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Hello there experienced and seasoned Pokémon trainer! Welcome to the world of guessing the names of Pokémon items! Pokémon items are essential aids that will help you progress throughout Pokémon games. These items are also seen within other Pokémon media such as anime, books and trading cards. These items can make your Pokémon stronger, faster and even change them into entirely different Pokémon. If you are an experienced trainer you already know this by now.

In total there are hundreds of Pokémon items. Some items can be found in early moments of playing a Pokémon game but others cannot be obtained until near the end of the game. When finding certain valuable items you will want to hold on to them because their uses are better utilized at crucial moments later in the game. There are also many items you'll instantly drop because they are low in value and not of use to you or you are simply overburdened with items.

Rarity levels of items on this quiz are wide-ranging. This quiz tests your memory based on the appearance and descriptions of Pokémon items. You may have difficulty with some questions. We couldn't make it too easy now could we?

Question 1

Guess This Pokémon Item

In the Pokémon world there are many methods of transportation. In the first generation of Pokémon games there was only one type of bike and your player could not move any faster than walking speed normally. In later generations they added running shoes, monorail systems, more boat transportation systems and other ways of making it easier to get around. I’m sure everyone has guessed by now this is a bicycle, (unless you’re from the Bizarro World), but what type of bike is this? Hint: It can do tricks.

Question 2

Vroom Vroom

Don’t be fooled as this is no ordinary bike. It allows a player to travel much faster than other bikes. If riding this bike on the Seaside Cycling Road in Hoenn then the player’s time and number of collisions will be tracked. You will likely crash more than once when riding through Seaside Cycling Road for the first time. Since Pokémon maps have been getting increasingly larger, bikes such as these are necessary for travel. Unlike other bikes you cannot do tricks on this one.

Question 3

Evolutionary Stone

Evolution is the main function of this stone. It was one of the more common stones used throughout the anime and game series. In the anime series the stone first appeared in the episode “The Battling Eevee Brothers.” Two stones were offered to Brock and Ash. One was this stone which would have been used to evolve Brock’s Vulpix. Ash and Brock both refused the offer as they did not want to evolve their Pokémon. If Brock had used this stone his Vulpix would have evolved into Ninetales.

Question 4

Awesome Ball

Yet another Poké Ball contained on this quiz. This ball is seen more in later main series games and is perhaps the way ordinary Poké Balls should have been designed in the first place. This ball has the ability to restore the HP, PP, and Status of a Pokémon after it has been successfully captured. This eliminates the need to travel to a Pokémon Center to use your newly acquired Pokémon. Often if you have caught a Pokémon, it has been injured and won’t survive many more battles. Eager trainers want to start leveling their new Pokémon right away!

Question 5

PA: Ding-dong!

This ball is a special type of ball used in less circumstances compared to almost any other ball. To use this ball you have to go to a special grassy zone which requires a small fee to enter. If payment is made you are locked in the zone and are given a batch of these balls. To catch a Pokémon with this ball you have to use a combination of bait and rocks to better your odds of catching an encountered Pokémon.

Question 6


The picture displayed is the version used in Pokémon GO but it has a similar appearance as the one in the main series Pokémon games aside from being slightly more rounded. The colors and effects are the same. This item is used to heal Pokémon in battle. It is pricier than many of the other healing items because it is meant for higher level Pokémon. In Generation I to III it is found in the Items Pocket like most other items; but in Generation IV and beyond it is found in the Medicine Pocket.

Question 7

Poké Egg

This item is super useful for creating a stronger Pokémon. The rate at which a Pokémon levels-up increases significantly when it is holding this egg. On top of being introduced in Generation II and continuing to appear in later main series games, the lucky egg has a huge part in Pokémon GO. In Pokémon GO the function of this egg is similar to the ones in the handheld games except instead of boosting experience rates for Pokémon it boosts the experience rate for the player.

