Did It Happen On Big Bang Theory, Friends, Or Both!

With the Emmy Award-winning series, Friends, running an impressive 10 seasons, it's not surprising that it's considered to be one of the most popular and successful sitcoms of all time. Yet, a lot has happened in the world of television since it's final season was put on the small screen in 2004. The conclusion of Friends allowed for all new sitcoms to make their debut on the small screen and one of them was the arrival of The Big Bang Theory in 2007. Initially, there was some trepidation over whether or not television audiences would be able to relate to a show about a group of geniuses and their beautiful friend and neighbor, Penny. Yet, it didn't take long for the show to resonate with television audiences and eventually become known as one of TV's most popular shows.

With the series coming to an end and already surpassing Friends with an impressive 12 seasons, it's interesting how much these two shows have had in common over the years. Both shows feature characters that were struggling to become famous actors, both shows featured intertwining of relationships and both shows brought the world hilarious episodes that really remain memorable after so many years. It's interesting to see that so many of the same scenarios have played out on both of these sitcoms but only true fans will be able to distinguish whether or not they happened on Friends, The Big Bang Theory, or both!

Question 1

Lied to get inside a famous singer’s home

With both Friends and The Big Bang Theory running for a great many years, it's interesting how many real-life celebrities have made cameos on both of these shows. That was one of the most drawing aspects of the Friends' series since it became a right of passage for a celebrity to say that they had appeared on a Friends' episode. The same can be said for The Big Bang Theory since many celebrities have appeared in episodes as well. Yet, not every celebrity has actually played themselves on both of these shows since some played small characters that came and went.

Question 2

Had a tanning fail

Despite the fact that both Friends and The Big Bang Theory had their first seasons quite some time ago, that doesn't mean that they weren't around when spray tanning became a huge trend. In fact, both of these shows were playing on the small screen when spray tanning was introduced to the world and became a huge trend. Yet, that doesn't mean that both of them featured episodes involving a spray tanning fail. Indulging in a self-tanning process that involves human error can definitely lead to some hilarious scenes for a sitcom. However, did this happen on Friends, The Big Bang Theory, or both?

Question 3

Halloween costume was “Spudnik”

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory have had episodes that have involved dressing up in costumes. Friends was famous for having holiday episodes throughout their many seasons and The Big Bang Theory has been known to have holiday episodes, as well as episodes involving costume contests and comic book conventions. To make things even trickier, the Spudnik costume is a play on words involving a reference to a series of Soviet artificial satellites that were first launched in 1957 (Wikipedia). The reference to a space satellite can be a tad confusing but true fans of both of these shows will know which one featured the Spudnik costume.

Question 4

Asked to throw first pitch at a baseball game

One of the interesting things about both Friends and The Big Bang Theory was that neither of these sitcoms actually featured characters that were particularly known for being athletic. Yet, that doesn't mean that these sitcoms didn't feature episodes when some of the characters were expected to perform well when it came to athletic ability. The notion of being asked to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game references both athletic ability but also a certain amount of notoriety. Since professional baseball teams don't exactly ask just anyone to throw out the first pitch, this is actually seen as a huge honor.

Question 5

Built a backyard playhouse

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory have featured children and the responsibilities of being a parent on their prospective shows. One of the responsibilities of being a parent entails having to put together some products for them. Any parent can attest to the fact that numerous toys need to be constructed before they're able to be played with and sometimes it can be a bit daunting to realize how many things are actually quite difficult to put together. A backyard playhouse is something that isn't just a quick 10-minute project and it definitely requires a bit of energy and time.

Question 6

Trapped in an ATM vestibule

Being trapped anywhere can be something that is more than just a tad uncomfortable, even if it's somewhere that isn't necessarily thought of as a tight and confined space. An ATM vestibule isn't as confined as an elevator but that doesn't mean that it's a comfortable space. It's not like there's a lot to do in an ATM vestibule since there aren't any televisions to pass the time and there isn't a bathroom or dining space. Depending on the time that a person is trapped in an ATM vestibule can add to the discomfort of their time being stuck in there.

