Did It Happen On Friends Or The Big Bang Theory? Only True Fans Know

One of them is a cultural touchstone of the 1990s and one of the most memorable sitcoms in history. The other one is currently airing its final season and can very well be considered the last of an era. One is about young adults trying to make it through life in New York City. The other is about a gang of nerds finding their place in this world in their own quirky way. With their humor, their unforgettable characters, and a combined total of 22 seasons, these two shows have managed to leave a massive impact on their respective generations. Despite their many differences, they will forever be linked together as two of the longest-running, most memorable sitcoms in history. One is Friends. The other is The Big Bang Theory.

In the following quiz, fans of these two shows will be able to test how well they really remember them. Forty different storylines will be mentioned; some from Friends, some from Big Bang Theory. It will take a real mastermind to associate all storylines to the correct sitcom. Who can differentiate the two shows' plots and intrigues? Who can remember every single character's history and relationships? After this quiz, there will be no doubt as to who really are the true fans of these series. Let's find out who they are!

Question 1

On which show did the characters go on a North Pole expedition?

On a season finale, one of this show's main characters needs to go on a North Pole expedition as part of his science-related job. He invites his best friends on this journey; though hesitant at first, as the trip is scheduled to last three whole months, they eventually decide to accompany him on this expedition. Before the trip, to try to prepare themselves for the arctic cold that awaits them, they lock themselves in the freezer of a restaurant. In the end, this trip is what helps one of the show's flagship romances finally bloom; when they come back, one character is greeted with a kiss from his longtime crush. On which show did this happen?

Question 2

On which show did a character once get a nose job?

On one these sitcoms, one female character grew up in a very rich family. Thus, she used to be very spoiled and superficial. Even though her nose is fairly small , it is revealed at one point that she actually used to have a bigger one; because of this, she decided to have a nose job. Her old nose can be seen at various points in the show's run, including on an old videotape from her high school prom, which the whole gang watches together. It can also be seen in a few flashback episodes. On which show did this happen?

Question 3

On which show did a character's mom reincarnate into a cat?

In one episode, one of this show's main characters finds a stray cat She suddenly has an epiphany: in this cat lies the spirit of her mother, who had passed on years earlier. Although everyone in the gang is fairly confused by this development, one character in particular (let's call him character B) is offended by the silliness of his friend's claim. Once the gang learns that their friend's "mom" has an owner looking for it, B tries to make A admit that this cat can't be her mother. After realizing he's hurt her feelings, he apologizes to her... and to the cat, begrudgingly. On which show did this happen?

Question 4

On which show did characters have a signed Roommate Agreement?

On one of these shows, two of the main characters have been roommates for a long time. Although their friendship developed over the years that they lived together, they did not actually know each other before becoming roommates. One of them, initially not the biggest fan of having to share an apartment with another person, decided to impose on his new roommate a massive amount of rules. These rules were compiled into the "Roommate Agreement". Those two characters referenced the agreement from time to time to make sure the rules were respected. In one episode, one roommate, tired of the other finding loopholes in the Agreement, forced him to sign a new one. On which show did this happen?

Question 5

On which show did a character try to learn French?

On an episode of one of these shows, a character is trying to get a new "job". The only problem is that this job requires him to speak French; his resume says he's fluent in this language, but he doesn't know a single word of it. His friend tries to teach him some words, but to no avail; this character, thinking he's doing some progress, is actually just speaking gibberish. Sentences like "Je m'appelle Claude" get transformed into "Je de kop blu". Frustrated, his friend gives up on teaching him. Later on, this character decides to remove all falsehoods from his resume. On which show did this happen?

Question 6

On what show did a character have a longstanding feud with an actor?

While both of these shows have had memorable appearances from actors and celebrities playing themselves, only one of them saw a real-life actor transform into a recurring character. When the gang first met this actor, one main character revealed that he used to be a big fan of this semi-celebrity, but that he hurt his feelings when he didn't show up at a fan convention. Wanting to take his revenge on him, this character tried to beat him at a board game, but couldn't. Over the years, these two let go of their grudges towards one another and became somewhat friends. On which show did this happen?

Question 7

On what show was a character given a napkin as a gift?

