Only A Girl Can Ace This Disney Princess Quiz...But A Boy Can Try

In today's quiz we honor our beloved Disney Princesses, the old and the new. For years these leading ladies have taught us to dream big, and to believe in ourselves, which in our opinion earns them some major credit. Our beautiful heroines dance, sing, get dressed by animals, and quite frankly kick villain butt. We know, we know, the princesses are not out there battling evil octopuses, and dragon queens alone, they of course always have their trusty side-kick along to help, and of course we will shout out the the princes, and various male characters who have also helped, but they get enough praise on a daily basis, so today it is all about our girls!

Apart from showering our lovely princesses in praise, we want to recognize you! You are the die hard fans of these stories (or at least we will find out if you are), who have followed these leading ladies since the very beginning. From pumpkins turning into carriages, to palaces made of magic ice, you have seen it all, and sang along with every song. If this does not sound like you, we strongly suggest you get to work and start binging these magical films right away, and don't forget to "whistle while you work!".

Question 1

Who was the very first Disney princess?

We are going all the way back to 1938 for this first question. That was the year our very first Disney princess made her debut on the big screen. Who could have guessed back then, that she was opening the doors to something so huge, and so magical. Even after everything that has come after, she still remains one of the most popular Disney princesses of the bunch. Do you know which of these ladies was the very first ever?

Question 2

"It's not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything." Who said it?

A very good lesson to learn indeed. How is it that all of these princesses got so wise? We assume it has something to do with the whole talking to owls thing. This is only the tip of the iceberg when thinking about all of the beautifully phrased life advice these ladies spoil us with in every film. Looking back through the entire catalog of lovely princess quotes, can you remember which one it was that said these intelligent words?

Question 3

Who lived here?

Another thing we have learned from our leading ladies, is that not everyone who lives in a castle always started off in one. In fact it seems the majority of our princesses came from humble roots. What is even more ironic is that the few Disney princesses who were born into riches do not seem to enjoy their lives very much, and instead dream of a different life, perhaps one lived in a small cottage like this one. Can you remember who lived here?

Question 4

Who traded their freedom to save their father's?

They are beautiful, well dressed, and brave as hell. Our Disney princesses never fail to do what ever they can to help the greater good, even if it means risking themselves in the process. While some take on armies, and others clean-up after evil stepmothers, their core's remain the same. They are good people through and through. The brave lady in question here, put her own life on the line to save her father's, can you remember who it was?

Question 5

"Almost There" Who sang this song?

We hope you have been singing along with our princesses all of these years, because you will have had to to be able to place the singer of each song you're about to see throughout this quiz. Each princess is very different, but they all have music in common. A requirement of becoming a Disney princess is having a beautifully, soothing voice after all. Keeping in mind that this is one of many songs you will need to remember, can you think of who sang this one?

Question 6

Who owned these birds?

Animal relationships is something else our Disney princesses all have in common. Some of them speak to them, some of them use them as house cleaning, and some of them merely keep them as pets. No matter what the situation is the furry, or feathered creatures never really seem to mind, in fact they seem to swoon over the princesses much like we do when they start to sing. Can you remember who owned a cage full of these chubby, little white birdies?

Question 7

“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine”. Who said it?

How nice is that?! This is something everyone can use a reminder on every once in a while. It's easy fro us to get caught up in daily stresses, or worries, and we have a tendency to pass that on to those around us, so it's always nice to remember that our happiness is within us and controlled by us. If we radiate with happiness those around us will too! Which lovely lady put this advice so eloquently in this quote?

Question 8

"When Will My Life Begin?" Who sang this song?

Who has not asked themselves this question at least once? O.k maybe we haven't all written a song, and choreographed a dance about it, but still it is something we can all relate to at the very least. Whether you are figuring out what to do with your life in general, or just waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around, so your time can be yours again, this question definitely hits us each on a different level. Who's song is this?

Question 9

Who lost their parents to a shipwreck?

