Play Hot Or Not And We'll Tell You If You Have Good Taste

The title of this quiz might leave you a little confused. After all, isn't taste in women subjective? Women come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, which adds to and emphasizes their true beauty. While most of us would love to look at or date someone who looks like a true celebrity, most people don't tend to go too high or below their own league Whether their standards are accurate is a different story, but most of us have dreamt about dating an actress or a singer or a model.

While it is up for debate, most of the women on this list are simply stunning, but when put under the microscopic eye of the media, we can begin to find some flaws. Should we ever meet one of these Hollywood ladies in person, however, we would probably be prone to changing our views.

There are some people who have great taste all around, and others who significantly lack in this department. Maybe it's an inside joke amongst your friends that you tend to go after less appealing ladies. But hey! If you're happy with your choices, then so are we. Are you ready to find out if you have good taste or not? Well then, let's get this quiz started!

1Jessica Biel: Hot or not?

Jessica Biel was one of the hottest stars in the 90's and early 2000's, but she hasn't been one for the spotlight for quite some time. This new mama is married to the one and only Justin Timberlake. Do you think he has good taste?

2Elizabeth Banks: Hot or not?

Elizabeth Banks is notorious for acting in some of the funniest movies of all time. She's had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best actors in Hollywood. Do you think this actress, producer, and director is a major heartthrob?

3Amy Smart: Hot or not?

Amy Smart is one of those cute actresses who's always found a way to get featured in big time films. One of her most reputable movies is Just Friends, in which she stars alongside Ryan Reynolds. Is she hot or not?


4Hayden Panettiere: Hot or not?

Hayden Panettiere is proof that good things do come in small packages. This gorgeous celebrity is constantly landing killer roles and delivering like no other. You might of seen her in a handful of romantic comedies, or the hit TV show Heroes.

5Michelle Trachtenberg: Hot or not?

Michelle Trachtenberg is one of those celebrities that you either love or hate. Chances are, if you do not like this actress, it's because you're a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Trachtenberg's character in this show rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


6Keira Knightley: Hot or not?

If there is one actress who should get a prize for having the most angelic and symmetrical face — it's Keira Knightley. This insanely beautiful woman is at the top of her game, and couldn't get refused by anyone if she tried.

7Kristen Bell: Hot or not?

Kristen Bell has been acting since she was a teenager. Her first big break was on the TV show Veronica Mars, but she has moved on to greater things since then. Want to see some more of this gorgeous lady? Then check out her new show, The Good Place, on Netflix.


8Elisha Cuthbert: Hot or not?

If you don't know who Elisha Cuthbert is, then it's probably because you've never watched The Girl Next Door. If this is the case, you should be ashamed of yourself, as this movie is too good to miss.

9Camilla Belle: Hot or not?

You might or might not know who Camilla Belle is, but if you do, it's probably because you have good taste in movies. This beautiful actress has an impressive portfolio and stunning features. Do you think she has what it takes to make it on the Hot List?


10Evangeline Lilly: Hot or not?

Have you ever seen the show Lost? If you have, then surely you know who the stunning Evangeline Lilly is. The actress played the role of Kate on the hit TV show Lost, and also scored big roles in both The Hobbit and Ant Man movies.

11Milla Jovovich : Hot or not?

Milla Jovovich is a rare beauty, but a beauty nonetheless. While some people may not enjoy her sharp features, these are the looks that have made her popular as a model. Jovovich is a femme fatale, and never hesitates to take on a difficult role.


12Mandy Moore: Hot or not?

From the start, everybody knew that Mandy Moore was going to amount to something great, and she didn't disappoint! This actress/singer is back in action, and starring in one of the most emotional sitcoms on TV. Have you watched her on This Is Us?

13Kylie Jenner: Hot or not?

For some people, the fact that Kylie Jenner is even on this list is disappointing because she's allegedly had so much work done. Nevertheless, the woman has millions of fans and supporters, and is probably doing better than the both of us.


14Kate Upton: Hot or not?

You probably know who Kate Upton is due to her being deemed the hottest girl of the year a few years back. However, whether or not you think this to be true is subjective. Do you think that this model turned actress is of the hot variety?

15Natalie Dormer: Hot or not?

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? If so, then you probably already know who Natalie Dormer is. This stunning actress played the role of Margaery Tyrell, and while she is no longer present in the show, we still love her!


16Hilary Swank: Hot or not?

