Create Your Perfect Man With This 2-Minute Quiz

We know you've had the concept of your perfect man in your mind for years.

You know what he looks like, what his job is and how his voice sounds when he's whispering sweet nothings to you! You might never meet this masculine specimen of perfection in the real world, but a girl can dream, right? What you look for in a guy says a lot about your future love interests. Is your future man a career man? A  fantastic adventurer? Maybe he loves spending time with the children and will make the perfect family man, or maybe your future soulmate will be your new best friend. That's right, in a mere 35 questions, we'll reveal what your future soulmate is like based on the man of your dreams! Create your perfect man with the 2-minute quiz and we will give you a hint of what you can look forward to in your romantic life. Consider it a glimpse of your future love life into the crystal ball that will give you a small look at what you can expect.

Tell us about your perfect man and let's dig deep and find out your exciting destiny! Are you ready to learn something amazing? Let's get started!

Question 1

Is he clean shaven or fuzzy?

Let's start off with a question that divides most women into either Team Beard or Team Clean Shaven! When you think of your perfect man, does he have facial hair or is his chin stubble-free and smooth?

Question 2

What’s his best facial feature

When you think about your Prince Charming's beautiful face, what's the first thing that stands out to you? Are you drawn immediately to his sexy smile, gorgeous eyes, smooth complexion, high cheekbones, or strong jaw?

Question 3

Tell us about his hair

What does your dream man have as his crowning glory? Tell us what his hair looks like, whether it's wavy or straight, long or short, or if your dream man is bald and beautiful. Let us know below!

Question 4

What color are his eyes?

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so we're sure you've given a ton of thought to your dream man's eye color. Tell us what color his gorgeous eyes are and we'll reveal something exciting about your future.

Question 5

Does he have freckles?

Some people find freckles to be absolutely adorable, where others think they look a little on the silly side. Where do you fall on the great freckle debate? Does your dream man have a spray of cute spots on his face?

Question 6

Tell us about his physique

Now let's get to the good part! Your dream man has a dream body, right? What makes his physique absolutely intoxicating to you? Let us know what kind of physical package your dream man comes in!

Question 7

What’s his job?

Your dream man's gotta work, so what does he do to bring home the bacon? Let us know what your sexy someone's profession is from the choices below and we'll reveal who your real perfect man is. Pick an answer below.

Question 8

How does he unwind after work?

After your dream man puts in his full 8 hours, he's going to want to relax and chill out. What does he do to unwind after a long day of work? Your dream man's chill out routine tells us a lot who he will be.

Question 9

Does he have a big friend group or a small one?

You might not have thought too much about this one, but it speaks deeply to your dream man's psyche and your future. Does he have a big or small friend group? Give us your best guess below!

Question 10

What’s his day to day style?

Talk to us about your man's clothes. When it comes to day to day dressing, what are his go-to outfits? Is he classy or casual? Does he like to dress up, or is he more comfortable in sweatpants and a t-shirt?

Question 11

What’s his “dress up” style?

Let's flip the script just a little bit and talk about his dress up style. When your man needs to impress people (or meet your parents) what is he wearing? Let us know what he wears when he needs to pull out the stops!

Question 12

How does he show you that he loves you?

Your dream man has to have some special skills in the romance department, otherwise, he wouldn't be your dream man! How does he show that you are his best girl? Tell us how you know that he loves you!

Question 13

What first attracted you to him?

We know you constructed him in your mind, but pretend that your dream man exists in the real world (maybe he does!!). How did the two of you star-crossed lovers meet up and what made him irresistible?

Question 14

How artistic is he?

Is your dream man an artistic genius, or should he just not be allowed around paint brushes ever? Let us know if he has one or two artistic bones in his body, or if your dream man is not a modern-day Picasso.

Question 15

How romantic is he?

Now we're getting into the real meat of the quiz, and this question is one of the most important ones! When you think about your dream man, how romantic is he? Does he sweep you off your feet?

Question 16

What was his college major?

