Date Or Dump These Creepy Chicks And We'll Give You A Tarot Reading

Some of the creepiest looking chicks make for the best actresses and singers in Hollywood. These gals might look super creepy but they have a lot more to offer than just their physical weirdness. Some of the creepy gals on this list landed here for their facial structure and facial features... super big eyes for example! Or even an oddly shaped mouth! Some of these gals landed on this list because of their fashion sense and style. The gothic look is definitely trendy but it gives off a creepy vibe in most instances.

Ready to date or dump these creepy chicks to get a tarot reading? It makes sense to be thoughtful about the future... we all would like to know what is coming! Since are all pretty curious about what lies ahead, everyone's tarot readings will be revealed after they play "date or dump" with these super creepy, yet totally gorgeous, chicks!

Question 1

Christina Ricci?

Question 2

Krysten Ritter?

Question 3

Cara Delevingne?

Question 4

Kristen Stewart?

Question 5

Olivia Wilde?

Question 6

Avril Lavigne?

Question 7


Question 8

Morena Baccarin?

Question 9

Elle Fanning?

Question 10

Amanda Seyfried?

Question 11

Eva Green?

Question 12

Rose McGowan?

Question 13

Angelina Jolie?

Question 14

Winona Ryder?

Question 15

Milla Jovovich?

Question 16

Aubrey Plaza?

Question 17

Natalie Dormer?

Question 18

Rachel Weisz?

Question 19

Taylor Momsen?

Question 20

Fairuza Balk?

Question 21

Pauley Perrette?

Question 22

Tilda Swinton?

Question 23

Evan Rachel Wood?

Question 24

Leelee Sobieski?

Question 25

Helena Bonham Carter?

Question 26

Mischa Barton?

Question 27

Patricia Arquette?

Question 28

Hayley Williams?

Question 29

Billie Eilish?

Question 30

Thora Birch?

Question 31

Lily Cole?

Question 32


Question 33

Masha Tyelna?

Question 34

Kelly Mittendorf?

Question 35

Lindsay Wixson?

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