Do You Know How I Met Your Mother Better Than Ted?

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that ran for nine seasons from 2005 to 2014. The series is is set in the year 2030, where Ted Mosby - played by Josh Radnor - is telling his son and daughter the story of how he met their mother, and told through a series of flashbacks. He recounts the adventures he and his best friends had living in New York City in their late 20s and early 30s.

His friends include the longtime couple Marshall and Lily, played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan. Ted met them in college and the three remain friends to the present day. The show follows the couple's relationship from college sweethearts to a married couple juggling their kids and careers. There is also the womanizing playboy Barney Stinson. He is played by Neil Patrick Harris, whose performance won and was nominated for several acting awards over the course of the series. The last to join the gang is news reporter Robin Scherbatsky, who grew up in Canada and loves scotch and guns. Ted's future wife and mother of his children, portrayed by Cristin Milioti, does not join the cast until the end of season eight.

The story takes place over several years and the characters lives are all intertwined. Even Ted forgets a few details sometimes. Do you think you know the show better? Take the quiz to find out!

Question 1

Which bar does the group hang out at?

Ted and Marshall have a pretty sweet bar conveniently located in the building right under their apartment. The gang is often there, hanging out in the same exact booth to catch up over drinks and grub. Many important moments in the series takes place at this bar. It is Barney's favorite place to scope out the "talent" and choose which unlucky girl to take home tonight. Do you remember the name of the bar? Hint: it is an Irish bar.

Question 2

Ted's kids are named ____ and ____?

In the show's present day, an older Ted Mosby (voiced by an unseen Bob Saget) is telling his two teenaged kids the incredibly long story of how he met their mother. They are seen in the beginning of many episodes. In some episodes, they appear many times to ask their dad questions or make comments. Though they are seen in the show often, their names are not said too many times. Do you remember the name of Ted's daughter and son?

Question 3

What did Ted steal for Robin on their first date?

Ted and Robin go on their first date in the pilot episode of the series. He spots her while out at the bar under his apartment. It starts with a nice dinner. They notice something unusual hanging on the wall of the restaurant Carmichaels. Robin comments that she would like one in her apartment. Later, Ted goes back and steals it for her. She appreciates the gesture and keeps it mounted on the mantle in her apartment. What did Ted steal?

Question 4

Which college did Ted, Lily, and Marshall attend?

Ted, Marshall, and Lily are the original best friends of the gang. Ted and Marshall were roommates their freshmen year of college. Marshall soon begins dating Lily and the three of them become inseparable. Their time at college is often featured in flashbacks, such as the moment Marshall and Ted met and their freshmen orientation. Do you remember which college the three of them attended together? Was it Wesleyan? Columbia University? New York University? Or did they all attend Wellesley?

Question 5

What did Ted get tattooed on his lower back?

After Robin and Ted break up and she starts seeing someone else, he desperately tries to outdo her. He hooks up with a girl named Amy, who has several tattoos and a wild personality. She convinces a drunken Ted to get a tattoo and takes him to a parlor owned by her ex boyfriend. The next morning, Amy has vanished and Ted wakes up with a horrible tramp stamp. He eventually gets the tattoo removed. What was the tattoo of?

Question 6

What does GNB stand for?

Ted, Barney, and Marshall all work for a company called GNB at one point. Ted is hired as the architect to design the new headquarters. The project gets shelved for several years but he eventually gets to achieve his dream of adding a building to the New York City skyline. Marshall puts his dream of being an environmental lawyer on hold to make some money at GNB, and no one is really sure what Barney does there. What does GNB stand for?

Question 7

The waitress at the gang's bar is named...?

When the group hangs out at their bar, they are frequently by one particular waitress. Barney even dates her briefly in the third season. She does not hold a grudge against him, but he is paranoid that she will try to get back at her. Ted tells his kids how she met her eventual husband at the bar. He runs into the couple at the airport many years later. What is the waitress' name? Is it Lindsay, Becky, Natalie or Wendy?

Question 8

Who is the cab driver the group repeatedly runs into?

Whenever the gang needs a ride, they know they can count on this guy. He is a taxi driver, and later a limo driver, originally from Bangladesh with a cheery personality. He knows the group very well and is often concerned about their lives and relationships. He is the only recurring character that appears in every single season. By the end of the series, he gets rich after investing in the stock market and ends up owning the limo company he drove for.

