Design Your Baby Girl's Room And We'll Reveal Her Perfect Name

Planning for a baby can be a stressful event, there's no doubt about that. There are countless things that new mothers need to be aware of, plan for, take care of, purchase, and think about. Not to mention the fact that everyone that knows about the good news will be attempting to impart their own knowledge and (often unwelcomed) wisdom on the future mother and father at all times.

One of the best things about planning for a baby and awaiting its arrival is designing their nursery and picking their names. But even those fun things can be stressful as well. Not only are there endless possibilities for what a room could look like, from colors to the furniture, artwork, style and everything in between, but there are even more names out there to choose from.

Well, worry no longer because this simple quiz will make all of those decisions for any expecting mothers needing a quick answer. Simply design the perfect nursery and then you will be provided with the perfect name for a perfect baby girl. It will be the easiest part of the entire pregnancy process. So then, what are you waiting for? It's time to get stuck into this quiz!

Question 1

Is This The Perfect Wallpaper?

Choosing the wallpaper can be a big decision. After all, it is one of the first things people notice when walking into a room and will, most likely, be that child's wallpaper for the majority of their lives. Unless they are fans of interior design, the family moves, or they crave a pre-teen bedroom makeover, they will most likely keep the walls that were chosen at the time of creating the nursery until they move out. So it may be best to stick with this simple yet fun design that can grow with the child as they age and develop their own tastes.

Question 2

Is This Geeky Wallpaper Utterly Perfect?

Posters can be the best way to liven up a plain wall. But some people just do not like hanging things on their walls nor making holes in the drywall. And that is okay. Instead of covering a wall in posters, one may consider picking a wall in the room as a themed accent wall. Comic book print outs, fun wallpaper, a fun pattern like a mountain range or stripes, or even a bright yet solid colour can be a wonderful way of spicing up a wall without having to pierce through the drywall or mar the surface with posters or photos.

Question 3

Is This Kid-Friendly World Map Perfection?

Children need to learn about the world, this is true. And the best way to teach them about said world is by giving them free access to an engaging and readable map. Sure, the more standard globes or world maps can be wonderful resources and learning tools. However, not all children will be able to read the tiny print nor understand what it means. That is why a fun and engaging map like this can be an excellent choice. It is not only a wonderful design choice but will also help growing children identify different countries based on associations with the pictures on the map!

Question 4

Is This Wall Art Aesthetically Pleasing?

Sometimes two geeks get together, fall in love, get married, and then have a little geeky baby of their own. It's a love story fit for our modern world. And when those two geeks decide to decorate that nursery, they are going to cover it in fandom material. But first, they must choose a theme. It is important to note that the nursery is more for the parents than the child (as they will be too young to truly understand what they are even looking at.) So the choice is up to them. Will they go for anime or fantasy?

Question 5

Changing Tables: Yes Or No?

There is a bit of a debate going on in the baby-raising world. Though, if we are being honest, when is there not a bit of a squabble going on surrounding the question of how to properly rear and raise a child and all the parameters surrounding said queries? The debate in question is whether or not changing tables are worth it. Some parents think that they are a valuable resource that allows them to change their young ones in a safe and clean environment while others are concerned about safety due to their height and prefer to change their babies on a portable floor mat.

Question 6

Are Handmade Toys The Way To Go?

Another debate that has been sweeping the parenting forums across the world! Are handmade toys the way to go or are the traditional plastic toys the better option? Handmade toys are softer, sustainably made, safe, present no small parts that could be an issue, are easy to clean, unique, and fun to play with. However, they are far more expensive and since they are likely to be broken or outgrown by the child very quickly, some parents feel like they are not worth the extra cost. Though one could argue that the higher cost could ensure that they are less likely to break than standard toys.

Question 7

Are Nostalgic Toys The Best Option?

Some parents feel that the best part of raising a child is reconnecting with the inner child within themselves that got lost along the way. Somewhere between taxes, university, college, mortgages, and starting a family they grew up and left that inner child behind. But spending time with their children allows them to see the world through their eyes and recapture a bit of that spark that they lost. Which is why many parents opt for more traditional and nostalgic toys for their children as playing with them will remind them of playing with their own parents (and consequently their own childhoods) and can better connect them to their children.

Question 8

Are Modern Clothes The Way To Go?

