Do You Know Rachel Green More Than Monica Does?


Ask anyone on the planet and you will find out that nearly every person has a favorite Friends character. You may be drawn to Chandler's witty one liners. You could be drawn to Monica's neurotic obsessive compulsive neat freak tendencies. You may personally relate to Phoebe's carefree and open mindedness. If you have an affinity for the sciences, then Ross is your man. Many love Joey's smooth albeit witless sense of charm. "How you doin’?"

But by and large, Rachel is arguably the most popular Friend of them all. Who could not sympathize with Rachel's ever ongoing search for true love and independence.

From the moment Rachel hit the screen, bursting through the doors of Central Perk wearing a soaking wet wedding dress, the world was smitten with Rachel Green. She is beautiful, kind and loves her Friends unconditionally. All she really wanted was a career she could be great at and the passion of true love. And millions of viewers desperately wanted that for her! She was such an iconic character that millions of women in the late 1990s even copied her hair cut which they called, "The Rachel".

How well do you really know our beloved Rachel? This ultimate Rachel quiz will test your knowledge.

Question 1

For whom does Rachel put on her cheerleader outfit?

Many men never lose the urge to turn their head towards anything with a short skirt. While we're fairly sure that most women probably know this and maybe even hate this fact, we know for a sure that Rachel knows this and plans to use this information to her advantage. That must be why she kept her Cheerleading uniform for all those years. At the end of the episode, when she finally gets the guy she is after she says with a coy smile "every time".

Question 2

Who was Rachel's best friend in Long Island?

Being best friends is an interesting concept if you think about it. Often when we say someone is our best friend, what we actually mean is something more along the lines of, "this person is my best friend in this area or time-frame of my life". There aren't very many who make the list of best friends for life. This person was Rachel's best friend as long as she lived on Long Island and was going to live the life her parents planned for her.

Question 3

Who was Rachel engaged to?

For many people, it seems that a first engagement doesn't really stick. A young couple gets engaged for any number of reasons like they've been together a few years and it just feels like that's the next step regardless of whether or not it's the right step. Suddenly, one of them realizes that what they're doing is crazy and it's time to run like hell! For all of you out there in this place, don't worry. Rachel can totally relate.

Question 4

What did Rachel threaten to do when Monica accused her of stealing her thunder?

Monica has been waiting her whole life to find her one true love, and get engaged. When that day finally arrived, she was so excited and asked all her friends to get dressed so that they could all go to the Plaza Hotel together to celebrate. Just when they are about to leave, Monica opens the door and finds Rachel and Ross kissing in the hallway. She gets super mad at Rachel and accuses her of purposely stealing her thunder.

Question 5

How many siblings does Rachel have?

Siblings, ask anyone who has them ... they're either your best friend or your worst liability. Often, they're both. Growing up, they serve multiple functions. Many times, your sibling is an arch enemy, in need of immediate destruction. Other times, they're your partner in crimes too embarrassing and/or heinous to speak of. Siblings grant us the ability to empathize with others and to live with the notion that not everything is about us. Rachel knows this very well. As it turns out, daddy didn't simply spoil one little girl, a number of little girls. How many siblings did Rachel have anyway?

Question 6

Reese Witherspoon played which of Rachel's sisters?

Friends is no stranger to celebrity guest stars. They had a list a mile long of famous actors to choose from. Everyone who is anyone wanted to be a guest star on this critically acclaimed TV series. The viewing audience clamored to see their favorite movie stars on the small screen. When Reese Witherspoon made her debut as Rachel's sister we cheered. We found her completely adorable even tho the character she played was just as entitled, spoiled and narcissistic as one could possibly tolerate.

Question 7

What is Rachel's father's job?

We all wish we could have had uber-wealthy parents who gave into our every whim. Not having worry about how to pay for college or about rent for a while thereafter would be a dream come true for most of us. Rachel was the kind of girl to get a nice, bright, shiny new car at 16 while everyone else worked two jobs during the summer to afford whatever used car they could find. Rachel's father is certainly that super loaded papa so many wish they'd had.

Question 8

What does Rachel attempt to do to get out of a speeding ticket while driving Monica's Porsche?