Question 9

Where did Marshall grow up?

Before he moved to the East Coast for college, Marshall lived in a small town in the Midwestern United States. His hometown is known for its long, harsh winters. The majority of the Eriksen still lives in their hometown and are very connected to the community. The name of the town is St. Cloud. Which state did Marshall grow up in? Hint: the state's NFL team colors are purple, gold, and white. Marshall is a big fan and mentions the team several times.

Question 10

What hybrid creature do Marshall and Lily find in their apartment?

In season one, Marshall and Lily run downstairs to the bar terrified. They explain that they just seen a strange creature in the apartment, but cannot agree on what it was. They decide that it must be some sort of interspecies hybrid between two types of vermin. It is described as being the size of a potato with antennae, a hard exoskeleton, fur and whiskers. It likes cheese and has the ability to fly. What is this hybrid creature called?

Question 11

Which city did Lily spend her summer when she left Marshall?

Towards the end of season one, Lily begins to have doubts about marrying Marshall as the wedding date gets close and closer. She applies for an art fellowship in a city across the country from New York. At first, she has no intention of actually going and just wants to see if she can get in. But after she gets accepted, she realizes that she does want to attend. Lily later returns in the second season and the two reconcile.

Question 12

Why does Lily get an intervention?

The gang has several interventions over the years. It all starts in season four when an intervention is held for their friend Stuart and his problems with alcohol. The gang creates their own intervention banner and soon begins having frequent interventions for each other, though their issues are much sillier. For example, they once confront Marshall for refusing to take off a giant hat and Barney for his magic tricks involving fire. Lily also gets an intervention for doing what?

Question 13

How often does the Naked Man work?

The ninth episode of season four is entitled "The Naked Man." Robin is having a mediocre date with an unremarkable man named Mitch. Ted walks into the apartment and sees him naked on the couch. Mitch explains that this is his move when he knows a date is going poorly. He gets naked when his date leaves and when she comes back, she is either moved by his confidence or sleeps with him out of pity. How often does Mitch say the technique works?

Question 14

What was Robin's pop star name?

Robin's past life is shrouded in mystery. All the gang knows is that she is from Canada. In season two, we learn about a big part of her past that she was attempting to hide. When she was a teenager living in Canada, she was a pop star. She had one modest hit but her follow up single tanked. The character is believed to be based on the Canadian singer Alanis Morissette. What was the name of Robin's pop-star persona?

Question 15

Barney's brother is named _____?

Wayne Brady plays Barney's older half brother. His name is ______ Stinson. Like Barney, he grew up without knowing who his father was and was raised by their mother. Unlike Barney, he is not interested in women at all. But he is equally as charming in the dating scene. The two are the perfect wingmen for each other. Barney is shocked when his brother tells him that he is in a committed relationship with a man but he eventually comes around.

Question 16

Marshall searches New York City for the best...?

When Marshall first moved to the city, he randomly stumbled upon a restaurant that made the best _____ in New York. He was never able to find it again. The taste of best ____ haunts him for years. He is never able to enjoy another _____ again knowing that he has tasted the best. In the second episode of season four, the gang decides to help him track the restaurant down so they can try the best _____ in New York City for themselves.

Question 17

Who left Ted at the altar?

Throughout season three, Ted is dating a woman he believes is the one. They get engaged in the first episode of season four. The wedding becomes very rushed and they are planning to tie the knot a mere four episodes later. However, the bride does not go through with the wedding. After Ted invites her husband, she realizes that she cannot marry Ted. She leaves him a note and takes off her with ex. Which love interest left Ted at the altar?

Question 18

What are Lily and Marshall's nicknames for each other?

Marshall and Lily are probably one of the most adorable couple to exist on television. They have several couple traditions and rituals they like to do. They will call each other at lunchtime, tell each other what they had to eat, and say "I love you." Whenever one of them returns home from a trip, they will bring back a six pack of beer and the other person will pick them up from the airport. They have cute nicknames for each other as well, which are...?

Question 19

Who was Lily's high school boyfriend?

Lily broke up with her high school boyfriend at their senior prom. She tells him that she wants to go college, have life-changing experiences, and become an artist. He never seems to get over the breakup. He even shows up to Marshall and Lily's wedding to try and stop it. He later takes a job as a cafeteria worker in Lily's school to try and be near her. His real name is Bill, but everyone knows him by the nickname...?