Choosing the clothes in which to dress children too young to make fashion choices for themselves can be an intense decision. Styling another person is a loaded task, indeed. And since they have no fashion opinions of their own, how they dress is truly up to the parent for the time being. But what style should the parent choose? Should they opt for a more sleek, modern, and fashionable design? Or should they simply not pay any mind to style at all as the child is most likely to simply spit up on the clothes before they have even left the house?

Question 9

Geeky Onesies: Yes Or No?

The majority of onesies available to purchase for new children often come emblazoned with some sort of saying and/or slogan. And it is important to voice any discomfort that one may feel towards certain slogans before the baby shower or one may be gifted with dozens of unwearable and unreturnable clothes. The best way to avoid such things is to purchase someone a onesie without a slogan but if none are available, the second best choice (in this writer's humble opinion) is to choose a onesie with a geeky quote from one of the parent's favourite films and/or television shows.

Question 10

Are Diaper Genies Worth It?

Another item that parents of the past used to sing the praises and worship at the altar of but modern parents are unsure whether or not is worth the cost. Diaper genies... are they worth it? Yes, they are a wonderful way to store used diapers before they are ready to be collected at the end of the week. They can prevent animals (or even babies themselves) from getting into the container and making a mess that no one would like to come home to and that alone may make them worth it in the eyes of most new parents.

Question 11

Is This Sleek Modern Crib Design Perfect?

One of the biggest nursery related decisions a new parent has to make is what sort of crib design is best for them. Do they want something sleek and modern or rustic and old fashioned? Do they want a cheaper temporary crib or are they wanting to shell out the extra money in order to acquire an adjustable crib which the child can use for years to come? Do they even plan on purchasing a crib? Or do they plan on co-sleeping until the child is old enough for a big kid bed? There are a lot of things to consider.

Question 12

Are Retro Cribs The Best Cribs?

One of the most important things to consider when in the midst of the crib selection process is whether or not said crib will be the most efficient yet safe option for the ways in which the family plans on laying their child to rest every night (and several times throughout the day.) Will the crib be in the parent's room for the first few months or will the child always sleep in the nursery? Is there any true concern of splinters or paint chips, if so, certain designs and materials may end up being off limits for certain families.

Question 13

Are Monochrome Rugs The Best Choice?

Rugs can be an important choice in designing any room, especially a nursery. They can be a soft and comfortable surface on which the child can crawl and play as well as being a nice surface for the parent to stand upon as well. They can also prevent certain stains from reaching the floor beneath it as well as adding a lovely pop (decor wise) to any room. But what kind of pop is preferred? It is important to note that, when choosing a rug for a nursery, one might be better off choosing vibrant or darker colours in order to hide certain unpleasant stains.

Question 14

Is This Colourful Rug Perfect?

Some parents prefer a delicate, simple, and traditional look for their child's nursery as they feel that it provides a comforting and calming environment. While others prefer bright and colourful rooms in which to house their children as they feel like the room should be tailored to the child's taste, not the parents. Either way, a rug can be the thing needed to truly tie the room together. But what kind of rug is best suited for a nursery? A classic rug? A monochrome rug? A bright and vibrant rug? A patterned and colourful rug? A white rug? Or a dark rug?

Question 15

Is This Simply Accent Wall The Perfect Addition?

When preparing for the arrival of the first child to bless a couple, everyone involved is going to want to do everything that they can to ensure that every moment and detail is special and perfect. A fun, easy, and aesthetically pleasing way to ensure that one has created a well decorated and stylish nursery can be the addition of a lovely accent wall. These walls can be a simple yet non-overpowering way to add a bit of colour and excitement to a room without overshadowing the rest of the decor or clashing with the established theme and flow of the room.

Question 16

Are Geeky Murals The Best Option?

Sometimes the thing that the nursery needs to just push it over that edge of perfection is a nice accent wall. And sometimes that missing piece is not an accent wall, but rather a full mural. These murals can be simple, classic, delicate, or even dedicated references/homages to the parent's or child's favourite comic book, film, television show, book, or fictional character. In this writer's humble opinion, the geekier the mural, the better. Harry Potter murals, Studio Ghibli murals, Lord of the RIngs murals, even Star Wars murals are the best way to liven up a room and leave everyone who enters it in awe.

Question 17

Are Bright Dressers So Cute?

Let's face it, the majority of gifts that one receives after announcing that they are expecting a baby will be clothes for said child. It does not matter if it is the expecting mother's birthday, at least thirty-five percent of the gifts that she receives that until the child is born will be gifts for said child. And those gifts are not limited to special occasions either. Some family members and friends will be unable to resist and will shower the expecting mother in clothes at total random times as they simply encountered an adorable item and could not resist. Now, which dresser is the best place to store these gifts?

