Dine On Some Delicious Desserts To Reveal Your Hero Hubby

Who's hungry?! Dinner is finished, and it is time for dessert! Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to ordering a treat, so we are thinking this quiz will yield some fairly varied results. We are going to list 50 popular desserts that all come from different flavor profiles. All we have to do is select the ones we would enjoy dining on, and which we would likely pass up for something tastier. Like we said before, everyone has different tastes, so who knows how everyone will answer each of these questions. Once everyone has cast their votes, we are going to pair them up to the superhero they are most compatible with. What could be more delicious than a bunch of desserts followed up by some handsome superheroes?

We would like to warn everyone that this quiz can lead to extreme cravings. We highly suggest getting some sweet treats ready before even starting this one. The photos alone have been known to leave mouths very watery. Please resist all urges to lick the screen, as we promise none of the flavors will be able to be tasted this way. Get the cakes out for this quiz, it is going to be the tastiest 5 minutes of the day!

Question 1


Any true chocolate fans out there, know that brownies are a delicious dessert option. When cooked correctly, they are warm, moist, chewy squares of chocolate heaven. They are also quite versatile. Just about anything can be tossed into a batch of brownies. Some choose nuts, others gummies, and some have even gone as far as adding marshmallows to the batter! However, if we are not into chocolate, these would be a hard pass. Who here is dining on some brownies for dessert?

Question 2

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a real classic. Just the smell of it is enough to bring back memories of past holidays. Something about the combination of apples and cinnamon is just so mouth watering. Many enjoy this dessert with a large scoop of ice cream on top, but there is no wrong way of eating a tasty dessert like this one. Of all the pies out there, apple has got to be the most legendary. Does everyone here enjoy a slice from time to time, or do some pass it up for other options?

Question 3

Confetti Cake

Confetti, sprinkle, funfetti, it does not matter what we choose to call this cake, because when it comes down to it, all of these names mean the same thing. It is a white cake, which has been loaded up with delicious sprinkles. This cake is not only delicious, but it is something pretty cool to look at as well. The bright colors instantly make us think of happy birthday parties thrown for young children. Who here is looking forward to a corner piece of confetti cake?

Question 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is the treat that we leave out for Santa every year. Chocolate chip cookies are a dessert most of us began eating as children. They are easy enough to make, and paired with a cold glass of milk, they can be a very tasty dessert indeed. Some cookies are firm, and some are soft and chewy, but all of them come chock full of chocolate chips. Is there anyone out there who is just not crazy about these cookies? No answer is a wrong answer!

Question 5


For those who are not familiar with this tasty treat, a churro is a type of fried doughnut pastry. Most commonly, they are served coated in sugar and with a side of dipping sauce. Many choose chocolate or caramel, but even some fruit jams have been known to make their way onto a churro plate. These pastries are crunchy on the outside, but very soft on the inside. How is everyone here feeling about this sweet treat? Dine, or pass it up for something else?

Question 6

Carrot Cake

Here is a dessert that is sure to split the room in half. Sure, carrot cake is technically a cake, but many have argued that anything containing such high amounts of veggies, should not be considered a dessert. While both points are valid, there is an argument to be made about the delicious cream cheese frosting that usually goes on top of a cake like this. One way or another, we must decide how we really feel about carrot cake being served after dinner.

Question 7

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is a classic. It can be enjoyed in so many different ways. It can be elegantly prepared with homemade ingredients and served up in a beautiful glass bowl, or it can be as simple as scooping some out of a plastic cup. Yes, it seems that chocolate pudding is a dessert that reaches everyone, the rich and the less fortunate. How does everyone here feel about pudding as a dessert? Would we order up a bowl (or cup)?

Question 8


Now here is a very versatile dessert option. While donuts have recently become a popular "instagrammable" dessert, most of us remember eating them back in the day just for the delicious taste. The thing with donuts, is that there are a million different varieties. We can have them super plain, or super decked out with all of the toppings. Some of them are even filled with extra stuff! Whether for the gram or for the taste, who here enjoys these?