"The One with Chandler's Dad" is an episode that starts with Ross and Joey asking to borrow Monica's Porsche. Rachel demands to know why Monica doesn't let her drive it. Monica tells Rachel that she is a terrible driver. This pisses Rachel off. Later when Ross, is in the bathroom Rachel steals the car keys and $20 from Ross' pocket. It turns out that not only is Rachel not a good driver but she does not even have a valid drivers license.

Question 9

What is Rachel's middle name?

The middle name. I place for parents to shove the hideous family name you've more than likely tried to hide your whole life. Of course, sometimes the middle name is the one you choose to go by due to your parents' decision to tag you with a blandly pedestrian first name you can't stand; more than likely the moniker of a dead relative you've never met. Either way, many would agree that it's completely unnecessary in most cases. Rachel is no exception to this.

Question 10

Where is Rachel's first job in Manhattan?

We've all known girls we would define as, "Daddy's Little Princess". They have their rent paid, their cars bought and their tuition paid for by Daddy Dearest until one day, Daddy's Little Princess decides that she wants something different for her life than Daddy envisioned. And then... POOF! Daddy stops paying for everything and the Little Princess has to get a job. But what job, and with what skills? Rachel finds herself in this exact predicament and responds in the only way she could. She got a job. But which job did she get?

Question 11

What does Rachel lose in Monica's lasagna?

Have you ever had the experience of eating something on your plate, and then tasting something in your mouth that you KNOW isn't food? Many of us have had that experience and it's never a fun one. So naturally, if you were the one to lose a non-food item in a dish, a slow wave of panic may begin to roll over you as you see the dish getting ready to be served. Rachel certainly felt this when she lost a certain item in Monica's lasagna. Can you remember what it was that Rachel lost?

Question 12

What is Rachel's father's name?

Have you ever met a significant other's parents and five minutes later forgotten their name? It's a terrible feeling. Especially if you've been prepped by your significant other in advance! I'll give you all a tip. The best way around that is to ask, "Hey Mr. (insert last name here), how do you spell your name again?" No kidding, that's worked way more than it should have. Of course, when it's a parent of a character of one of the most beloved shows of all time, that tactic will most likely not prove useful.

Question 13

What is Rachel's mother's name?

Rachel's mother was always worried about her daughter moving to the big city although that seems strange because Manhattan isn't that far from Long Island. Still Rachel's mother would call often to check on her daughter and once she actually came to visit, she could see how happy Rachel was. She even told Rachel what an inspiration she was to her. Rachel was so grateful until her mother told her that she wanted to divorce her father and live like Rachel!

Question 14

Who played Rachel's sister Amy?

It's no secret that Rachel is a beautiful woman. It's also no secret that she isn't the only beautiful woman in her family. Throughout the series, all our Friends characters have acted alongside some of the most beautiful women the good folks in casting could find. Especially when it came to the roles of either of her sisters. You may remember a lot about Rachel, but if you can't remember who played her other sister, you just aren't the Friends watcher we thought you were.

Question 15

What did Rachel use as a metaphor to try to explain to her father why she didn't want to get married to Barry ?

Parents always think they understand what it's like to be their children. They are almost always wrong. How could they be right? Technology is always light-years away from what they had as a kid and the sociocultural differences that surround children are starkly different as a result. Because of this, when a parent is being unreasonable, we at some point almost always end up trying to use an analogy or metaphor to make them understand that which we want them to. Not that it works very often.

Question 16

What does Rachel buy when she was supposed to be looking for a job?

It's time to hit the pavement! Gotta look for a job. You're walking down the streets of Manhattan, looking for help wanted signs in the windows when suddenly and without warning, ... you spot it! Not a help wanted sign though. Oh no! You've just seen something much more important than that. You have just laid eyes on the pashmina for your friend's dinner next week. Or the perfect pair of jeans to make that someone in your life snap to, and pay attention. Maybe it's a pair of boots you covet or that leather jacket you've always wanted. Decisions, decisions.

Question 17

How does Rachel realize she wants to keep her baby?