Question 18

Is Name-Related Art Cute Or Tacky?

After this writer changed their name in their early twenties, they spent the next few years of their life writing (or having their name written on) everything in sight. When a name is truly loved, it is a good feeling to see it everywhere. When parents pick their future child's name, it is often done with great love and care. So seeing that name hung up or printed in that child's bedroom can be an exciting thing, especially before that child has been born. Or is it tacky and overdone? Is something that seems utterly adorable to one parent tacky to the next?

Question 19

Is This Simple Toy Box Utterly Perfect?

Let's face it, first-time parents (and first-time grandparents) get excited when they know that a child is coming and they tend to go a bit overboard on the toys. But hey, to be fair, one never knows which toy will become their child's favourite and which will be ignored until it is eventually donated (and the child will not even notice its absence.) SO the best choice is to simply buy them all. But if one chooses to buy every single toy that they see while waiting for the baby to arrive, they are going to need somewhere to house them all.

Question 20

Is This Adorable Critter-Covered Toy Box The Way To Go?

When designing a child's nursery, is it more important to pick design options that appeal to the child or the parent? Realistically speaking, the child will not understand the concept of furniture nor decor until they are much older. And, at that point, they will no longer be sleeping in said nursery but rather an updated bedroom that they can help create. But should the nursery be designed through a childish lens or done in a way that will please the parents? Since the parents are the only ones who will be able to appreciate the decor, shouldn't the choice be up to them?

Question 21

Is This Celestial-Themed Nursery Perfect?

Picking the theme for the child's nursery is one of the most important home decor choices a family will ever make. After all, the furniture, paint, and all items contained within the room will be affected by the theme that the parents choose for the room. If one decides on a nautical theme, they will not be buying orange and green furniture for that would clash in the most obvious way. Once the theme is chosen, everything else flows from there. It is one of the most important decisions that expecting parents can make (after all of the actually important choices.)

Question 22

Is This Simple Bookshelf The Way To Go?

Can the child understand what their parent is reading to them? Do they even know what a book is or are they simply waiting for their parent to look away so that they can do everything within their power to get those pages in their mouths and start to chow down? Who knows? But, either way, it is a good idea to have some sort of book containing apparatus in a nursery as no good bedtime would be complete without a lovely story. And nothing upsets a bedtime routine quicker than having to get up and go pick a book from another room.

Question 23

Is Dr. Seuss The Way To Go?

When filling said bookshelf, it is important to be on the same team with one's partner on the sort of books that will fill said shelf. Are funny, modern, and cheeky books the preferred option? The kind that will have the parents cracking up but the child will be utterly oblivious to? The ones with jokes meant for a certain age group that will go entirely over the heads of the younger listeners? Or are tried and true children's classics like " "Oh the Places You Will Go" and "The Cat in The Hat" the better option for bedtime?

Question 24

Will "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Be A Bedtime Staple?

This writer was raised on the entire if you give an animal an object series. Those books were both engaging and hilarious. The art was beautiful and the animals were adorable. They were exceptionally exciting books to have read aloud by a family member before bed. However, when choosing a bedtime story it is important to choose a book that the child likes so that they will tolerate story time but to avoid their favourite books in order to ensure that the book won't over excite them and further delay bedtime. The balance between like and love is a hard place to be,

Question 25

Is This The Perfect Photo Quartet?

Choosing the perfect wall art for one's nursery can be a big task. Should one go with classic words and/or quotes or stick to sketch or photo-based designs? Should one pick cute and child-friendly designs that they will love as toddlers but could potentially outgrow at a very young age? Or are more basic designs that can grow with them the better choice? Are the parents planning on fully redecorating the room as the child ages or will such home makeovers only occur at the request of the child? Will certain photos look spooky at nighttime when the lights are off?

Question 26

Are These Lord Of The Rings Prints The Perfect Wall Art?

If one is choosing to go with a design that appeals to the parents more than a traditional childish design, than they may consider certain decor choices like the photo above for the nursery rather than the expected animal and cartoon photos that usually litter children's bedrooms. If the parents choose to go with their preferred design, they should ensure that they have chosen decor that will not spook the child nor look less than ideal when the lights are out for bedtime. Nothing keeps a child awake better than a suspicious shadow or spooky face that can appear in dimly lit decor.