Question 9

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is definitely a dessert which falls onto the sweeter side. Usually the filling is made up of mostly sugar, but who eats dessert thinking no sugar is going to be involved? The pie comes covered in delicious pecans also, but if nuts are not your thing, maybe this pie should be a pass. This pie is a go-to for holiday dinners, but if on a table with so many other desserts, who would still choose a slice of the stuff?

Question 10

Lemon Squares

Okay, let's leave the super sweet behind for a moment and take a look at a dessert that is a bit more bitter. Lemon squares totally still involve a bunch of sugar, but combined with so much lemon, they turn into a bitter sweet dessert. Some may even call them a bit sour. They are moist with a crumbly bottom, and they are often served with some coffee or a nice mug of tea. Thoughts on this dessert? Are we dinning or passing?

Question 11

Key Lime Pie

Staying in the citrus family, let's take a quick look at key lime pie. Key lime pie consists of a pie crust and filling that has been heavily flavored with lime juice. Depending on who is preparing this dessert, it may or may not come with a layer of meringue on top. While the lime may make people think that this dessert is going to be super sour, it really isn't. However, the citrus flavor is strong. How are we feeling about key lime pie?

Question 12

Coconut Cream Pie

While this dessert may sound like a deluxe treat, it really isn't too difficult to make. The filing of this pie is actually just a custard or a pudding which has been flavored with coconut. The coconut could easily be swapped for another flavor, but lets stay on topic here. Apart from the coconut custard, this pie will also usually come with a layer of whipped cream. All together this pie is a light and fluffy dream dessert! Who wants to try?

Question 13

Peach Cobbler

Cobbler is a treat that can be made with any fruit or berry we desire, but let's be honest, peach will always be the most popular option. Peach cobbler is another dessert that is likely to remind people of their childhood. Walking into a home which has a freshly baked cobbler inside of it, is unlike any other scent experience. This is another dessert that is often enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Who is crazy for cobbler?

Question 14

Ice Cream Sundae

Here is one for the less adventurous dessert eaters. An ice cream sundae can be prepared to fit anyone's tastes. We can choose our flavor of ice cream, and top it off with any treats we want. However, there are some out there who just can not get down with how cold ice cream is. Yes, some people actually despise the treat itself. We are interested to know how many people would dine, and how many would pass... Make your pick!

Question 15

Cream Puffs

Cream puffs are simple. They are puffed pastries filled with a light whipped cream. Sometimes they may be dipped in chocolate or another type of coating, but usually they are enjoyed just plain and simple. Some may think that these are a bit boring, but others are sure to stand up for this classic dessert. How is everyone here feeling about them? Pop one into our mouths, or wait to see if there is something better? To cream puff, or not to cream puff?

Question 16

Chocolate Eclairs

Chocolate eclairs are very similar to a cream puff, but somehow more exciting. They are longer in size, and they usually contain more filling than the puffs. They also have a thick coating of chocolate running across the top. Something about this dessert just screams elegance, even though it is hard to eat one of them without making a huge mess. Who here has always been a fan of the eclairs, and who thinks they are simply overrated? Dine or pass?

Question 17

Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry mousse may never win any popularity awards, but when looking for a light easy dessert, what could be better? It is a simple dessert to make and to eat. However, one has to be down with the strawberry to get down with a dessert like this one. It's light and airy though, and quite the delicate little snack. Would anyone here pick some mousse over a slice of heavy cheesecake? We want to know!

Question 18


While their name is quite fun to say, Snickerdoodles are essentially just sugar cookies which have been rolled in cinnamon sugar. They are often seen as a holiday favorite, but they can certainly be enjoyed all year round. In terms of cookies, these are fairly simple to make. The recipe can also be easily altered to avoid the use of eggs. Who here would be down for a large batch of these cookies, and who would prefer a bag of Oreos?

Question 19


Now here is a dessert that is very filling. Cheesecake is known for being very rich and creamy, but it is just as known for its heaviness. One piece of this stuff, while delicious, is usually enough to keep us full for sometime. The key ingredient in this dish is the cream cheese. There is a ton in every cake. Usually the bottom of these cakes are constructed with a crumbly type of cookie. We are sure there are some big times fans of this option out there!