Having a baby. One of life's greatest and scariest adventures. If you thought you had known what worry was before, you didn't. If you thought you knew what it was to love something with all your heart before, you more than likely didn't. It's something that changes EVERYTHING in your life. When it's unexpected, it's even more terrifying. The choice to keep the baby is often easily one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. What helped Rachel to make her decision to keep her baby?

Question 18

Why does Rachel not pack to move out of Monica's apartment like she was supposed to?

In Season 6 Episode 2 titled "The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel", we see Monica and Chandler announce that they will be living together. We as fans, were delighted. We had been waiting for those two to take their relationship to the next level for quite some time. With Chandler being as skittish as he always has been about commitment, none of us were sure if or when that would happen. So, when Rachel doesn't start packing and apartment hunting (a feat which in New York can scare even the bravest of souls), we can only wonder, what the hell is she thinking?

Question 19

How did Joey realize he had feelings for Rachel?

The eighth season of Friends aired from September 27, 2001 to May 16, 2002 in the US. This season became one of the most watched seasons of Friends ever. Many experts say its ratings increased as viewers tuned in for comfort following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The show even won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002. In this episode, it is revealed that Joey has feelings for Rachel.

Question 20

How does Rachel react when she finds out that Ross is in love with her?

Season 1 Episode 24 titled The One Where Rachel Finds Out is one of the most iconic episodes of Friends ever. Viewers waited so badly for Rachel to finally see that Ross had feelings for her and then waited even longer to find out that she had feelings for him. When it was finally revealed, the episode did not disappoint. It was Rachel's birthday and Chandler let slip Ross' secret completely by accident and the news completely shook Rachel's world.

Question 21

Why didn't Ross get Rachel's message when he was at the airport on his way to China?

After Rachel finds out that Ross has been in love with her for more than a year, she decides that she has to see him immediately. Unfortunately, Ross was sent on a trip to China by his boss to participate in an archaeological dig and negotiate the acquisition of some rare dinosaur bones. That was the reason he didn’t go to her birthday party. Rachel was unable to reach Ross in time so she had to do the next best thing.

Question 22

Which job did Rachel not do?

When you’re in your twenties and living in New York, you'll probably have more than a few jobs. In fact, given that the average one bedroom in Hell's Kitchen runs about 3100 bucks a month, you'll probably have to do everything from working in a coffee shop to selling blood in order to both pay bills and eat. Rachel had it pretty good for quite a while. Daddy paid for everything. But once she decided to start living the way she wanted to, daddy cut her off and she had to learn about making a buck in the real world. We can hardly think of a job she didn't have. Can you?

Question 23

Who was the role of Rachel originally offered to?

Often in the television industry, the actress originally offered a part doesn't take said part. This could be for any number of reasons. Maybe the actor or actress in question had a previous engagement. Maybe they couldn't reach an agreement for compensation. Maybe they were going through a soul crushing divorce and are going to be in court during the dates needed for filming. The possibilities are endless. Luckily, for less well-known actors and actresses, the show must go on.

Question 24

What other friend was first offered the role of Rachel?

Recasting is a tiresome process. In the best of circumstances, it happens within the already existing cast members and it's just a matter of switching a few people and roles around. Jennifer Aniston was not originally to play the role of Rachel. In fact, she wasn't even the second choice for the job. When the actress that was first offered the role turned it down, there was another woman nominated to play the character of Rachel. Thankfully, Jennifer ended up with the role and we never saw her in another Leprechaun movie ever again.

Question 25

What does Rachel say?

Season 2 Episode 19 entitled “The One Where Eddie Won't Go” is one of the funniest episodes of Friends. In it Monica and Phoebe have read a book called “Be your own windkeeper” and they insist that Rachel must read it too. As soon as Rachel does, she begins to see how she has given away her power to many, if not all of the men in her life. When Ross comes to pick her up for their date, she tells him “No”, much to his surprise. She tries to explain her new perspective to him with one sentence.

Question 26

What was the name of the girl Ross slept with when he was on a break from Rachel?