Question 20

Ted is infatuated with a girl he meets at a Halloween Party dressed as...?

Ted has a Halloween tradition that is first seen in the sixth episode of season one. He met a girl at a Halloween party in 2001 dressed as a ______ ______. She writes her number on a Kit Kat, which Lily accidentally gives away to a trick or treater. All Ted knows is that she studied penguins and created a drink called a Tootsie Roll, made of Kahlúa and Root beer. He dresses up in the same costume and attends the same party in hopes of seeing her again.

Question 21

Who broke Barney's heart and inspired him to suit up?

Barney used to be very different. He once worked in a coffee house with his girlfriend. They planned to join the Peace Corps together and travel to help people in Nicaragua. She told him that her father would not let her go but that he should go without her. In reality, she was cheating on him with a successful man in the corporate world named Greg. The devastation from the breakup inspired Barney to suit up and become an executive like Greg.

Question 22

Who did Robin bring back from Argentina?

After Ted and Robin break up at the end of season two, she takes a trip to Argentina. She returns with a hot and charming guy. This leads Ted to believe that Robin is trying to "win" the break up. But Robin admits that the guy is just a rebound and that she was miserable after their relationship ended. Unsurprisingly, the relationship does not last very long. What was the guy's name? Hint: he was played by singer Enrique Iglesias.

Question 23

Lily's doppelganger is a...?

There are five doppelgängers in the series. These are random people that look exactly like one of the main characters. The gang hopes to see all five doppelgängers one day. The third one they discover is a woman who looks exactly like Lily. She may look like Lily, but she is nothing like her. The doppelgänger's name is Jasmine, she speaks in a heavy Russian accent, and she smokes heavily. She is discovered by Barney and Marshall. What is the doppelgänger's occupation?

Question 24

Who is Slap Bet Commissioner?

Early in the second season, when Ted is first dating Robin, she tells him she does not go to malls. She does not tell him why and he tries to find out on his own. Barney and Marshall have a slap bet on Robin's reason. This means the winner of the bet is allowed to slap the loser as hard as they possibly can. They need an impartial third party to oversee the bet and make sure there is no foul play.

Question 25

What does "eating a sandwich" mean?

While Ted is telling this incredibly long story to his kids, there are a couple of things that he does not want to tell them. He uses several euphemisms to cover up things like swearing, drugs, and other illicit acts the gang has committed over the years. There is one particular euphemism that is mentioned several times throughout the series - eating a sandwich. Ted tells his kids the gang ate a lot of sandwiches in college. What does it mean?

Question 26

What Star Wars creature does Nora hate?

The guys are pretty passionate about the Star War movies. So when Nora tells Barney she hates a certain part of the franchise he panics. Barney has a theory that only people born before 1973 hate this part of Star Wars, which means that Nora is lying about her age and must be at least 37 years old. He even creates a Power Point presentation and graph explaining his theory. What Star Wars character, or characters, did Nora say she hated?

Question 27

Barney thinks _______ is his father

Barney grew up not knowing who his father was. His mother, Loretta, gets sick of him asking. So she points to the television while a game show is playing and says "that guy," referring to the host of the game show. For years, Barney thinks the man is actually is his father. He even goes on the game show to meet him. Which game show host was it? Regis Philbin of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Bob Barker of The Price is Right? Alex Trebek of Jeopardy? Or Steve Harvey of Family Feud?

Question 28

What is The Platinum Rule?

Barney has a lot of rules and theories that he lives by. They are all collected in The Bro Code. Article 83 contains a rule so important, it even supersedes the Golden Rule. Thus, it is called the Platinum Rule. What does this rule say? Does it state that bros must come before hoes? Is it to never, ever, ever ever "love" thy neighbor? A bro that calls "dibs" first, has dibs? Or is it no leaving a Bro hanging?

Question 29

Which country does Robin move to in season 4?

In the fourth season, Robin is offered a job anchoring a news show abroad. Travelling the world has always been her dream, so the job seems like a perfect fit. She does not speak the language of the country, but she is working at the English language news network there. But her co-anchor ends up being a monkey that throws things at her and the show would sometimes set off a giant fan. She leaves and comes back to New York.

Question 30

What is Lily's father obsessed with creating?

