Date Or Dump These Pop Stars And We'll Guess How Desperate You Are!

The sphere of pop music has seen a number of women dominate at one point or another, and the music industry is constantly looking for the latest and greatest talent to turn into the next star. The women who are able to make their way to the top of the entertainment industry generate millions of dollars in album and ticket sales, and they're on the covers of magazines around the world. Their posters hang on the walls of young adults' bedrooms everywhere, and they become an object of affection for young men.

Because of their attractiveness and success, it's not uncommon for people to debate the looks of these women, caving into their shallow nature. People have their own unique tastes, especially when it comes to women. Today, we pose a tough question for you: would you date or dump these stars? We tracked down 35 pop stars who've achieved massive amounts of success and who've been considered sex symbols by some. Despite the levels of success varying from one woman to another, each was able to become a household name.

Judging by the way you answer these questions, we'll tell you how desperate you are!

1Would You Date Or Dump Katy Perry?

After exploding onto the scene back in 2008, Katy Perry has been selling millions of records while dazzling fans with her energetic live shows. Though she's engaged in several public feuds, she continues to be a fixture in pop culture.

2Would You Date Or Dump Britney Spears?

A tale of two careers, Britney Spears was the darling of the late 1990s and early 2000s, when she was at her white-hot peak. After a brief period that saw her have some tough times, she's back and better than ever.

3Would You Date Or Dump Christina Aguilera?

While not as popular as her rival Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera was still able to sell millions of records while showcasing her superior vocal talents. In recent years, this star has thrived on television, and fans still can’t get enough of her.


4Would You Date Or Dump Mandy Moore?

Unlike some of the other women who broke out in the 2000s, Mandy Moore was a genuinely wholesome girl who was gorgeous as well. Over the years, she found success in acting and even became a Disney Princess, thanks to her work on Tangled.

5Would You Date Or Dump Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande initially rose to fame on the Disney Channel before becoming a legitimate pop star years later. Though former Disney stars have a long history of erratic behavior, Ariana Grande has been one of the more grounded pop stars in recent memory.


6Would You Date Or Dump Demi Lovato?

The Jonas Brothers and the Disney Channel were instrumental in Lovato’s initial rise to fame, but it's her incredible vocal talents that have kept her in the hearts of fans everywhere. Few women in the industry come close to matching Lovato’s natural talent.

7Would You Date Or Dump Selena Gomez?

At just 25 years of age, Selena Gomez may be one of the most popular celebrities walking the planet. She's amassed a gigantic following, thanks to her work on television, as well as her chart-topping music that fans can’t get enough of.


8Would You Date Or Dump Fergie?

The Black Eyed Peas were already a global force before Fergie decided to head out on her own to release her first solo album. Things couldn’t have gone any better - her debut album sold 8 million copies around the world.

9Would You Date Or Dump Gwen Stefani?

No Doubt was a band that served as the definitive example that women can rock just as hard as men can. Gwen Stefani fronted the outfit before embarking on a solo career that saw her teach the whole world how to spell “bananas."


10Would You Date Or Dump Taylor Swift?

Originally breaking out in country music, Taylor Swift was a teenager who sang about heartbreak and her heroes. Her music has shifted to pop over the years, and her albums still sell at an alarming rate, proving that heartache is the fuel for success.

11Would You Date Or Dump Camila Cabello?

Regardless of which member you fancy the most, there's no denying that Fifth Harmony boasts some serious talent that has propelled them to fame. Camila Cabello was part of the group until 2016, and she's preparing to release her debut solo album.


12Would You Date Or Dump Shakira?

Colombian-born performer Shakira has been wowing audiences and dominating the global music market since her breakout album was released in 2001. She's sold over 70 million albums throughout her storied career, and she remains as popular as she's ever been.

13Would You Date Or Dump Miley Cyrus?

Say what you will about her start on the series Hannah Montana, but Miley Cyrus has proven that she has a legitimate set of pipes that have helped her sell millions of records. Music aside, she's a media darling whom the press cannot get enough of.


14Would You Date Or Dump Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez is one of the few women in the world who continue to show virtually no signs of aging. The performer got her start as a dancer before finding success in acting and in music. She's sold over 80 million records throughout her career.

15Would You Date Or Dump Avril Lavigne?

Originally gaining popularity thanks to her punk rock image, Avril Lavigne eventually turned to pop music to further her career. Her impressive career in music has seen the Canadian star sell over 35 million albums, as well as 50 million singles, around the world.


16Would You Date Or Dump Nicole Scherzinger?

