Date Or Dump These Famous Beauties And We'll Reveal If You Have Good Taste

Anyone in need of a date? Since we are technically in the heart of wedding season right now, it would make sense for a lot of people to be in the market for a date. Good news! We are here to make sure everyone has the perfect +1 lined up! Now, all we have to do is get to the bottom of what everybody is looking for.

Today we will be going through 50 of Hollywood's finest. We will give a photo of every prospect, and everyone just has to pick "date" or "dump" for each one. Not only will everybody get the chance to look at these classic beauties, but once all of the questions have been answered, we will also be able to let everyone know where their taste level is at!

Question 1

Alice Eve

Question 2

Lauren Cohan

Question 3

Cameron Diaz

Question 4

Taylor Swift

Question 5

Bryce Dallas Howard

Question 6

Emma Stone

Question 7

Angelina Jolie

Question 8

Priyanka Chopra

Question 9

Camila Cabello

Question 10

Selena Gomez

Question 11

Eliza Dushku

Question 12

Charlize Theron

Question 13

Scarlett Johansson

Question 14

Anna Faris

Question 15

Brooklyn Decker

Question 16

Jennifer Lopez

Question 17

Hailey Baldwin

Question 18

Lindsay Lohan

Question 19

Rachel Bilson

Question 20

Chrissy Teigen

Question 21

Kim Kardashian

Question 22

Evangeline Lilly

Question 23

Aubrey Plaza

Question 24

Dua Lipa

Question 25

Lily James

Question 26

Katy Perry

Question 27

Emma Watson

Question 28

Emily Ratajkowski

Question 29

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 30

Olivia Culpo

Question 31

Penélope Cruz

Question 32

Emmy Rossum

Question 33

Emilia Clarke

Question 34

Kate Mara

Question 35

Krysten Ritter

Question 36

Katie Holmes

Question 37

Mariah Carey

Question 38

Rita Ora

Question 39


Question 40

Nicki Minaj

Question 41

Kate Bosworth

Question 42

Rachael Taylor

Question 43

Rachel McAdams

Question 44

Isla Fisher

Question 45

Ashley Greene

Question 46

Jaimie Alexander

Question 47

Carly Rae Jepsen

Question 48

Amy Adams

Question 49

Alison Brie

Question 50

Katherine McNamara

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