Question 7

Found a used pregnancy test

Both Friend and The Big Bang Theory have featured romantic relationships and the idea that pregnancy is definitely a possibility. While it's not exactly the most glamorous topic for a sitcom, pregnancy tests can offer an aspect of drama and even some moments of hilarity. It can also offer a bit of intrigue since the results of a pregnancy test can be a mystery for those brief moments of waiting and the people involved in the pregnancy test can also be part of the mystery. Finding a used pregnancy test is definitely something that can add to a TV show's storyline.

Question 8

Had a mother that wrote a book

Being a published author is actually a huge accomplishment and there isn't exactly a set timeline on when someone can reach this achievement. Some of the most well-known authors didn't have their first bodies of work published until they were well into their later years and that doesn't lessen their accomplishments in the least. Whether it's writing a children's book, writing a doctoral paper or writing a story of fiction, being a published author can mean a plethora of different things. For someone with a parent that is a published author, that's something that can come with a huge amount of respect and admiration.

Question 9

Lost part of a toe

Losing any appendage is thought of as a huge loss but losing the portion of the toe that contains the nail is definitely something that no one wants to have happened to them. Yet, accidents do happen and things like this are not completely uncommon. From people that work in extremely hazardous jobs to fluke accidents that result in an unfortunate accident, this is something that has happened to numerous people over the years. This isn't something that is usually thought of as a comedic incident but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been featured on a sitcom or two over the years.

Question 10

Had Thanksgiving at a friend’s parent’s house

Both The Big Bang Theory and the Friends' series have featured holiday episodes and Thanksgiving is included in that. The Friends' series actually had a huge storyline revolving around the Thanksgiving holiday since Chandler had consistently mentioned how much he disliked this one day of the year. This holiday brought up memories of his childhood and how he was told that the marriage between his mother and father had come to a dramatic conclusion. Yet, that didn't stop the characters from celebrating Thanksgiving. In fact, both Friends and The Big Bang Theory had numerous episodes that involved the Thanksgiving holiday.

Question 11

Poked a neighbor with a stick to make sure they’re alive

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory sitcoms have featured the characters in various apartment buildings. With these characters living in apartment buildings, it's not surprising that many of the episodes of both of these shows have featured the other neighbors living in close proximity to them. In fact, both of these sitcoms featured apartment buildings with rooftops that were accessible to the main cast of characters. With roof access and a close proximity to neighbors, it stands to reason that these characters would be close enough to be able to poke another neighbor with a stick if they were so inclined.

Question 12

Took a class at a local college

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory featured characters within the main cast that were highly educated. From Sheldon Cooper being thought of as a child prodigy to Ross Geller being a prestigious paleontologist, both of these sitcoms have featured episodes where the context of some of the scenes centered around the world of academia. Yet, that doesn't mean that both of these sitcoms have featured episodes where someone or multiple people have opted to take classes at a local college. In fact, all of these characters in both of these sitcoms are long past the college years in regards to their age.

Question 13

Had to fire an employee

Both the Friends and The Big Bang Theory sitcoms have featured characters that have established themselves in their careers and many of them were seen as hugely successful. It doesn't come as a surprise that both shows have featured characters that have had to play the role of a boss to a number of employees. While being a supervisor comes with a certain amount of prestige and respect, it also comes with a myriad of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the fact that if someone isn't doing their job to a satisfactory degree, they will need to be let go from their position.

Question 14

Had deviated septum surgery on an episode

Having a deviated septum is actually a procedure that is far more than just a way to excuse a nose job. Someone with a deviated septum can suffer from everything from chronic sinus infections to excessive snoring and it's something that is more than just a tad uncomfortable (Web MD). Despite the fact that having a deviated septum can be quite uncomfortable and detrimental to someone's health, there are many people that are hesitant about getting the surgery. There are a number of things to consider when having this type of surgery and that's what can make some people worry about having it done.

Question 15

Got a job as a professional chef

Getting a job as a professional chef is something that is thought of as hugely admirable, even for those that aren't in the world of culinary arts. Many people think that the duties and responsibilities of a professional chef make for a hugely stressful work environment, especially since there is a certain amount of expectation involved and the day-to-day duties can be a tad daunting. Yet, that hasn't stopped millions of people all over the world from trying to achieve this position. Both the Friends and The Big Bang Theory series have featured characters that have been in the food industry.