While their stories all usually end with a happily ever after, almost none of them start off that way. To truly appreciate the love. and magic in their lives, our princesses first has to suffer through great losses. The Disney princess in question here was no different, as a young child she lost both of her parents in a horrible shipwreck. A fate we would not wish upon our worst enemies. Can you remember which princess this tragedy belongs to?

Question 10

“Well there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming”. Who said it?

Something all of our Disney princesses have down in spades, is inspirational quotes. Time and time again these women teach us some of the most important life lessons. While some have been criticized in the past for seeming too love struck, or doe-eyed, truthfully all they were trying to do was let us know we should always follow our dreams, regardless of what they are. Can you remember exactly which princess knew the importance of dreaming, and said these words?

Question 11

What were the names of the 3 faeries who raised Aurora?

Ah the good faeries! Who doesn't love the good faeries!? (Sorry for anyone reading this who has some odd hatred for them, but yes we are judging you). They may not have been the best care takers, but they loved princess Aurora, and they did their very best to raise her into the lovely lady she is today. While a large part of the public actually believes their names to be Red, Green, and Blue, we are here to inform you that is very, very incorrect. What was their actual names?

Question 12

Who lived here?

Do not be fooled, each princess's castle is very different, regardless of how similar you may remember them looking. This one here should stand out a bit farther than the rest. Without giving away to much, you should know this castle is special for so many reasons, and not just that it was the home of one of our leading ladies during her film. Now, without going to google can you use your memory, and remember who this castle belongs to?

Question 13

"Someday My Prince Will Come" Who sang this song?

Some of them dream of adventure, some of romance, some dream of both. Another awesome lesson from our girls: WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! While in the past people have commented on the shallowness of our princesses, we believe that to be unfair. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of your one true love, even if he is a handsome, well to-do prince. Everyone is entitled to their dream, and we should never forget that. Can you remember who sang this song?

Question 14

Who was almost forced to marry a sorcerer?

Ugh. We apologize for even bringing this up. While it may be some of your opinions that our princesses are too focused on romance, this situation in particular was absolutely not something the princess had asked for. In an attempt to rule the world, or what ever it is these villains always seem to be after, they also decided they would take our fair princess as their wife. AS IF! Geez, have these villains ever even seen a movie?! Who are we talking about here?

Question 15

“Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.” Who said it?

Man oh man, our hearts are melting at this one. The speaker of these words could not be any more correct. We often hold the answers we are looking for within ourselves, but are either to scared of the answer or to nervous to take action on it. Either way it is important for us always to remember the we control our destiny, and are choices are no one's but ours to make! Can you remember who spoke these words?

Question 16

Who lived here?

Not quite a cottage, not quite a castle, who did this mysterious little home belong to? It looks tall, and possibly help up by magic, but that is not a confirmed fact. The surroundings seem lovely and peaceful, but quiet, and perhaps lonely. Was this a home where a princess began, or a home they ended up in? These are your questions to answer if you wish to move on to the next segment of the quiz! Who lived in this house?

Question 17

Who is in love with a flute player?

Much to popular believe, not all of the Disney princes were vapid, and boring. In our opinion, they just didn't get the screen time, or background story they deserved. The prince in question however, did divulge a few tidbits about himself throughout his movie. Our princess fell in love with him for reasons much deeper than his looks. Could his ability to play the flute have been one of them? possibly. Which princess are we referring to in this question?

Question 18

"Part of your world" Who sang this song?

O.k so this one should be easy. If it is not an obvious one for you, this may be a good place to stop, and do some quick studying before you continue. This song is an absolute classic. The princess in question, is dreaming a life different from her own. She has had enough of her day to day, and is ready to make a change for herself. Are you feeling inspired yet? Which of the 4 listed below sang this song?

Question 19

Whose prince charming turned out to be evil?

Here we go, this one is for you prince haters out there. This question is actually relevant to a lot of our princesses stories, but one in particular listed below is the correct answer. Our princess in question, did have a love interest during her film, but it was not him who saved her from the unspeakable things that were sure to unfold, had the villain had his way. Out of the 4 options below, who was not rescued by a prince in their film?

