Do You Know Meredith Better Than McDreamy?

Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama filled with lots of tears, love and laughter and is set in a hospital in Seattle. The characters grown from strength to strength as they climb there way up the surgical ladder. They all fall in love - at least once! They say inappropriate things to patients, they have inappropriate relationships and they have random dance sessions too. They all know each other very well - after all they do work together, live together, and sometimes sleep together!

Because we get to know and see so much of their personal loves and their journey as doctors, you can't help but feel like you are part of the interns and part of their relationships. We often find our selves finishing the character's sentence before they have even had a chance to! In fact, you may really feel like you know some of these guys better than their own spouses!

Meredith has a very distinct relationship with her loved ones. Although they may not say 'I love you' as often as they should, it certainly is implied! We'd expect that McDreamy would know every detail or Meredith - both inside and outside! But how well do you know her?

Question 1

How do Meredith and Derek start their relationship?

We don't really meet Meredith in a traditional way that we might think is befitting of a young doctor. However, her first lines in the show help us to understand that she's just as human as the people she plans to treat and save if she becomes a successful surgeon. Like Meredith, you're human too, so we're going to throw you a softball with this one. Do you remember how Meredith and Derek first met in the very first episode?

Question 2

Select an alias that is applicable to Meredith

As the series progresses we learn a lot about all of the characters, especially the show’s namesake, Meredith Grey. She goes by various nicknames; Slutty mistress, Death, Medusa, Mer, and The Girl in the Bar. Meredith also has a dark streak about her, possibly as a result of the very difficult childhood she had. Meredith forms an unbreakable bond with a fellow doctor, Cristina Yang. Together they make up the Twisted Sisters. Can you select another alias for Meredith below?

Question 3

How many times is Meredith pregnant?

After Meredith and Derek give in to their lust for one another they establish that they have a deep love too. Derek gets shot after a man, who loses his wife, comes back looking for him. During this time Meredith goes through a huge trauma, and as a result she has a miscarriage. This baby was both hers and Derek’s. After Derek’s death, Meredith is left as a single mum looking after her young children. How many times was she pregnant?

Question 4

Name Meredith’s parents:

Meredith’s mum was an award winning surgeon. She actually won the Harper Avery Award twice! She also had an affair with the young Dr. Webber... Her mum was an absolute legend, even though according to Cristina she was ‘inbred’. She also developed a surgical method which was named ‘The Grey Method’. Her father left her mum because she was always working and she was having an affair with Richard. Her father was a drunk that couldn’t tell his daughter’s apart…

Question 5

How many siblings does Meredith have (that we know of)?

Initially we meet young Meredith as a bright but timid only child, who comes from a very broken home. While her mum was always working and her dad left them, she was left to fend for herself. Later we learn that she has more family, one of whom is a doctor. A few seasons later we meet a few more doctors. Are any of these new doctors also Meredith’s family? Can you remember just how many sisters’ Meredith actually has?

Question 6

What is Meredith’s drink of choice?

Meredith is the girl in the bar. Naturally, we can only assume that she likes to indulge in adult beverages… We often see Meredith and Cristina, and even the other doctors, enjoying alcoholic beverages to their hearts' content. We know that Meredith and Cristina have one particular beverage that they prefer over all of the others. Can you remember which beverage this is? Is it perhaps an ice cold cocktail, glass of red wine or maybe a shot of sherry?

Question 7

True or False: Meredith’s blood type is AB?

This question will really test your knowledge on how well you know Meredith… She may be the doctor who saves many lives, including lives of her peers, but she also has to be saved a few times. She also ends up under the knife more than once, and it’s important to know what your blood type is before you go in to any kind of surgery. Can you remember what her blood type is? If not, you can take a guess below!

Question 8

Select one thing Meredith hates:

You really need to know your Meredith’s traits if you want to be able to say you know her better than Derek does. This will include her likes, dislikes and absolute pet peeves. We know she loves surgery, medicine and falling for men in bars… She also enjoys running, coffee and ferry boats. Can you select the correct answer below which is one of the things she really hates? We are certain that this is something Derek knows about Meredith!

Question 9

What flavor ice cream is Meredith’s favorite?

All we can say is, don’t mess with a woman and her ice cream! With hundreds of fabulous flavors to choose from, we can only guess which doctor prefers which flavor. Perhaps we could match the flavor to their personality… Have you been paying attention to which flavor Meredith prefers? Do you even know if she even likes ice cream at all? If you really want to impress marvelous Meredith, you had better know which flavor to keep in the freezer.

Question 10

How many letters of recommendation did Meredith have for the internship in to Seattle Grace Hospital?

Each applicant goes through a very strenuous selection process prior to starting as an intern in the hospital. Acceptance in to the program is not automatic. Although, if you’re Ellis Grey’s daughter, you may have extra credit by default. From what we know though, Meredith earned her spot in to the Seattle Grace Hospital internship. She certainly didn’t rely on her mother’s name or help to get her in. She worked hard and made it in with numerous letters of recommendation.

Question 11

True or False: Meredith wanted roommates that were non-smokers, had no pets, and absolutely no Bush supporters

In season one we meet Meredith who was just starting out as an intern. She, and the other interns, were all still finding their feet and niche. George O’Malley was still living with mommy and daddy, and Meredith had taken over her mum’s huge house. Meredith decides she can’t live all on her own and decides to take applications for roommates. Of course, she has a long list of requirements. Can you remember if there were any preferences regarding smoking habits, pets and political preferences?

Question 12

Who did Meredith lose her virginity to?

So this question may be a bit of a challenge… We are sure Derek may even struggle with this. We do know that Meredith explains that she was 16 and in high school. We also know that she says he had no idea what he was doing – all things considered, he was probably very young too! Can you remember who the lucky guy was that got to share this experience with Meredith? Select an answer below to find out if you know Meredith better than McDreamy?