Question 8

Celadon Department Store

This is another stone that is common throughout the Pokémon main series. It was first introduced in Generation I and has appeared in every main series Pokémon game since then. In Generation II and VI they are not purchasable and must be obtained through alternative methods. In Generation I this stone is easily obtainable once a certain point in the game has been reached. To retrieve this stone in Generation I you simply must visit the Celadon Department Store in Celadon City.

Question 9

Mega Ball

This ball differs from others in appearance. Just by looking at it you’ll notice there’s an M on it. There is a pink circle on each side and the center is purple across the top. If you have played any of the games until the very end you will surely have used this ball at least once. The ball has the ability to capture any Pokémon without failure in one throw. Save this ball for the most difficult Pokémon in the game as there is usually only one ball of this kind in each game.

Question 10

Evolutionary Stone

It is an evolution stone used within Generation IV and later. Generation IV is the generation with Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The stone is quite beautiful in appearance. It can be sold for 3000 Poké Dollars to the Item Maniac inside Icirrus City Pokémon Center. Icirrus City is in Pokémon Black and White, and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. This particular stone can be used to evolve Togetic into Togekiss, Roselia into Roserade, Floette into Florges and Minccino into Cinccino. Using the stone will consume it.

Question 11

Pokémon of The Night

This green, black and red ball is one of the many types of Poké Balls used throughout the game. This Poké Ball has a Japanese name which translates to “Dark Ball.” This Ball can be purchased for 1000 Poké Dollars and sold for 500 Poké Dollars. The item first made an appearance in Diamond and Pearl and was not available in Fire Red, Leaf Green or any other previous generations. In Diamond and Pearl this Poké Ball is located in Oreburgh City and Solaceon Town.

Question 12

Big Potion

This is one of the most powerful potions in the game. It is much larger than other potions due to the extra amount of healing liquid contained inside. To use this potion it is sprayed on to the target. This potion can heal Pokémon to its max HP but not if the Pokémon is fainted. If the Pokémon has a status effect such as being paralyzed then those status effects will remain after using this potion. Because of its status healing limitations it is inferior to the Full Restore.

Question 13

Insect Repellent

Its purpose is to prevent Pokémon from getting near you and challenging you to battle. When you play Pokémon main series games long enough you begin to realize that Pokémon are everywhere! These Pokémon, strong and weak, pop up constantly in places such as caves and water bodies making game progression slow. This item fixes this tedious problem by only allowing certain Pokémon to encounter you and preventing most of them. Its design is similar to an aerosol spray can and was intended to be.

Question 14

Evolutionary Stone

You can find this item in Mt. Moon. It is an evolutionary stone that can be sold for a high price. It is one of the few stones that is not named after the type of Pokémon that it is used to evolve. In explanation, the water stone is used to evolve water-type Pokémon but this one is not used to evolve the type of Pokémon it is named after. One of the Pokémon that this item can be used on is Nidorina, who evolves into Nidoqueen.

Question 15


If your Pokémon has fainted you will have to go to the Pokémon Center unless in possession of this item. This item saves you the trip of returning to the Pokémon Center by bringing your Pokémon back to fighting condition. This is the strongest version of its type and will restore your Pokémon to full health regardless of how much HP your Pokémon’s maximum is. This item will also restore any status issues that your Pokémon had before fainting. It can be sold for 2000 Poké Dollars.

Question 16

Special Ball

This special Poké Ball receives a boost from catching Bug and Water type Pokémon. The boost received from this ball while attempting to catch Bug and Water type Pokémon is a bonus 75% chance. This ball is incredibly useful against legendary Pokémon as Ultra Balls have been proven to be ineffective. The addition of a variety of new Poké Ball types in later generations smoothed gameplay for catching different types of Pokémon. This ball is extremely useful for catching Pokémon such as Kyogre, the cover Pokémon of Pokémon Sapphire.

