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The Walking Dead quickly became one of Image Comics' most popular series when it first debuted. The series was created by Robert Kirkman to answer the question of what happens when the credits roll on a regular zombie story. What do the people do and how do they continue to survive... if they do at all. The Walking Dead explored the lives of the people who would otherwise have occupied a comic or film for only a short while before coming to an end, but there is no end in sight for the survivors of The Walking Dead.

AMC decided to greenlight a television series adaptation of the comic book series in 2010 and it has been dominating the airwaves since it first aired. The show features some of the best creature-effects makeup ever seen on television and it has such a talented cast, people have simply fallen in love with the series.

Most fans are devoted to either the television series or the comics, but not so many are familiar with both other than the truly die-hard fans. Are you one of them? Can you go through our list of characters found in both the television series and the comic books and indicate whether or not they are still alive? It's harder than you think because someone alive in one medium might not be around anymore in the books.

How well do you know The Walking Dead? Can you say who is alive or dead?

Question 1

Gabriel - Television

Gabriel from the Walking Dead television show

Father Gabriel is a Priest and one of the few characters whose pre-apocalypse profession has carried into the world of the Walking Dead. He is a member of the Alexandria community of survivors and has struggled with his fear and inability to offer aid to those in need. His cowardice likely caused the deaths of his entire congregation by refusing to offer shelter when they came calling. This caused him to believe that Rick and his group were initially sent by God to punish him for his actions.

Question 2

Maggie - Comics

Maggie Greene from the Walking Dead comics

Maggie is a principal character of the comic series who first appeared in issue #10. She is the daughter of Herschel and one of several of his children. Maggie quickly became romantically entangled with Glenn when the group of survivors arrives on Herschel's farm. She began as a somewhat weak character but grew into a physically and emotionally balanced person. Her leadership style and ability to act in any situation regardless of the desperation or concern has made her a valuable leader to Rick and the Hilltop Community.

Question 3

Caesar - Comics

Caesar Martinez from the Walking Dead comics

Caesar Martinez was first introduced in issue #27 of the comics as a fence guard for the Woodbury community. As one of the Governor's most trusted men, he was in his inner-circle and helped several of the survivors escape their internment in Woodbury. Prior to the outbreak, Martinez was a gym teacher and a children's football coach. The school in which he taught was set up as a safe zone, but it fell to the Walkers, which spurned him to leave and find Woodbury.

Question 4

Carol - Television

Carol from the Walking Dead television show

Carol was first introduced as a meek and battered woman who was among the members of survivors living in Dale's camp outside of Atlanta. It was quickly made evident that her husband, Ed, was beating her, which drew the consternation of the other members of the group. Carol developed into an incredibly tough person whose "take no crap from anyone or anything" attitude helped her to survive through her appearances on the television series. Her daughter, Sophia, was killed and turned into a walker, which made for a plot device to drive the survivors towards Herschel's farm.

Question 5

Daryl - Television

Darryl Dixon from the Walking Dead television show

Daryl was one of the earliest members of the Atlanta camp when he was introduced as an experienced hunter. His accuracy with the crossbow has made him a deadly character to the Walkers and any humans who happen to trouble the group. This has made him one of Rick's most trusted lieutenants and he has become a major player in the post-outbreak society. In the early episodes, his character was driven due to his conflict with his brother, but since Merle was killed, Daryl has solidified himself as one of the core members of the group.

Question 6

Sophia - Comics

Sophia Peletier from the Walking Dead comics

Sophia was first introduced in issue #2 as the daughter of Carol and one of the young children who lived in Dale's camp outside of Atlanta. When she first came into the Atlanta group, she was only eight years old. Though she is young, she was shown to dispatch numerous Walkers in defense of herself and the people around her. She and Carl quickly became friends, possibly due to their closeness in age upon meeting and she has played a large part throughout the comics in which she has regularly appeared.

Question 7

Hershel - Comics

Herschel Greene from the Walking Dead comics

Hershel was first introduced in issue #10 alongside the other members of his family. Hershel and his clan were surviving the apocalypse on their small farm in Georgia where they housed a terrible secret... they kept the dead in a barn! Hershel assumed the people were only sickened and hoped to cure them of their ailment, but he eventually saw the light. Hershel's demeanor is that of a grumpy older man though he is quick to help out a stranger should the need arise.

