Do These Characters Belong To Disney Or Pixar?


Disney and Pixar have the kids' animation industry in a bind. For decades, they've been releasing high-quality films (there are exceptions) full of memorable characters that both adults and children can appreciate. The movies are thoughtful, entertaining, and pleasing to the eye.

Because of how long they've been creating films together, many people blend Pixar's and Disney's worlds together. Some don't even recognize that they're two separate studios altogether. This is a shame considering how different each of their productions is at its core and how each has impacted the film industry.

Thankfully, we know we have an educated audience who understands the difference between Disney and Pixar. However, it might be a bit more challenging to remember the characters that go along with each film and which studio created whom. That's why we're putting our true Disney fans to the test with this character quiz.

Who made these characters? Was it Disney or Pixar?

Question 1

Who created Alfredo Linguini?

Alfredo Linguini is the descendant of a legendary chef, but has almost none of the talent. Somehow, he manages to get into a high quality restaurant with the help of a rat with an amazing palette. Together, he and this rat manage to bring excellent food to this new restaurant and try to bring it back to its former glory. It goes without saying that Alfredo is a little bit of a clutz and not initially made for the kitchen.

Question 2

Who created Maui?

Maui is one of the most legendary beings ever created. Being a demigod, he is responsible for a lot of natural phenomena of the world, and he can shapeshift into other animals.. Unfortunately, after taking the Heart of Te fiti, he lost his hook and was stranded on an island for many years. However, the ocean wasn't done with him, and put together a destiny for him that would not only help his personal character but redeem his powers to their fullest potential.

Question 3


Crush is a dude that loves to relax and swim wherever the current takes him. Having been alive for over 100 years, he has mastered the art of kicking it back and chilling. He has a son named Squirt, whom he is very close to and the two even have their own handshake. Crush is most known for riding the East Australian Current indefinitely, as that's where the rest of the turtles live. Because of this, he knows his way around the ocean.

Question 4


As all of us have discovered, typically our greatest foes are the ones we create through our actions. Syndrome was created when his superhero idol as a child disowned and shunned him. From that point, Syndrome decided that he would become his own superhero and prove to his former idol that anybody could be super. After decades of never showing his face to the heroes, he resurfaced and began taking out the heroes of the past in order to pave the way for his new era.

Question 5

Who created Woody?

Woody has been around for several years now and is loved by all, despite the fact that his film series has ended. He was the trademark toy of a young boy named Andy. Together with Andy's other toys, Woody learned the true value of friendship, love, and how to cope with changing circumstances. Over the years, he grew an unbreakable bond with a Buzz Lightyear toy and the two of them would go down in history as some of the best friends ever put on screen.

Question 6


Anger is one of the many emotions that exist in the human brain. Because of his namesake, there are few responses that Anger can have to each situation. He's easily agitated, ready to lash out, and loves every minute of it. He hates anything that tries to be happy and likes to the buzzkill of the party. Perhaps his greatest moments come when he gets in fights with other people and gets out of hand. Once the fire shoots from his head, you better run the other way.

Question 7


Mittens the cat lives primarily in the alley. Because she was abandoned by her host family, she was left to fend for herself without any claws. She then decided to scare the nearby pigeons into bringing her food so that she could survive day in and day out. However, her life changed when a strange dog came into the neighborhood and mistook her for a dastardly villain. Thankfully, this unfortunate circumstance turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Mittens.

Question 8

Who created Mike Yagoobian?

Mike Yagoobian was once a poor orphan boy. However, the experiments of his roommate kept him up at night to the point where he couldn't stay awake enough to perform well in school or sports. This caused him to fester hatred for years until he finally wanted to destroy the hopes and dreams of his once roommate. He teamed up with another failed experiment and stole a time machine in order to stop a lot of great things from happening.

Question 9

Who created Ralph?

Ralph is about as close to Donkey Kong as you can get while still avoiding a lawsuit. He is the villain of his own video game, but he doesn't want to be bad. Instead, he would like to get his own reward and have people love him. This desire leads him on a journey that spans several different games (featuring cameos from classic game characters). However, along the way, he gains his own family in the process and learns what it means to be a bad guy.

Question 10

Who created Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is a brilliant monster who was held back by his size and appearance. Despite being one of the smartest in existence, he simply wasn't scary. However, this led him to become one of the best coaches in the Scaring industry, which helped him form an amazing bond with a much bigger monster. Where his friend often acts on emotion, Mike is the one who functions on the basis of logic and comes up with the witty comebacks and looks at things objectively.

Question 11


Ellie was a loud and rambunctious child when we first see her. She had wild dreams of adventure and flight, which translated into the person she became later in life. She developed a heartwarming relationship with another character and they lived a long and happy life together. They dreamt of one day going to a South American paradise. Unfortunately, just as he got the tickets, she passed away in her old age, leaving the man all alone in their house.

Question 12

Who created Spot?