Question 20

"How Far I'll Go" Who sang this song?

If you read the title out loud it really should answer the question for you. If you do not read this in the voice of the princess, and to the beat of the song, are you even a Disney fan at all? This is one of those Disney songs that surpassed it's films fame and became a hit on it's own. No doubt it is on a lot of your playlists already. Can you remember which beauty sang this song?

Question 21

“They say if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true”. Who said it?

Yea, we can't actually promise you that this is true. It does sound very nice, and makes for a very stereotypical princess quote, but it is a little less realistic than some of the others. In fact if recurring nightmares mean there is a chance that these things will come to pass, we all may as well give up now, am I right? Which of the Disney princesses below had the right intentions with this quote, but missed the mark a bit?

Question 22

Who is not a princess?

Funny how they are all labeled as such, when a handful of them never actually had a royal title. We think Disney may just define the word princess as : Beautiful, brave, butt kicking, girl in a gown. Hey it works for us, plus if you have ever dreamed if being a princess, this definition might make it a bit easier, especially since Harry is now officially off the market. Out of the 4 options below, which is not a real princess?

Question 23

"Something There" Who sang this song?

This one may be tricky, just because the title is short a vague. If you never downloaded, or youtubed you favorite Disney songs you may but be able to place the title. We never said this was going to be easy! Here are some lyrics from the song to help you out a bit..."There's something sweet, and almost kind, but he was mean, and he was coarse, and unrefined, and now he's dear, and so unsure, I wonder why I didn't see it there before"

Question 24

"Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free!" Who said it?

Another princess who was definitely not defined by a prince, or even just a man in her film. YOU GO GIRL! This princess taught us there are far worse things than being alone. We are not speaking of completely alone, family, and friends are always important to have with you, but to be on your own without a romantic relationship can be freeing. We should never forget that our greatest love story should always be with ourselves. Who said it?

Question 25

Who lived here?

Ah! We hope you didn't think you were getting away that easy, with just guessing one little cartoon cottage. Here we see another, similar, to other you have, or may still see on this quiz. It is a clearly a quaint home, nothing too fancy, but it has a look of peacefulness doesn't it? It is certainly more serene than a palace, or busy castle would be. Can you think back and remember who this adorable little home belonged to?

Question 26

"Once Upon a Dream" Who sang this song?

We've got another big dreamer on our hand ladies, and gentlemen. These songs may be getting tricky now, if you had thought you knew who sang about their dreams, and only just realized that several of them actually do this. We'll give you some lyrics to help you out..."Once upon a night, I dreamed we'd be together, in love forever. Once upon a night, I was wishing for a never, A never ending." Can you remember which Disney princess sang this song?

Question 27

“Oh, he’s very handsome, isn’t he?” Who said it?

We can't really spin this one around into a more righteous quote than it is. Our princess here, is being superficial, but who cares?! We've all walked passed people on the streets and been taken a back by their dreaminess, these things happen! The princess in question here, has clearly just fallen in love, and once they do that they tend to stay fixated until they've won their man. Can you remember which of the 4 Disney princesses listed below said this?

Question 28

Who was poisoned by an apple?

Yikes, that does not look like something anyone would willingly take a bite out of. This is one only the real fans, who have been watching since the very beginning will understand. Sorry for all of you babies out there, but if you think Elsa is the original queen, you've got it all wrong. You may need to to some deep memory searching to get this one right, or if you really are a die hard fan then it should be simple.

Question 29

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" Who sang this song?

Changing it up slightly, now they are still dreaming, but they are doing it with their heart instead. Way to do your own thing girl, we love it! Again we can not confirm that the science behind this statement is true or not, but it does not seem that likely. Luckily in the world of Disney things do not need to be likely, they just need to be magical. Truly a world we all wish we could live in right?

Question 30

“I am not a prize to be won!” Who said it?