Question 16

Dated an older man

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory sitcoms have featured dating as a huge aspect to the overall storyline of their prospective shows. Aspects of the dating lives of these characters have helped to add to the drama and overall storyline, with different elements taking the focus of each relationship. Age has definitely come into play in romantic storylines on television but that doesn't mean that both Friends and The Big Bang Theory have featured storylines involving a female character dating an older man. This type of storyline comes with a lot of different elements to deal with and that makes for something interesting for TV viewers.

Question 17

Lost a friend’s dog at the park

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured animals as part of their overall storyline. In fact, Friends featured Ross having a pet monkey during the early episodes of the series. While it's often said that working with animals is something that actors should try and avoid, that doesn't mean that audiences don't enjoy seeing their favorite characters interact with animals on the small screen. One of the most common themes in having an animal is dealing with the loss of one. While it would be bad enough to have a pet run away, it's even worse to have a friend lose one at the park.

Question 18

Recreated a high school prom

Prom is often thought of as a hugely monumental moment in a person's life and it usually creates memories that can last a lifetime. Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured episodes where the characters have thought back to their own high school proms when they were much younger. Yet, that doesn't mean that both of these shows were interested in actually trying to recreate a prom in their adult lives. In fact, some people think back on their own high school prom and think that it was bad enough the first time and they wouldn't want to do it again.

Question 19

Had allergic reaction to peanuts

Having an allergic reaction to anything is something that can be more than just a tad uncomfortable. While having an allergic reaction to poison ivy seems bad enough, it's nothing compared to an allergic reaction to peanuts. People with peanut allergies must be extremely careful with anything they eat and they also need to think about products that are manufactured in plants that also produce peanut-related items. An allergic reaction to peanuts can cause people to break out into a huge rash and it can cause the throat to swell up in a way that blocks a person's breathing. This is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Question 20

Traveled to Switzerland

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have both featured episodes that involved travel. In fact, some of the most memorable episodes for both of these sitcoms have featured scenes where they weren't in the standard location and the characters could be seen in far off and exotic locations. It doesn't get more exotic than Switzerland since Atlapedia states, "It is bound by Liechtenstein and Austria to the east, Italy to the south, France to the west an Germany to the north." Yet, it's probably best known for having the high peaks of the Alps for travelers that want to ski.

Question 21

Hacked into an ex-boyfriend’s voicemail

When it comes to knowing how to deal with an ex-boyfriend, there are definitely some aspects that can be seen as extremely comical. This bodes well for a sitcom storyline since it can show characters in the throes of heartbreak in comical ways. From excessive eating of ice cream right out of the container to being surrounded by used tissues and looking a mess, it's not surprising that this sort of storyline has been featured in numerous sitcoms over the years. Yet, the notion of hacking into an ex-boyfriend's voicemail does seem a tad over-the-top and not exactly something that should be encouraged.

Question 22

Hired a male dancer for a bachelorette party

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured some of the characters walking down the aisle but not all of the characters have done it in the same way. The tradition of having a bridal shower or a bachelorette party is different for every character and not everyone thinks that hiring a male dancer for one of these types of events is the best way to celebrate a woman's last night as a single woman. Yet, that doesn't mean that the storyline hasn't been touched on for one or both of these sitcoms but only true fans will really know the answer.

Question 23

Spent three months at the North Pole

Venturing off to new and exotic locations is a theme that has been explored in both the Friends and The Big Bang Theory sitcoms. Yet, the idea of going to an exotic location isn't always the same for every character. Some people think that the best travel location would be a place that is extremely warm or features a myriad of great tourist destinations. The idea of going to the North Pole isn't thought of as particularly ideal for everyone but that doesn't mean that it isn't a theme that has been featured on one or more of these sitcoms.