Question 17


As an alternative name this purple stone has also been called the Darkness Stone. In addition to being in the main series, it appears in other games such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Sky. The stone also appears in Pokémon Conquest and is likewise used for evolutionary purposes. This item has evolutionary purposes and can be used to change Murkrow into Honchkrow and Misdreavus into Mismagius. Like other evolutionary stones once it serves its purpose it disappears.

Question 18

Gotta Catch 'Em All

This is the original ball which is synonymous with the Pokémon franchise. The Poké Ball is an item which is used to store Pokémon when they are resting and not in battle. Up to six Pokémon inside of Poké Balls can be held by a trainer at one time, but any number of balls can be held in a trainer’s bag. When a Poké Ball is used it loses its ability to catch Pokémon and must be discarded. When a Pokéball captures a Pokémon the Pokémon forever remains in that ball.

Question 19

Mt. Moon

This oddly shaped rock contains enough data for Scientists to reconstruct an ancient Pokémon. This fossil can be given to certain labs in the game including Cinnabar Island’s lab to recreate the Pokémon Kabuto. In Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green this fossil is found at the end of Mt. Moon. Super Nerd Miguel challenges you to a battle while claiming “I found these fossils! They’re both mine!” If your Pokémon have enough HP by the end of the cave you can beat this trainer and choose one of two fossils including this one.

Question 20

Pokémon Egg

The image you see is from Pokémon GO. This is one of the various types of eggs you see within the Pokémon world. Its purpose is to reveal a magnificent baby Pokémon inside. Which Pokémon is inside is random but if you bred two of the same Pokémon species their offspring would be the same Pokémon as its mother and father. To hatch this egg requires a predetermined number of steps. In Pokémon GO these steps are calculated through a unit of distance such as Kilometers or Miles.

Question 21

Restore HP

It is a type of healing item that is found early within the game. The amount of HP this item will recover is 20. This item does not heal any status effects and is the most basic healing item in Pokémon games. In the Pokémon main series games this item is more rounded than the picture shown. The picture shown is how this item would appear in the mobile game Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO is an augmented reality, location based game developed by Niantic.

Question 22

Held Item

It’s one of the various scales placed throughout newer Pokémon games. This item was first introduced in Generation V. Generation V includes the games Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2. Its power is utilized when a Pokémon is holding on to it. This item will allow Feebas to evolve into Milotic. Feebas does not require this item to evolve though because it can evolve when it reaches a high enough Beauty level. In Pokémon Black and White this item was incorrectly labeled as a general item when it should have been a held item.

Question 23

Rapide Ball

This ball has a variety of other names in different languages. It goes by Flottball in German, Rapide Ball in French, Poké Bola Rapida in Portuguese, Veloz Ball in Spanish and Hizli Top in Turkish. These names are all different but serve the same function in each language. This ball is best used at the beginning of the battle and can catch legendary Pokémon with not bad rates. As the number of turns passed has increased the balls loses its power.

Question 24

Essential Item

Held items boost the power of Pokémon and are often used to aid them in battle. Held items have an advantage over general items because held items have passive benefits instead of needing to be applied during a turn in a Pokémon battle. This particular held item gives the Pokémon an increased chance of being the first one to strike in a turn. Usually the first Pokémon to strike is decided by the speed of the Pokémon but this held item changes the rules.

Question 25

Ooooh a Piece of Candy

Many do not know this but this candy will give you a reduced increase in stats when leveling through this candy. The difference is minimal though, so in the big picture, leveling a Pokémon from a low level to a high level with this item creates stat differences are barely noticeable. If you leveled one Pokémon with nothing but this item all the way to lvl. 100 you may find an apparent difference from your other identical Pokémon who was leveled the old-fashioned way through fighting.

Question 26

Don't Eat The Poisonous Berries

Mixing with other berries is an effective way to use this berry. Berries are advantageous over other items because they can be planted and re-harvested. If you find the right type of rich soil you can plant these berries and will find a tree with several berries when you return a few hours later. In Pokemon GO this type of berry has a different use which makes wild Pokémon more likely to be caught in combination with a Poké Ball.

