Design The Perfect Baby Girl's Room And Get The Ideal Name For Her

There is nothing more exciting than finding out the gender of one's baby. Once the gender is determined, new parents can begin to truly plan for the baby's arrival. Finally, a suitable name can be picked out and the nursery can be decorated appropriately. Between the two, decorating a nursery is probably easier purely because a room's decor can be changed at any time. A name, on the other hand, is forever which means that all options must be weighed and only the most perfect name selected.

That being said, decorating a nursery is not as easy as it sounds. Indeed, it requires quite a lot of planning and quite a lot of work. The walls need to be painted and the furniture needs to be purchased and then arranged. It is only when these basics are taken care of that one can look at adding other things, such as fairy lights, bunting and framed pictures, to the room.

Have a pretty good idea of what the nursery is going to look like but can't quite decide on a name? We're here to help! Design the perfect baby room below and be matched with the ideal baby girl name!

Question 1

How big is the nursery?

The size of the room will influence not only the overall style you opt for but also the pieces that you choose to fill it with. If the room is big you can opt for bigger furniture and more décor pieces. If the room is on the smaller side you might want to keep it as minimal as possible.

Question 2

Decorate it yourself or hire an interior designer?

Some people have a good eye for design and as such are naturals when it comes to decorating rooms. Others on the other hand can’t think of a more tedious activity and prefer to hire a professional. Which are you?

Question 3

Will there be a theme?

While of course it is not at all necessary to pick a theme for the nursery, most people tend to agree that having a theme makes things easier. When it comes to nurseries, there are plenty of themes to choose from, including Disney and animals.

Question 4

Choose a color for the walls.

One of the first few things that need to be thought of when decorating the nursery is the color of the walls. Indeed, the color of the walls will set the overall ambiance of the room. Baby girl rooms are usually painted pink but of course there are no rules against opting for other colors.

Question 5

Choose the wallpaper for an accent wall.

Not sure whether you want to paint the walls of the nursery or wallpaper them instead? Why not go for both – paint most of the walls but turn one of them into an accent wall by covering it with quirky wallpaper.

Question 6

Choose the floor.

When most people think of decorating their baby’s nursery, they tend to forget the floor. But they shouldn’t. The type of floor that you decide to go for – wood, tiles, carpet or vinyl – can have great impact on the way that the room will look.

Question 7

Choose a rug.

Depending on the type of flooring that you decide to go for, you might also want to get a rug. There are countless of rugs to choose form, including cotton, cable knit and fur. Of course, if you opt for carpet flooring you will probably decide to skip the rug.

Question 8

Choose some wall decor.

Now that the walls are painted it is time to have a look at wall décor. After all, nothing pulls a room together like some personalized wall décor, whether it is framed photos, unique posters, paintings by local artists or even wall stickers.

Question 9

Yes or no to fairy lights?

There is a reason why so many of us love fairy lights. After all, fairy lights are a quick and simple way to brighten any room. For that reason, quite a few parents opt to hang fairy lights in their baby's nursery.

Question 10

Choose a changing table.

When it comes to picking out furniture, it is a good idea to start with the essentials. For example, everyone needs a baby changing table. The type of baby changing table that parents decide to go for will depend not only on the nursery's size but also on the overall theme.

Question 11

Choose the changing mat.

Depending on whether the changing table that you’ve purchased comes with padding or not, you might also want to get a changing mat. Changing mats come in all shapes and colors. Most parents like to opt for a changing mat that is easy to transport so that they can take it with them wherever they go.

Question 12

Choose a crib.

Speaking of essentials, no nursery is complete without a crib. Like all other furniture, the type of crib that new parents will opt for will depend on the overall style of the room as well as on their budget. Popular crib options include standard cribs, bedside cribs, bassinets and sleigh cots.

Question 13

Choose the bedding.

Once the crib is chosen one can look at bedding options. Choosing bedding is a pretty straightforward procedure. All you really have to do is make sure that the color of the bedding matches the crib and the overall theme of the room.

Question 14

Choose the pillows.

When it comes to choosing pillows, most parents opt for the easiest option – standard pillows. However, there is something to be said for furry pillows or pillows that come in fun shapes too. Feeling fancy? Then go for personalized pillows!

Question 15

Choose a soft toy for the crib.

Most babies love toys for the comfort that it brings them. As such, it is a good idea to leave a soft toy in your baby’s crib for company. There are numerous soft toys to choose from. Most popular soft toys are of course teddy bears but they are somewhat boring and clichéd, so why not go for something a little different?

Question 16

What will the baby mobile be shaped as?

Baby mobiles may look cute but their purpose is not solely to enhance the room. Indeed, some baby mobiles actually provide babies with visual stimulation. This visual stimulation helps babies with their brain development! Still other baby mobiles soothe babies and help them fall asleep.

