Did This Storyline Take Place On Grey's Anatomy?


If there is one television show that has some pretty crazy storylines, it would be none other than the Shonda Rhimes drama Grey's Anatomy. Since the show premiered in 2005, it has been incredibly popular, and you probably haven't missed a single episode. Sure, you have friends who have stopped watching after getting too frustrated, and it's safe to say that fans agree that the show stopped being groundbreaking around the fourth season mark. But chances are, whenever you tried to break up with this show, you came back for more because you love the characters and you absolutely need to know what's going to happen.

No matter how big of a fan you might be, do you really know absolutely everything that has gone down? Maybe you're a true Grey's fan with an encyclopedia knowledge of the characters and plotlines! It's time to take a trip down memory lane, get in touch with this juicy hospital drama, and think about the big moments that have made this show such a part of pop culture history. Let's find out how much you know and how much you recall! Take this quiz and guess whether these storylines took place or not on Grey's Anatomy!

Question 1

Cristina Yang got pregnant in season 1.

When Grey's Anatomy premiered in 2005, the 9 episode first season took the pop culture world by storm, and fans were thrilled to tune into the hospital drama and find out what the doctors were up to. And, okay, who was hooking up with whom. Brave, confident and ambitious doctor Cristina Yang (played by the talented Sandra Oh) always said that she would never be a mother. It just wasn't in her game plan. So, is it true or false that she got pregnant in season 1?

Question 2

Meredith Grey and George O'Malley dated.

When George O'Malley was introduced in the first season, fans loved that he was a super adorable character. He was sweet and it was hard not to love him. He became fast friends with the other doctors and he was part of the original intern group that included Meredith, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev and Cristina Yang. George definitely had a huge crush on Meredith and he had some luck with the ladies, but is it true or false that the two of them actually dated?

Question 3

Izzie Stevens fell in love with a patient who became a ghost.

Izzie (played by Katherine Heigl) may not be on the show anymore, but her legacy has definitely lived on. She dated George, she fell in love with Alex and they even got married, she got sick, and she moved far, far away, never to be heard from again (well, except for the time when she sent Alex divorce papers). But did Izzie actually fall in love with a patient? And did he actually become a ghost after he died in the hospital?

Question 4

Meredith almost drowned.

It's safe to say that Meredith has been through more than any other character in the entire history of television. Yes, that might sound like a pretty big and bold claim, but she really has been put through the ringer. She had a rough childhood, her mom died from Alzheimer's, and then a whole bunch of weird and crazy and traumatic things happened to her over the years at the hospital. Did Meredith almost drown? Can she add that to her list of woes?

Question 5

Alex Karev was found guilty of assaulting Andrew DeLuca.

At the end of the 12th season, Alex assaulted Andrew DeLuca because he thought that DeLuca was hooking up with his girlfriend and one true love Jo Wilson. Big mistake, of course. This became a serious legal battle and everyone was afraid that Alex would end up going to jail for a really long time. It was too much for Meredith to handle since Alex had become her new "person." Is it true that Alex was found guilty of assault?

Question 6

Derek Shepherd chose Addison Montgomery over Meredith in season 1 and 2.

When the show started, Meredith had hooked up with Derek after the two met at a bar... and then she walked into the hospital the next day to start her internship and realized that, oops, he was now technically her boss. What a way to start this new chapter of her life. Then she learned something pretty crazy: Derek was actually married to a woman named Addison Montgomery. After Addison came to Seattle, did Derek choose her over Meredith and try to give their relationship another try?

Question 7

Derek and Meredith broke up right before he died.

It's no secret that Derek and Meredith have had an epic and very special romance. Things were very touch and go at the beginning and it was unclear whether they would really commit to each other. Once they decided to give things a go, it was pretty perfect. Well, expect for the fact that in the season before Derek's incredibly tragic death, he didn't seem super supportive of Meredith's career ambition and dreams. That broke your heart. But did they actually break up before he died? Is that true or false?

Question 8

Cristina moved to NYC after leaving in season 10.

