Do You Know What Makes These 25 Celebrities Bad Parents?


No one is saying that parenting is easy but you'd think celeb parents, with loads of money, influence, and resources, would have a simpler time raising kids than everyone else. But that's certainly not the case. It's not as though anyone knows exactly what to expect from parenthood and all parents make mistakes from time to time. They are just people after all.

A parents job is to raise their children so that they will one day be able to cope with life and there are a couple of definite taboos when it comes to this subject. As a society we frown upon people who exploit their children for financial gain, abuse their children, or expose them to adult situations before they are the appropriate age. We expect parents, famous or not, to be responsible and not harm their offspring in any way. But as we all know it doesn't always turn out this way.

The media can be unforgiving when it comes to celebrities who mistreat their children. Even a single incident can land them with a life-long brand of a "bad" mom or dad. Do you remember what these stars did to earn the reputation of bad parents?


Question 1

What did Woody Allen do that made him a bad parent?

Woody Allen has enjoyed a career spanning more than six decades as a celebrated writer, actor, and celebrity. He's also a seriously funny guy and a little zany at times but there was one incident back in the early nineties that cast a dark light on his personal life. Woody is the father of five children, some of whom were adopted, and has been married numerous times. He managed to ride out a host of scandals in the media so can you remember what started it all?

Question 2

What was Britney Spear's worst parenting moment?

Britney Spears is one of those celebrities who seems to have had a lot of professional success but it's come at a price. That price is her personal relationships. At one stage, back in the early 2000's, Britney was so out of control that she actually lost custody of her children to Kevin Federline. For a judge to choose him over her as a legal guardian definitely shows just how bad things were. What incident labeled her bad mom in the eyes of the media?

Question 3

Why is Dina Lohan referred to as the “Worst Mother in America"?

Many of us watched Lindsay Lohan go from being a wholesome up and coming young actress to a complete train wreck and just shook our heads. How does someone with so much promise turn out like so badly and who was to blame? Most people believe that her parents were partly to blame for her downfall and her mom/manager is right at the top of that list. What earned Dina Lohan the title of “Worst Mother in America" in the mainstream media?

Question 4

How did Alec Baldwin disgrace himself as a parent?

Alec Baldwin is the oldest brother of the Baldwin family so you would think that he would be the most responsible of the bunch as well, right? Wrong. This brother seems to have a short fuse and doesn't deal with his anger very well. He's known for assaulting members of the paparazzi and being belligerent with airline staff who try and treat him as a regular passenger. There was also an incident with his daughter, details of which his estranged wife, Kim Basinger, leaked to the press. Do you remember this one?

Question 5

Why were Hulk Hogan's parenting skills called into question?

There was a time when Hulk Hogan was a hot commodity but that time has come and gone. No one is interested in his antics anymore and the gossip surrounding his personal life hasn't helped much at all. He and his wife were accused of using their 17-year-old son as a mediator during their messy divorce - talk about being petty. But this is only the tip of the iceberg - do you know what the Hulk did to his daughter that caused the split in the first place?

Question 6

What did Joe Jackson do to his children?

Joe Jackson is the father of Michael Jackson, although the two of them did not have a particularly good relationship as adults. This is because of Joe's behavior towards his children when they were still the Jackson Five. He wanted his kids to be famous at any cost but it cost him his relationships with them. Even though they were estranged Joe demanded a monthly stipend from Michael's estate when he passed away but what did he do that made Michael not want to have anything to do with him?

Question 7

How was David Hasselhoff exposed as a terrible parent?

Nobody is perfect and that includes actors. We all have our weaknesses and problems but when you are a celebrity these type of secrets rarely stay hidden for very long - just ask David Hasselhoff. The "Hoff" struggled to keep his career going after Baywatch and this led him down a pretty dark path. Now it's one thing to wreck your own life but when you have children you need to consider the impact of your decisions on them. What exposed David Hasselhoff as a bad dad?

Question 8

Why did Courtney Love's daughter file a restraining order against her?

You would have thought that after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love would have gotten a wake-up call but sadly it seemed the incident did nothing to stop her self-destructive ways. Instead of trying to clean her life up, especially for the sake of her daughter Frances Bean, she just continued down the same path. This caused Courtney and Frances to have a very strained relationship. Why did her own teenage daughter ending up filing a restraining order against her?

Question 9

Do you remember why Michael Jackson was labelled a bad parent?

To be fair Michael didn't exactly have a good role model for a father himself so we can't really blame him for not knowing how to look after a child. Michael publicly stated that Joe Jackson was psychically abusive towards his children and often beat them with a belt. What made matters worse was that he refused to apologize for his actions. There was one incident that gave Michael a bad name as a father, do you remember what is was?

Question 10

What did Kate Gosselin do that made everyone hate her?

Kate Gosselin shot to fame after she and her family appeared on the reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which profiled her life as a mom of twins and sextuplets. The show and its spin-offs ran from 2005 until 2009 when Kate and her husband Jon announced their intention to split. She wasn't known on the show for being the most patient person and since then she has been accused of being a really bad mom. What did Kate Gosselin do that made everyone hate her?

Question 11

What did Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown do in front of their daughter?

Bobby Brown has admitted that he and his late wife, Whitney Houston, could have done more to save their daughter's life. It's safe to say that little Bobbi Kristina did not exactly have the best role models when it came to parents as both of hers were enveloped in their own self-destructive world full of drugs and drama. This makes Bobbi Kristina's drug-related death at the age of just 22 that much more tragic. What did an insider say Bobby and Whitney did in front of Bobbi from a young age?

Question 12

What made Madonna's son hate her?

