Dine Or Pass On These Desserts To Get A Totally Binge Worthy Series To Watch

It is the season for sweets that's for sure! During the long winter months, many people stay inside for as long as physically possible. Even just looking outside can be so disheartening, that we try to make the best of things from the inside of our homes. What is the best way to distract ourselves from the fact that it is freezing outside? Well, eating of course! Often times we gain a little extra poundage through the winter, and it's a good thing... We need all the warmth we can get! Let's start loading up on desserts through this quiz, it will save on calories that is for sure!

In this quiz, we will be taking a look at some of the most delicious and most classic desserts around. Since everyone has different tastes, we are expecting some fairly varied results in this one. Once everyone has picked their absolute favorites and passed on the ones they would never choose off of a menu, we will be able to give everyone a perfect new television series to binge! After all, what more do we need in the winter than tasty desserts and TV? Get ready for this one, it is sure to be the sweetest 5 minutes of the day!

Question 1


Let's kick things off with a fairly standard dessert option. This treat exists for the extreme chocolate lovers. Brownie batter is already pretty much all chocolate, but a lot of recipes will actually call for additional chips to be tossed in as well. The key to a good brownie (apart from ensuring it is chock full of chocolate) is making sure it is soft and chewy on the inside. The edges should come out a little crispier than the interior.

Question 2

Apple Pie:

Apple pie will always a be a classic. After all, if a dessert comes with a smell that can be sold as a candle, we already know it is a good one. There is just something about the mixture of apples and cinnamon, that just makes this dish so delicious. Of course, if anyone here is not a fan of apples, we can totally see how this would be an automatic pass. The proper way to enjoy this treat, would, of course, be with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Question 3

Confetti Cake:

Here is a treat that was designed originally with children in mind, but who really ever grows out of loving sprinkles? The dessert itself is not very complex. It is usually just a yellow or vanilla cake batter, that has a ton of sprinkles poured into it. We can then pair the cake with a vanilla icing or even a cream cheese one if we are feeling extra decadent. The true key to this dish is the sprinkles, so the rest can be altered to fit anyone's tastes!

Question 4


Let's take a look at a true Italian delicacy for a moment. This dessert is simple in terms of ingredients, but it has still managed to become one of the desserts that Italy is most known for. The interior consists of a cream filling that has been made with some type of cheese. Ricotta and mascarpone are two popular kinds of cheese used for these. The outside is really just a fried pastry shell. Once these two elements have been made, the rest is up to us! We can easily add chocolate chips or even nuts to the mixture.

Question 5

Salt Water Taffy:

This candy has been a popular treat since the late 80s. Originally they were sold only in the New Jersey area, but over time they have spread. These little babies can now be found just about anywhere, but many will still argue that the best will always be found in Jersey. The flavor possibilities of these are endless, and the coloring really makes them a beautiful treat to look at. How does everyone here feel about these chewy candies? (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Whoopie Pie:

Here is a dessert that can easily be made at home or purchased just as easily from a store. The idea is basically to make a sandwich using two pieces of cake and a bunch of icing. Many make these with chocolate cake, but the chocolate could easily be substituted for a different flavor. The classic way of preparing these would be to use simple white icing for the filing. Do we have any takers? Who would dine and who would pass?

Question 7


This is certainly the most interactive dessert we have listed here today. Fondue is delicious, but it also makes for a fun evening. The idea is to melt down a bunch of chocolate (or peanut butter!), then dip whatever we can find into it. We can use anything from fruits to marshmallows in this dessert, just as long as it is dunkable. Does this fancy dish sound good to anyone here, or are we waiting for something better to come along?

Question 8

Mud Pie:

Now, this dessert can actually be a tad bit misleading. There is, in fact, no mud used to create this dish at all. Instead of mud, this dessert consists of a ton of chocolate. The base is constructed with a crumbly chocolate cookie mix, which then gets a bunch of gooey chocolate poured on top of it. Often times there is an additional layer of chocolate sauce added to the top, and sometimes even a layer of ice cream! Thoughts?

Question 9

Rice Krispy Treats:

Rice Krispie treats are one of the simplest desserts we have on this list in terms of preparing a batch. Only three ingredients are needed if we wish to make these ourselves at home. Butter, marshmallows, and of course, Rice Krispies! If the ingredient list looks simple, just wait until you hear the process... Literally just melt the marshmallows, add in the Krispies, and butter the dish. We do not even need to bake these. Once the mixture has been put into the buttered dish, we need only let them cool off.

Question 10

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Now, this is a dessert we know for sure everyone has at least tried. Even if they are not our favorites, most of us have been given a chocolate chip cookie in the past. There are many different types of this cookie out there, so really everyone can vote of their favorite version. Some like them thin and crispy, others enjoy them soft and chewy. There is no wrong answer when it comes to cookies, we just need to know who would gladly munch on a few of these!

