Do You Know The REAL Stories Behind These Fairy Tales?


"Once upon a time," "happily ever after," and "a true love's kiss." Sound familiar? What about "and then everyone was dead" and "going to be hanged?" We all know the adaptations of our favorite fairy tales, especially the Disney and DreamWorks movies, but do you really know what happened to your beloved characters? You may be surprised to find out the true endings of these tales. Fair warning: your childhood might be ruined after taking this quiz so take with caution.

Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers are famous fairy tale writers and collectors that tell the true stories of these tales. Did you know that these stories were created to teach a lesson and promote the ideas that vanity, evil, greed and lust led to bad things? They used ideas of death and murder in abundance and not every princess ended up with her prince. It's safe to say that the traditional fairy tales were very dark and gruesome compared to the cartoon ones we watched growing up. The traditional tales have deep meanings and creepy imagery that we will always remember.

Do you think that you know the traditional tales or do you only know the current movie adaptations? Take this quiz to test your fairy tale knowledge!

Question 1

Why did Ariel really want to be human in Hans Christian Andersen's tale?

In the Disney version of the traditional fairy tale, Ariel wants to go "where the people are" and wants to be with Prince Eric. She will do anything to get legs and even gives up her voice to the wicked Ursula. In this version, she is portrayed as a rebellious teen who will do anything for a boy. In the actual fairy tale, this isn't the only reason she wants legs. The reason she wants to be human is more meaningful than simply chasing, well swimming after, a boy. Why did the Little Mermaid really want legs in Hans Christian Andersen's tale?

Question 2

What happens to Esmeralda in the traditional tale?

If you thought that the Disney adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a tearjerker, be prepared to be devastated. The Disney version does address Frollo's desire for Esmeralda with his song "Hellfire" which is pretty dark when you're young and watching it. Not trying to spoil anything, but at the end of the movie Frollo dies and Esmeralda ends up with Captain Phoebus. We all secretly wanted her to end up with Quasimodo though, right? Anyway, in the traditional tale, Frollo can't handle his burning desire for Esmeralda. What actually happens to her in the traditional tale?

Question 3

What happens to Jiminy Cricket in the original tale?

In the Disney animation of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket was Pinocchio's conscious and guided him on his journey to become a real boy. In Carlo Collodi's original tale, Pinocchio does not like the talking cricket. Actually, the cricket doesn't even have a name in the original story because he is such a small character. Pinocchio is being a horrible puppet and is hurting everyone around him. The cricket warns him about what can happen if he is too disobedient and Pinocchio doesn't like what he hears. What happens to the cricket?

Question 4

How does the frog become a prince?

In our modern day version of the Princess and the Frog, the Princess has to kiss the slimy amphibian to reveal his true form. That doesn't sound too romantic but to each their own. In the Brother Grimm's version of this classic fairy tale, the princess does not need to worry about getting warts on her lips. The princess in the original story was also a spoiled brat which isn't how she typically is in our versions, especially when you think about Princess Tiana. How does the frog become a prince in the Grimm fairy tale?

Question 5

How do Hansel and Gretel escape from the witch?

Hansel and Gretel get lured into the witch's house when she promises them a place to stay. The next day, she locks Hansel in a cage and makes Gretel her slave. The witch wants Hansel to be nice and fat for her next meal so she feeds overfeeds him. Hansel is a smart boy and holds out a bone every time she asks to see his finger to check if he is big enough to cook. The witch becomes too hungry and decides she wants to feast on both of them. She tells Gretel to check the stove but Gretel finds a way out. How did they escape?

Question 6

What does the Evil Queen want to do with Snow White's organs?

Basically, the Evil Queen is jealous of Snow White's beauty and she is not having it. She wants to stay the fairest of them all and hates Snow because her pale skin and red lips. In the Disney movie and in the Grimm Brothers' tale, the Evil Queen tries to get a huntsman to kill Snow White. In the Disney movie, she wants the heart to know Snow is truly dead and in the Grimm version she wants the liver and lungs. What does she do with the organs in several versions of the Grimm Brothers' tale?

Question 7

What did the ugly step sisters do to get the prince?

In the Brothers Grimm version of this classic fairy tale, Cinderella loses her golden slipper at the ball as she is running away. Luckily she didn't have to wear glass slippers because those were probably not comfy at all. The prince vows to find the girl whose foot fits the slipper, just like Charming does in the Disney adaptation. The ugly step sisters hear about this and decide to take measures into their own hands, well own feet. What do the step sisters do to get the prince?