Lily's father Mickey was not the most responsible man. He stayed home working on his crafts while her mother worked two jobs and would frequently miss important events in his daughter's life. Lily cuts him off from her life after he moves back in with her grandparents, forcing them to cancel their retirement plans and her grandfather to go back to work. She does not even invite him to her wedding. They eventually reconcile. What is Lily's father obsessed with creating?

Question 31

Why doesn't Barney's brother like Nora?

In the seventh episode of the seventh season, Barney's brother is in town. Barney is currently dating Nora and is very happy with her. But Barney's brother is less enthusiastic. When the two of them step away, he tells the rest of the group that he does not like them together. What reason does he give? That she is a snob? Does he hate her accent? Is she too much like their mother? Or does he think she is too controlling?

Question 32

What Canadian-themed bar does Robin frequent?

There is a Canadian bar Robin visits whenever she is feeling homesick. Marshall introduces the bar to her in the season four episode "Little Minnesota." She had been trying to take over his Minnesota themed bar and he realized that she needed a similar place. The bar is full of other Canadians who apologize if you bump into them and are scared of the dark. It is covered in maple leaves, Canada's red and Vancouver Canucks shirts. What is the name of the bar?

Question 33

Who is Barney's real doppelganger?

Of the five, Barney's doppelgänger was the hardest to find. Marshall and Lily decide that once they see Barney's, it will be a sign from the universe that they are ready to have children. The first two times they think they see the doppelgänger, it turns out to be the real Barney in disguise.The second time Lily claims to see him, it actually looks nothing like him and she is just ready to have kids. They eventually do find the doppelgänger in season six.

Question 34

Ted's failed first engagement is turned into a movie named...?

Ted has a first engagement that falls through after the bride leaves him for her ex husband in season four. In the next season, he discovers that the man she left him for has made a movie about the events. However, the movie makes Ted the villain in the story. He is portrayed as the mean and dumb character Jed Mosely. The film eventually becomes the 5th highest grossing movie of all time and gets at least two sequels. What is the movie named?

Question 35

Robin said the celebrity ____ collects _____ and asked her to do the ________

Robin tells the gang that she once went home with a celebrity who had an unusual collection. She claims that she left after he asked to do a very weird sex act with her. The rest of the group wants to know the details. Robin tells them that she will only reveal the truth if they can guess all three things: the name of the celebrity, what he collects, and the name of the sex act he asked her to do.

Question 36

Who is Robin's frenemy?

Robin begins working for World Wide News in season seven. She has a co-worker who quickly become her arch-nemesis/a dear friend. The woman is very cheerful and loves Robin very much. Though she is very nice, her enthusiasm annoys Robin. She has an irrational hatred for her and is constantly screaming at her for no apparent reason. Despite Robin's apparent hatred for her, she seems to appreciate her deep down. Do you remember the name of Robin's friend/enemy?

Question 37

What middle name does Barney pick for Marshall and Lily's son?

Lily goes into labor with her first child five weeks early. Marshall is trapped with Barney in Atlantic City and they are desperately trying to get back to New York in time. They are both too drunk to drive and are unable to get a cab. Barney promises to get Marshall back in time, on the condition that he gets to pick his son's middle name. The baby is named Marvin, after Marshall's late father. His middle name, chosen by Barney, is...?

Question 38

Marshall forces Barney to wear a tie decorated with what animal?

One of Barney's diabolical plans ends up backfiring on him. He tricks Marshall into going to the teppanyaki restaurant Shinjitsu. Barney insults the restaurant and the chef, claiming that he can do the same job. Marshall bets that he cannot. If Barney can, he gets to touch Lily's breasts - which have gotten bigger due to her pregnancy. If Barney looses, he must wear one of Marshall's silly ties for an entire year. The tie is decorated with what cute animal?

Question 39

Who is Marshall's law school buddy he later faces in a court case?

Marshall meets this guy while attending law school. The two are pretty close for a while after Lily breaks up with Marshall - they even go to brunch together. He was also a groomsmen in Marshall's wedding and goes on one date with Robin. He disappears for a while until Marshall begins working for Honeywell & Cootes. He is representing Gruber Pharmaceuticals, which Marshall's firm is suing for polluting Frog Lake. This means the former friends must face off in court.

Question 40

What is Marshall's favorite cheese?