On a Christmas episode, character A is annoyed when he learns that character B has bought him a gift. Not a fan of traditional Christmas celebrations, this character now feels forced to buy something for his friend. After an anxiety-filled trip to the mall, character A decides to buy character B multiple gift baskets, as he isn't sure of the right basket size. Once the time of giving arrives, character A is surprised to receive a used napkin from character B. It isn't an ordinary napkin, however; character A's idol had signed it. Emotional, this character gives his friend the best gift he can give: a hug. On which show did this happen?

Question 8

On which show did a character get trapped in an ATM vestibule?

On one episode, the entire city experiences a blackout due to a power outage. When that happens, one of the characters gets locked inside an ATM vestibule. Stuck with him is a beautiful woman; he recognizes her as a famous Victoria's Secret model. Incredibly shy and awkward, he tries to interact with her to the best of his capacities. After reacting embarrassingly to being offered gum, he finally accepts it and proceeds to choke on it. Thankfully, the woman knows the Heimlich maneuver and saves him. After the power comes back on, the model kisses him goodbye. On which show did this happen?

Question 9

On what show did a character date a dermatologist?

One of these show's characters has never been very good with women. Because of his awkwardness with them, his relationships never seemed to last very long. However, one of his longest relationships was with a redhead dermatologist named Emily. Meeting through a dating site, Emily is initially annoyed with the character's passive nature, but eventually starts liking him. However, after a while, this character that Emily might be too different from him for things to work out. Infatuated with another woman, he breaks up with her, but tries to win her back right after that woman rejects her. On which show did this happen?

Question 10

On what show did a character scream "PIVOT"?

In one episode, character A, who is in the process of furnishing his brand new apartment, goes shopping for a couch. When he realizes how much money it will cost him to get his new couch delivered, he decides to carry it to his apartment himself, along with a friend. They arrive at his apartment building with the couch, but getting it upstairs is a lot tougher than expected. With the help of a third person, they try hard to get it up the narrow staircase (character A annoyingly yelling "PIVOT" the whole time), but end up breaking the couch. Character A tries to return the couch; he gets a 4$ store credit. On which show did this happen?

Question 11

On which show did a character sing "Soft Kitty"?

On one episode, character A catches a cold. To avoid getting sick like him (and to avoid having to take care of him), most of his friends flee, either going to see a movie or lying about having to go to work. Character B, however, sees him pitifully trying to take care of himself and accepts, out of sympathy, to help him get better. After buying him soup and rubbing some ointment on his chest, B gets asked one last favor by A; to sing him "Soft Kitty", the lullaby that his mom used to sing when he was sick. On which show did this happen?

Question 12

On which show did two characters get together in London?

On this show, Characters A and B had been great friends for years. However, it was made very clear that their relationship was strictly platonic; when asked if she'd go out with A if he was the last man on Earth, B's answer was "ehh". However, when one of the gang gets married in London, A and B suddenly get closer together. When B needs comfort after having her appearance insulted, they end up in the same hotel room... under the same covers. After trying to convince themselves that what happens in London should stay in London, they end up dating. On which show did this happen?

Question 13

On which show did a character date a girl named Stephanie?

Character A first meets a woman named Stephanie, his friend character B is already trying to date her. However, A and Stephanie are instantly attracted to one another and start making out soon after meeting. Not long afterward, they end up officially dating, which creates a small rift in the relationship between A and C, his friend who he had a crush on for the longest time. While things are going well, A eventually realizes that his relationship with Stephanie may be going a bit too fast and starts having doubts. They break up off-screen. On which show did this happen?

Question 14

On what show was a character unable to talk to women while sober?

On one of these shows, character A has never been too great with talking to people. He has been dealing with a type of social anxiety, which makes him almost unable to talk to girls. When women eventually start joining his group of friends, A initially has trouble uttering even a single word to them. The one method he has found to momentarily get rid of his anxiety is to, let's say, reduce his sobriety level. When that happens, he suddenly gets way more talkative and bothersome, which can lead to a very awkward situation. On which show did this happen?

Question 15

On what show did characters want to party with Gandalf?

In one episode, two characters are very excited when they hear that an old buddy of theirs, nicknamed Gandalf the party wizard, will soon be back in town. Ready to party hard like when they were younger, they enthusiastically tell the tales of Gandalf to their current friend, who just don't get the hype. When Gandalf suddenly can't make the trip and cancels their planned reunion, the two characters are bummed out. Trying to cheer them up, their friend invites them to go out and party. However, their partying ends early when they realize that they may just be getting too old for this type of fun. On which show did this happen?