The Pussycat Dolls were a group of burlesque dancers who would break away from the dancing stage and turn into global stars when they released their debut album in 2005. Leader Nicole Scherzinger would also find success as a solo artist, having released two studio albums.

17Would You Date Or Dump Vanessa Hudgens?

High School Musical was a global phenomenon that spawned a number of different stars, including singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens. She showcased her singing in the film trilogy, and she's released two solo albums, selling over 1 million records around the world.


18Would You Date Or Dump Jessica Simpson?

Some may not be old enough to remember this, but there was a time when Jessica Simpson was a legitimate pop star who pumped out hits. Her third album, In This Skin, went on to sell over 7 million copies around the world.

19Would You Date Or Dump Nelly Furtado?

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado has forged a career that has seen her dabble in several genres. She may not be as popular as she was when she first debuted, but Furtado’s career is something to be envied. She's sold over 40 million records worldwide.


20Would You Date Or Dump Kylie Minogue?

After gaining fame in the 1980s by performing songs for younger audiences, singer Kylie Minogue shed that image and turned into a bona fide sex symbol later in her career. The Australian singer has sold over 80 million records worldwide.

21Would You Date Or Dump Leona Lewis?

After winning the reality show The X Factor, Leona Lewis got her career off to a red-hot start when she released the hit single “Bleeding Love” in 2007. Lewis has since gone on to sell over 20 million records worldwide.


22Would You Date Or Dump Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an artist who's achieved an incredible amount of crossover success, thanks to her exposure on American Idol as well as her amazing voice. She's sold over 65 million records, though she hasn’t released an album since 2015.

23Would You Date Or Dump Ashley Tisdale?

Disney Channel has a way of turning each of their actresses into stars, and during the 2000s, Ashley Tisdale made a name for herself on the channel. She's since gone on to have a modestly successful career in music, selling over 2 million records.


24Would You Date Or Dump Hilary Duff?

Though she's widely known for her work on television and on the big screen, Hilary Duff was also a successful music star in her youth. The star released five studio albums, and she's gone on to sell over 15 million records worldwide.

25Would You Date Or Dump Natasha Bedingfield?

Back in 2004, Natasha Bedingfield came out of nowhere to become a household name. Her career in music saw her release three studio albums and sell millions of records around the world. She's also made appearances on reality television shows.


26Would You Date Or Dump Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is in the midst of an incredible run that's seen her dominate music sales as well as perform in front of millions of fans. Her performance at the Super Bowl roped in an entirely new set of fans.

27Would You Date Or Dump Kesha?

Kesha is in the process of a career resurgence that's seeing her showcase her skills as opposed to acting like a wild party girl. She debuted back in 2010, and she released her most recent album in 2017. Kesha has sold over 59 million records worldwide.


28Would You Date Or Dump Lindsay Lohan?

Though she hasn’t released an album in quite some time, Lindsay Lohan managed to have a very successful career in the music industry. Fueled by her strong performances at the box office, Lohan released two studio albums, selling 4.5 million of them.

29Would You Date Or Dump Carly Rae Jepsen?

Say what you will about her music, but Carly Rae Jepsen was still able to find success in the music industry. Her 2008 debut may have fizzled out, but four years later, she took the world by storm with her single “Call Me Maybe.”


30Would You Date Or Dump Kelly Clarkson?

As the original winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson set the bar for the next crop of winners. The singer has released a total of eight studio albums, and she's cranked out a number of hits throughout her career. She's sold over 25 million albums.

31Would You Date Or Dump Pink?

Pink made her debut in music back in 2000, and she continues to be one of the most popular and successful women in music. She's released seven studio albums and 34 singles, going on to sell over 47 million albums worldwide.


32Would You Date Or Dump Katherine McPhee?

Although she didn’t take home the win on American Idol, Katherine McPhee has put together an amazing career. Not only has she sold over 1 million records, but she's also had plenty of success in acting, and she currently stars in the series Scorpion.

33Would You Date Or Dump Lana Del Ray?

Lana Del Ray went relatively unnoticed when she released her debut album in 2010, but everything changed when she released Born to Die in 2012. The singer became a worldwide sensation, and she's sold over 8 million albums.


34Would You Date Or Dump Jojo?

Pint-sized singer Jojo first burst onto the scene in 2004 when she was still just a kid. The singer has found success on the big screen as well, and she continues to release music. Her career has seen her sell over 7 million albums worldwide.

35Would You Date Or Dump Geri Halliwell?

As a member of the Spice Girls, singer Geri Halliwell was a global phenomenon along with the other members of the group. The group sold over 85 million records worldwide, and Halliwell went on to sell over 15 million records as a solo artist.

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