Do You Belong In Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Or Slytherin?


Pick a house, any house—well, I guess it’s more complex than that as the Sorting Hat is ultimately the one who makes this decision for you. When it comes down to placing you in the house that you’ll be in for the next eight years, the Sorting Hat has a lot to consider. Everything from your favorite color to how you would help those in need, actually. All of these things help to construct your personality and also piece together if you should be in the honorable Gryffindor, the resourceful Slytherin, the knowledgeable Ravenclaw, or the friendly Hufflepuff.

Think really hard about what you decisions will be as some of the questions may be more difficult than the others, but these were some of the things the Sorting Hat considered when peering into the lives of people like Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggery, and Luna Lovegood. Which house do you think you belong in, and which house do you actually belong in is the question? Will your intuition match up with the actual answer? You might be surprised with the results you get. Take our quiz and find out which house the Sorting Hat would place you into.

Question 1

What's your favorite color?

This is a great warm-up question. It might not be the definitive to which house you will end up in, but it will show which house banner you are drawn to. Choose wisely because this is the banner you will be sporting for eight years!

Question 2

If you'd find money on the sidewalk you'd...

Is honesty the best policy? Imagine you found a huge sum of money just sitting on the sidewalk. This could be a life changing amount of money that slipped out of someone's purse. What would you do with the money that you just happened to stumble across?

Question 3

Uh oh, you're caught after hours in the hallways, why were you out and about?

You are so busted. Professor Snape caught you roaming the hallways way past bedtime and now you have to fess up to what you are up to (gulp). Why the heck are you out and about so late anyway?

Question 4

If you had a pet, what would it be?

Pick a pet! Every pet in the magical world has a reason why they choose to be with you. Whether you are resourceful, humble, grand, or witty, the pet you are drawn to matches your personality in some way shape or form. So, which of the creatures below most suits you?

Question 5

Describe your personality

Your personality says a lot about which house you belong in as your fellow housemates share the same major quality that you have too. Everyone values something slightly different than someone in another house, which trait would you say describes you the best?

Question 6

Your friend is upset, how do you help them?

Woah boy, your buddy is not having a good day and you are the person they are turning to for some support. Everyone handles issues like this differently, but when it isn't directly yours to combat how do you react to your friend when they are in need of assistance?

Question 7

The score is tied in your big Quidditch game, how do you help your team win?

It's the big game and your team is counting on you! You only have seconds to decide how you are going to win the big match. Are you going to focus your efforts on catching the snitch? Are you going to cheat? Are you going to focus on players weaknesses, or are you just going to play your best game?

Question 8

What are your thoughts on Dumbledore?

Albus Dumbledore is a guy that isn't always like by the student body at Hogwarts. Some really rally behind him, but some really detest him too. There are also groups that feel indifferent about him as well—isn't it funny? Which group do you fall into?

Question 9

Pick an element

The element you choose says a lot about your personality. The air says you enjoy freedom where earth says you are humble and kinder than the rest. When it comes to the element you are drawn to, think hard about what that element represents, which do you choose?

Question 10

Which Deathly Hallow would you choose?

The Deathly Hallows are powerful, but can also be dangerous too. the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisabilty were all used by the brother in the story and their fates weren't all good ones. Which Deathy Hallow would you choose if you could have one?

Question 11

Woah boy, your dog ate your homework what do you do?

Oh my goodness, your darn dog ate your homework! Goes to show that you can't trust a pup when the chips are stacked against you with a hard assignment. Hopefully, it at least tasted good, I guess. How would you react in this sticky situation?

Question 12

What scares you the most?

Everyone has a fear tucked away in the back of their minds. it could be something like not putting your own stamp on the world, or failing at something you are usually pretty good at. Whatever it may be, which of these options scares you the most?

Question 13

When you're sick or hurt you...

You found your way into Hogwart's infirmery. Not your favorite place to go, but you've got to make the best of it. How do you handle it? Do you get a ton of visitors and make a gran to do about it, over exagerate your stay, or ignore your symptoms?

Question 14

When it comes to dragons you...

If you were faced with a dragon you had to fight, how would you take it on? Every house has a different set of personalities that would rival the dragon in a different way. Would you face it or run for the hills screaming?

Question 15

There's a fork in the road with a road less traveled, you...

Just like the famous Robert Frost poem, you come across a fork in the road with a road less traveled. Which road do you take? Do you take the road that many have taken before you, or do you take the road that could lead to more adventure?

Question 16

Where do you want the Sorting Hat to place you?

It's a pretty basic question, which house do you actually want to be placed in? Harry was asked the same question when he was placed under the sorting hat too. Although there were two houses he would have been a great fit for, he chose Gryffindor. Which house would you pick?

Question 17

What are your thoughts on books?

What are your thoughts on books? Do you read them often, or do you think they are just silly and you trust your own abilities? Some trust a textbook more than they trust themselves where others will trust themselves for the right answer over the words of a book. What do you think?

Question 18

Can you keep a plant alive?

Plants are good for the soul, and in the magical world they can heal many wounds or ailments. It's a really great thing to be good with plants, but not everyone is. Some houses are better than others in the plant department. How do you fair with plants?

Question 19

You just won a large sum of money, what do you do with it?

You just hit the jackpot and the money is pouring in. You have some choices to make, do you help others with the money you just made, or do you keep it all for yourself? Do you boost your academics, do you donate it, or do you help yourself them help others as well? The choice is yours!

Question 20

Pick your poison

Oh yum, these drinks all sound amazing. Well, some more than others anyway. Which drink would you choose? Would you choose something that's tasty and delicious, something that would be used for academics and experiments, or something that could get you into trouble?

Question 21

How would you treat a house elf?

House elves are really helpful if you have one, but not everyone wants to keep them "employed" either. Do you keep them with you, do you treat them like a friend, or do you treat them like a slave? How do you treat your house elf?

Question 22

What are your thoughts on Voldemort?

Voldemort is quite a polorizing name. Some live to serve him while some live to fight him. He is not a good dude, but not everyone can see that. heck, some people don't really involve themselves in the fight until things get really bad. What are your views on Lord Voldemort?

Question 23

You have a major crush, how do you get his or her attention?

Love is in the air, and you have a major crush. Right now, this person doesn't even know that you exist, but that is soon to change. How do you go about getting his or her attention? Do you make a huge gesture towards them, trick them into loving you, brew a love potion, or simply be nice to them?

Question 24

Do you think non-purebloods should be admitted into Hogwarts?

Well, not everyone thinks that non-pureblood wizards should be admitted into Hogwarts, but many people think that they should be! Where do your thoughts lie when it comes to non-pure blood wizards, should they be admitted to Hogwarts or turned away?

Question 25

Which house do you like the least?

Do you have an issue with one of the houses, or do you have other things to worry about? Maybe you get along with everyone and this isn't a problem that you worry about. Either way, do you concern yourself with this battle or do you choose to stay out of it?

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