Question 27

Your Pokémon Has Fainted

When a Pokémon has been injured to the point that it has been drained of all its HP then the Pokémon has fainted. You’ll want to use this item on one of your fainted Pokémon if you are running out of Pokémon to use in a difficult battle. If you don’t use this item and all of your Pokémon faint you will “white out”, be returned to the Pokémon Center and lose a significant amount of Poké Dollars. Also if it is a trainer or gym leader you will have to restart and beat all their Pokémon again.

Question 28

It Comes In Different Containers

Functionality wise this item is actually useless. It was first introduced in the Generation II games, Silver and Gold. It is much like a nugget because it has high sale value and was placed in the game specifically to be sold. This item gives players a rise in spending cash. Randomly throughout the game you will find this item and will be happy when you do. It is not the vial this item is contained in that you should pay attention to but the sand inside the vial. The sand sometimes will appear in bags.

Question 29

50 HP Restored

Potions are essential in the world of Pokémon. There are much dangers on a Pokémon journey and you want to be prepared. This particular item will grant your Pokémon an increase of 50HP. It can also be sold if you are overstocked on this item or are early enough into the game that you don’t need it. Pokémon Sun and Moon is the only game so far that has increased the healing power of this item to 60HP. After you complete one trial in Sun and Moon you will be able to purchase this potion in all Poké Marts.

Question 30

Evolutionary Stone

Using this stone much like any other evolutionary stone will cause this item to disappear eternally. They are not difficult to find once you progress far enough into Pokémon games. Often this stone is able to be purchased in major department stores such as Celadon Department Store. Ash once refused to use this item on his Pikachu because he liked his Pokémon the way it was. This is a trainer’s choice but the Pokémon will gain increased stats in its evolved form.

Question 31

Legendary Ball

The effect of this ball is the opposite of the Quick Ball. The Quick Ball is best used at the beginning of an encounter with a Pokémon, but this ball is best used as late as possible in a battle with a Pokémon. Some clashes with Pokémon can go on for what seems like ages because many of them have abilities such as Rest and Recover which prolong the fights. This ball can be used on legendaries and is recommended as legendary Pokémon battles can run for many turns.

Question 32

TMs and HMs

Machines in Pokémon games can be used to alter the techniques of a Pokémon. In an instant a Pokémon will forget one of their moves and learn a new one. This item is an effective way to teach a Pokémon a new move because it will teach moves that the Pokémon wouldn’t have learned in their normal leveling cycle. These machines will also teach moves before the Pokémon have learned them naturally. Moves such as Hyper Beam, Fly, Surf and Overheat can be taught through these machines.

Question 33

Worst Legendary Pokémon Catcher

This yellow, black and white ball is used to catch Pokémon like all of the other Poké Balls. The difference between this ball and other balls is the increased catch of catching the Pokémon. Of the original balls it is the third strongest ball and can be used to catch legendary Pokémon. It has no bonuses on top of its original high catch rate. In this way the power of this ball is limited but still offers a consistently high catch rate.

Question 34

I Have a Gift For You!

This is the item that Ash Ketchum obtained from Professor Oak. Throughout the Pokémon series there are a variety of these devices because trainers regularly receive improved models. This item is one of the most basic of its kind but can still look up Pokémon locations, view Pokémon profiles and track which Pokémon you’ve seen and caught. Additionally, the cry of the Pokémon can be heard as this device has a built in speaker. The newer devices of this model add newer features like upgraded interfaces and faster lookup capabilities.

Question 35

Who's That Item?

This item can be found in the Kanto Power Plant. It can be found near some rocks west of the long central room, in the eastern end of the room with TM25 (Thunder) and in the eastern end of the long central room. This item has the power to electrocute enemy Pokémon. The speed of this item is incredible. This item can be dropped off at the daycare. Be careful with this item as it can seriously injure your Pokémon.

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