Question 20

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is a go-to for anyone who just does not care for regular old cake. When it comes time to choose a birthday cake, we must assume that people who do not like cake struggle a bit. That is why there is ice cream cake! It is really just ice cream, but it has been prepared in the shape of a cake. Sometimes there are other bonus treats involved, like cookie crumbs and chocolate fudge. Who is ordering one of these for their next birthday?

Question 21

Bananas Foster

Here is one we are certain everyone has heard of, but we are not sure if everyone has actually tried it before. This dessert is not exactly as easily prepared as some of the others are. To create this dish we need bananas, sugar, butter, banana liqueur, and of course, ice cream. The bananas and the butter and cooked in a pan, and then the banana liqueur is poured onto it and ignited. This does not only add a flare of style, but it gives it a delightfully warm taste!

Question 22


We have already looked a chocolate pudding, but what about good old fashioned custard? Custard is a sweet pudding with a yellow color. It is a very basic dessert, but to spice things up, people have started torching it. This creates a crunchy top coat to the pudding. We do not care how one enjoys this treat, we just need to know who would order it and who would pass it up for any other dessert option on the menu!

Question 23


If we are talking about desserts on a budget, this one would surely take the cake (get it?). Jello can be purchased for about a buck a box, and it makes a entire tray full. There are a ton of different flavors available, and honestly what is more fun than playing with jello? The only fall back? Some associate jello with places like hospital and old folks home. Since it is so easy to eat, jello is usually a popular dessert in these kinds of places.

Question 24


Does everyone remember the cupcake fad that happened a few years back? It was kind of the same thing as what is going on with donuts these days. Cupcakes are very pretty treats, and they can be decorated to fit any event. Since they can be made in so many different flavors as well, it is easy to see why they became such a popular dessert. Now that the craze has wound down a bit, what are everyone's true thoughts on the treat?

Question 25

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry rhubarb pie is a pretty original dessert idea. Everyone loves strawberries and who doesn't enjoy a piece of pie from time to time, but how often do we hear people complaining about a lack of rhubarb in their diets? It may have started out as a strange invention, but over time this has actually become a worldwide pie flavor. The bitter taste of the rhubarb completely off sets the sweet taste if the strawberries. Is this a favorite of anyone's?

Question 26

Boston Cream Pie

There was once a time when cake and pie basically meant the same thing. Back then, the same pans would be used to prepare both treats, so people could use the word pie or cake to describe their dessert. That is how this cake got labeled as a pie. It is a yellow cake which has been filled with custard, then entire thing gets coated in creamy chocolate. How is that for a dessert with a side of fun facts? (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Baked Alaska

For those who have trouble deciding between desserts, a baked alaska may be a dream come true. This dessert is equal parts ice cream, cake, and torched meringue. Basically to prepare this treat, we would pile a bunch of ice cream on top of a piece of cake, then cover the whole thing in meringue. After that, the dessert gets torched. Once again, this does not only add style, but taste as well! Who is down for some baked alaska?

Question 28

Lemon Meringue Pie

Anyone who has been dreaming of lemon squares since we talked about them, should get ready for one step better than a lemon square in this question. A lemon meringue pie is the dessert choice of all lemon lovers. It is tangy and sweet, and the meringue is totally just an added bonus. Lemon squares are all well and good, but this pie is known for being the leader of the citrus desserts. Is this one a favorites of anyone's?

Question 29

Fruit Salad

Okay, we are expecting a little bit of eye rolling at this question. While we totally understand that some people would never accept this as a valid dessert option, we can't help but argue back that fruit salad is often listed on dessert menus. Some people out there cannot have super sugary desserts and some people truly just enjoy eating fruits, who are we to judge? We just need to know, who would love to sit down to a bowl of fruit after a meal?

