Did This Happen Between Monica And Richard Or Monica And Chandler?


The characters from Friends all dated multiple people. Joey dated a whole myriad of girls, Chandler had Janice and a few other quick dates, Ross had three ex wives, Rachel left a man at the altar, Phoebe dated a gay ice dancer, and Monica had some epic loves and a few other boyfriends too. Monica's most famous boyfriends were Richard and Chandler.

Besides for dating a millionaire, a poet, and a drunk, Monica Geller made out well in the husband department. She married Chandler Bing, who was very much in love with her. Although the two were very different, Monica taught Chandler how to be a grown up and be in a long-term relationship. If it weren't for Monica, Chandler would likely have ended up unhappy.

Before Chandler, Monica dated Richard. Richard was older than the gang. He was a friend of Ross and Monica's parents, had a great moustache, and was a mature and esteemed man. Monica and Richard had a very good relationship that was hard to for them both to get over. They came across each other a few times after their breakup, but Monica chose Chandler in the end.

So many storylines happened between Monica and these men. Can you remember if these things happened with Richard or with Chandler?

Question 1

They announce their relationship at Monica's father's birthday party.

Monica dates two men who her parents are not very happy about. They are the most serious of her boyfriends, but it takes lots of adjustment from her parents before they accept the boys. It makes sense... think about it. Richard is their age and a friend of Monica's parents', and Chandler was Ross' college roommate. Monica is quite hesitant to tell people about both relationships, but which one does she announce to her parents at her father's birthday party?

Question 2

He pees on Monica after she gets stung by a jellyfish.

In "The One With The Jellyfish," Monica and her friends go to the beach to that Phoebe can speak with her biological mother. Unfortunately, Monica gets stung by a stingray and is in excruciating pain. Joey offers to pee on her but ends up being unable to, so either Richard or Chandler steps up to the plate and commits the act. The three of them are very embarrassed about it for awhile after and relay the story to their friends in shame. Was is Richard or Chandler?

Question 3

They go for a romantic weekend away and fight the whole time.

In "The One With The Kips," Monica and her boyfriend go for a romantic getaway weekend but end up fighting the whole time. They want to go for some privacy and to avoid sneaking around, but he becomes fixated on watching a car chase that is on TV. Monica adds to the unhappiness by having them change rooms several times until their room is clean enough to satisfy her. When they return, they continue arguing but eventually reconcile. Which boyfriend does this happen with?

Question 4

They don't have sex because Rachel took the last condom.

There is one episode in Friends where Monica is told by her boyfriend that he loves her and they want to sleep together afterwards. Rachel wants to have sex too, and she and Monica run to the bathroom at the same time to discover that there is only one more condom. Rachel tries bribing Monica for it, but Monica will not budge. They decide to play Rock Paper Scissors and Rachel wins, meaning that Monica has to return to her boyfriend and say never mind. Was it Richard or Chandler?

Question 5

He thinks they break up after a small fight.

Monica did not have perfect relationships. Her boyfriends were realistic in the sense that they disagreed with her and there were hiccups in the relationships. One of her boyfriends has a serious fight with Monica and worries that they had broken up because of it. Monica reassures him that they are still together and can work through the problem, and he is very relieved that a fight does not equal giving up on them as a couple. Which of her boyfriends went through this scare?

Question 6

They break up because he doesn't want kids.

Both of Monica's boyfriends are equally plausible for this scenario. Richard is significantly older than her and already had kids. He even has grandkids. To him, this part of his life is in the past. Chandler is scared of commitment and hesitates to commit to anything, let alone marriage or having children. He struggles to accept that he is in a long-term relationship and knows he has lots to learn. Which of these two men did Monica break up with for not wanting children?

Question 7

They sleep together because he pays for Monica's overdue movie.

