Did Joey Date This Friends Guest Star?


On Friends, Joey was, is, and always will be everybody's favorite womanizer. He dated more women during the show's run than most people date in a lifetime. If you count all the women he talks about dating as well, it is clear that he could have virtually any woman he wanted. Yet, while Joey may have hit on every single female guest star on the show, he never did date them all. So, we wanted to see if you could separate who fell for the question, "how you doin?" and who didn't. We're going to set some ground rules to make this easier. Since, in some cases, they may not have technically gone on a date, we will consider everyone that Joey had a fling with, on or off-screen. It just has to be acknowledged openly.

Friends had a slew of amazing actors come through its set. Many of these guest stars were already famous, some blew up into megastars after their appearance. All of them are well-known stars these days. But can you remember what their role was on Friends? Can you remember if they dated and who they dated? You think you know Joey well? You've watched his moves and move your lips when he delivers his lines. But how well do you know his love life? Since these are not simply yes or no answers, you'll need to be specific. Read the answers carefully.

Can you tell us, Did Joey Date This Friends Guest Star?

Question 1

Gabrielle Union

Though she ended up becoming famous for her film roles around the turn of the century, specifically She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring it On, Gabrielle Union started acting with guest spots on television. Her first was on Family Matters back in 1993. She then had a small recurring role on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. There was also Moesha and 7th Heaven. She would continue to act in these type of spots until she became a fairly recognizable beauty and that's when Friends swooped in to pick her up. Union played Kristen Lang in one episode. Did Joey date her?

Question 2

Christina Applegate

Though it may seem like she had a bigger role, Christina Applegate only appeared in two episodes of Friends. It was a neat thing seeing her on the show in such close proximity to Joey (Matt LeBlanc) because she and LeBlanc appeared together on Married… with Children, the show that actually made both of them famous. While Applegate was one of the show's stars, LeBlanc had a recurring role on the show as one of Kelly's boyfriends. Was Applegate one of Joey's girlfriends on Friends though?

Question 3

Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor really broke out as a star when she played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995. Before that, she had a couple TV spots on big shows like Saved by the Bell, Blossom, and Caroline in the City, but nothing really huge. After Brady Bunch, she started landing some much larger roles including her guest starring role on Friends. She played Bonnie, who was friends with Phoebe, but do you remember if she dated Joey on the show?

Question 4

Soleil Moon Frye

For most people, Soleil Moon Frye will always be Punky Brewster. This title role was the one that made her famous and was one of the most iconic child roles in the 80s. She would go on to have some other decent roles, but none would ever quite stack up. Frye's part on Friends was one of the last roles she would do on television in the flesh. She would switch to voice acting for the most part after that. Did she date Joey?

Question 5

Susan Sarandon

Every so often on Friends, they would have a megastar guest star. One of the biggest in the show's history was when Susan Sarandon appeared. Playing a sexy seductress of sorts, Sarandon was excellent in her small amount of screen time. She played a character named Jessica Lockhart in only one episode. Without giving too much away about her role, her character came in close contact with Joey, but we want to know if Sarandon's character on the show dated him?

Question 6

Aisha Tyler

There's a good argument that Aisha Tyler's role on Friends is what made her into a household name. Prior to that, she was best known as the host of The Fifth Wheel. Sure, she hosted Talk Soup as well, but her nine-episode run on Friends was one of the biggest guest starring roles on the show. She was incredibly memorable, so everyone should get this one right, at least every one of the respectable fans should. So, now we ask you, did Aisha Tyler's character date Joey?

Question 7

Brooke Shields

From an early age, Brooke Shields was a star. Prior to her guest starring role on Friends, she was almost only in film. She had a couple of spots, including one on The Simpsons, but she was a film actress first, no question about it. After her part on Friends, things changed. In the same year, 1996, she landed the starring role in Suddenly Susan. After that, Shields has had many TV spots. In her role on Friends, though, did she date Joey?

Question 8

Ellen Pompeo

Before Grey's Anatomy, did anyone know Ellen Pompeo's name? She had two different guest parts on Law & Order early on in her career. She had parts in the films Catch Me If You Can, Old School and Daredevil as well, but she was hardly an A-List actor in the making in those roles. Then came her guest starring role in Friends and even that was forgettable. It was only after she became a huge star in Grey's Anatomy that people took notice. Did her character date Joey?

Question 9

Selma Blair

When Cruel Intentions came out, Selma Blair was almost completely unknown. Following that film, she landed the lead role in the show Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane and would have remained completely unknown if we didn't still remember her from the movie Cruel Intentions. She then started getting some more recognizable roles, in films like Legally Blonde and Hellboy. There was also Friends scattered in there. It's almost a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role. But was it a role in which she dated Joey?

Question 10

Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn waited until she landed a role in Twin Peaks to really break out. Playing Audrey Horne, Fenn was incredible and showed she had the chops to make a solid career out of acting. Landing several prominent film roles afterward, Fenn also had a small part on Friends. She played an interesting character named Ginger. The following year, Fenn landed the lead role on Rude Awakening, but we're not here for that. Do you remember if her character ever dated Joey?

Question 11

Leah Remini

It seems like Friends was the launching pad for so many future television stars, almost like they used their guest spot as a trial run. Well, Leah Remini fits that class too. Yeah, she was in Saved by the Bell a long while ago, but there was a stretch of several years in between SBTB and King of Queens, a stretch during which she was a guest star in Friends. So there you have it. She had a guest role on Friends. Did she date Joey?