When news broke that Cristina wouldn't be a character on Grey's Anatomy forever and that Sandra Yang was leaving in the tenth season, it was pretty sad. This amazing and inspiring doctor was not only a huge part of the show but she was also Meredith's "person." You knew that you would seriously miss seeing her around the hospital and you would definitely miss seeing her and Meredith dance all the time. So where did Cristina move when she left Seattle? Did she move to NYC?

Question 9

Meredith and Derek had a big, fancy, official wedding.

Meredith and Derek had a pretty interesting romantic history. They were unconventional and untraditional for the most part but at the same time, they wanted a house and a family and all that jazz. You knew that it was only a matter of time before they tied the knot. Or at least, that's what you hoped. You couldn't really see these two not getting married. So how did they do that? Did the two of them have a big, fancy, official wedding?

Question 10

Derek died of a heart attack.

Derek Shepherd stole fans' hearts from the moment that he first appeared on screen. He wasn't called McDreamy for nothing, after all. It was impossible not to fall in love with him thanks to his good looks and charm and how much he adored Meredith. So it's really no wonder that you were completely devastated when Derek died in the eleventh season. So how did he die? Is is true that he had a heart attack that proved to be fatal?

Question 11

Meredith left town after Derek's death and had a baby.

When Derek died, you were equal parts miserable and equal parts totally worried for Meredith. You didn't know how she would react and how she would be able to keep living. You get that Meredith must have some kind of super strong survival instinct at this point since she's gone through so much. You could barely handle the bad news, so how was the love of his life and his true soulmate going to function? It was too sad for words. What did Meredith do next? Did she leave town and have a baby?

Question 12

When Cristina dated Owen Hunt, his PTSD acted up and he almost strangled her.

Cristina had a few long-term relationships, including one with Owen Hunt, aka the super hunky trauma surgeon who had been working overseas for a really long time. He was mysterious and sweet and the two of them seemed like a really good match. Sure, they had their issues (like the fact that he wanted kids and she didn't) but it seemed like they could maybe work it all out. Does Owen suffer from PTSD? Is it true that one night, that acted up and he ended up almost strangling Cristina? Did this storyline actually happen?

Question 13

Cristina left Dr. Preston Burke at the alter.

When it was clear that Cristina and Burke were super serious about each other, you probably still didn't think that they would get married, right? After all, Cristina is not exactly a hopeless romantic (and that's an understatement). You also knew that Cristina wasn't interested in becoming a mom, so sometimes, if you don't want to start a family, you don't want to make things official with anyone, either. But Cristina decided to marry Burke... or did she? Is it true that she left him at the alter?

Question 14

Arizona started dating Penny Blake, the doctor who was there when Derek died.

Things got pretty dramatic and complicated and fast when it turned out that one of the doctors was dating Penny, the doctor who was there when Derek died. In other words, the doctor who might have technically killed him... or at least didn't save him fast enough. In fact, one of the doctors brought Penny to Meredith's house for a dinner party. Yup, that really happened and yup, it was awkward. You're probably still shuddering even just thinking about it. So is it true or false that Arizona started dating Penny?

Question 15

After April Kepner lost their baby, Jackson Avery left to do volunteer work abroad.

April and Jackson might have seemed like an unlikely couple at one point, since she was super innocent and had never been with anyone before (you know, in the biblical sense...) and he was kind of a ladies' man. Just look at him. He's pretty dreamy (although he never got one of those nicknames, unlike Derek and Mark Sloan). April and Jackson fell in love and wanted to start a family, but unfortunately, they lost their baby. What did Jackson do next? Did he leave to do volunteer work abroad?

Question 16

Arizona Robbins lost her leg after a terrible plane crash.

Arizona is one of the loveliest and sweetest characters on this show. She usually seems to be in a good mood and when she's not, you totally get why and you are there for her (yes, you swear that you two are friends). One thing about Arizona is that now she only has one leg. Of course, this was a terrible tragedy in her life and it was hard to get used to this at first, but now she seems to be taking the tragedy in stride and she's moved on. So how did she lose her leg? Did this happen in a plane crash?

Question 17

Richard Webber is a recovering alcoholic who was replaced by Derek once due to his drinking.

