make her immortal, as that same job increases her risk of death with every step up the corporate ladder.

Question 15

Harmony Kendall

Like most students in Buffy’s high school class, the graduation ceremony was a lot more than Harmony Kendall had bargained for. During the epic battle with Mayor Richard Wilkens IIII, poor Harm got in the way of some monsters and found herself turned into a vampire. As luck would have it, not everyone knew about this right away, including her old friend Cordelia Chase, who invited Harmony to stay with her in Los Angeles. The ruse didn’t last long, but at least Harmony got a job out of it at the vamp-friendly Wolfram & Hart.

Question 16

Lindsey McDonald

Like most successful young lawyers real or fictional, Lindsey McDonald worked extremely hard to achieve the position he has in the demonic firm Wolfram & Hart. In addition to his significant understanding of laws both human and supernatural, Lindsey is also a formidable swordsman, though there may have been some mystical secrets behind how he gained that power. In fact, there’s a lot about Lindsey that never quite becomes clear to Angel, making him one of the more mysterious and enigmatic characters in the Buffyverse, not to mention one of the most dangerous.

Question 17

Kate Lockley

Angel Investigations aren’t the only crew fighting against demons in Los Angeles—there’s also the good old fashioned LAPD. Sure, the real cops might not always understand vampires or demons are the culprits, but they still get called to the scene every time a dead body is found. After enough run-ins at these such occasions, Officer Kate Lockley and Angel formed a tenuous friendship/partnership that at times was invaluable to the reformed vampires adventures. Of course, a hardened LAPD officer like Kate wasn’t going to take his wild stories without evidence, making their relationship argumentative at best.

Question 18


In the last season of Angel, our heroic vampire and his friends suddenly find them in charge of their rival organization, Wolfram & Hart, albeit with a pretty big catch—the Senior Partners are still running the show from behind-the-scenes. It’s not that bad, though, because they largely let Angel and company do whatever he wants, only occasionally interjecting with thoughts and commentary care of the mysterious and deeply intelligent Eve. Arriving to the series late, Eve doesn’t get much character development, but her very existence is compelling in and of itself.

Question 19

Gavin Park

The lawyers of Wolfram & Hart had a number of ways to battle Angel Investigations in their ongoing war, and the supernatural abilities possessed by the Senior Partners and lawyers like Lindsey or Lilah were just the tip of the iceberg. Other members of the firm, such as Gavin Park, chose to fight his battles entirely through legal means, serving Angel and company with lawsuits accusing him of violating his lease at the Hyperion Hotel and using covert surveillance to prove it. Of course, a downside was that Gavin was extra susceptible to harm when his plans backfired.

Question 20

Daniel Holtz

Before Angel gained his soul, he was the demon Angelus, one of the most vicious vampires the Buffyverse would ever see. During this time, he amassed countless victims and even more enemies, including the world renowned vampire hunter Daniel Holtz. With over 300 kills to his name, Holtz clearly hated the bloodsuckers he did battle with, and Angelus was his arch-nemesis. The hatred Holtz held was so strong he didn’t care that Angel became a good guy by the time their paths crossed for a second time.

Question 21

Justine Cooper

To most people in the Buffyverse, vampires are something too terrifying to possibly be real, despite all evidence to the contrary. Other humans like Justine Cooper aren’t willing to pretend anymore, especially after witnessing her sister Julia get murdered by vamps in her youth. An unhealthy addiction to alcohol intensified Cooper’s hateful feelings, making her a vicious vampire hunter who never thought twice about dusting a vamp. This made her the perfect ally for Holtz in his war against Angel, although with the horrible side effect that she could be manipulated with almost no effort.

Question 22


While some demons in the Buffyverse have lofty goals of world domination or destruction of some kind, others like Sahjhan are merely content to cause chaos for the sake of chaos. In his case, this means helping vampire hunter Daniel Holtz track down Angel and kidnap his child Connor, all part of a master plan to kill the reformed vampire and ruin his legacy in the process. Time would soon reveal Sahjhan had some other interests in the kidnapping, as well, related to the show’s running theme of prophecy and fate.

Question 23

Marcus Hamilton

It doesn’t take Angel and company long to realize Wolfram & Hart had demonic ulterior motives in handing their business over without incident. Of course, with a guy like Marcus Hamilton walking around and wrecking havoc, it would have been hard for them not to realize something was amiss. The true role and evil of Hamilton is never quite explored, though we know he is a powerful enemy and opponent of Angel, doing whatever it takes to ensure evil will prevail over good.

Question 24


All activity on Earth as seen through Angel’s lens is controlled by The Powers That Be, a mysterious governing body of gods and goddesses. There’s always a mild uncertainty about whether or not these Powers fight for the side of good or evil, and no one muddies the waters in that regard more than Jasmine. Also called the Blessed Devourer or The Beastmaster, Jasmine manipulates everything Angel and company do so she can gain corporeal form and rule over all humanity, something she very nearly accomplishes, and in short order.

Question 25

Willow Rosenberg

As Buffy’s best friend, Willow obviously picked the Slayer’s side after her break-up with Angel, however it was that same friendship that forced the young witch back into the reformed vampire’s life, and in turn, his series. Not only did Willow need to stick around and update Angel Investigations on the Slayer’s happenings, but she’s also the only known person capable of saving Angel’s soul when he heads over to the dark side, making her as valuable to Angel as she was to Buffy.

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