Most Moms Won't Pass This Pregnancy Quiz

There are so many myths about pregnancy, it can be hard to know what's the truth and what's not. In fact, many moms -even those with multiple babies still believe old wives tales about their growing babies. But let's face it, there's just so much going on during those long nine months that even some doctors don't know every detail of the pregnancy process. In fact, scientists still haven't uncovered the reason the body does many of the things it does while pregnant!

What are babies doing while in the womb? What are some of the many side effects of pregnancy? What physically happens to your body while you carry a baby? And what kinds of things should you avoid while pregnant? These are some of the many topics that we're willing to bet that most moms (and especially men and women who haven't had the pleasure of carrying a baby around in their womb) don't know that much about when it comes to the process of growing a human being from a tiny embryo. That's why we think only 10% of moms and even smaller percentages of those who haven't been pregnant will be able to pass this quiz.

Think you know it all about making a baby? Then prove it!

1How much weight should a healthy woman gain during pregnancy?

We've all heard that a pregnant woman should "eat for two," but actually her daily caloric increase should be nowhere near double. Really, she is only supposed to eat about 450 extra calories per day during the third trimester -although this number will vary for women who were underweight or overweight before pregnancy. Putting on too much weight doesn't just make it hard to shed the baby weight post-pregnancy either, it can actually cause health problems in the child's life later on -children of women who gained excessive weight during pregnancy are four times as likely to become overweight themselves.

2What is the best way to prevent stretch marks?

No woman wants to see those giant red lines spread all over her belly just because she's carrying a little one, but 90% of women get them. Scientists say that if your mother had stretch marks, you'll probably get them yourself. Keeping your skin hydrated can help keep it elastic, which can help reduce the tearing that turns into stretch marks, but it won't prevent you from getting them altogether. So what should you look for when buying stretch mark creams and lotions?

3Which organ helps the baby to grow?

There are nearly 80 organs in the adult human body ranging from the thyroid to the lungs and including some things you don't normally think of as an organ -like your skin, nose and tongue. Babies start to develop almost every organ they will ever have while they are growing in the womb, although some -like the reproductive organs don't fully develop until much later. What is the only organ that a person can grow after they have already been born?

4Which of the following does NOT grow during pregnancy?

Your baby isn't the only thing that grows during pregnancy. In fact, your uterus grows an incredible 500 times its usual size! Sure your belly gets bigger along with the fetus, but you might be surprised to learn which body parts do grow right alongside your baby bump. Not all women will experience all of these changes and they may sometimes be too small to notice even if they do change, but one of these body parts does not grow during any regular pregnancy while the other three often do.

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