Question 8

Glenn - Comics

Glenn from the Walking Dead comics

Glen first appeared in the comics in issue #2 when he found and rescued Rick who had gotten himself into quite a pickle on the streets of downtown Atlanta. Glenn's main role in the group was to run into dangerous areas and return with supplies. He showed quite an affinity towards this skill making him a valuable member of the group of survivors camped outside of Atlanta. Through the course of his appearances, he becomes romantically entangled with Maggie and is considered to be one of the main/primary characters.

Question 9

Dale - Television

Dale from the Walking Dead television show

Dale was first introduced as the owner and operator of an RV that was used to house and supply a number of survivors camped outside of Atlanta. He is one of the main characters throughout his appearances on the series and because of his age, experience, calm demeanor, and protective nature, he quickly became one of the early leaders of the group. He is well-respected by the people around him and pays close attention to the ongoing relationships around him to try and keep/maintain the peace.

Question 10

Abraham - Television

Abraham from the Walking Dead television show

Abraham was a member of the United States Army prior to the outbreak and he presents as a tough and brave man capable of intense battle. He is definitely the guy you want on your side when the dead start to walk the Earth. He was introduced to the series as something of an escort for Eugene on their way to Washington D.C. When they meet up with Rick and his crew, they join together and all settle inside the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Question 11

Michonne - Television

Michonne from the Walking Dead television show

Michonne first appeared on the television series at the gates of the prison. She learned long before that she could travel stealthily among the dead if she was accompanied by a couple of her own so she cut off the jaws and arms of Terry and Mike (her brother and boyfriend) after they let her son Andre be devoured, and traveled the land. She is an impressive combatant whose skill with the katana has earned her hundreds of Walker kills as well as the odd human here and there.

Question 12

Carl - Comics

Carl is the son of Lori and Rick making him one of the main characters in the comics. He is first introduced in issue #2 living with his mother Lori under the protection of Shane, Rick's best friend and former police partner. Carl is the deuteragonist of the series and while he was only nine years old when he first appeared, he quickly grew up into a Walker killing machine. He sees his father as a role model and authority figure whom he attempts to emulate.

Question 13

Deanna - Television

Deanna from the Walking Dead television show

Before the outbreak/end of the world, Deanna was a United States Congresswoman from Ohio. She became the leader of the group of survivors living in the Alexandria community prior to the arrival of Rick and his crew. She is very committed to her community and does whatever is within her power to shield her people from harm. This led to an isolation within the walls of Alexandria that made them unprepared for the dangers lurking on the other side of the wall. Rick and his crew were all too eager to bring Deanna and her people up to speed.

Question 14

Judith - Comics

Judith Grimes from the Walking Dead comics

Judith is the second child of Lori and possible daughter of either Rick or Shane (It's Shane... we all know she's Shane's kid). She was born shortly after Rick and the crew make it to the prison and first appeared in issue #39. Since Judy is a baby, there isn't much she contributes to the crew other than a need for them to go out and find baby formula. She is more of an instrument of conflict between the unfortunate love triangle between Lori, Shane, and Rick.

Question 15

Rick Grimes - Comics

Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead comics

Rick is the primary antagonist of the series making much of the story center around him. Rick was a police officer who was wounded and hospitalized when the outbreak occurred. The series began with him waking up in a hospital already overrun with the dead. He later found his wife, son, and best friend outside of Atlanta and quickly established himself as an authority who would stop at absolutely nothing to save the people he cared about. Rick's leadership and willingness to cross the line has made him a ruthless and calculating man who is capable of anything and everything.

Question 16

Merle - Television

Merle Dixon from the Walking Dead television show

Merle is one of the original survivors to be found in the camp on the outskirts of Atlanta. He is the brother of Daryl and is as stereotypically redneck as anyone could possibly be. He is a racist, violent, misogynist who will jump to conclusions... aggressively. He is a volatile character within the group who creates a number of problems. He is left in Atlanta by T-Dogg and Rick where he is forced to remove his own hand to escape a horde of Walkers. He transitions into a series antagonist and becomes a major player in the survivors' affairs.