Question 30

Banana Split

Maybe an ice cream sundae was just too simple for some people? That is how we are assuming this dessert sky rocketed to popularity. Instead of a simple scoop of ice cream and some chocolate sauce, a banana split offers various ice creams, all topped with different sauces. Oh yes, it also includes an entire banana! Some may also choose to toss in some nuts or sprinkles for a little added crunch! Who here loves the idea of a large banana split?

Question 31

Sugar Cream Pie

Now this one is for the people who can endure the sweetest of sweet treats. It is literally called a sugar pie. While cream is used to break down the sweetness, there is just no denying that this pie is very rich in sweetness. This one is another favorite that usually gets brought out around the holidays. The best thing about a dessert this sweet? We only need a small piece to really get our fix! Who is lining up for a slice?

Question 32

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a classic whether we like it or not. Even if we are not huge fans of the stuff, it is unlikely that we haven't been served at least a piece in the past. Chocolate cake is seen as being universal. Many have their wedding cakes done in chocolate, just because they think it will appeal to the most people. Who doesn't love chocolate, right? Well, as it turns out, plenty of people don't go crazy for cocoa! What about everyone here?

Question 33

Banana Pudding

We have already talked about a variety of pudding desserts, and a variety of banana desserts, but what about combining the two? Banana pudding is an excellent way to enjoy pudding if one is not so into the whole chocolate thing. It is the exact same concept, expect bananas are used for the flavor. Does this sound interesting to anyone? Who here would order up a bowl of this stuff without hesitation? Or are we better off sticking with the chocolate?

Question 34

Cake Pops

Cake pops are kind of a funny thing. We had cupcakes already, so it's not like we really needed a smaller version of cake. However, we did not have a cake option being offered on a stick, so voila! The invention of cake pops came to be. They can be made out of any cake that we like, but the truly fun part about these little desserts, is how we can decorate them anyway we want! Many choose to make fun shapes and characters out of cake pops.

Question 35


At one point in time, s'mores were only to be enjoyed while around a campfire. The elements are simple enough, just some graham crackers, some chocolate, and a roasted marshmallow. While it is easy to see why these make an excellent choice for camping, these days we can find this dessert all around. People have began altering the method used to cook the marshmallow, just so they can enjoy this snack year round. Talk about resourceful! Who loves these treats?

Question 36

Cinnamon Rolls

Sometimes just the smell of a dessert is enough to sell us on the dish. Cinnamon rolls have this exact effect on most people. Their strong cinnamon smell tends to drift and linger, so if a batch has just been baked, good luck avoiding the treat. These tend to be a popular mall snack. Again we assume people smell them while in the hall, and decide it is worth stopping in for a gooey icing covered roll. Who always picks one up?

Question 37

Pumpkin Pie

Now this dessert is one that often splits up the room. While there is no reason we can't pick up a pumpkin pie in july, they are truthfully more often found around Thanksgiving. Many people wait all year for a slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream, but many also dread having to pretend they enjoy this dessert every year. What is everyone's stance on pumpkin pie? Dine on a slice, or keep on looking for something better?

Question 38

Fruit Cake

Just like the pumpkin pie, fruit cake has many admirers, but just about as many people who dislike it. Fruit cake is a heavy dessert. It is a thick bread which has been stuffed with candied and dried fruit. There is usually a bit of alcohol used on this dessert as well. This one is truly a holiday classic, but is it a dessert we kind of just put up with? Is there anyone here who actually really loves the stuff? Remember, no answer is a wrong answer!

Question 39

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie is a summertime treat, which appeals to everyone who also enjoys things like apple pie and strawberry rhubarb. Blueberries are sweet but still a bit tangy, making this pie options less sweet than some of the others. This pie is also usually quite beautiful, because of the luscious colors that come from the blueberries. Once again, this dessert is best enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Any takers? Who here can't wait to get some pie?

Question 40


Fudge is very different than anything else in this quiz. It is not a pie, nor a cake. It is certainly not a cookie, yet not a brownie either. No trace of pudding, and definitely no ice cream. But still, fudge has all of the same sweet ingredients as the others, but it is prepared differently. All one needs to make a batch of fudge, is some sugar, some butter, and a bunch of milk. Also, patience is a must when preparing this stuff.

