There's 0 Chance You Remember High School Musical Enough To Pass This Quiz

High School Musical was no ordinary release on Disney Channel when it first debuted. While most other flicks simply met a decent audience and were put on the backburner, this film came out and became a phenomenon in no time. Rare is it to see a DCOM have so much success, but there was something truly spectacular about the first film in this franchise. Eventually, the final installment of the film would hit theaters and make over $200 million for Disney, proving to the world that the studio could still get the job done.

Today, we are calling on fans everywhere to come and take this High School Musical quiz! There are a total of 50 questions, and only the biggest fans out there can ace this quiz.

Question 1

What Is The Name Of The Resort In High School Musical 2?

Question 2

When Do Troy And Gabriella Meet?

Question 3

What is Gabriella's Last Name?

Question 4

How Many Siblings Does Troy Have?

Question 5

What College Does Gabriella Take Courses At While In High School?

Question 6

What Job Does Gabriella Work At The Resort In High School Musical 2?

Question 7

Fill In The Blank: "We're all in this ______"

Question 8

What Is The Name Of Sharpay's Dog?

Question 9

Who Is The Character In Pink?

Question 10

Does Troy End Up With Sharpay?

Question 11

Which Sport Does Troy Love?

Question 12

Name This Character

Question 13

How Many Siblings Does Sharpay Have?

Question 14

Which Song Does Troy Sing With Gabriella The First Time They Meet?

Question 15

Which High School Do These Two Attend?

Question 16

Sharpay Gets _____ A Job At The Resort

Question 17

Does Gabriella Ever Date Chad?

Question 18

In Which Film Does Everyone Graduate?

Question 19

Who Is The Captain Of The Basketball Team?

Question 20

Which Song Is Sung In This Scene?

Question 21

What Is The Mascot Of East High?

Question 22

Fill In The Blank: "We're soaring', ________"

Question 23

Sharpay Is Referred To As The _______ Princess

Question 24

Where Does Troy Choose To Go To College?

Question 25

Name This Character

Question 26

Which Character Got Their Own Film?

Question 27

Troy Is The _______ Boy Of East High

Question 28

Which Teacher Is In Charge Of The Musical?

Question 29

Fill In The Blank: "Turn my life _____, today is the day"

Question 30

What Does Sharpay Call Her Backup Singers?

Question 31

Which Character Does NOT Work At The Resort?

Question 32

Where Does Gabriella Decide To Go To College?

Question 33

Is Gabriella Into Ryan?

Question 34

Which Character Goes To Juilliard?

Question 35

Finish The Title: High School Musical 3: ________

Question 36

Where Does High School Musical Take Place?

Question 37

What Does Sharpay Call Gabriella?

Question 38

Does Chad Play Guitar?

Question 39

Who Is Troy's Best Friend?

Question 40

Who Does Chad Ask Out On A Date In The First High School Musical?

Question 41

Name The Character On The Far Right

Question 42

Does Troy Get Fired From The Resort?

Question 43

Who Is The Resort Manager?

Question 44

Are Sharpay And Ryan Identical or Fraternal Twins?

Question 45

These Boys Are Younger Versions Of Which Characters?

Question 46

Where Does Sharpay Choose To Go For College?

Question 47

What Is Troy's Father's Name?

Question 48

Is Gabriella Known For Being Funny or Smart?

Question 49

Which Musical Does Troy Audition For?

Question 50

Which Song Does Gabriella Sing When She Leaves For College?

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