There is an episode of Friends in which Monica goes to return a movie she had rented and is told that it is two minutes overdue and therefore more expensive. She says that she does not have as much money on her as they are asking for, and one of her boyfriends appears with the correct amount and offers to pay the total for her. They hug, and hang out for the rest of the night. Which boyfriend is it?

Question 8

They keep their relationship a secret from their friends.

Monica needed to keep secrets during both of these relationships, but one of them in particular was kept a secret from the gang for as long as possible. One person found out by overhearing the two of them flirting heavily over the phone. Only Joey knew about the relationship from early on, and had to lie about it to the gang by making himself look bad for awhile. It was very suspicious to everyone. Was it Richard or Chandler that was in hiding?

Question 9

They get together in London.

Ross dates a girl named Emily and decides to marry her very quickly. Since Emily is from London, that is where they travel to for the wedding's location. Monica feels very vulnerable while she is there, since her brother is getting married and she does not even have a boyfriend. She ends up sleeping with either Richard or Chandler and it is the beginning of their long and beautiful relationship. Which of these men does she start a relationship with in London?

Question 10

He tells Monica he loves her in front of their friends.

Monica and her boyfriends both sneak around for a bit before revealing their relationships to people. With one of them, she keeps it a secret as long as possible. When it comes out, he tells Monica he loves her in front of an audience of their friends and then they share a kiss. The friends find it very heartwarming and sweet, and Monica falls even more in love with him. Who tells Monica he loves her in front of all their friends?

Question 11

He smokes cigars and Monica comes to love the smell.

Both Richard and Chandler are smokers. Only one of them, however, is a fan of cigars. He smokes cigars infrequently, and we are not even really aware of it until one day when Monica is sad. She takes out a cigar, lights it, and simply enjoys the fumes. Her father comes over and says that he didn't know she smokes, and she says that she doesn't, she just likes the smell. We connect it back to one of her boyfriends, but which one?

Question 12

They move in together and kick Rachel out.

Monica and her boyfriend decide that it's time they move in together. They choose to move into Monica's apartment, since it is bigger and nicer. This means that her roommate Rachel is going to have to vacate her room. When Monica breaks the news to Rachel, she doesn't understand at first and thinks that the three of them will live there together. When she finally understands, she decides to move across the hall. Which boyfriend is at fault for this?

Question 13

They end up in a long conversation about how many men Monica has been with.

One day in the coffee house, Phoebe decides she wants to praise Monica's current boyfriend. She tells him that out of all the many men Monica has been with, he is her favorite. This opens a whole can of worms between them, as he wants to know how many men she has slept with. She avoids the question all night until finally revealing her magic number. He is very accepting of it and it turns out not to be a problem at all. Who is it?

Question 14

Monica gets upset that he doesn't have anything he's obsessive about.

Monica is a very obsessive person and she knows it. She likes her house to be perfectly clean and has an exact spot for each piece of furniture. When her boyfriend tries to do something nice and makes her bed for her, Monica has to remake it because the bedding is facing the wrong way. She is embarrassed to tell him this since he doesn't have any of these little obsessive things. He admits that he has a side of the bed that he absolutely must sleep on. Which boyfriend is it?

Question 15

Monica gave him sex advice before they got together.

A very famous scene from Friends is when Monica explains how to properly satisfy a woman. When a guy comes to her asking for advice, she does not hold back. She draws a little map of the female anatomy and labels it using numbers. She then says which number to go to one at a time until reaching seven and being very pleased with herself. Even Rachel is a little turned on. Which man does she explain this to before they get together?

Question 16

They decide to get married in Vegas and then back out.

When the gang all goes to Las Vegas, lots of drama happens. Ross draws on Rachel's face and they get married, Joey finds his identical hand twin, and Monica fights with her boyfriend. When the two of them finally make up, they gamble and win a lot. They decide to take it as a sign that they should get married. However, they are dissuaded when they run into the newlyweds Ross and Rachel at the chapel. They eventually decide that they're not ready for marriage. Who is it?