Question 16

On what show did one character give another a painting of themselves?

To celebrate their friendship, character A offers a huge gift to character B. When B opens the present, she is embarrassed to find an incredibly ugly painting representing the two of them. Not wanting to hurt A's feelings, B pretends to like the painting and now feels forced to hang it on her wall. When A seemingly leaves her apartment, B removes it from the wall but gets caught in the act, making A feel heartbroken and betrayed. Later, B goes to find A to make amends, but there is only one way that she'll forgive her: if the painting is put back up on a wall. On which show did this happen?

Question 17

On what show did one character meet his identical hand twin?

After running into some sudden money trouble, one character is desperately trying to find a new way to quickly make a fortune. While playing Blackjack at a casino, this character notices the dealer's hands and believes he has found his "identical hand twin". Even though most of his friends do not seem to see the value of this new discovery, this character still believes that he and his hand twin will become rich and famous. After trying multiple times to convince his identical hand twin to become partners, he finally gets ejected from the casino. On which show did this happen?

Question 18

On which show did a character hide in a ball pit?

In one episode, a character is stuck with a problem he needs to solve; he just can't seem to find the solution to it. He tries different methods to get his mind to work out the problem but each method is a strain on his friends. One night, his friend gets a call from a security guard at the mall; that first character had entered the mall after hours to enter the ball pit, thinking he'd find his solution there. When his friend tells him to go back home, he refuses. His friend chases him in the pit as he hides and screams his catchphrase. On which show did this happen?

Question 19

On what show did a character star in the movie Serial Ape-ist 2?

On one of these shows, one of the characters is an aspiring actor. When this character is having some trouble getting their acting life on the right track, they suddenly get offered a role in the movie "Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill", the sequel to this character's first film. Due to the very low-budget nature of the film, this character initially refuses the part. However, when they encounter some cash trouble, they reconsider. In the end, After a slightly chaotic shooting, the movie is released and becomes, against all odds, a cult classic. On which show did this happen?

Question 20

How which show did a character say the wrong name at his wedding?

One character is about to get married to a beautiful British woman named Emily. They have not known each other for very long and live in different countries, but they feel like they are right for each other. This character and most of the gang fly to England for the wedding ceremony. After a few hiccups with the venue, the wedding gets started and the happy couple exchanges their vows. One small problem, though: instead of saying Emily's name, this character pronounces the name of his ex-girlfriend, who had unexpectedly shown up at the ceremony. The marriage doesn't last too long after that. On which show did this happen?

Question 21

In which show did characters get called "lobsters"?

Characters A and B have been in love with each other for quite a while. They only recently admitted their feelings to each other, but one of them's hurtful mistake tore them apart before anything could really get started between the two of them. However, one of their friends, C, is convinced that they will end up together after all. Her reasoning is simple: they are each other's "lobsters", two people were destined to "fall in love and mate for life". Later in the same episode, A and B make up and kiss passionately, proving C right. "See, he's her lobster!" On which show did this happen?

Question 22

On which show did a character build a toilet?

In one episode, character A has built his brand new invention, a special toilet, and has left it in the middle of the living room. However, the toilet has some tiny problems, which means that it stops working after about ten flushes. Character A enlists the help of most of his friends to repair his special toilet, which, again, they troubleshoot in the middle of the living room. A is so protective of his new invention that he even slams the door in a guest's face when that person notices it in the room. On which show did this happen?

Question 23

On which show did a character put on another's entire wardrobe?

It is a very important evening for character A, as he is about to give a big job-related speech in front of a lot of people. He has invited the whole gang to go with him, but there is a small problem: no one is ready. Among other troubles, characters B and C, instead of getting dressed, are arguing over which one of them should be sitting in that one chair. When B steals C's underwear as punishment, C takes his revenge by putting on every piece of clothing B owns at once. C then proceeds to imitate B: "Hi, I'm (B), could I BE wearing any more clothes?" (or was it "BE-ZINGA wearing any more clothes?") On which show did this happen?

Question 24

On what show did a character have seven sisters?

