Create Your Perfect Man With This 2-Minute Quiz

We know you've had the concept of your perfect man in your mind for years.

You know what he looks like, what his job is and how his voice sounds when he's whispering sweet nothings to you! You might never meet this masculine specimen of perfection in the real world, but a girl can dream, right? What you look for in a guy says a lot about your future love interests. Is your future man a career man? A  fantastic adventurer? Maybe he loves spending time with the children and will make the perfect family man, or maybe your future soulmate will be your new best friend. That's right, in a mere 35 questions, we'll reveal what your future soulmate is like based on the man of your dreams! Create your perfect man with the 2-minute quiz and we will give you a hint of what you can look forward to in your romantic life. Consider it a glimpse of your future love life into the crystal ball that will give you a small look at what you can expect.

Tell us about your perfect man and let's dig deep and find out your exciting destiny! Are you ready to learn something amazing? Let's get started!

1Is he clean shaven or fuzzy?

Let's start off with a question that divides most women into either Team Beard or Team Clean Shaven! When you think of your perfect man, does he have facial hair or is his chin stubble-free and smooth?

2What’s his best facial feature

When you think about your Prince Charming's beautiful face, what's the first thing that stands out to you? Are you drawn immediately to his sexy smile, gorgeous eyes, smooth complexion, high cheekbones, or strong jaw?

3Tell us about his hair

What does your dream man have as his crowning glory? Tell us what his hair looks like, whether it's wavy or straight, long or short, or if your dream man is bald and beautiful. Let us know below!

4What color are his eyes?

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so we're sure you've given a ton of thought to your dream man's eye color. Tell us what color his gorgeous eyes are and we'll reveal something exciting about your future.

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