A running gag in the series is Marshall's obsession with a certain kind of cheese. It is mentioned whenever he he and Lily host. They both tend to go overboard whenever they have friends over or throw a party. Lily is a talented cook and will make platters of fancy food for their guests. Marshall is only allowed to be in charge of the cheese platters. He is very proud of his cheese and constantly reminds people to try it.

Question 41

Why did Robin and Don break up?

Robin first meets Don Frank in season five when he becomes the new co-host for her local morning news show. She is at first excited to work with him since he is a news veteran, but soon realizes that he is jaded and unprofessional. He does not even wear pants to work. He later rectifies his behavior and Robin begins dating him. They seem to be serious and she even moves in with him. But the relationship abruptly ends because...?

Question 42

What does Marshall call himself when he gets drunk and streaks?

In season seven, Marshall gets the job offer of his dreams from the environmental law firm Honeywell & Cootes. He just needs to pass a background check to get the job. While searching himself, he finds an old video of him drunk and streaking through his college campus. He calls himself a certain nickname. He tries to get the uploader to remove the video, but ends up drunk and streaking again. He calls himself by the same nickname. What is that name?

Question 43

Which famous singer has NOT guest starred on the show?

How I Met Your Mother attracted many notable guest stars over the years. Some memorable ones were Bryan Cranston as Ted's former boss Hammond Druthers, Jennifer Lopez as self-help author Anita Appleby, Mandy Moore as the girl who convinced Ted to get a tattoo, and Katie Holmes as Ted's love interest Naomi. Several famous singers appeared on the show as well. Which of these singers did NOT guest star on the show? Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry?

Question 44

What strip club did Quinn work at?

Quinn works at a strip club that is seen several times throughout the series, even before she appears. Everyone in the gang has been there at least once. Barney is a frequent visitor until he realizes Quinn works there. One girl comments how ridiculous it is that Barney did not immediately recognize Quinn because he practically lived at the club. After they break off their engagement, Barney laments that he will need to find another strip club to avoid seeing her.

Question 45

What was Robin's "dark" pop star persona?

The fifteenth episode of season eight is titled "P.S. I Love You." Robin tells Barney that she once became so obsessed over a guy that was not interested in her that he got a restraining order. Barney then discovers an old documentary made about Robin's past life as a pop star in Canada. She became so upset over the guy that she made her pop persona darker and sang a song about her obsessive love. She even changed her pop star name to...?

Question 46

What does everyone call Zoey's husband?

When we first meet Zoey, she is married to a high society man. They are clearly a bad match for each other. He is a big boating enthusiast and she hates boats. They eventually divorce and she starts dating Ted. At first, he is heartbroken. But he manages to find love after Zoey - one of Ted's old flings, Becky. He is later Lily's boss when she is an art consultant. His real name is George Van Smoot, but he is better known as...?

Question 47

Which country does Lily get an art consultant job in?

Throughout season eight, Lily has been working as an art consultant for a wealthy client. The client then informs her that he is going to be moving to another country for a year and would like her to come along and continue working. She rejects the offer because she believes Marshall loves his job in New York, only to later discover that is not the case. Even after Marshall encourages her to take the job, she is still hesitant. Eventually, she accepts the offer and they move to _____.

Question 48

What Chicago pizza joint are Ted and Marshall obsessed with?

Marshall and Ted are infatuated with a pizza parlor in Chicago. They made several road trips to Chicago just to visit this pizza joint. It was during these trips they became real bros, according to Ted. He describes the place as a "filthy Mecca of spectacular if under cooked pizza." The two drive to visit the pizza place again when it is about to close due to rats and afterwards suffer extreme stomach pain. What is the name of this place?

Question 49

Who is the last girl Ted dates before finally meeting the mother?

Ted tells his kids that "before a man meets the woman he will marry, he'll make one final horrible mistake." And for him, that mistake was dating this wild and crazy woman. She stalks him for a year after he was on the cover of New York magazine and starts a fire at the university he teaches at so that she can find him. It turns out that she is a lieutenant for the police. Do you remember her name?

Question 50

After a one night stand, there is an unexplained ____ in Ted's room

Finally, this was one of the biggest mysteries in the series. Ted gets blackout drunk after taking five shots of a drink called the 'Red Dragon' at the bar. He wakes up with a mysterious girl in his bed who he at first believes to be Robin, but later learns that her name is Trudy. He also has a sprained ankle and finds Barney sleeping in the tub. With the gang's help, they piece his night together. But no one can explain the _____ in Ted's room.

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