Date Or Dump These Victoria's Secret Models To Find Out Who You Have A Chance With

Whose eye will you catch? These Victoria's Secret Angels and brand ambassadors are out on the lookout for the new thing. They have walked the runway from New York to New Guinea. They have trained their bodies with gymnastics and pilates, worked the treadmill day after day, and teased their bodies with the smoothest skin creams. They are the queens of fashion all around the world. They are the pinnacle of feminine perfection, and they are on the prowl.

Choose between 35 of the spiciest models that stalk the runway, and find the one who might just go home with you. Will it be Adriana Lima with her legendary body, or Sara Sampaio with her steamy smirk? Which of these world-class models does it for you? Don't be shy. These girls may be supermodels but in real life they are charming and approachable with big, welcoming smiles. They're not afraid to show you what they can do. Check out the most alluring pictures of each of these 35 young women from their entire modeling careers. Who is your favorite girl? Which pictures did it for you the most? Tell us in the comments to help us create even spicier quizzes in the future.

1Lindsay Ellingson

The stunning model you see here is also a dancer. She was discovered as a model not through a network of agencies but while walking down the street. She was then sent to Paris which immediately jump started her career.

2Sara Sampaio

This Portuguese model carries not just her physical beauty but a touch of personality in her look. This may have something to do with her being named one of the 20 most beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels of all time. She is sure to go down in history.

3Cindy Mello

Making her entrance into the modeling scene in 2016, Cindy Mello is the girl we are dying to see more from. She grew up in Brazil and chose modeling over her other passion, psychology. She hopes to visit Thailand, and chances are her career will someday take her there.


4Lily Donaldson

Success is in Lily Donaldson's blood. Her great uncle is Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac fame. Caught shopping by a modeling recruiter, she launched a very successful campaign that had her walking the catwalk for Victoria's secret six years in a row.

5Lily Aldridge

Here is a gorgeous model who grew up in the fashion scene. She works in front of and behind the camera. She earned her Angel wings after just one walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She's been a model since 16.


6Barbara Fialho

While her specialty is in disappearing into the role of a high fashion cat walk model, she can also be found in the CeeLo Green music video, “Bright Lights Bigger City.” Her lifelong passion is the guitar which you can hear in her Brazilian Bossa Nova album.

7Karlie Kloss

This is a model who got famous early, namely at age 14. Karlie has a sense of humor about what she does, calling her runway routine a "moody gait." Her looks are described as both enticing and unique, something truly special.


8Elsa Hosk

We may have never known the gorgeous model, Elsa Hosk, since she focused her career on basketball immediately after graduation. The work was demanding yet rewarding, and helped the supermodel to build up the body and stamina necessary to succeed in the modeling world.

9Josephine Skriver

This talented model has had a wide and colorful career beginning in her home country of Denmark. Despite numerous opportunities to start her career early, she stuck it out and finished school before launching her amazing career. She was raised by gay parents in Denmark.


10Lais Ribeiro

What's legendary about Lais Ribeiro is that she started her modeling career as a mom and took that career all the way to the Victoria's Secret Angels. She has such an amazing body it took her from 0 to 100.

11Stella Maxwell

Meet the face of Max Factor. Not just that, but she has been dating Kristen Stewart since 2016. Her family is from Ireland but she spent the first 13 years of her life in Belgium before moving to Australia.


12Miranda Kerr

With her girl next door look, Miranda is by far the most approachable supermodel out there. She has a passion for skin care and for sharing her knowledge with others, creating her own skin care line and a self help book to go with it.

13Marisa Miller

This woman has a body that set the record on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition sales. She never imagined herself as a model, wearing modest clothes up until her debut, but now she is out there in a very big way.


14Rachel Hilbert

A New Yorker through and through, Rachel Hilbert grew up modeling in her home town. She was a competitive skier and dancer in high school before launching her modeling and acting career. Her crown achievement was becoming the spokesperson for Victoria's Secret's PINK line.

15Kate Grigorieva

Kate's career started in Russia but after becoming the Miss Russia runner-up, her astounding beauty took her all over the world. Aside from her runway adventures, Kate Grigorieva was married for just about one year. Catching the eye of this woman is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


16Kelly Gale

She may have grown up in Sweden, but Kelly's heritage reaches from Australia to India. She had a lovely and fulfilling childhood after being adopted at age 4, playing soccer and tennis. She has a strict training regimen that takes 3-4 hours per day.