Question 12

Jennifer Grey

Would you believe us if we told you that the biggest role Jennifer Grey had following her massive performance in Dirty Dancing was in Friends? It's true. She did have a few other roles, but they were in films and on shows that didn't get a lot of attention. There's a good chance that you don't even remember who she was in Friends. We would tell you, but then you would probably know the answer to the following question: did Grey's character in Friends date Joey?

Question 13

Denise Richards

Denise Richards has played the sexy woman in almost everything she's ever been in. Early in her career, she played the sexy girl in Starship Troopers, Wild Things and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Even though she played a doctor in The World is Not Enough, no one was buying it. For her part in Friends, she was sexy as well. It would be hard for her to play anything but because, well, she is. So, knowing that, did she date Joey on Friends.

Question 14

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis was already a massive TV star when she showed up on Friends. This role was after she had already completed Melrose Place. The mammoth show, Sex and the City, had started and they were a couple of seasons in at least. So, there's no excuses here. Even though she only appeared on one episode, you should remember her on the show, but do you remember who she was and who she played? Do you remember if her character dated Joey?

Question 15

Rebecca Romijn

By the time she showed up in Friends, Rebecca Romijn was already an incredibly famous model. She was everywhere in advertising, but she had never before played a character on television or film. That's right. Friends was her first. It was only after that small role that she landed X-Men and Femme Fatale and became known for her acting. It's no secret that her role on Friends was built around her looks, but do you know who she played? Do you remember if she dated Joey?

Question 16

Anna Faris

When Anna Faris got a part on Friends for several episodes, she was already well on her way to making a name for herself in the comedy world. The Scary Movie franchise had already gone through three installations, Hot Chick had come and gone and she had even had roles in the underrated horror film, May, and the huge hit, Lost in Translation. It would make sense that she and Joey would date, but do you remember if they ever did on the show?

Question 17

Jill Goodacre

Jill Goodacre is not an actress. She's a model and, in the 80 and 90s, she was one of the world's biggest models. Though she appeared in one episode of Friends, Goodacre will always be best known as the beautiful and recognizable Victoria's Secret model. Maybe you're more familiar with Goodacre's husband, Harry Connick Jr. The two have been married since 1994, the same year she appeared on Friends. Do you remember if her character on the show dated Joey?

Question 18

Reese Witherspoon

It didn't take Reese Witherspoon very long to get her career off and running. It was likely Fear, which first put her on the mainstream map back in 1996. She then had a stretch of high-quality roles in Pleasantville, Cruel Intentions, Election, Little Nicky, American Psycho and, of course, Friends. After she had her two-episode run on Friends, Witherspoon went off and did Legally Blonde, forever cementing her name in the A-List record book. We want to know if she dated Joey though. Well, did she?

Question 19

Missi Pyle

When Missi Pyle got her role in Friends, she was a nobody, at least in Hollywood. She had proven that she had a knack for comedy though, appearing in As Good as It Gets, Galaxy Quest, Mad About You, and the Drew Carey Show. Though she never really has had a crucial role in a film or television show, she is very recognizable. Even if you don't know her name, you know her face. In Friends, she was a love interest, but was she Joey's love interest?

Question 20

Lea Thompson

We don't really need to describe who Lea Thompson is, but we will because we're nice like that. She was Marty McFly's mom in Back to the Future. She was also in her own show at the same time as Friends, Caroline in the City. In fact, this show had an influence on her role in Friends. We're confident that you know Thompson, but we're not so confident you remember her on Friends. Do you know if she dated Joey?

Question 21

Winona Ryder

Of course, we know that you know Winona Ryder. By the time she showed up on Friends, she had been one of the biggest names in the industry for about two decades. Her star status makes her appearance on Friends incredibly memorable. We feel this one might be a bit too easy. The episode she appeared in was one of the most talked about episodes at the time. Please tell us you know if her character on Friends ever dated Joey.

Question 22

Jennifer Coolidge

When Jennifer Coolidge landed a guest-starring role on Friends, she had already played her most memorable role as Stifler's Mom in American Pie. She had also done her other big parts in Best in Show and Legally Blonde. Her part in Friends was hinted at prior to her appearing on screen. It was one of the smaller parts on this list, but we still expect you to remember her. Coolidge seems like the type of woman that Joey would be interested in, but was she really? Do you remember if she ever dated Joey?

Question 23

Elle Macpherson

Macpherson never was an actress. She was always a model first, and a very popular one at that. She got the part on Friends and made a name for herself quickly, showing up in five episodes. Later, she would rub fans of the show the wrong way by saying she regretted ever appearing on Friends. She claims that she never knew or expected it to be as big of a hit as it was and, for some people, it overshined her work as a model. Did her character date Joey?

Question 24

Olivia Williams

In her first ever television appearance, Olivia Williams showed up in an episode of Friends. Before that, we had seen her in the films The Postman, Rushmore and The Sixth Sense. We wouldn’t go as far as to say she was particularly well known at that time, but we knew her face from somewhere. Nowadays, Williams is fairly respected in the industry, but who cares about all that noise? What we want to know is did Williams' character date Joey on Friends?

Question 25

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts speaks for herself. She's long been one of those names that every single person who has ever watched a film knows. When she appeared on Friends, Roberts was in the peak of her career. The episode she appeared in was the most-watched episode of Friends in the show's history. It debuted after the Super Bowl, cleverly titled, "The One After the Super Bowl." It was also noteworthy because Roberts did not and does not do a lot of television. Do you remember it? Do you remember if Roberts' character dated Joey?

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