No you are not! and neither are any of you who are reading this. This quote has to go down as one of the most important lessons we learned from any of our princesses. Not just women, but men alike, all need to know their self worth, and know that they are no ones property (especially not a villains for Pete sake!) Can you remember which Disney princess we have to thank, for this inspiring, and ever so important quote?

Question 31

“People think I’m odd. So I know how it feels to be different, and I know how lonely that can be”. Who said it?

They may be stereotyped as the pretty girls, but that is a very false assumption. While yes, they are all gorgeous cartoon ladies, they do not all get treated the way one would think the beautiful ones in life do. Some started their fairy tales off as out casts, and some even ended theirs that way, and honestly that is the way we like it! Who wants to be normal? Certainly not us, and definitely not the princess in question here.

Question 32

Who lived here?

This one has to be an easy give away. This palace is legendary, and really needs no explanation, if you are as big a Disney fan as you lead on. Not only is the structure extremely recognizable, it is also seen frequently throughout it's film, where as a lot of the other castles are only shown once or twice, and usually from a distance. Can you think back, and remember which of the 4 Disney princesses listed below lived here?

Question 33

“I don’t know what I can do. Still I know I’ve got to try.” Who said it?

YAS GIRL! This princess is teaching people everywhere to never give up. We may not have the answers, or hell, even know what path to start on, but if we never try we will never get anywhere. In the case of this princess a lot is riding on her to achieve her task, and she, like us starts her journey, lost and unsure, but she remains determined and prevails! An inspiration to us all, with this quote in mind I may finally make it to the grocery store tomorrow...

Question 34

"Just Around The Riverbend" Who saing this song?

Again, if you do not read this song title out loud in the voice of it's princess, and along to it's beat, I really can't imagine you will end this quiz with a passing grade. This is an award winning song, and it is from, an award winning movie. Still not sure? Here are some lyrics to help..."What I love most about rivers is, you can't step in the same river twice. The water's always changing, always flowing." Who sang this song?

Question 35

“If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way” Who said it?

Disney does have a tendency to lead us to believe, that if something rhymes it must be true. As much as we would like to tell you this is 100% accurate, we don't want to get your hopes up. However we do support the idea of living your best life every day, and doing your best to make yourself and those around as happy as possible. All we can do is try our best right? Can you remember who said these words?

Question 36

Who goes to a tree for advice?

Honestly, we know you are all going to get this one right, but we felt it unfair to leave grandmother willow out of this quiz. She was not a Disney Princess herself, but man did she ever help the one who vised her in her most desperate of times. I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say, I wish I had a wise tree around to offer me support, and advice. Which princess speaks to this tree?

Question 37

"Reflection" Who sang this song?

Truly a beautiful song. We encourage all of you to go and take a listen regardless of whether you answer correctly or not. It really is just a great song. Here are a few of it's lyrics to give you a taste..."Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know? Somehow I cannot hide who I am, though I've tried. When will my reflection show who I am inside?" Who sang this song?

Question 38

“Can I just say something crazy?” Who asked it?

Yes, yes you can! A question, that should never even have to be asked. If your thoughts are crazy than, join the club, we are all nut jobs. No judgments on odd balls over here, in fact we are grown ups still completely focused on the lives of Disney princesses so really, no judgement here. Which of our leading ladies, is a bit of a nutter, and had to ask this question before letting her thoughts get away from herself?

Question 39

"Whistle While You Work" Who sang this song?

This is actually a good tip if you can whistle! Also if you work a job where you boss doesn't mind if you whistle all day (we apologize you your colleagues in advance for putting this idea in your heads). This Disney princess found out that whistling is a great way to distract the mind from a mundane task, and can actually turn it into a fun chore! Can you think back and remember who sang this happy little song?

Question 40

Who is the newest Princess?

Here we are, our grand finale. How have you done so far? We are sure you have been killing it! Please do not worry if you didn't, all that means is that it is time to watch some movies! Since we started our quiz off by asking who our first ever princess was, we feel it is only fitting to end it with asking you which Disney princess was the most recent to join the ranks? Do you know the right answer?

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