Character A has a pretty massive family: he has seven siblings, all sisters. As the only brother of the family, he is very protective of his seven sisters. This creates a rift with one of his friends, character B, on one specific episode, when the latter messes around with one of the sisters after getting quite tipsy at a party. To avoid A's anger, B pretends to have fallen in love with the sister, when in reality, he can't even remember which of the seven siblings he spent the night with. When B's lie is exposed, he receives a black eye for his troubles. On which show did this happen?

Question 25

On what show did a character get a letter from his estranged dad?

Character A did not have the happiest of childhoods, as his father abandoned him and his mother when he was eleven years old. One day, when he is cleaning up his closet, one of his friends finds an old letter from A's father, which he received on his 18th birthday. While A has never read it and decides to burn it, his friend actually read it and tells the whole gang what the letter said. Angry and curious at once, A accepts his friends' solution: they each tell him what was in the letter, with everyone lying except one. That way, A knows the content of the letter, without really knowing. On which show did this happen?

Question 26

On what show did a character once live on the streets?

One of these shows' main characters, though quirky and joyful, has a fairly troubled past. In truth, this character, a few years before meeting the whole gang, lost her mother and had no choice but to live on the streets, all alone. This sad past of hers sometimes comes up in conversations with her friends and, in one episode, causes a small fight between this character and one particular friend. Indeed, in that episode, this character realizes that she once stole her friend's backpack on the streets when they were younger, before they ever even met. On which show did this happen?

Question 27

On what show did a character cheat on his girlfriend while away at sea?

On this show, two of the main characters are in a loving relationship when one of them gets a job offer. This job will send him away at sea for four whole months. He accepts the offer, as it is a great opportunity for him, but they are both sad that he has to go. After four months of missing each other very much, they get back together and live happily. However, things aren't so happy a few years later when, as they are about to get married, the former admits to cheating on her while away at sea. They still end up getting married, but this revelation does put a dent on their evening. On which show did this happen?

Question 28

On what show did a character become a surrogate?

On one of these shows, a character meets with her half-brother and his wife. Unexpectedly, they ask her to be the surrogate for their baby, as the couple is unable to conceive. Initially taken aback by the question, this character eventually accepts. After learning that the chances of it working are slim, she gets nervous and tries all sorts of techniques to make sure she'll get pregnant, like sitting in a chair upside-down. She had no reason to be worried, however, as she ends up pregnant from triplets. Right before birth, she thinks about keeping one of them just for herself, but has to accept that she'll only be their aunt. On which show did this happen?

Question 29

On which show did a character do online dating against his will?

In the first few seasons of this show, one character never really tries to get into a relationship with anyone, nor does he seem interested to. Used to avoid human contact as much as possible, this character never capitalizes on relationship opportunities that present themselves. However, when his friends create an account for him on an online dating site without his consent, they force him to go on a date with his "perfect match". He is sure that nothing will come of it until he meets the woman, whose personality is surprisingly similar to his. Seasons later, they get married. On which show did this happen?

Question 30

On which show did a character have a girlfriend who punched too hard?

In one episode, one of the main characters is dating a woman named Katie. Although very nice and joyful, there is one thing about her that annoys him a bit too much: she keeps "playfully" punching his arm, which hurts him every time. When he tries to tell her how much pain he's in, she thinks he's only joking and punches him even harder. Because of this, he decides to break up with her. Before he gets to do it, one of his friends meets Katie and, after experiencing herself how hurtful the punches are, kicks her out of frustrations. When Katie sees her boyfriend won't stand up to her, she breaks up with him. On which show did this happen?

Question 31

On which show did a character get locked in a box?

Character A and B have been the best of friends for a long time, but at one point, one of them falls in love with the other's girlfriend. After weeks of fighting against his feelings, A finally kisses B's girlfriend, leaving B feeling angered and betrayed. Desperately wanting to salvage his friendship, A asks B what he can do to be forgiven. B comes up with a punishment: staying locked in a box for six hours. However, B ends up forgiving A and getting him out before the time is up, letting him run after his now-former girlfriend, as they are a much better fit. On which show did this happen?

Question 32

On what show does a character want to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion?

One of this show's main characters meets a very wealthy man, who brings her to Rome on their very first date. She initially is not particularly attracted by this man, but as the relationship goes on, her feelings for him go stronger. On one night, when she thinks he will propose to her, he actually announces to her his new dream; he wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Taken aback by this announcement, she tries to convince him not to go through with it, as he is simply not fit enough. When he handily loses his first fight, but wants to keep fighting, she breaks up with him, to wanting to see a loved one get hurt anymore. On which show did this happen?