Question 17

Choose the lighting.

There are countless of options to choose from when it comes to lighting. For example, one can go for something that is going to last for years, such as a modern pendant light or a luxurious crystal chandelier. On the other hand, one can also go for something fun, such as an animal-shaped lamp or a cloud-shaped lamp.

Question 18

Curtains or blinds?

Whether one goes for blinds or curtains depends entirely on the room – and the windows – as well as the overall look that one is going for. Curtains are generally easier to maintain. On the other hand, blinds offer straight lines and make a room seem neater.

Question 19

Choose a chair.

Every new parent wants to spend as much time with their baby as possible but of course they want to be comfortable when doing so. As such, when it comes to choosing a nursery chair it is important to go for an option that not only looks good but that is also comfortable.

Question 20

Choose some storage.

Nurseries can become cluttered very quickly and as such, it is important to have proper storage. Every baby item should have a “home”, whether it is a laundry hamper, a wicker basket, a plastic box or a wooden toy box.

Question 21

Choose another chair.

So you’ve picked out a comfortable chair for yourself, but what if you have guests over? Or what if your partner wants to join you as you watch the baby drift in and out of sleep? It is a wise idea to have at least one extra chair in the nursery.

Question 22

Choose a wardrobe.

Babies have a lot of stuff, including diapers and clothes. Most new parents are well aware that while the former can be tossed in a wicker basket or a laundry hamper the latter need to be stored appropriately, whether in a dresser or an armoire.

Question 23

Choose a bookshelf.

Bookshelves are handy for storing all sorts of items, not just books. The type of bookshelf that you decide to go for will depend on the size of the room and the overall theme. Hanging shelves and pull-out shelves are good for smaller rooms whereas honeycomb shelves and standard shelves look lovely in bigger rooms.

Question 24

Choose a side table.

As far as nursery furniture goes, side tables are not super important. Nonetheless they are nice to have. A side table is good for storing various baby items, such as diapers and tissues. The type of side table that you opt to go for will depend on the overall style that you’ve chosen.

Question 25

Will there be a mirror?

One doesn’t necessarily need a mirror in the nursery. However, it might be nice to have one anyways especially if the nursery is quite small. After all, a mirror can help make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Question 26

Choose a big toy.

While babies don’t really appreciate big toys – not until they grow older at least – that doesn’t necessarily mean that one shouldn’t invest in them. Indeed, big toys – think dollhouses, giant teddy bears, indoor ball pits and train tables - can act as lovely décor pieces for the room.

Question 27

Will there be any plants?

Plants not only look good, they also enhance one’s mood, reduce stress levels, bring tranquility, produce oxygen and filter air pollutants. As such, it comes as no surprise that quite a few parents opt to add plants to their baby's nursery.

Question 28

Yes or no to a growth chart in the room?

Most parents are obsessed with keeping track of everything that their baby does. Since babies grow incredibly quickly, quite a few parents like the idea of keeping track of their baby's - and later child's - height. As such, they like to install a growth chart on one of the nursery's walls.

Question 29

Will there be bunting?

Like fairy lights, bunting can make any room seem brighter and more festive. When it comes to nursery décor, bunting is quite popular purely because it is inexpensive and because it comes in many shapes (the most common shape being the triangle) and colors.

Question 30

Choose a night lamp.

Whether parents decide to use a night lamp or not depends entirely on their own preferences. For example, some parents believe that night lamps result in less restful sleep for their little ones. However, there is no denying that night lamps make it much easier to check up on the sleeping baby.

Question 31

Will there be a name sign?

Name signs are popular décor pieces. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are a nice way to showcase your baby’s name. They are usually quite inexpensive and add a personal touch to the nursery. Who’d say yes and who’d say no to a name sign?

Question 32

Choose a clock.

It is easy to lose track of time when you are observing your little one. As such, some parents like to add a clock to the nursery. Be careful however – if you do decide to get a clock for the nursery make sure it has a very soft tick so it doesn’t interrupt the baby’s sleep.

Question 33

Will there be a teepee?

Let’s be honest – baby teepees are not at all necessary. However, they do look very pretty and once the baby is slightly older, he or she is bound to have a lot of fun with it. Of course, you might want to forego a baby teepee if the nursery is very small.

Question 34

Choose a baby monitor.

Every new parent is scared that their baby is going to somehow hurt themselves when they are not around. As such, most parents install a baby monitor inside the nursery. When it comes to baby monitors, one can choose from sound monitors, motion monitors and video monitors.

Question 35

Yes or no to a rocking horse?

Rocking horses are by no means necessary but there is no denying that they look great. A rocking horse is both a toy (although it is not exactly suitable for a very young baby) and a lovely décor piece. So, who’d say yes and who’d say no to this fancy toy?

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