Richard is such a lovely character. He's like a father figure to Meredith and since he had a connection with her mom, you know that the two of them will be in each other's lives forever. These days, Richard may not be chief any longer (the equally amazing Miranda Bailey has that job, of course) but he still plays a big part at the hospital and you can't imagine him not being there. Is it true that Richard has a dark past and is a recovering alcoholic? Did Derek replace him as chief because he was drinking too much?

Question 18

George died of cancer.

George was a beloved character on Grey's Anatomy and since his death several seasons ago, he is seriously missed. Since only a few of the original interns are still around, it's pretty clear that the early season are thought of as "the good old days" on this show. No matter how much you like the newer characters, you can't help but miss seeing George around. So how did this beloved and adorable character die? Did he get cancer and die as a result?

Question 19

Jo dumped Alex because she's actually married.

Alex and Jo's relationship has been pretty steady and stable. They clearly love each other and are meant to be together, and let's face it, they're both very pretty people and look good as a couple. But lately, things have been less than perfect, and that's because Alex has felt totally ready to get married and take the next step in their relationship. Does Jo feel the same way? Is it true that Jo dumped Alex because she's actually already married (and has been keeping that a total secret)?

Question 20

Richard married Jackson's mom Catherine Avery.

Richard was once married to Adele, a sweet woman who unfortunately started experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's and ended up dying from a heart attack. This was a really tough thing for Richard to go through since they had been together since forever... and since he had really complicated feelings thanks to his affair with Meredith's mom. Is it true or false that Richard has since found love and has even gotten remarried? And is that lucky woman Catherine Avery, aka Jackson's mom?

Question 21

Meredith was given the opportunity to be the President's doctor.

In the later seasons, Meredith and Derek's relationship was tested by one major theme: the fact that her star was rising and he had to come to terms with her ambition. It was pretty confusing to you that he didn't seem to always love the idea of Meredith rising through the ranks of her career. Didn't he know when they met that Meredith was going to do super well? It's still pretty mind-boggling. Is it true that Meredith was given the chance to be the President doctor?

Question 22

Cristina became the chief in season 8.

There have been a few chief of staffs on Grey's Anatomy, even though when you think about the role, you probably think of Richard Webber. After all, he was chief for a really long time and you probably agree that he's been the best one. Derek was chief at one point and now Bailey holds that special and amazing position (for better or worse, since this is causing all kinds of crazy drama). Did Cristina become the chief in the eighth season?

Question 23

After Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan died in the plane crash, the hospital was named after them.

The plane crash that took place in season 8 was a completely devastating event. It took the lives of several doctors, injured others, and changed relationships and the entire hospital forever. It was tough to watch and, honestly, the aftermath was even harder to deal with since you were so sad for everyone involved. It didn't feel like anyone could ever move on from this. So who died? Is it true that Lexie and Mark died after this crash? And was the hospital's name changed in their memory?

Question 24

April married Matthew in season 10.

When April started dating Matthew, they seemed like a great match since they both are pretty religious people. They are family oriented and tradition is important to them. You knew that April and Jackson had some serious chemistry and that definitely made things really confusing and complicated... which is why you keep watching this show. You probably thought that everything would work out well between April and Matthew though, right? But is that what really happened? In the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy, did April marry Matthew?

Question 25

In the current season, Eliza Minnick has been hired to change the teaching program at the hospital.

For years and years, aka as long as this show has been on the air, you have watched Richard Webber teach all of the interns and doctors how to practice medicine. If you want to get super cheesy, you can say that he teaches them a whole lot more than just medicine and they have learned a lot about life from him. He's a huge deal at the hospital and it's hard to imagine him not teaching future generations of incredible doctors. So is it true that a character named Eliza has been hired to take over that job from Richard?

Question 26

Andrew DeLuca fell in love with Meredith in the current season.

Andrew DeLuca is an intern on the show and he's probably the most recognizable one of the latest crop, mostly because he's the one that Alex assaulted. Since DeLuca had been hanging out with Jo a lot, Alex figured that something was going on, but nothing happened at all. It's definitely been difficult to watch Alex struggle with this. But does DeLuca have a crush on someone at the hospital? Has DeLuca fallen in love with Meredith in the current season?