Question 13

True or False: Meredith hates Chinese food.

Meredith eventually finds a few suitable candidates, as her new roommates. These include Dr Model, Izzie Stevens, and 007 aka George O’Malley. Izzie and George start going through some old boxes which belong to Ellis. Meredith storms in, after having a really rough day, to find these two ‘nesting’. Meredith freaks out and storms away when she finds them. George tries to defuse the situation by stating that he ordered Chinese food for them. How does Meredith feel about this?

Question 14

What color was Meredith’s scrub cap when she first became an attending?

If you have been paying close attention to detail in this series you may have noticed that all of the doctors have various scrub caps, all with different patterns and colors. Each doctor has a color or pattern that fits in with who they are. Derek wears a cap with ferry boat on it. This represents how much he enjoys these boats. After Derek’s death, Meredith claims this as her own, and can often be seen wearing this in the OR.

Question 15

Who is Meredith’s emergency contact after Derek dies?

Naturally, your emergency contact would be your spouse or close family member. As most of Meredith’s family is dead, she isn’t left with many options of who to leave as an emergency contact. Now, we hope that you have at least seen the last few seasons in order to answer this question, if not, take a guess and you could be right! Can you remember who it is that she lists as a contact? He gets called to the hospital after she has another baby.

Question 16

What was Meredith’s favorite Christmas gift?

Can you remember your most favorite Christmas gift? Of course you can, because it was unforgettable! And on Christmas day, and for weeks after that you probably played around with it and had endless hours of joy and entertainment from this item. For some of us this may have been a doll, a bicycle or maybe even a new board game. If you were the daughter of Ellis Grey, you’d probably get something clinical. Can you remember what gift was Meredith’s favorite?

Question 17

True or False: Meredith snores loudly

We all probably do something a little bit embarrassing in our sleep. Like, who sleeps perfectly and quietly and is actually a pleasure to sleep next to? Either you snore loudly, or drool on your pillows… Maybe you moan and groan or kick your legs about. Perhaps you toss and turn and kick your partner out of bed too! Even the magnificent Meredith Grey has a flaw which she doesn’t know of, or believe. This is brought to her attention at some stage, but she is surely in denial!

Question 18

Which word does Meredith almost always use to finish popular sayings?

Meredith definitely has a style all her own. Despite being a respected and talented surgeon, in her personal, civilian life, she's a little bit flighty and not exactly great with other people. This is why she and Cristina balance each other out. One of Meredith's quirks, which might be due to just how flaky and emotionally guarded she can be, is to use popular sayings -- almost. She'll say something like "That the way the cookie ____" and smile, or slam a door, or walk away. It's just her!

Question 19

What was the name of Meredith’s doll?

We all had a toy which we named, or came with a name. It was our favorite toy, it went with us everywhere, and joined in on bath times, bed times, long road trips and maybe even to school! Meredith also had a favorite toy. It was a little doll which had the human anatomy that was detachable. You could pull out all the pieces and put them back together too. Being a young child, she named each part of the body something completely different. How cute!

Question 20

How was Meredith’s uterus described?

Derek Sheppard and Meredith Grey had become pregnant, and it was a huge surprise to them both. During the trauma with the crazy shooter in the hospital, Meredith unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. After this, the doctor explains to Meredith and Derek something about her uterus – a vital part of conceiving a baby. This is probably every woman’s (for those who want to have a baby) worst fear. Do you remember exactly how the doctor eventually describes Meredith’s poor uterus?

Question 21

Complete this sentence: There comes a moment when it’s…

One of our favorite things from Grey’s anatomy is that the narrator can be very entertaining. When that episode starts, and someone (mostly Meredith) starts blabbing on about something which gets you excited and thinking deeply. Often you sit and giggle to yourself about what was said and how. Often, we find the words relevant to our own lives. We shall narrow this one down for you, just because we’re cool like that… This line was said in the first season.

Question 22

True or False: Meredith scrubs in with Derek on a brain surgery in the very first episode.

There is just so much that happens in season one, episode one. One of the most memorable moments is when Derek and Meredith wake up awkwardly in her mother’s house, and she explains that they don’t have to do ‘the thing’. It may already be a little bit late for that… The interns get assigned to their applicable doctors while Meredith and Cristina team up to help Derek solve a case. They eventually find the correct diagnosis, and save the patient’s life.

Question 23

What is the name of Meredith’s first child?

Meredith and Derek fall in love with a beautiful young girl from Africa. This young one has a clinical condition called Spina Bifida. This doesn’t stop them from going as far as needed to ensure that they can adopt this child in to their lives, and home. This sweetheart crawls deep in to the hearts of every Grey’s Anatomy doctor and fan too! Although we don’t see her as often as we’d like to, this precious little girl has grown in to a beautiful young lady.

Question 24

Meredith has a sister who is also a doctor, who later dies in a plane crash. What was her name?

Meredith has more than one half-sister, don’t worry, we were just as surprised as she was to discover this! For all we know, she may even have a brother lurking around too. As predictable TV programs go, Meredith’s sisters are also doctors. Maggie was given up for adoption by Ellis when Meredith was still a young child. Maggie grew in to a wonderful doctor who also specializes in heart surgery. Do you remember which sister dies in a plane crash?

Question 25

Who is Meredith’s person?

Meredith develops a very strong bond with every person and doctor that she comes in to contact with. Sometimes, her patients even feel like they are part of the family. Meredith has a gravity defying bond with a fellow intern, and although they are so different, they are also very similar too. They are nicknamed the ‘ twisted sisters’ too. They share everything, except their men! This is a wise choice, and that should be an example to us all!

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