Question 8

What actually wakes Sleeping Beauty up?

In the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip wakes Aurora up from her spell by kissing her delicately on the lips. Ah, the power of a true love's kiss. This is basically how it goes in the Charles Perrault version of this fairy tale. In different adaptations of this story, Prince Philip isn't that nice of a guy. In the Giambattista Basile version, he isn't even the one who wakes her up but instead gets her pregnant with twins while she is still unconscious. What actually wakes Sleeping Beauty up?

Question 9

True or False: The Snow Queen is good like Elsa

Disney's Frozen is a very loose adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen. Walt Disney himself took an interest in the fairy tale and wanted to create a movie adaptation off of it. When Disney started production on Frozen, they decided to have it be only based off the traditional tale instead of being the same story. To sum it up, they took the idea of an ice queen, siblings, and a reindeer. True or False: the Snow Queen is good like Elsa.

Question 10

Why does Dame Gothel have Rapunzel in the traditional tale?

Disney's Tangled is a loose adaptation of the Brother Grimms' Rapunzel. In both, Dame Gothel locks Rapunzel in the tower but it is for different reasons. In Tangled, she locks Rapunzel in the tower with no doors or stairs because Rapunzel's long luxurious golden hair contains a flower that is keeping Gothel young and alive. In the Grimm version, she traps Rapunzel just because she doesn't like her. Why does Gothel even have Rapunzel in the first place in the original story?

Question 11

What happens to Mulan?

The folk tale of Mulan is very similar to the Disney movie, give or take a few details. Mulan dresses up as a man, with her parents approval, to be able to fight in the war so her father does not have to. She fights for twelve years and then returns home. Since she retired, she received a lot of money to bring home to her family. When she returns, she learns that her father had died and her mother remarried. So she didn't get her happy ending like in the movie. Then an enemy war leader tries to force her to marry him, resulting in what happening to Mulan?

Question 12

What is the Little Mermaid's side effect of the gaining her legs?

Ariel gives her voice to Ursula in exchange for being a human for three days in the Disney version of The Little Mermaid. In the traditional tale, it is not this easy. She has to go through a lot of pain to be able to gain the ability to walk. She takes a potion that makes her body feel like she has a giant sword going through her. That type of pain really does not seem like it is worth finding a soul and a man. What is the other side effect of gaining her legs?

Question 13

What happens to the Ugly stepsisters?

Disney's Cinderella ends with Cinderella and Charming riding away into the sunset and sharing their first married kiss. Boring right? In the traditional tale, the reader gets to witness the wedding. At the Prince and Cinderella's wedding, the stepsisters walk her down the aisle along with her bridesmaids. Despite their best efforts to get the Prince, Cinderella has won him especially because the golden slipper fit her foot without having to do anything crazy. Something happens to the stepsisters at the wedding that is morbid and a little bit funny. What happens to the stepsisters?

Question 14

What happens to Frollo?

Frollo falls off of the bell tower at the end of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame when Quasimodo loses his grip on his arm. He falls to his death into the fire below. In the traditional tale, Quasimodo isn't as nice to Frollo even though he took Quasimodo in when his mother abandoned him. In the Disney movie, Frollo treats Quasimodo horribly his whole life and was his mother's murderer and forced to take him in by a priest. Seems like Quasimodo should be mean to him in the movie, right? Anyway, what happens to Frollo at the end of the tale?

Question 15

What happens at the end of Pinocchio?

This ones really gonna get you down. In the Disney movie, Pinocchio saves Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket from the whale but accidentally dies. The fairy thinks he has learned his lesson and proved he is a good boy. She turns him human and they all live happily ever after. But in the traditional tale it is completely different. This is being based off the original ending to the Carlo Collodi tale and not the alternate endings he later added to please his editor. What happens at the end of Pinocchio?

Question 16

What happens to Rumpelstiltskin in the Brothers Grimm tale?

In this tale, a man tells the King that his daughter is capable of spinning straw into gold which is something we would all love to be able to do. The King wants to marry her if this is true and locks her up to perform this task. The King also states that she will be executed if she cannot perform. On her last day, Rumpelstiltskin appears and promises to do her task if she gives away her first born. He completes the task, and the King and girl marry. After giving birth, Rumpelstiltskin returns for the child but tells her she can keep it if she guesses his name. After she figures it out, what happens to him?

Question 17

What happens to Quasimodo?