Question 17

Monica gets stuck watching her parents hook up in the bathroom after they sneak around.

Monica and her boyfriend still have not gone public at this point. Her parents are unaware that she is dating this man, so they sneak into the bathroom to talk. After he leaves, she waits a bit so as not to arouse suspicion. Her parents then enter the bathroom and talk, with Monica listening in. They start fooling around and hook up, leaving Monica to witness it in hiding and ending up very scarred. Which boyfriend did this happen with?

Question 18

Monica had a crush on him when she was a teenager.

Monica knew both of these men as a teenager. She knew Richard growing up since he was best friends with her father and she knew Chandler since he was Ross' college roommate. Monica developed a crush on one of these men while still in high school. She made a fool of herself in front of him while trying to impress him by making him dinner. She even accidentally cuts off the tip of one of his toes when she drops a knife. Which man was it?

Question 19

Monica covers his bed is rose petals and then he comes home with another girl.

Monica does not always have the best luck when trying to seduce men. In this particular scenario, she is not technically dating him at this point and so he is free to be with whoever he wished. He tells her that he had a date, Monica is not notified when it gets moved to earlier in the week. She comes over and decorated his bed with rose petals and lights candles. She hides under the covers when she hears a woman's voice. Which boyfriend did this humiliating even happen with?

Question 20

Ross sees them having sex from the Ugly Naked Guy's apartment.

Ross has some anger problems during a part of the show and takes a forced leave from work. He is checking out new apartments, this one is across from Monica's building, when his boss comes to visit him. Monica has still not told him about dating this guy, so it comes as a shock to him when he sees them going at it through the window. Ross screams at him to get off his sister and scares his boss. Who is he yelling at?

Question 21

Monica teaches him how to make marinara sauce for lasagna.

We all know that Monica is a chef. It is one of the main focal points of her character. We watch her work at an embarrassing diner, cook elaborate Thanksgiving meals, cater for her mother and open a catering business, and then run a restaurant on her own. In one episode, a man asks her to teach him how to make a lasagna for an event he will be hosting. While teaching him how to make marinara sauce, their hands touch and heat sparks between them. Which boyfriend is it?

Question 22

He interferes with someone trying to propose to Monica.

Although both boyfriends are opposed to marriage or children in the beginning, they both come around to the idea at approximately the same time. Richard does not want kids because that lifestyle is in the past for him, and Chandler is terrified of commitment. However, they both come around together. When one of them is trying to propose to Monica, the other realizes that he is ready too. Which one of them tries to mess up Monica's proposal but then backs down?

Question 23

He proposes but Monica says no and they keep dating.

During one of her relationships, Monica gets proposed to at a very sudden time. It is quite unexpected, especially because they had just argued. She lets him down easy, saying that they are not ready, but they continue dating and it does not ruin the relationship. They even joke about what they would have done if she had said yes. It happens in front of some friends, so it is not even a private mishap. Which of her boyfriends proposed prematurely?

Question 24

He tells Monica that he loves her after admitting to only having slept with two girls.

Monica has had many boyfriends throughout the ten series of Friends, besides for Richard and Chandler. Her boyfriends are both aware of this but it does not get in the way of her relationships. After one of Monica's boyfriends tells her that he has only been with two girls, it comes out that it is because he has only ever loved two girls. Monica understands that she is one of them, and tells him that she loves him too. Which boyfriend lets it slip that he loves her?

Question 25

He tried bonding with Monica's father but sat on his lap in the sauna room accidentally.

Monica's parents are not fans of Monica dating either Richard or Chandler at first. Luckily, they come around and support her in the end. While one of her boyfriends tries to get along with her father, they go to a sauna room and he accidentally sits on her father's lap. To make it worse, he is not even wearing a swimsuit and is completely naked. He returns to Monica very distraught about the fiasco. Was it Richard or Chandler who sat on Monica's father's lap?

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