Question 41

Snow Cone

This one is also very different than the rest of the desserts being served in this quiz. Snow cones are a kids favorite. They are really just ice with some fruit flavored sugar poured on top, but what is wrong with that? If ice cream is just too creamy for some, or if dairy is a no-go for anyone, these snow cones would make an excellent replacement for a treat on a hot summer's day. The trick is trying to finish them before the sun melts them!

Question 42

Bread Pudding

Here is a question for everyone... Is bread pudding a dessert or a breakfast item? It has been served for both reasons, but some argue that it is just not sweet enough to be considered a dessert. All it consists of is stale bread, some milk, and a heavy amount of eggs. To make it more desserty, people have also taken to tossing in some fruits and spices. What is everyone's view on this dish? Totally a dessert, or not so much?

Question 43


This dessert will look very different depending on where we are ordering it from. Usually some sort of custard is involved, and a type of vanilla icing as well. The base is usually a puff pastry, but other bases have been used in the past. Sometimes fruits make their way onto this cake, though the original version of it had none. Regardless of the mille-feuilles we are used to, is it something we often find ourselves craving? Dine, or pass it up?

Question 44

Cherry Pie

This dessert is so classic, that songs have actually been written about it. O.k, so maybe not all of the songs were actually talking about the dessert, but we sure are! This classic pie is as simple as they come. A traditional pie crust, stuffed to the brim with cherries and cherry sauce. It is ooey and gooey, and all kinds of tasty! Who here thinks this dessert reigns supreme over all the others? We promise all responses will remain confidential!

Question 45

Rice Krispies Treats

Whether we buy these pre-made or we make them ourselves, these treats remains the same either way. Three ingredients are needed for these, no more no less. All we need to do is melt down some marshmallows and some butter, then toss in a load of Rice Krispies. We do not even need to bake them after this! Just let em' cool, and they are good to go. We can even get fancy by tossing some sprinkles on top. Thoughts?

Question 46

Mud Pie

Mud pie is a dessert that was designed with true chocolate fans in mind. It is known around the world for its large amounts of chocolate. It is a gooey chocolate cake, loaded onto a chocolate base. Sometimes even chocolate sauce is added on top, just in case there was not already enough chocolate involved. We will be clear here, no mud is actually involved in this cake at all, they just needed a name that would appeal to children. (Wikipedia)

Question 47

Chocolate Fondue

This is far and away the most interactive dessert option we have available. Fondue is really just a pot of melted chocolate. What makes it special, is all the things we decide to dip into it. Sometimes fruits, sometimes cookies, sometimes even marshmallows. There is just no limit to the amount of tasty things we can stick into a chocolate fondue pot. This dessert is known for being a romantic choice. Would anyone choose this dessert for a date night?

Question 48

Whoopie Pie

Whoopie pies can be called a number of different things. Some refer to them as cookie, others cake, and obviously pie is a popular term as well. However, they are kind of their own unique thing. They consist of two moist pieces of "cake", which sandwich a light whipped cream filling. Plenty of people make these homemade, but Little Debbie also produces a popular version of this treat. Do we have any takers for this dessert, or not really? (Wikipedia)

Question 49

Salt Water Taffy

This candy has been around since the 80s. It is a very soft, very chewy type of taffy. It is definitely more popular in certain states, but these days it can be found just about anywhere. The flavor options are endless, and their colorful designs are just as fun and limitless as their flavors. Is there anyone here who swears by these tiny candies? Or are these an automatic pass up for anyone here today? Do we dine on a bag, or leave them at the store? (Wikipedia)

Question 50


For this final question, let's take a look at these italian delights. The outside is made up of a fried pastry shell, and the inside is made of a cream filling. Usually some sort of rich cheese is used in the filling as well. Things like chocolate chips and nuts are also often added to the mixture. While these are definitely an italian staple, there is nothing stopping the rest of us from enjoying these as well! Who here loves these desserts more than all the others?

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