Question 24

Female proposing to a male

When it comes to proposing to someone, it's still the man that is predominantly expected to get down on one knee. Despite the fact that the world has changed greatly over the years and gender roles have changed to the point where there isn't much that is solely considered a man's job any longer, men are still the ones that are the usual ones to propose marriage. Yet, that doesn't mean that there aren't some women that are willing to go through the proposal ordeal. Some women go all out in pledging their love to their man and are willing to propose on bended knee.

Question 25

Had to take care of mother after she was hurt

When children are young, parents are the ones that take care of them through their difficult times and through their good times. As children get older, it's often expected for the roles to reverse. Grown children are expected to take care of their elderly parents and that is definitely the case when a parent hurts themselves or is unable to take care of themselves. Yet, not every grown child is willing to take care of their parents, especially if they have a strained relationship with them. This also becomes a difficulty if their job doesn't allow for them to take off to take care of a needy parent.

Question 26

Purchased a dog for a friend as a gift

When thinking of the ideal gift for a friend, people often try and discourage others from purchasing a pet. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and shouldn't be taken lightly. Purchasing a pet for a friend is putting a great deal of responsibility on them and not everyone is willing to take on those duties. Yet, that doesn't mean that all people have been hindered in this and it's actually quite common for people to give an animal as a gift. Despite it being a huge responsibility and very personal, sometimes these animal gifts are greatly appreciated and are seen as the best gift ever.

Question 27

Challenged friend to a ping pong contest

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory have featured characters that are seen as extremely competitive when it comes to challenging their friends. From trivia questions to extremely simple things like children's games, some of these competitive moments have been seen as some of the most popular episodes that have been featured on both of these shows. Yet, that doesn't mean that both of these shows have featured scenes that have included ping pong competitions. Ping pong is actually quite specific in who is able to compete in this and it's actually quite difficult to shoot when it comes to filming a TV show.

Question 28

Favoritism shown to one sibling over another

There have been a number of shows that have been on television over the years that have featured characters that have shown extreme favoritism when it comes to loving one child over another. One of the sitcoms that based a huge portion of their storyline around this premise was Everybody Loves Raymond since the mother character seemed to show extreme favoritism towards Raymond over his older brother. Yet, that doesn't mean that both Friends and The Big Bang Theory featured characters that showed that same sort of favoritism towards any or all of the characters on their prospective television shows.

Question 29

Took cash they found at friend’s apartment

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory have featured storylines that involved each of the characters spending a great deal of time in one another's apartments. This involved everything from swapping out roommates from one season to the next to simply having keys to one another's apartments in case of emergency. There have even been a number of different scenes that featured the fact that some of the doors to the apartments weren't even locked and people could just barge in at any given moment. With so much easy access, it's not surprising that one or both of these shows featured a scene where money was taken from a person's apartment without their knowledge.

Question 30

Made up games to compete against friends

With both Friends and The Big Bang Theory featuring characters that were extremely competitive, it's not surprising that both of these shows have featured a number of episodes where the characters wanted to challenge one another. From board games to ping pong challenges, there have been numerous characters that took their sense of competition to a completely new level. Yet, making up a whole new game that doesn't really exist is something that is quite unique. From a trivia game with made-up questions and rules to a made-up board game with pieces that have been constructed out of expertly engineered material, this is something that not every character can do.

Question 31

Got a job teaching at a university

None of the characters from either Friends or The Big Bang Theory can actually categorize their profession as being a teacher. The teaching profession is something that has made headlines over the years because many people think that teachers are extremely underpaid and not respected near enough, especially when taking in the fact that they have the immense responsibility of educating both children and adults alike. Despite the fact that neither of these sitcoms actually had characters that were specific teachers in their profession, that doesn't mean that there weren't some characters that were actually hired to become a teacher.

Question 32

Got a job acting on a soap opera

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory featured characters that endeavored to become professional actors and had dreams of acting on the big screen. In fact, both of these shows had storylines that revolved around characters that were trying hard to get professional acting jobs and the struggles they went through were intertwined into their prospective shows. While both of these sitcoms featured characters trying to get jobs as professional actors, that doesn't mean that both of these shows featured characters that actually succeeded. Soap operas may not be big screen acting jobs but it's definitely something worth celebrating.