Question 11

Ice Cream Sundae:

Ice cream is a very versatile dessert. Not only are there a million different flavors out there to choose from, but we can also add just about any topping to our choice as well. An ice cream sundae is pretty classic. On a hot summer's day, nothing ever tastes as good as a pile of ice cream drowning in chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Of course, we must never forget the all-important cherry either! Who here could get down with a little ice cream?

Question 12

Cherry Pie:

Can anyone here imagine a more wholesome dessert than a good old fashioned cherry pie? In fact, this dessert is so wholesome, that one should fear it getting stolen right off of their windowsill! There is nothing too extravagant or out of the box about this dessert. Just a ton of cherries in a sweet sauce, baked in a pie crust. Sometimes the most delicious dishes are actually the simplest. Is anyone here up for a slice of cherry pie?

Question 13


Mille-feuille is a dish that can be prepared in a bunch of different ways. The French name is meant to mean "a thousand layers". Usually, the dessert is made up of several layers (maybe not exactly a thousand), consisting of pastry and custard. Sometimes fruits have been included, and sometimes chocolate has been used. As long as it's a stacked dessert, we will count it for this question! Is this cake-type dish a favorite of anyone? Who wants a bite of it?

Question 14


For those who have not been lucky enough to try one of these in their lives, let us give you the rundown. A churro is basically a fried donut style pastry. They are thin and long, and they usually come rolled in some cinnamon sugar. When it comes to churros, we do not stop at the cinnamon sugar. These babies are supposed to come with a sort of dipping sauce. Chocolate, caramel, or even jam would be acceptable. Sounds delicious, right?

Question 15

Bread Pudding:

Does anyone have any stale bread at home? Why not prepare a delicious batch of bread pudding? This dish is one that can actually be made to be sweet or savory, so technically they cannot always be considered a dessert. However, for the purpose of this question, we will be talking only of the sweet variety. All we need to make this dish is some stale bread, some eggs, a bit of cream, and whatever sweet component we wish to add.

Question 16

Snow Cones:

There is just simply no such thing as a dessert for children. If they can eat it, we can too! Snow cones are often viewed as a youthful treat, but these babies are just as delicious in adulthood. When the sun is hot and strong, a paper cone full of shaved ice is usually a welcome sight. To make them even more tempting, the beautiful colors of the flavors make this treat a very appealing one for the eye. Who here is craving a refreshing snow cone?

Question 17


Now here is a very rich dessert indeed. When it comes to something as thick and heavy as fudge, we only need a bit to get our fix. This dessert is often passed around during the holidays, but it is something that is easy enough to make year round. Technically this dish would be considered candy, but a little candy after dinner never hurt anyone, right? To make fudge, we need to heat and combine sugar, milk, and butter. The key is keeping the correct temperature!

Question 18

Carrot Cake:

For everyone about to argue that there are too many carrots in this cake to really be considered a dessert, have you ever even tried cream cheese icing?! While it is true that this dish comes loaded with carrot, there is also a ton of heavy sweetness to it. Carrots themselves are sweet, but placed in a cake topped with cream cheese icing... they may as well not be a veggie at all. This cake often comes loaded with nuts as well, so be wary if allergies are a problem!

Question 19

Chocolate Pudding:

Chocolate pudding is a funny thing. When it is served in a plastic cup, we do not really think of it as dessert. Instead, it tends to comes across as more of a snack. However, pudding can be found on many fancy dessert menus as well. It seems that preparing this simple dish with fresh ingredients and serving it in a glass bowl, completely changes our take on it. So really this is a dessert that suits the fancy and the not-so-fancy equally!

Question 20

Blueberry Pie:

Blueberry pie may never be as classic as cherry pie, but for any big time blueberry fans out there, this one's for you! When they are in season, blueberries can make an excellent option for all kinds of desserts. Their rich color makes them a super delightful ingredient to work with. The contrast between the dark color of the berries and the light color of the pie shell is truly just so beautiful. Who is picking a slice of blueberry pie for dessert?

Question 21


For quite some time now, donuts have been all the rage. If some thought that trends were something that only happened in fashion, they could not be any more wrong. Years ago, we saw a huge spike in cupcake popularity. However, these days everyone has switched their phone cameras to donuts. It seems that everyone is snapping picks of these colorful treats, and we can totally see why. Apart from being delicious, these are quite fun to decorate. The possibilities are endless!