It's happened to all of us. Someone in the relationship decides that it's time to take a break, which usually means, "I don't want to have to spend emotional capital on you" So when Rachel decides she wants to take a break, Ross is devastated. He then finds comfort in the arms of someone else. IN the morning, when Ross finds out that Rachel has changed her mind about the break and he tries desperately to keep Rachel from finding out.

Question 27

How does Rachel find out Ross slept with another woman?

After a good night’s sleep, Rachel realized that she was a bit too hasty in breaking up with Ross and rushes over to his apartment to find him and tell him. Ross is happy, yet freaked out because the woman he just hooked up with the night before is still in his apartment looking for her shoes! He manages to hide her from Rachel for a short time and then hurries around town trying to beg anyone he could, not to tell Rachel what he did.

Question 28

What famous author's work did the writers use as inspiration to finally shift the pining arc from Ross to Rachel?

It's a many spouted truth that there are only truly 7 to 8 plot lines in literature. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can make them about rich people you can make them about poor people but the truth is there. Because of this, it's very easy to get stuck in a rut when writing the arc and necessary plot points to get you there. Thankfully, in the words of many a composer, good artists borrow and great artists steal. Can you pick out the author who got inspired for the arc in question here?

Question 29

Whose baby name does Rachel take to name her child?

The naming of a child. It can be a great honor, a battle, an inspiration, or a minor matter depending on how you look at it. When naming their child, Ross and Rachel didn't feel the need to re-invent the wheel though. Just like anyone in that situation, they were inundated with opinions and ideas but none of those suggestions made them happy. Rachel went into labor and Ross and Rachel's baby was born before she even had a name. Lucky someone was willing to gift her a name she'd be holding forever.

Question 30

What is the correct order of how Rachel used herself after she slept with Paolo again?

Paolo is first introduced in the episode titled, "The One With The Blackout", in which Rachel is trying to find the owner of a cat that she and Ross found on the balcony. Paolo lives in the same building as Rachel, and Monica.. He speaks very little english and his relationship with Rachel was mostly sexual until he made a pass at Phoebe, causing Rachel to end things. He appears again in the second season. Rachel sleeps with him because she felt depressed about Ross and Julie.

Question 31

What famous designer does Rachel work for?

When it comes to things Rachel is naturally gifted at there's not much on the list. She isn't good at science like Ross or cooking like Monica. But the one thing she could always do, however, was dress well, and help others to do the same. Given that, it was no shock when she wound up working for a rather famed designer. New York has plenty to choose from. She's lucky she found her true passion and was able to succeed at it.

Question 32

What does Rachel do to try to get “in” with her boss?

Peer pressure can be a difficult thing to deal with for elementary school kids, middle school kids and even high school kids. Adults always tell you that you will grow out of it but unfortunately that is not always true. Rachel found that out the hard way when she wanted to be a part of conversations her boss was having with a fellow coworker. Her boss and this co worker would leave Rachel out of key company decisions and Rachel had to get creative in order to find a way to be included.

Question 33

What happens when Rachel meets Barry to return her engagement ring?

Rachel had a lot of anxiety about meeting up with Barry. This would be the first time she had seen him since she ran out on him on their wedding day. Following her friend’s advice, she purposely dressed down didn't wear a lot of makeup and put her hair in a ponytail in order to not appear so pretty. When she got there, she found out that Barry he had gone to Aruba, had a nice tan and even got contacts. He was looking better than ever.

Question 34

What does Rachel call George Stephanopoulos

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe decided to make it a girls night in and stay home, drink wine and order pizza. They weren't having a particularly great day so pizza was their much needed comfort food. Unfortunately, when the pizza boy arrived he had brought them the wrong pizza. They were upset until the pizza boy revealed that he accidentally gave a guy named George their pizza and that they were holding George’s pizza. Monica was particularly excited but Rachel could not recall who this George fellow was.

Question 35

When the visa people call to ask if Rachel is OK what does she say?

Just a few months into her new independent life and Rachel is already starting to come apart at the seams. She is still just a waitress with no direction and no plan for her life. It is starting to freak her out. She asked her friends how they are so sure that life is going to work out just as they planned. She is not comforted when Monica begins to crumble under the questioning and begins to dwell on her own lack of life security.

