Date Or Dump These Marvel Women And We'll Tell You How Powerful You'd Be

The MCU has been chugging along for 11 years now, and we have seen some of the most impressive pieces of cinematic history unfold during that time. Over those 11 years, the MCU has brought an incredible amount of characters to the big screen, and we have seen them take on the biggest foes that the galaxy has to offer. We have even gotten to see other ripples of Marvel Comics on the big screen, and those stories have been humming along since the early 2000s!

Many of the lead characters in these films are men, but those that have been following along for years know how incredible the women of Marvel are, and they have been instrumental in the success of their franchises. It appears as though female characters are going to be taking the lead more often moving forward, and fans are excited to see them do things with their abilities that other heroes simply cannot. Of course, with this much time on screen, most people have thought about dating a hero, and today, we are offering that chance!

For this quiz, participants will simply choose to date or dump these incredible Marvel characters, and we will reveal how powerful they are at the end!

Question 1

Peggy Carter

Question 2

Captain Marvel

Question 3

Pepper Potts

Question 4

Scarlet Witch

Question 5


Question 6

Black Widow

Question 7

Helen Cho

Question 8


Question 9


Question 10


Question 11

Jean Grey

Question 12

Aunt May

Question 13


Question 14

Jane Foster

Question 15


Question 16


Question 17

Christine Palmer

Question 18


Question 19

Maria Hill

Question 20

Karen Page

Question 21

Jessica Jones

Question 22

Hope Van Dyne

Question 23

Kitty Pryde

Question 24


Question 25


Question 26


Question 27

Sharon Carter

Question 28

Christine Everhart

Question 29

Betty Ross

Question 30

Darcy Lewis

Question 31

Emma Frost

Question 32

The Ancient One

Question 33


Question 34

Maggie Lang

Question 35

Janet Van Dyne

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