Spot was a young boy found in North America by a family of dinosaurs. While he was an annoying pest at first, they quickly discovered that there was more to him than met the eye. First of all, he once had a family that all lost their lives to unknown causes. Secondly, while he behaved like an animal, he still had plenty of human qualities to make him lovable by the audience. In the end of it all, he even got a better life.

Question 13


Sparky was a beloved family dog until one fateful day. While chasing a ball, he got out into the road and was hit tragically. His owner was horribly grieved at the loss of his pet, and decided that he would not rest until he found a way to bring the dog back. His experiments worked and Sparky came back to life as a stitched up version of himself. However, he maintained all of the quirks he had as living dog and was still loved.

Question 14


I guarantee you'll never see a horse with as much personality as Maximus. Originally the horse for the captain of the guard, Maximus eventually became a hero in his own right. Not only is he excellent at hunting down his target, but he's also incredibly fast. However, Maximus has a weakness for food and sometimes behaves like a dog when given proper attention. This hasn't stopped him from being a beloved character or gaining the love of the rest of his family.

Question 15

Who created Hank?

Hank's existence has been teased for several years, but just recently, he finally made an appearance in film. However, he's more than just your typical octopus. He happens to be so educated about the world around him that he can be used to escape a vast manner of situations. He can drive cars using his tentacles and pass through just about any gap imaginable. He also doesn't take a lot of nonsense from people, being both handy and intelligent enough to outsmart anyone else in the room.

Question 16

Who created Merida?

Controlling one's own fate is not an easy task, but it's one that Merida was determined to accomplish. Being a princess, her parents tried to marry her off to princes from distant lands. However, she didn't want any of that and chose to fight for her own hand. She broke the conventions of what female protagonists generally are and looked great while doing it. She was mature (to an extent) but also knew how to lead people into battle with her bow and arrow.

Question 17


The things you remember as a child don't always stick with you like they used to. Unfortunately, we're left wondering how Boo handled the things that she went through several years ago. When a monster entered her room to try and scare her, she got out and into the monster facility. It was there that she befriended one of the main characters, who realized that humans weren't the monsters that they had been made out to be by the rest of the world.

Question 18

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen was one of the youngest racers to compete for the Piston Cup. However, he had a severe ego and attitude that led to him being stuck in the town of Radiator Springs. While he fixed it reluctantly, he quickly learned how to better himself and became one of the most humble cars to ever race. He was put in his place many times, but through the humiliation, learned how to become a better racer but also an even better person.

Question 19


Baymax was the handiwork of a young inventor named Tadashi. He worked tirelessly to bring better healthcare to people across the world in hopes of changing lives (and was quite adorable to boot). Baymax was programmed with all kinds of medical procedures but was also given autonomy of his own. However, this didn't stop his first instinct at all times to be helping people rather than harming them. Despite his pacifism, he managed to be one of the greatest superheroes who ever lived.

Question 20


When the world became to piled up with trash, they created special robots to contain and fix it. These were called Wall-E robots. However, as time went on, only one of them remained active and grew his own personality. He had a love for strange items and held on to just about anything he could get his hands on. His world gets a lot bigger, though, when a mysterious probe lands on Earth to try and find life. From there, Wall-E gets wrapped up in an adventure much bigger than him.

Question 21

Dean Hardscrabble

There are few universities as prestigious as the one ran by Dean Hardscrabble. Of all of the unnatural creatures, she is one of the scariest to ever live. Having the combined appearance of a dragon and a centipede, there are few nightmares that could outdo her. However, she's not an unreasonable person despite running her school with an iron fist. It's likely that she's had years of experience to back up her powerful demeanor, and even those who earn her respect won't get any slack.

Question 22

Nick Wilde

Few con artists ever rise to the ranks of Nick Wilde. This sly fox has the art figured out in spades, knowing how to elicit sympathy and escape the law at the same time. However, it turns out that there's more to him than just scamming people out of their money. From his childhood, he wanted more for his life, but it was always ingrained in his mind that he could never amount to anything because he was simply a fox.

Question 23


The world of a person's front lawn is interesting, and Featherstone is proof of that. Being a sentient lawn flamingo, he has a lot of attitude and sass. Yet, he still loves the fun and beauty of love and will do just about anything to get a happy ending. Unfortunately, he was caught right in the middle of a war between two tribes of garden gnomes, and he did everything he could to inject some humor while still playing his part.

Question 24


While the characters depicted don't have official names, they were part of a project that was eventually scrapped. It's unclear how the story would've progressed or what the plot would've been, but it's safe to say that there had to be some good ideas behind it. Unfortunately, we'll never know what the end result would be, because it's been in the trash bin for several years now. Hopefully, it was so the studio could work on better projects and not sequels.

Question 25

Dusty Crophopper

The Cars franchise was extremely marketable and was only continued to sell more toys (at least that's what it seems like). Another way they thought to expand the franchise was by creating another film based around planes. The main character in the film, Dusty Crophopper, was a simply farming plane who wanted to do more with himself. It's a fairly standard story that was somehow turned from a direct to DVD into a full theatrical release. It even got a sequel.

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