Let's assume that your dream man has a higher education. When he went to college, what was his major? Let us know from the options below and if you don't see the exact answer, no worries, just pick the closest!

Question 17

Does he have any pets?

Is there another love in your man's life- that you're totally cool with because she is furry and adorable? Whether it's a beautiful little dog, a fluffy cat, or even a cold-blooded but warm-hearted reptile, let us know if your man has pets!

Question 18

What is one of his flaws that you’re willing to tolerate (because he’s perfect)

Nobody is totally perfect, and sometimes flaws make us even more endearing! What is one flaw that your dream man has that you're willing to overlook because otherwise, he's so perfect? Let us know!

Question 19

Does he have any tattoos?

Is your dream man's body a canvas covered in glorious tattoos, or is his skin unblemished with ink? Let us know if your dream man is a walking work of art, or if his body is tattoo free and we'll reveal your future!

Question 20

How about piercings?

Let's move on to piercings. Does your dream man sport a piercing or two, or does he leave the jewelry to you? Let us know if your man has a few simple pieces of jewelry or not, and we'll peek into your future!

Question 21

Does he have any scars?

We've covered piercings and tattoos, now let's move on to something that a lot of people think makes men even more attractive; scars! Does your dream man have any distinctive scars on his body?

Question 22

What is your physical deal-breaker?

Your dream man looks amazing- that's part of his charm, right? What's the one thing he could do to his physical appearance that would make you think about breaking up with him? Let us know below!

Question 23

Does he have brothers or sisters?

Tell us about your dream man's family. Does he have any amazing brothers or sisters? Let us know if he's an only child or if he comes along with a ready-made bunch of siblings for you to hang out with!

Question 24

How close is he to his family?

Let's piggyback off that last question and think about your dream man's family. How close is he to his mom and dad and his brothers and sisters? Are they tight-knit or distant? Let us know and we'll reveal your future.

Question 25

What is his secret side that he only shows to you?

Everyone likes to fly their freak flag from time to time, so let's talk about your dream man's secret side! What does he keep from the public but share with you that makes him even more irresistible?

Question 26

How does he act around your friends?

This is a critical part of your man's personality and one that will surely show a big window into what kind of person he is! Choose from the answers below and let us know how your dream man acts around your friends!

Question 27

What’s his secret soft spot?

There's a silly side that your dream man reveals only to you, but there is also a soft spot that you'll discover! What has the power to bring your dream man to his knees and reduce him to a quivering jelly?

Question 28

How is he around children?

This question is HUGE if you want to have children of your own, of course, but it's still pretty important even if you don't want them. How is your dream man around children? Let us know below!

Question 29

What draws you to him more than anyone else?

Your dream man has a ton of great qualities, but there is something special that draws you to him more than anything else! What is it? Is it his kindness, personality or hot looks? Let us know below!

Question 30

What is one of his quirks that you find cute?

Everyone is a little nerdy, and it's super endearing! Your dream man is no exception, and he definitely has one or two quirks that you find totally adorable. Let us know what they are from the choices below!

Question 31

What’s his best skill?

Your dream man brings more to the table than just a hot body and a romantic personality. He's got major skills too, right! What can your dream man do that makes him a ten for you? Let us know below!

Question 32

What is his best physical quality?

Let's take a turn away from his amazing skills and talk physical for a moment. What part of your dream man's body do you find irresistible? Is it his amazing arms, great behind, or chiseled abs? Tell us and we'll reveal your future!

Question 33

How tall is he?

While we're on the physical note, we might as well talk about how tall your dream man is! Let us know if your sexy soulmate towers above everyone else, or if he's of average height. Choose below!

Question 34

What sports does he play most?

Is your dream man athletic? Let's talk sports for a second! Tell us what kind of sports the man of your fantasies would play. If his sport isn't listed below, don't worry, and just choose the one closest! Let's go!

Question 35

In his group of friends is he the leader or follower?

Is your dream man content to follow the crowd, or does he forge his own path? Tell us whether your dream man is a leader, follower or somewhere in between from the choices below and we'll reveal your amazing future!

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