Madonna has a few admirable traits. Not only is she a talented singer but she has also managed to keep herself relevant by constantly keeping up with trends and reinventing her image whenever necessary. But in private her family say that she is more than just a little bit of a control freak. According to them, she wants to control everything that her family does, from what they watch on TV to what they eat. But what made her son Rocco really turn against her?

Question 13

What did Rosie O'Donnell allegedly do to her daughter?

Rosie O'Donnell took to social media in August 2015 to report that she was looking for her daughter Chelsea, who according to Rosie, was mentally ill and had run away from home. But once her daughter was found she had a completely different story and the picture that she painted of life with O'Donnell was less than rosy and included a number of serious allegations. It's almost two years later and the two still seem to be at each other's throats.

Question 14

Why was Charlie Sheen barely allowed to see his kids?

Since being diagnosed with HIV Charlie Sheen seems to be trying to turn his life around. Most recently he reported that he's embracing the vegan lifestyle to try and help him get his health on track. But the effects of his hard-living lifestyle aren't going to be that easy to erase. Years of substance abuse has wrecked his personal (and professional) relationships and the saddest of these is his relationships with his five children. Why was he not allowed near them for so long?

Question 15

What made so many people dislike Mama June?

Mama June enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame when she appeared as herself on the reality TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The overbearing, larger than life pageant mom wasn't a hit, to begin with, but as the show went on the criticisms against her parenting grew too large for the studio to ignore and TLC canceled the show. She was accused of not caring about her families nutritional needs and giving her daughter a highly caffeinated drink for energy during pageant but what did she do that actually got the show canceled?

Question 16

What did Joe Simpson say about Jessica Simpson that was super creepy?

All parents are proud of their children's achievements but when their kids become famous they can sometimes go a little too far with their statements. Joe Simpson, the father of singer and reality TV star, Jessica Simpson, is one of these types of parents. Not only did he give Jessica a promise ring when she was a teen (promising to be the man in her life until she got married) but the former Baptist minister also had some creepy things to say about his daughter's body.

Question 17

How did Sean Combs set a bad example for his son?

The problem with being a celebrity is that you start to believe that you (and your family) deserve some kind of preferential treatment because you are somehow better than others and the rules don't apply to you. Sean Combs has quite a few children and by all accounts, he seems to be a loving and involved father but back in 2015 Sean was arrested after an incident which involved his eldest son. Do you remember what this famous rapper did that set such a poor example for his son?

Question 18

What earned Eddie Murphy the reputation of a poor father?

Eddie Murphy doesn't just love comedy, he's also a dedicated ladies man who is the father of nine children with five different baby mamas. Although it must be hard to keep track of such a large extended family there was one incident that painted him as a poor father in the media and it had to do with his actions after one of his children was born in 2007. All children should be treated equally by their parents but Eddie doesn't seem to think so...

Question 19

Why was Kate Moss labelled a bad mom?

I bet this question surprised you a little! Yes, believe it or not, Kate Moss is actually a mom. She has a daughter named Lila Grace Moss-Hack who is now 15 years old. But the model, once famous for her heroin chic style, is rarely seen with her daughter leading many to believe that she actually doesn't spend much time with Lila. There were even rumors that she forgot her own daughters third birthday! But what did she do that convinced the world that she wasn't such a great mom?

Question 20

Why did many people blame Drew Barrymore's mother for her problems?

We all know Drew Barrymore from movies like Never Been Kissed and Charlies Angels but few of us remember that Drew was actually a child star and she had a bit of a rocky start in life. As a young girl Drew was an in-demand young actress but the lifestyle didn't do her any favors. Her mom, Jaid Barrymore, also an actress, had a lot to do with Drew's problems as a youngster but the two seem to have mended their relationship now. Why did so many people blame Jaid for Drew's problems?

Question 21

What did the Octomom do to support her family?

You probably know Nadya Suleman by her other nickname - the Octomom. She became infamous when in 2009 she underwent IVF and conceived eight children, even though she was already struggling to look after the six kids she already had. Apart from being irresponsible when it came to conceiving her children she also expected that the state should support her decisions financially. And judging by her statements she doesn't even like kids. What did she turn to in order to support her over-sized family?

Question 22

What did Michael Lohan do that hurt Lindsay's reputation?

As much as you may dislike Lindsay Lohan you have to admit she got a pretty raw deal when it comes to parents. Her mom has been labeled "The Worst Mother in America" and her father Michael Lohan, hasn't really done any better in the parenting department. In the crazy world of show business, you need at least one parent that is grounded and stable and sadly Lindsay never seemed to have this. What did her father repeatedly do that hurt Lindsay's image so badly?

Question 23

What cemented Kris Jenner's reputation as a bad mom?

Kris Jenner is the matriarch of the Kardashian family and she's almost solely responsible for their rise to fame. She has shamelessly used her family to help achieve fame and fortune and her exploits are well-documented. She told Khloe that she needed a nose job when she was just 9 years old and years later scolded her for gaining weight which she said would damage her brand. But her worst moment as a self-proclaimed "momager" involved her most famous daughter.

Question 24

Why is Tom Cruise not seen as a good dad?

Tom Cruise has no trouble making himself tons of money at the box office but when it comes to his personal life things seem to be a little more tricky. He's been married three times; to Mimi Rogers in the 1980's, Nicole Kidman in the 90's and most recently Katie Holmes. He has three children but it's his relationship with daughter Suri that started tongues wagging around Hollywood. Why is he being called a bad dad all of a sudden?

Question 25

What made Ryan O’Neal such a bad dad?

In the early 1960's Ryan O'Neal landed a part in a soap opera called Peyton Place and his career as an actor seemed to be taking off. But from the 1970's the offers for work dried up and these days his only claim to fame is that he was once married to Farrah Fawcett. He has four children with three different women and according to the rumor mill, Ryan is anything but a model parent. There have been accusations of physical abuse but what else was he accused of?

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