Unfortunately, Quasimodo does not end up with Esmeralda in the classic tale or the movie. At least in the movie he is regarded as a hero and is accepted by the city. He gives Esmeralda and Phoebus his blessings and seems happy for them. In the traditional story, he doesn't have as happy of an ending. He is heartbroken by what has happened around him and doesn't react well to the emotional pain. What happens to Quasimodo at the end of the traditional story?

Question 18

Why is the ugly duckling accepted by the swans?

The ugly duckling was rejected by his better looking family and other animals on the farm. The poor duck received verbal and physical abuse from the animals. He leaves the farm and finds new geese and ducks to live with until hunters shoots all of them. He then finds a home with an older woman but yet again the cat and hen make fun of him. He runs away and sees a giant flock of swans. He becomes sad that he can't fly with them. He then spends a long harsh winter alone, until the flock of swans comes back. He decides to let them kill him since he is alone and ugly. Why was he accepted by the swans?

Question 19

What is the fate of the Evil Queen?

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen declares herself as being the fairest in the land after Snow White bites into the poisoned apples. The dwarfs chase her around, eventually trapping her on a cliff. She tries to roll a huge rock on top of them but fate steps in and lightning strikes the cliff making her fall off. Convenient timing, huh? In the traditional Brother Grimm story she has a more unique ending to her life at Snow's wedding. What kills the Evil Queen?

Question 20

What is the actual ending to Sleeping Beauty?

At the end of the Disney movie, Prince Philips kills Maleficent when she turns into a dragon. He saves Aurora and wakes her up, allowing them to live a happy life together. The Basile version is very different and a lot darker. The Queen finds out about the twins and writes Sleeping Beauty a letter after she wakes up. She pretends to be the King and wants to have a visit with the kids. The whole situation is a big messy love triangle. Sleeping Beauty sends the kids and the Queen orders the cooks to kill the twins and make them for dinner. Yes, you heard that correctly. Luckily the cook doesn't create a child pot pie. What happens at the end of the story?

Question 21

What happens to the Little Mermaid?

The romantic ending of the Disney version of the Little Mermaid is far from the actual ending. The Little Mermaid needs to marry a man and kiss him before the night is over so she can gain part of his soul. Unfortunately, the prince already found a girl and left the Little Mermaid behind like she doesn't even matter. She then learns that she has to kill him and have his blood drip on her feet so she can become a mermaid again. What does she choose to do instead?

Question 22

True or False: Dame Gothel becomes stuck in the tower

After cutting off Rapunzel's hair and banishing her to be alone in the woods, Dame Gothel tries to lure the prince into the tower. He sees her hair hanging down the tower and begins to climb up it to see her. By the way, wouldn't that really hurt to have a full grown prince climbing up your hair? Once he gets to the top, he realizes it is Dame Gothel and jumps out of the window. He lands in some thorns and becomes blind. True or False: the hair slips from Gothel's hands and she becomes stuck in the tower.

Question 23

How did Hansel and Gretel get stuck in the woods?

Hansel and Gretel are being brought to the woods by their dad and stepmother because there is a famine and they eat too much. The parents claim it is because they don't want to starve to death which is totally a good reason to ditch your kids. The kids overhear the conversation between the parents and collect rocks the night before. They drop them along the path the next day, then return to the house. The parents bring the children further into the woods the next day and Hansel's new plan failed, leaving the two lost in the woods. How did his plan fail, causing them to be stuck in the woods?

Question 24

True or False: The Brother Grimm's Little Red is killed by the wolf

Little Red goes to visit her grandmother and is stalked by the wolf. The wolf figures out where Little Red is heading and sneaks ahead of her, into the grandma's house. The wolf eats the grandmother and then disguises himself as her, which would be really believable. The wolf eventually eats her and then falls asleep. A huntsman who is out of this wolf's fur comes to help Little Red. He cuts the wolf with his ax and fills his stomach with stones. The wolf wakes up but his body gives out and he dies. True or false: Little Red dies with the wolf.

Question 25

Why was there a pea under the princess's mattresses?

The prince in this tale is looking for his perfect match to marry. He can't find the woman of his dreams because they all don't seem like real princesses. They have bad manners, are too ugly, or aren't thin enough for him. Rude, right? Then one night a woman runs into his house in the rain and needs somewhere to stay. She claims she is a princess so the prince's mom decides to put a pea under 40 mattresses. Why does she put a pea under the 40 mattresses?

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