How Well Do You Remember The Lion King?

As one of the most cherished films of all time, The Lion King is considered hallowed ground by film fans everywhere. Adapted from Shakespeare and being a huge reason why Disney dominated the 90s, this film did all the little things right, including having one of the best soundtracks ever made. A live-action remake of this film came out earlier in 2019, but this hasn't stopped people from going back and watching the original. Even after all these years, it still holds up as well as it did when it first hit theaters.

Today, we want to take it back to 1994 and see who out there can ace this quiz on a true Disney classic. Only the most hardcore Disney fans can answer each of these questions!

Question 1

Who Was Born At The Beginning Of The Movie?

Question 2

What's This First Song Played In The Movie?

Question 3

What Is Scar's Relation To Simba?

Question 4

Where Does The Lion King Take Place?

Question 5

Who Is Simba's Best Friend?

Question 6

Does The Song "Be Our Guest" Appear In The Lion King?

Question 7

Name This Character

Question 8

Which Location Is Simba Banned From?

Question 9

How Many Main Hyenas Does Scar Employ?

Question 10

Which Character Presents Simba To The Pack?

Question 11

Name This Character

Question 12

Who Is Simba's Mother?

Question 13

What Song Does Simba Sing With Timon And Pumbaa?

Question 14

Does Scar Take Over The Pride Lands?

Question 15

Which Character Watched Over Simba And Nala?

Question 16

Which Of These Is NOT A Hyena?

Question 17

Who Does Simba Learn About The Circle Of Life From?

Question 18

Where Do The Hyenas Chase Simba Around?

Question 19

What Does Simba Start To Eat After Meeting Timon And Pumbaa?

Question 20

According To The Movie, What Do Bugs Taste Like?

Question 21

Name This Character

Question 22

Who Does Nala Scare?

Question 23

Fill In The Blank: "Lions _____ guys like us!"

Question 24

Who Does Zazu Initially Work For?

Question 25

What Event Does Scar Cause?

Question 26

Who Does Mufasa Save Simba From?

Question 27

What Type Of Bird Is Zazu?

Question 28

Do Simba And Nala End Up Together?

Question 29

Fill In The Blank: "The _______ has returned."

Question 30

What Do The Stars Represent?

Question 31

Finish This Pumbaa Quote: "Slimy, yet ______."

Question 32

Who Gets Simba To Return Home?

Question 33

What Song Does Scar Sing?

Question 34

Who Causes Simba To Run Away?

Question 35

Simba Can't Wait To Be What?

Question 36

Where Is Simba Standing?

Question 37

Where Does Simba Flee To?

Question 38

What Is Rafiki's Role In The Kingdom?

Question 39

What Is Happening In The Pride Lands While Simba Is Gone?

Question 40

Does Scar Marry Sarabi?

Question 41

Fill In The Blank: "That _____ is my son."

Question 42

Are Timon And Pumbaa From The Pride Lands?

Question 43

Who Blames Simba For Mufasa's Accident?

Question 44

Finish This Quote: "I laugh in the face of _____."

Question 45

Does Simba Take Down Scar?

Question 46

Who Does Simba Meet After Running Away?

Question 47

What Type Of Animal Is Timon?

Question 48

Who Does Simba Talk To In The Clouds?

Question 49

What Does Hakuna Matata Mean?

Question 50

How Many Children Do Simba And Nala Have By The End Of The Film?

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