Question 27

Is This Monochrome Theme The Way To Go?

When choosing a theme for the nursery it is important to note that themes do not be overwhelming nor overtly convoluted designs with dozens of different elements and pieces. Sometimes a theme can simply be a selection of colours and/or shades (a theme can even be one colour.) These more basic themes can be far more aesthetically pleasing than the more complex themes as well as being so much easier to design and find pieces for. Not to mention the fact that a simple thing can be so much easier to explain to family members who seek to aid in the nursery creation.

Question 28

Is This Classic Nursery Utter Perfection?

There are just some things that most little girls grow up dreaming about. They dream about their future husbands (or wives,) their future careers, who they will be when they get older, what kind of teenager they will become, if they will ever get the specific physical features that they crave, what their future family (if they want one) will look like, and how they will decorate that nursery. Do they want a classic theme or something sleek and modern? Do they dream about rocking their baby in an antique wooden rocking chair or will something more of this century suffice?

Question 29

Is This Potter-Themed Nursery The Greatest Thing Ever?

This writer does not mean to sway the quiz takers opinion, but this is the greatest nursery in the history of the world. Truly utter perfection. When the time comes for this writer to start a family, this is the exact nursery that that future child will live inside until they are old enough to design their own room. Does anyone else wonder if their future child will like the same things that they do? This future child does not have to like Harry Potter nor any of the other nerdy fandoms that fill their parent's hearts, but it may be weird to nothing in common with one's child as they grow.

Question 30

Stuffed Animals: On Display Or Put Away?

Stuffed animals are friends not toys and they should not be hidden away. Yes, some mother's feel that toys (stuffed or otherwise) are tacky and little eyesores so they tend to seek to put these things away when cleaning their child's bedroom. But this writer is a firm believer in maintaining a home that is clean yet lived in. Minimalist and clutter free homes often give off a cold and alienating vibe and that is not the atmosphere that one wants in a nursery. This writer advocates for covering every surface of a nursery with toys and stuffed animals galore!

Question 31

Nerd Paraphernalia And Toys: Yes Or No?

Though any child born to geeky/nerdy parents is under no obligation to share the fandoms and obsessions of their parents, it is important to note that the majority of the toys, clothes, and decor chosen for children in their first year of life are for the parent's entertainment and tastes, not the tastes of the child. When they are older, they can choose their own fandoms and wallpaper. But for now, the parents are the ones who have to look at those toys, clean up the clutter, and consciously exist within that nursery on a daily basis. So the final call is up to them for now.

Question 32

Nightlights: Yes Or No?

As a former child, the answer to this question has to be yes. Though some may believe that a child sleeps through the night better and easier without any light of any kind, waking up in utter darkness is not a fun experience for the child. The nightlight need not be overpowering nor exceedingly bright, as that will impact the child's ability to sleep soundly and through the night. However, that does not mean that they have to be immersed in total darkness. A gentle and subtle nightlight can allow for their sleep to remain uninterrupted while still providing adequate comfort in case the child wakes up before morning.

Question 33

Is This Star Trek Mobile Perfect?

Because of the fact that humans are the way that they are and cannot seem to agree on everything, there is a debate on whether or not one should hang a mobile over their newborn/infants crib. Some claim that the movement is far too stimulating and can prevent the child from falling asleep which can affect the rest of the family's schedule as well as the babies developing mind (from lack of rest.) While others believe that they help the child develop different cognitive abilities as they attempt to figure out what the mobile is and can also soothe them into a lovely sleep.

Question 34

Curtains: Yes Or No?

Curtains are another decor choice that many prospective and new mothers tend to debate over. Some believe that they can present certain issues if the child is able to access either the curtain themselves or their strings. While other parents say that that concern borders on helicopter-parenting and that curtains are needed to block out the light during day time naps. This writer feels as though that a compromise can be reached with shorter stringless curtains but there seems to be no room for logic in debates that involve the welfare of children once they get heated and on a roll.

Question 35

Should Parents Play Music In The Nursery To Help The Baby Sleep?

Should parents play music to help soothe their baby to sleep? This is another one of those classic parenting debates. Some people choose to play gentle songs while their children are sleeping in order to calm and soothe them while others worry that that might condition them into only being able to sleep when that song is playing. Others create artificially silent environments for their children to enjoy during naptimes; even going as far as to demand silence from the entire household. But others worry that children who expect silence at naptime are more likely to awake at the slightest sound than those who are accustomed to standard noise levels.

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