Question 33

Exploded a model rocket

When it comes to toys that are meant for children, it's not surprising that there are a number of adults that are still fond of them. In fact, some toys for children are actually seen as quite advanced and something that adults gravitate towards. From intricate train tracks to Lego sets that build a replica of the Millennium Falcon, sometimes it seems like the toy is geared more for adults. In the case of model rockets, there are some that require a great deal of thought into building it to its correct specificities and getting it to launch isn't always that simple.

Question 34

Bought a girlfriend a car

When it comes to getting gifts for a girlfriend, there are some items that seem like the norm. From buying her flowers on her birthday to a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day, it's not surprising that there are some gifts for girlfriends that have become known as stereotypical for anyone that's in a relationship. While there are some people that are in a financial state that allows them to purchase something as large as a car for a girlfriend, that isn't exactly considered the norm. In fact, that is seen as something that is over-the-top and extremely generous for anyone.

Question 35

Went to Vegas

While both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured episodes where the characters have gone on vacation, that doesn't mean that they've opted to go to the same places. It's undeniable that there have been some similar storylines in both of these sitcoms but that doesn't mean that they have emulated one another to an exact way throughout each of their prospective seasons. There have been numerous locations that have been depicted with both of these shows and their travel destinations have been completely unique to their prospective storylines. Yet, that doesn't mean that they haven't occasionally gone to the same places.

Question 36

Surprised someone at the airport

Because of so much traveling happening in both the Friends and The Big Bang Theory series, it's not surprising that the airport has been featured in both of these shows. While there have been some sitcoms that have had entire episodes inside of an airport or aboard a plane, that hasn't been the case with either of these sitcoms. Yet, that doesn't mean that the airports and planes haven't been featured. While there have been scenes of airports and planes on both of these shows, there is a question as to whether or not someone has ever been surprised at the airport.

Question 37

Had a baby shower on the show

With both Friends and The Big Bang Theory featuring characters that have become pregnant and have subsequently had children on the show, it's definitely allowed the storyline to have a bit more creativity in what happens with each new episode. Audiences have been able to see their favorite characters evolve from being single and carefree to becoming parents and having to deal with all of the responsibilities that go along with that. Each of these characters have taken their own journey in how they have transitioned into their new roles and that doesn't mean that they have all opted for a baby shower.

Question 38

Got a job in an embarrassing commercial

With both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory containing characters that have tried to get into the world of acting, it's interesting how so many of each of these sitcoms have featured scenes where the characters have gone out on auditions. This constant struggle to break into the entertainment industry has been a huge part of the storyline for both of these shows but that doesn't mean that there haven't been a few ups and downs in regards to highlights in their acting credits. Getting a job as an actor doesn't always have to mean getting a role on the big screen.

Question 39

Accused of putting too much garlic in food

When it comes to cooking, not everyone has the same tastes in how they would like their food prepared or what they think of as the best flavors to meld to create the perfect dish. This is something that is extremely specific for each individual and it's something that can be difficult to pinpoint in regards to what makes a person great in the kitchen. One of the most difficult things to deal with when preparing a meal is the criticism that can sometimes come when an individual doesn't like the way a meal has turned out. A common complaint is that it tastes too much of garlic.

Question 40

Traveled to the International Space Station

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured the characters traveling to far off and exotic locations but that doesn't mean that they've traveled to the same places. While each of these shows has featured locations that take a while to get to, it doesn't get farther than the International Space Station. This is a location that has only been visited by a specific number of people and it's seen as a huge honor for anyone that can actually boast going there. This is an accomplishment that is truly respected and it's something that isn't available to everyone.

Question 41

Trouble getting furniture up the stairs

The interesting thing about both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory is the fact that each of these shows have featured apartment buildings. For anyone that has ever lived in an apartment building, it's known that dealing with the stairs can be a difficult task. This is especially true for anyone having to move furniture up the stairs. Yet, not everyone has to deal with that themselves since there are moving companies and people that can be hired to carry furniture upstairs with ease. Not everyone has the motivation to handle this endeavor all by themselves and they'd much rather get someone else to do it.