Question 17

Aaron - Television

Aaron is one of the main characters who was first introduced to Rick and his group from Alexandria. He spent his time outside the safety of the Alexandria Safe-Zone so that he could recruit other survivors into their mix. He met up with the survivors on one of his recruiting missions and was able to convince them to come along though they were dubious after the events at Sanctuary. Aaron is an affable and good-natured person who adapted well to the life of an adventurous recruiter.

Question 18

Enid - Television

Enid from the Walking Dead television show

Enid was a lone survivor who traveled the roads after her parents were eaten by Walkers. She eventually came to find the survivors in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She was initially distrustful, but came to see her fellow survivors as family. She developed a close relationship with Carl. After some time, she relocated to the Hilltop to help take care of Maggie. Enid is an original character for the television series having never been seen in the comics. It's unlikely she will make a comic book appearance as Kirkman doesn't seem to favor doing that anytime soon.

Question 19

Olivia - Television

Olivia from the Walking Dead television show

Olivia was a coffee shop employee before the outbreak and her skills at inventory led her to take on the role of Quartermaster for the Alexandria survivors. She is timid and not especially helpful when it comes to taking out the Walking Dead, but she is still a valued member of the group. When her accounting skills show a 2-gun deficiency in the town's stores, she is blamed and later exonerated when the guns are found. She will stand up to those who threaten her and those she cares about.

Question 20

Eugene - Comics

Eugene Porter from the Walking Dead comics

Eugene is a strange fellow whose intelligence is his most redeeming quality even if his personality could use some work. He successfully tricked Abraham into believing he was a scientist who could solve the outbreak were he to get safely to Washington D.C. He was first introduced in issue #53 and through his time with the survivors, he has come clean about his true work as a high school teacher prior to the outbreak. He is an important part of the team due to his ability to manufacture ammunition.

Question 21

Rosita - Comics

Rosita Espinosa from the Walking Dead comics

Rosita first appeared in the comics in issue #53 traveling alongside Eugene and Abraham, whom she was in a relationship with. When the group joins up with the survivors in Alexandria, Abraham leaves Rosita for another woman, which she doesn't take very well. She eventually finds solace in the arms of Eugene and the two get married. Rosita's strength in not succumbing to the despair of the apocalypse is one of the reasons she was able to survive the end of the world.

Question 22

Jesus - Comics

Jesus from the Walking Dead comics

Jesus was first introduced in issue #91 as a recruiter for the Hilltop. He is well-known throughout the survivor communities in the greater-Washington area. Though he originally distrusted Rick, he came to appreciate and respect him as a leader. Jesus is one of the most calculating and rational people in the entire post-outbreak world. He is an outspoken believer in fairness and justice, but also a competent combatant who can dispatch humans and Walkers alike. His skills and ability to survive have helped him become a main member of the group.

Question 23

Dwight - Comics

Dwight from the Walking Dead comics

Dwight was first encountered by the survivors in issue #98. He is one of the original members of the Saviors and one of Negan's closest allies. His wife, Sherry, married Negan to live the high life, which worked out until the two had a liaison and Negan found out about it. He took a heated iron to the side of Dwight's face as punishment for their betrayal, but Dwight continued to stand by Negan. Dwight is an effective combatant and survivor who quickly became one of the main characters in the books.

Question 24

Beth - Television

Beth from the Walking Dead television show

Beth first appeared on the television series in the second season. She is Maggie's half-sister and the youngest child of the Hershel clan. When she was first introduced, she was a shy and soft-spoken young sixteen-year-old girl who lacked any fighting ability when it came to dispatching the dead. As she continued to appear on the show, her character changed into a more robust and capable young woman. She was separated from the group for a time when police officers from Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta kidnapped her.

Question 25

Andrea - Comics

Andrea from the Walking Dead comics

Andrea first appeared in the second issue of the comics and was shown to be the older sister of Amy. Her skill and talent with firearms quickly earned her the position of group sniper, a job she excelled at page after page. Andrea was wounded while defending the prison after a round grazed the side of her left cheek, which left a long scar from the corner of her mouth up to the lower-part of her ear. Andrea is one of the main characters who has been with the survivors since before Rick wandered into the camp.

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