Question 22

Pecan Pie:

Obviously, to be able to get behind this kind of dessert, we need to enjoy pecans. While there are other ingredients in this dish, there is no way of avoiding the pecans that make up the entire top layer. Beneath them, there is a very sugary pie filling. So not only do we need to be fans of this nut, but we also need to be in the mood for something extremely sweet. Is this sounding good to anyone here? Who is lining up for a slice?

Question 23

Lemon Squares:

Do we have any citrus nuts here with us today? Not everyone has a huge sweet tooth, so we need dessert options that appeal to those people as well. Citrus, in general, is a great choice if we are not feeling too sweet one day. Lemon squares do offer a slight edge of sweetness since the top is usually sprinkled with icing sugar. However, the main part of this dessert is made up of a lemon mixture. This mixture is definitely more tart than it is sweet.

Question 24

Fruit Cake:

This dessert is very hit or miss. Some people wait all year to get their hands on a piece of it, while others dread the thought of having to pretend they enjoy it after being served a piece at Christmas dinner. Fruit cake is a very heavy cake. It is full of dried and candied fruits, nuts, and it has usually been soaked in some type of spirit. While it may not be everyone's favorite, seeing these in stores really does get the holiday mood going.

Question 25

Cinnamon Buns:

Can anyone actually smell these through their screens? Cinnamon buns are a dessert that sell a lot of people just on their smell alone. When passing by a cinnamon bun stand in the mall, it doesn't take long for their scent to reach our noses. We would be willing to bet that most of their customers are wrangled in simply because they could not resist the smell. To make these even more irresistible, they go ahead and add a ton of gooey icing.

Question 26

Key Lime Pie:

This is another one for the citrus fans. Key lime pie obviously takes limes instead of lemons. It is a tangy and tart dessert. The base is usually made out of a crumbly cookie mixture, and the filling is a mix of condensed milk and key lime juice. Often times a layer of meringue is added to the top as well, but that part is totally optional. Are we causing any cravings with this question yet? Who wants a piece of key lime pie?

Question 27

Peach Cobbler:

So we know that cobbler can be made out of any fruit imaginable, but there is something about peaches that have made them the number one choice when it comes to cobblers. Instead of having the fruit inside of a cake, for a cobbler, we would place the fruits at the bottom of the pan, and then pour the cake batter over top. Some opt for a crumbly oat mixture instead of a cake batter, so we will leave that choice up to you!

Question 28

Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin pie is yet another dessert that can usually only be found seasonally. As soon as the leaves outside begin to change, these will start popping up in grocery stores everywhere. Pumpkin has proven to be a good ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes, so we are wondering how everyone here feels about the sweet side specifically. Does anyone not like the idea of a pumpkin filling, or is this something we wait all year for? Let us know!

Question 29

Coconut Cream Pie:

Coconuts are awesome. There is so much that can be done with them, we only need to be able to get them open first. We use the milk, the meat, the oil, literally every part of the coconut comes along with some sort of benefit. For a coconut cream pie, we need to prepare a large batch of custard. That will be the main filling of the dish. Then we need a top layer of whipped cream, which then gets sprinkled with a ton of coconut shavings.

Question 30


When was the last time everyone enjoyed a good S'more? These can be a bit tough if we do not have an open flame available, but there are ways to get creative with this dish. Should we not have access to a campfire, this dessert can easily be transformed to fit into a cake pan. Layer the bottom with crushed graham crackers, load in the chocolate, then top with marshmallows. This only needs to bake long enough to brown the tops of the marshmallows!

Question 31

Cake Pops:

We had cake, we had cupcakes, what we needed was a version of the two that would be easier as an on-the-go type of snack. Okay okay, so maybe we didn't actually need a cake we could easily carry around, but it sure is nice to have the option isn't it? Cake pops are really just small balls of cake, which have been placed on a stick. Often times chocolate is used instead of icing, just because it is less messy.

Question 32

Banana Pudding:

Much like the chocolate pudding, banana pudding appeals to many different kinds of people. It can be purchased in the classic plastic cups, but it can also easily be made at home with fresh ingredients. Sometimes it is just a pudding made with banana flavor, but sometimes people go ahead and use real bananas in the dessert. Is there anyone here who would choose a bowl of banana pudding over chocolate? It is a tough choice, but it is one we must make!

Question 33

Chocolate Cake:

Now this one is plain and simple. Chocolate cake is a go-to for many people when deciding what they want off of a dessert menu. Many people actually choose this flavor for birthday and wedding cakes as well, simply because they know it will go over well with the largest group of people possible. While some like fruits and others vanilla, most people can usually get on board with chocolate. How do we feel about this classic dish? Dine or pass it up?