Question 42

Got married in Vegas

Getting married is a huge endeavor that some people have thought about and planned ever since they were little. Girls have been known to have hope chests that are filled with all of the things they want their wedding to contain, from floral arrangement ideas to prospective wedding dresses. Yet, not everyone has those dreams of the big wedding and the huge venue that is filled with all of their friends, family members, and acquaintances. Some people prefer something small and they aren't opposed to running off to Las Vegas for an elopement. From a spur of the moment thing to a drunken incident, this is actually quite common.

Question 43

Got $20,000 tip while waitressing

There have been characters in both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory that have had to take a job waiting tables. From those struggling to break into the entertainment industry and needed to wait tables to pay bills to those waiting tables to get them to their next move in the culinary industry, it's interesting how many characters on both of these shows have been a waiter or waitress. Yet, not everyone has had the storyline that has involved getting a massive tip by someone that they waited on in their jobs. A $20,000 tip is an extremely unique point in a storyline.

Question 44

Had to work with a drunken actor

Getting a job as an actor is something that is seen as extremely difficult and there are people that have struggled for years to break into the entertainment industry, without ever receiving an acting job. Once a struggling actor finally gets that big breakout role in the entertainment industry, it can seem like a huge achievement. Yet, all of that can be tarnished if the person they need to act with isn't as professional as they'd hoped. Someone that doesn't take their acting seriously can be quite hindering in someone trying to act alongside them and having them be inebriated is something even more difficult.

Question 45

Paid someone to wait in line for them

With the world becoming even more expensive with each new year, it's not surprising that people have thought of unique ways in order to make money. From Uber allowing people to make money just by driving people around in their personal vehicles to people selling their used clothes online, it seems like everything that can be done for a bit of change has been thought of over the years. One of the most unique ways to make money is to hire oneself out to wait in line for people. In fact, some of these jobs can pay a great deal of money.

Question 46

Had a romantic relationship with a married woman

When navigating the world of dating, it's interesting how many different aspects need to be taken into consideration. Some people seem to put a huge amount of stock into a person's physical attributes, while others need to feel a spark in the personality connection in order to want to continue to pursue a romantic relationship. While some people would be extremely against dating someone that was already in a romantic relationship with someone else, there are some people that would be able to overlook this if they felt that they had a real connection with that other person. This is quite unique but it's not uncommon.

Question 47

Stung by a jellyfish

While getting stung by a bee is actually seen as quite common, that's only because of how common bees are and how often people are in close proximity with them when they're outdoors. On the other hand, getting stung by a jellyfish is actually quite uncommon in comparison. Not everyone lives near the ocean or has enough interaction with sea life in order to even have the possibility of getting stung by a jellyfish. Yet, that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. Getting stung by a jellyfish is actually known for being incredibly painful and it's something that no one would like to have happen to them.

Question 48

Complained about sandwich food truck in front of apartment building

Food trucks have become hugely popular over the years and people have really started to gravitate towards the idea of street food. These food trucks have allowed people to really try out foods that they may not necessarily try in a stationary restaurant and it also allows people to peddle their creations without having to actually open up their own restaurants. Food trucks have been known to offer everything from exotic food fusions to simple dishes with only a few ingredients. Yet, not everyone is happy about food trucks or where they decide to park their vehicles and peddle their goods.

Question 49

Became pregnant with triplets

Both the Friends series and The Big Bang Theory have featured characters that were pregnant. In fact, both of these sitcoms have dedicated a huge portion of their storyline to pregnant characters and the things they had to endure in order to get through the many issues that arose prior to giving birth. Yet, not all of the characters endured the same issues and some characters had a variation to their storylines due to the difficulty in conceiving, lack of wanting to stack a family and even the number of babies that they had. Only a true fan will be able to answer this triplets question.

Question 50

Had a friend officiate a wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the decisions that have to be made is in regards to who will officiate the ceremony. Some people opt to have their wedding in a formal setting and they choose their pastor or priest to officiate the ceremony. Yet, other people choose someone that isn't so conventional and still others, choose one or more of their friends to officiate the ceremony. It's interesting that anyone can become ordained online and they can become the official person to officiate a wedding, with relatively great ease. This is actually seen as a huge honor to bestow upon a friend.

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