Test Your Disney Knowledge And We'll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

When it comes to the top movie studios in the world today, there are perhaps none that have the same type of history and impact as Disney. This was the studio that gave way to full-length animated films, and what they were able to do once the ball got rolling inspired other studios to step their game up in an attempt to keep up and eventually surpass the studio. Disney has continued to remain on top in the movie business, and what they do in the theme park game is equally impressive.

For some people, Disney becomes less of a movie studio and more of a lifestyle, and their houses will be filled with everything from Mickey Mouse teapots to Donald Duck orange juice. These are the fans that claim to know everything about Disney, and they can talk anyone's ear off about what the company has in store for the future. These same people can also find themselves loving all things Harry Potter, and their knowledge of Disney is actually a pretty good indication of which house they would be sorted into at Hogwarts.

Today, we want to test people's Disney knowledge, and in the end, we will tell them which Hogwarts house they belong in!

Question 1

What Is Dumbo's Mother's Name?

Question 2

Which Wizard Helped Arthur?

Question 3

Finish The Quote: "Fish are friends, not..."

Question 4

Who Invented Baymax?

Question 5

Name This Character

Question 6

Who Wanted Hei Hei As A Boat Snack?

Question 7

Where Does Dodger Live?

Question 8

What Type Of Fish Is Dory?

Question 9

Which Holiday Does Jack Skellington Want To Celebrate?

Question 10

How Many Dalmatians Do Pongo And Perdy Have?

Question 11

What Is Elsa's Sister's Name?

Question 12

Does Mulan Take Her Mother's Place In The Military?

Question 13

Who Is Flounder's Best Friend?

Question 14

Does Belle Marry Gaston?

Question 15

Where Was Genie's Lamp Hidden?

Question 16

Name This Character

Question 17

Which Cat Is Gus Gus Afraid Of?

Question 18

Who Is Lighting McQueen's Best Friend?

Question 19

Who Is Hercules' Father?

Question 20

Who Do Horace And Jasper Work For?

Question 21

Does Iago Appear In Mulan?

Question 22

Which Movie Does Long John Silver Appear In?

Question 23

Which City Does Judy Hopps Work In?

Question 24

Does Jafar Get Trapped In A Lamp?

Question 25

Which Character Do Lumiere And Cogsworth Live With?

Question 26

Which Character Has Meeko For A Sidekick?

Question 27

Name This Film

Question 28

How Many Brothers Does Merida Have?

Question 29

Whose Guitar Does Miguel Find?

Question 30

Where Is Moana From?

Question 31

What Is Mr. Incredible's Real Name?

Question 32

Which Song Appeared In Coco?

Question 33

Where Does The Princess and the Frog Take Place?

Question 34

Do Sulley and Mike Attend University Of Monstropolis?

Question 35

Where Is Nemo Taken To?

Question 36

Who Creates Pinocchio?

Question 37

Which Character Does NOT Hang Out With Winnie the Pooh?

Question 38

Who Does Eric Fall In Love With?

Question 39

Where Does Quasimodo Live?

Question 40

Is Rajah Jasmine's Sidekick?

Question 41

Rapunzel Has Magical...

Question 42

Which Restaurant Does Remy Work At?

Question 43

Name This Character

Question 44

Robin Hood Takes From The Rich And Gives To The...

Question 45

What Does Aurora Change Her Name To?

Question 46

Which Of These Is NOT A Dwarf?

Question 47

Where Do Mike and Sulley Work?

Question 48

Who Does Terk Hang Out With?

Question 49

Who Does Thomas O'Malley Help?

Question 50

Which Ship Does WALL-E End Up On?

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