17Adriana Lima

According to Adriana, her middle name is definitely not Francesca, but that does not stop the entire internet from saying so. She speaks four languages, and won first place in the Supermodel of Brazil competition at the age of 15.


18Anelia Moor

She may not be a member of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, but Anelia has had the chance to show off her form in Victoria's Secret panties, and we're glad she did. We hope she goes places, but for now her name is lesser known.

19Alessandra Ambrosia

Not just a pretty face, Alessandra Ambrosia is the spokesperson for PINK, Victoria's Secret's line of more thorough bodily coverage. She has made cameos in everything from Late Night with Conan O'Brien to the 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.


20Maria Borges

From 2013 to 2016, Borges has appeared in every single Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She was also the first in the show to boast the natural beauty of afro hair while walking in said fashion show. The beautiful woman was born in Angola in southern Africa.

21Martha Hunt

Here is a model from the United States, and a Victoria's Secret Angel no less. She is gorgeous through and through but has a brave story. As she explains, "Scars are uniquely beautiful, and they tell a triumphant story about you."


22Cindy Bruna

Once upon a time, an Italian man and a Congolese woman fell in love and raised a beautiful multiracial daughter in France. It may not be your usual fairy tale story, but it does set Cindy Bruna apart from the rest.

23Vita Sidorkina

Her full name is Vitalina Sidorkina, but we call her Vita. She is a Russian model who grew up in Khabarovsk and started appearing in the big scene in 2012. As of July 2017, she is newly and happily married.


24Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

She can do it all. Rosie is not just a model but an actress and a designer. You have more than likely seen her in the Michael Bay Transformers series as well as Mad Max: Fury Road. She has been very busy.

25Candice Swanepoel

Believe it or not, Candice Swaneopoel did not grow up in Florida. She comes from a South African town called Mooi River. She was spotted by a model scout at a flea market in Durban. She goes home with a paycheck that will make any model blush.


26Erin Heatherton

From luxury to fame, Erin was spotted as a model while on vacation with a friend in Miami. She takes her pick of which agencies to sign with. For fans of The League, she showed up in season 5 as Coach Crowley.

27Behati Prinsloo

This gorgeous Namibian woman describes the moment when her life changed. "We went to the grocery store after church and this guy came up to me and asked if I was a model and wrote his number on a piece of paper." From there, it's all history.


28Irina Shayk

You may know her as Irina Shayk, but from time to time you may see the name, "Irina Sheik" instead. She is a Russian model of incredible talent with an adorable Labrador named Caesare. In her spare time, she raises money for charity.

29Romee Strijd

They love her in the EU. Vogue just can't get enough of her incredible charm. If her stare seems a bit hypnotizing, you are not the first to notice. Romee comes from the Netherlands but her modeling has taken her all over.


30Gracie Carvalho

This Brazilian model's looks do not just come from diet and skin care. She takes care of herself in the gym, practicing Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu which is the art of defeating opponents with superior weaponry. She was the most in-demand model in her Fashion Week debut.

31Monika Jagaciak

Her name may be a bit of a mouthful, but her friends call her Jac. Monika Jagaciak comes from Poland. Her modeling career began at age 13, which upset some critics, but her career only accelerated until she became a Victoria's Secret Angel.


32Kasia Struss

This beauty is a show opener and a show closer, in other words a show stopper. Her focus is entirely on modeling. Even as a teen, she wanted to see her picture in the magazines. Boy did she get her wish.

33Chanel Iman

This beautiful Victoria's Secret Angel is 3/4 African American and 1/4 Korean American. Her modeling career began at age 12 but at age 16 she won the Supermodel of the World contest by Ford's Models. She is not just a model but also an actor and an activist.


34Jasmine Tookes

If anyone was born to be a model, it was Jasmine Tookes. Before becoming a model at 15, she honed her body with gymnastics as well as volleyball and softball. She would go with her mother to her work as a celebrity fashion stylist before getting discovered here.

35Taylor Hill

Hill is a talented model with enchanting blue/green eyes. Growing up, her passion was gymnastics. She is the ninth most followed model and a popular trend setter. She has also shown interest in the movie industry, taking small roles here and there.

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