Question 33

On what show did a character appear in an infomercial?

On one of these shows, one of the characters is an aspiring actor. On his slow way to fame, this character accepts a bunch of embarrassing roles, including one in an infomercial. On this infomercial, which the whole gang laughs at to the character's chagrin, the latter has to pretend to have trouble opening a carton of milk. As this character rips the milk carton wide open and spills milk everywhere, the infomercial host tells him of a "revolutionary new product": the Milk Master 2000! As the character enjoys a nice glass of milk on-screen, all of his friends laugh uncontrollably On which show did this happen?

Question 34

On what show does a character take a plane to propose?

Two of this show's main characters are in a loving relationship when one of them receives the opportunity to go to Princeton University for the summer. While initially worried about them being away for too long, character A accepts to say goodbye to character B. However, after realizing that B is the love of his life (and getting kissed by his colleague), A gets in a cab to the airport, hops on a plane and goes to Princeton. On there, he knocks on B's room door. When she opens, she finds him on one knee, asking her to marry him. On which show did this happen?

Question 35

On which show did a character fall in love with his friend's future wife?

On one of these shows, one character has fallen in love with a woman and has even asked her hand in marriage. However, unbeknownst to him, his best friend has had a crush on her since the beginning of their relationship. His crush is so intense that he cried when he learned of their engagement and was not-so-subtly hoping she'd say no. When his secret feelings accidentally get exposed by a third friend, both the first character and his wife are freaked out by the revelation. the latter not appreciating being in someone's weird fantasies. On which show did this happen?

Question 36

On which show did roommates have a chick and a duck as pets?

Characters A and B have been roommates for many years. One day, A suddenly decides to adopt a baby chick after seeing one on TV. Not thrilled with this new development, B gets mad at A for not taking care of the chick enough After bickering like an old couple, B tries to get the chick back to the store, and then to the shelter. When he learns the sad fate that awaits the chick if he leaves it there, he decides to bring it back home... along with a duck. These two animals would end up living there for many seasons. On which show did this happen?

Question 37

On what show does a character date an ophthalmologist?

In one episode, one character is invited to work a party organized by her father's old friend, who also happens to be an ophthalmologist. Despite their massive age difference (and the man's link to her dad), this character finds the ophthalmologist. While they both try to fight their feelings at first, they end up kissing passionately end decide to date. Although they try to keep the relationship a secret from the father, the latter finds out during his own birthday. In the end, despite being madly in love with each other, the couple breaks up when they can't agree on having children. On which show did this happen?

Question 38

On what show did a character work at a casino?

On one of these shows, one of the characters is an aspiring actor. When this character gets a "big" role in a movie called "Shutter Speed", they go on a road trip with their best friend to get to the set in Las Vegas. When their friend says that he doesn't think this role is that big of a deal, as it doesn't pay very well, the aspiring actor gets offended and throws the friend out of the car. However, when the actor arrives in Vegas, the movie's production has shut down due to a lack of money. Too proud to admit they were wrong, they work at a Vegas casino while pretending to be working on the movie. On which show did this happen?

Question 39

On what show did a cop shoot a bird?

On one of these shows, one character is dating a police officer. When they first meet, this main character has found a police badge and decided to pretend to be a real cop. She uses the badge to intimidate people into not doing bad deeds until she meets him, an actual cop who had lost his badge earlier. She runs away, but when he finds her later, he surprisingly asks her out. Their relationship is going pretty smoothly until the cop asks her to move in with him. On their first morning waking up together, they hear a bird chipping outside; the cop uses his gun to permanently silence it. That's when the relationship ends. On which show did this happen?

Question 40

On what show did characters get married in Vegas?

In one episode, the whole gang is having fun in Las Vegas, except two of them. Indeed, character A has been mad at character B ever since they arrived at the casino, as the latter had drawn on the former's face with a permanent marker while she was sleeping on the plane. Trying to make it up to her, he tries to get her to have some fun. After drinking more than their fair share, they go to a Vegas chapel and get married (which their friends were not expecting). The next morning, they remember nothing until their friends remind them of the incident. On which show did this happen?

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