Are you the type of person who thinks that hot is an entirely different category than beautiful? If you are, then surely you'll have little issues with putting Hilary Swank on the Not List. Do you find this Hollywood lady hot?

17Marion Cotillard: Hot or not?

There are some people who are so painfully hot that looking at them is like looking into the sun on a hot summer day. Whether or not Marion Cotillard is one of the people, however, is up to you.


18Lorde: Hot or not?

Every once in a while, a new and fresh voice comes along and takes the world by surprise. Having your own sound is super important when trying to make it as an artist. Luckily for Lorde, she is one of a kind.

19Kristen Stewart: Hot or not?

Kristen Stewart may not be your cup of tea, but you can't deny that the girl brings something to the table. Stewart has a beautiful face and is known for pursuing an edgy look — which some people may very well like!


20Sarah Jessica Parker: Hot or not?

There are some people who are good looking — but in a weird kind of way. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of these people. While you can't call her ugly or even hard to look at, many have issues with calling her hot.

21Jennifer Carpenter: Hot or not?

Jennifer Carpenter is one of those actresses who'll have you crying-laughing in just a few minutes. If you've seen White Chicks before, then you've probably loved her for a long time. This star also played the role of Debra Morgan on Dexter.


22Anne Hathaway: Hot or not?

There are a lot of people who love to hate on Anne Hathaway. However, when given the chance, it's safe to say that nobody would turn her down. Say what you want to say about this celeb, but she's gorgeous and that's the truth!

23Emma Roberts: Hot or not?

It's safe to say that Julia Roberts was one of the hottest women of her time, but what do you think about her niece Emma Roberts? For many, the youngest Roberts is gorgeous beyond belief. What do you think about her?


24Ginnifer Goodwin: Hot or not?

Everyone on this Earth has their own unique type when it comes to romantic partners — and there's no shame in that! Do you like the way Ginnifer Goodwin looks? Or are you blind and confused? Tell us the truth, is she hot or not?

25Selma Blair: Hot or not?

Selma Blair has played in a lot of good movies, and in every single one, she has proven that she's got looks and smarts on her side. This dark featured and raven-haired actress is definitely a major hottie — wouldn't you agree?


26Rosario Dawson: Hot or not?

Rosario Dawson is both a talented actress and singer, and this is clearly displayed in the movie Rent. Dawson grew up with financial troubles but quickly helped bring home the bacon. Her large brown eyes and plump lips are simply to die for!

27Amanda Seyfried: Hot or not?

There are a lot of blonde actresses in Hollywood, some of which look better than others. However, none of them can match what Amanda Seyfried has to offer. Are you a fan of this celeb's looks? If so, you have good taste!


28Morena Baccarin: Hot or not?

There are some actresses who refuse to age or step out of the spotlight, and Morena Baccarin is one of them. However, many of us would agree that we don't want her stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon.

29Lindsay Lohan: Hot or not?

Do you remember when Lindsay Lohan was one of the hottest celebs in the world? If so, you were probably born before the late 90's. While it is hard to deny that this actress isn't pretty, it's also hard to forget that her appearances are fading.


30Jennifer Morrison: Hot or not?

Surprise surprise! Another blondie’s on the list, but this time, this blondie has a lot more to offer than her looks and talents. Jennifer Morrison might seem like an ordinary actress, but she is also a director and producer.

31Bonnie Wright: Hot or not?

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If so, then you surely know who Bonnie Wright is. If you don't, allow us to recap; Ginny Weasley's character was played by Wright. Now, years later, the actress has become a stunner.


32Britney Spears : Hot or not?

Britney Spears is a legend, and there's no use denying it. When she was in her prime, the world was bowing at her feet. Unfortunately, the pressures of society knocked her off her pedestal. But luckily that hasn't stopped her from continuing her career.

33Jamie Chung: Hot or not?

If you don't know who Jamie Chung is, you're not alone. But with one quick Google search, you're realise that you've know her all along. There's no use denying that this star has what it takes to make it on the Hot List.


34Sophie Turner: Hot or not?

Sophie Turner is a gorgeous redhead who plays the role of Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones. There are some people who think that redheads have no souls, and while they do make a good point, gingers like Turner deny that there is any truth to this statement.

35Shailene Woodley

There are some people who have such a nice smile and aura about them, that nobody would dare say a bad word about them. Shailene Woodley is definitely one of these people. This actress is as equally talented as she is beautiful.

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