Question 27

Owen ran away recently when he and Amelia had a fight.

Owen and Amelia make a pretty cute couple. They seem even better suited to each other when you think about the fact that they both went through horrible times in their lives and so they have those dark moments in common. They got married pretty quickly when you think about it, but hey, it was romantic and you were happy for them. But lately, they've been fighting about some pretty serious stuff. Did Owen run away when he and Amelia had a huge argument?

Question 28

Owen told Amelia that he doesn't want kids.

When Owen was with Cristina, the fact that he wanted children and she didn't want to be a mother someday was a huge issue in their relationship. It was the focus of a beautifully crafted episode where Cristina kept seeing their future... and she realized that she couldn't stay with him because it wouldn't be fair. So now that Owen has married Amelia, is that same problem ruining things for them as well? Is it true that Owen told Amelia that he doesn't want kids?

Question 29

Meredith got remarried after Derek's death.

It's hard to imagine Meredith living without Derek even though, of course, that's exactly what she has had to do. She has been focusing on her family life, doing her job to the best of her ability, and generally surviving. You know that she must be super sad all the time, even if she doesn't seem to talk about Derek all that much. But is Meredith happy and in love these days? Is it true or false that she got remarried recently?

Question 30

Bailey divorced Ben recently.

When Bailey's first marriage ended, it was stressful and painful for her, but then she met the lovely, cute and charming Ben Warren. He's honestly the sweetest guy and you can't imagine Bailey with anyone else. They have gone through rough patch recently, though, thanks to the fact that she ended up suspending him from his work as a nurse at the hospital. Ouch. So what do you think is going on with their relationship these days? Did the couple get divorced recently?

Question 31

Arizona and Eliza have been dating publicly all season long.

When Eliza started working at the hospital this season, it was clear that she had a crush on Arizona. You're a big fan of Arizona and you wish her the best in every situation that she's in. You might have wanted these two to get together or maybe you have hated Eliza since she was hired and so you were totally against the potential romance. But have they actually started seeing each other? Is it true or false that Arizona and Eliza have been dating publicly all season long?

Question 32

Meredith operated on a patient with a grenade inside of them.

Grey's Anatomy is known for its juicy storylines and crazy moments. It's why you keep watching, right? If the show was boring and had absolutely no drama, you would have stopped watching a long time ago, but of course the show is on season 13 and you're still totally hooked. Since Shonda Rhimes is the brains and heart behind the show, you know that you can count on insane storylines on a regular basis... and especially around the season finale time. Is it true that Meredith once operated on a patient who had a grenade inside of them?

Question 33

April once had a crush on Alex.

When April first started working at the hospital, she seemed pretty sweet and she was definitely super innocent. When it became clear to everyone that she had never slept with anyone, they teased her and thought it was weird, and then she was extremely humiliated. You definitely felt for her. Of course, since she's on a show that is all about doctors hooking up, it was only a matter of time before she started getting more experience. She's dated a few guys on the show, gotten engaged, broken off a wedding, and married someone else. But did April once have a crush on Alex?

Question 34

Alex told on Meredith when she cheated during Derek's Alzheimer's trial.

When Meredith was working on Derek's Alzheimer's trial, it was clear that this was a passion project for her thanks to her personal experience with the disease. She had a really rough time growing up with her unstable mother and when her mom developed the illness later on in life, it was even worse for Meredith. So when Meredith cheated on the trial, you did understand why she did it. But is true that Alex told on her and she could have gotten into big trouble?

Question 35

Meredith almost died giving birth when the hospital lost power during a massive storm.

Meredith has definitely had her fair share of sad and horrible moments. People think that she's the unluckiest character on television and that's probably true. Even when it seems like her luck is turning around -- like when she ended up with the love of her life Derek and they had an absolutely beautiful family -- he died. And then it was like she was back to square one. But back when things were pretty good, did Meredith have a near death experience when she gave birth during a storm?

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