Question 36

What does Rachel move in the apartment that drives Monica crazy?

Everyone knows that Monica is the resident neat freak. But when Rachel first moves in with her, she is unaware that something as simple as doing the cleaning would freak Monica out. Rachel believes she was really doing a nice thing by cleaning the entire apartment on her own. This is one of the first acts of independence Rachel is determined to perform. The only problem is Monica is freaked out by the fact that Rachel had to move things in order to clean them

Question 37

How does Rachel meet Paolo?

Ah. who can forget Paolo? He is the 6 foot tall, long dark haired, lovely Italian stallion that Rachel meets just after she decided she was giving up on all men. He speaks no English but his sensual energy needs no translation. Rachel wants him within seconds of meeting him and brings him to meet her friends almost immediately, much to Ross' dismay. Even the look on Joey’s face is one of, "who the hell is this guy?"

Question 38

Why does Rachel ask for an advance on her waitressing job?

The Holidays are that special time of year when everyone gets together to be kind, nice and generous to one another. Rachel is hoping that the holiday spirit will rub off on her boss so that she can get an advance to do something super important to her. Unfortunately, Rachel hasn't really been working at this job very long and her boss tells her that she's not very good at her job. She promises to get better and pleads for his help anyway.

Question 39

Rachel gets beaten up by who?

Moving to the city from the suburbs would be a big adjustment for almost anyone. There's a certain grit and toughness any New York City dweller which must develop if they don't already have it. Rachel is no different. The writers of the show wanted to show the truth about New York City in that Rachel had to get a hell of a lot tougher if she was going to survive. She encounters her first physical fight and lived to tell the story.

Question 40

Who encourages Rachel to start writing a romance novel?

Rachel is overjoyed with excitement when she learns that a famous author will be visiting her and her friends. Apparently she's been reading this author’s work forever. When they all go out to dinner conversation begins about writing and how easy it is to do. This excites Rachel who has yet to find her purpose in life and just knows she doesn't want to be stuck being a waitress forever. She decides right then and there to take a shot at being a romance novelist.

Question 41

What secret does Rachel accidentally tell Ross?

In Season 1 Ep12, Rachel is really upset to learn that Paulo made a pass at Phoebe. She asked herself how she could have not seen what a horrible pig of a man Paulo really was. She decides to swear off men forever but Ross spends a lot of time trying to convince her that not all men are like that. He wants her to know that there are men out there that would respect her and treat her kindly and that she deserves to be with one of them.

Question 42

Who saw Rachel’s naked boobies?

In season one episode 13 entitled the one with all the boobies, Rachel thinks it's just another ordinary day. She gets out of the shower and thinking she is home alone, she doesn't wrap a towel over herself but walks out into the living room completely naked. She soon discovers she is not alone and is freaked out by who is standing there staring at her naked breasts. She screams but the person stands there and begins to tell her how they can still see her "nipular area"

Question 43

Who teaches the girls how to play poker so they can beat the boys?

One of the things that made friends such a fun show to watch was the playful way in which they tackled male versus female stereotypes and issues. One prime example is the episode 18 of season one called "The One With All the Poker, where the girls find out that the guys have been having a poker game that they were not invited to. Unfortunately the girls do not know how to play poker but that does not stop them from wanting to be included.

Question 44

How did Rachel lose Ross' monkey?

Animal people are a unique breed of people. Many of them treat their pets as they do their own children. If you've ever been to New York City or Los Angeles then I'm sure you’ve seen a dog or two in a baby carriage or purse. Because these pets are so precious to their owners, watching someone else's pet is a big responsibility. Things were going pretty well for Rachel until she took her eyes off of Ross' monkey, Marcel for just one moment.

Question 45

Who was the person from Animal Control that showed up to find and capture Marcel?

Rachel knew that once Ross found out that she lost Marcel that he was going to hate her forever. She did the only thing she could think of to do which was to call animal control and try to have them find Marcel before Ross returned. But you know what they say about best laid plans. Luckily, (or maybe unluckily depending upon how you look at it), for Rachel the animal control person who showed up was someone from Rachel's past.

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