Question 34

Banana Split:

A banana split may not look a whole lot different than an ice cream sundae, but there is at least one noticeable difference. Apart from the many scoops of ice cream, the sauces, and the cherry, this dessert comes with an entire banana! Sometimes simple vanilla ice cream is used, other times we pick three separate flavors. How does everyone here enjoy their banana splits? Or do we try not to eat this dish at all? Do we dine, or do we wait for something better?

Question 35

Cream Puffs:

Cream puffs are sweet and simple. Not the mention, these little bite-sized desserts are all kinds of cute! Cream puffs are fairly lightweight and they are airy. This means that they are not a dessert that will weigh us down considerably. The shells are made with a type of puff pastry, and the filling is usually just a simple white cream. One could put custard inside instead, but this would naturally make the dessert a bit heavier. Thoughts on cream puffs?

Question 36

Strawberry Mousse:

Strawberry mousse is like taking any of our previous pudding options to the next level. Mousse is made to be easy to eat and not too heavy. Some enjoy chocolate mousse, but the strawberry option is less likely to fill us to the point where we can no longer move. Yes, this dessert is actually very lightweight and easy to digest. Basically all it is, is whipped cream mixed with some strawberry puree. What's not to love? Do we have any takers?

Question 37


Cheesecake is no doubt the richest dessert available. Each cake takes a ton of cream cheese to make, and there is not a whole lot else to it. Anyone who frequently eats this treat knows that it does not take much to get our fill. In fact, even the biggest fans of this cake tend to ask for the smallest of slices. There is no denying the popularity of this dessert either. Who remembers the episode of Friends where they steal the cheesecake from a neighbors front door?

Question 38

Sugar Cream Pie:

The name of this dessert is "sugar cream pie", so naturally to get down with a slice, we need to be heavy into the sweetness. This dessert is so powerfully sweet, that we can basically feel our old cavities acting up just by looking at the picture of it. The main ingredient here is usually brown sugar. Obviously, some cream is used to tone down the sugar, but there is no stopping that sweetness entirely. Is this a favorite of anyone?

Question 39

Fruit Salad:

Now this one is sure to upset some people. Fruits get a pretty bad wrap actually. While we can use all kinds of them for desserts like pies, cakes, and even cookies, why do people resist eating them all on their own? Fruits are super sweet, so there is simply no reason why they cannot be considered a treat all by themselves. After all, many restaurants do offer a fruit salad option on their dessert menus! Who wants a bowl of fruits?

Question 40

Baked Alaska:

For those who always have trouble picking what to get, a baked Alaska pretty much contains it all! Inside each of these, is a layer of cake, and a layer of ice cream! If that was not already enough, this dessert then gets coated in a layer of meringue. Once it has all been put together, the entire thing is torched, causing the outer layer of meringue to brown and crisp. Now how is that for a loaded dessert? Any takers?

Question 41

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie:

Most people enjoy a nice fresh strawberry, but not everyone is so into the rhubarb thing. For those who do enjoy this dessert, the rhubarb actually acts as a nice contrast to the sweetness of the strawberry. This dessert has slowly but surely become quite popular over the years, so we must assume it is because people are looking for less sweet options in terms of after-dinner treats. Is this one a classic for anyone here? Are we ordering or are we passing?

Question 42


Here is an excellent dessert for anyone who happens to be on a budget. This treat costs about a buck for an entire tray full. There are tons of flavors available, and it has to be the easiest thing to make out of this whole quiz of desserts. When purchasing a box, we will get a pack of powder. All we need to do is mix this powder with some hot water, then cool the tray down. No baking whatsoever, just some water to boil!

Question 43

Crème Brûlée:

We have looked at pudding and we have looked at mousse, so now let's go one step even further. Crème Brûlée is first and foremost a custard. What makes this dessert so unique and special, is the way it is prepared. Once the custard has been scooped into bowls, the top of it gets torched. This causes the top layer to become almost a hard crunchy candy, while the bottom remains a warm smooth custard. Does this fancy dessert sound good to anyone?

Question 44


There is a lot of controversy behind these cookies. Many claim that they are just sugar cookies, while others just don't buy that at all. To be fair, the recipe is almost exactly the same as the one for sugar cookies. However, snickerdoodles are traditionally rolled in a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon after they are made. This is not something that is usually done with sugar cookies. Hopefully, this has helped solve some debates! Who wants a batch of snickerdoodles?

Question 45

Chocolate Eclairs:

Let's end this quiz on an elegant note. It is actually a little funny how chocolate eclairs are viewed as an elegant dessert. They are essentially just longer versions of the cream puff we have already discussed, but naturally, they also have a thick stripe of chocolate on top. The real kicker is that it is almost impossible to look elegant while eating one of these. The chocolate and the cream filling are almost always sure to spill out onto our clothes.

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