Create Your Dream Wardrobe in 2 Minutes and We'll Reveal Your Fashion Taste

Your style says a lot about who you are to yourself, your friends, your family and the entire world. Perhaps your sense of style indicates that you are fun-loving and appreciate everything in life. Or, perhaps your sense of style tells the world that you are serious and ready for business. Aside from personal traits and quirks, what else does your sense of style say about you? Could what you choose to wear everyday reveal your age?!

Experts say that fashion trends come in cycles and that outfits that go out of style, will soon enough become popular again (hello crop tops and chokers!). How long are these cycles though? And can they help in determining your age? Or, maybe in terms of style you are an old-soul at the age of 20, or fun and quirky at 40, who knows!

Celebrities are watched 24/7. We know who they're dating, what they're eating and most importantly, what they are wearing. If there's a new trend, you can be sure that you will first see it in a fashion magazine, on the runway or in paparazzi photos of your favourite celeb.

The following quiz will help you build your dream wardrobe by presenting you pictures of celebrities wearing outfits or jewelry you may die to have, or ensembles you would much rather live without. After building your wardrobe, we'll reveal your taste.  Wish us luck!

Question 1

Which Sister?

Kendall Jenners getup includes circular frames for dark sunglasses, high-waisted light washed jeans and a silk tank. Her older half-sister Kourtney is wearing a cozy sweater and low-rise jeans. Are you confident wearing silk for something other than loungewear?

Question 2

Denim: Do or Don't?

An all denim ensemble (at times jokingly referred to as a Canadian Tuxedo to some) may horrify you, or you may believe you were born to sport this look. Which outfit would you rather have?

Question 3

Black or Blue?

You're pairing your retro-looking band tee or t-shirt with jeans. And now the question is, black or blue jeans? Do you follow Selena Gomez's lead, or you more on Pretty Little Liar's star, Lucy Hale's side?

Question 4

To Crop Or Not to Crop?

Ah, the black crop-top, either you love it or you don't. When choosing a crop top, would you prefer to have long sleeves like model Sophia Richie? Or are you all about the off the shoulder look to get your best possible tan, like Kendall Jenner?

Question 5

The Shortest of Shorts

Sporting denim short shorts can be daunting- how do you make it look good, without looking like you picked your shorts out of your dirty laundry bin? Do you prefer to keep it cozy, or class it up like Chrissy Teigan?

Question 6

Win or Loose

Some days you just want to wear something loose and breathable- fitted clothes can get tiring. On these days, do you prefer to go extremely cozy like Rihanna, or are you still interested in wearing pants with buttons and a zipper like Victoria Beckham?

Question 7

Yellow, Not Mellow

Wearing something yellow adds boldness to any outfit. Are you brave enough to wear yellow apparel? If so, would you prefer to wear something milder like Taylor Swift, or achieve maximum boldness like singer and fashionista Gwen Stefani?

Question 8

Leather Forever

A leather jacket is a staple in many people's closets. Leather jackets stand the test of time, transcend gender boundaries and can be extremely versatile. When wearing a leather jacket, do you prefer to keep it basic like Rihanna, or add some colour like singer and actress Hailee Steinfeild?

Question 9

Round or Narrow?

Sunglasses can make or break your aesthetic, but are also extremely useful, especially on a sunny day or on vacation. Do you prefer Kendall Jenner's circular shades, or her bold, narrow sunglasses?

Question 10

Big Hat, Big Secrets?

A hat can be an outfit's statement piece, a way to get some shade from the sun or to keep your head nice and warm, or even a way to hide your bad hair day. Which big hat do you prefer? Classic and chic like Janelle Monáe, or more casual like Amber Heard?

Question 11

Bold Sunglasses

As previously mentioned, sunglasses can be worn to make a statement, or to protect you from the sun's rays. Both Rihanna and Lady Gaga are known to make bold fashion choices, including these extremely trendy sunglasses. Which would you rather have?

Question 12

Colourful Pantsuits

Don't worry, pantsuits aren't just reserved for ladies like Hillary Clinton. Anyone can pull of a pantsuit- you can make it seem like you mean business, or that you're fun loving. Do you prefer Gaga's off-lilac suit, or Solange's fuchsia get up?

Question 13

Bold Pantsuits

Since we're on the theme of pantsuits, let's look at these bold variations. If you're already on the pantsuit wave, are you ready to step it up and try some bolder patterns? If so, do you prefer actress Kerry Washington's floral ensemble, or Kendall Jenner's stripes?

Question 14

In Need of Tweed

A tweed coat can be a perfect, informal or formal fall jacket. Do you want to be an English rose? What do you think about these two different tweed jackets? Do you prefer Emma Watson's brown coat, or Chrissy Teigan's grey coat?

Question 15

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are all the rage. These comfy coats not only keep you extremely warm during the winter months, but also look great with every casual outfit you wear. Would you prefer to keep it simple with Hilary Duff's coat, or show the world you're a true fashionista like Rihanna?

Question 16

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Floral dresses are a great way to celebrate warm weather during the spring and summer. Or, if paired with tights, they can do a great job of brightening up those winter months. Do you prefer Vanessa Hudgen's more somber get up, or Taylor Swift's bright and cheery dress.

Question 17

Classic Denim Jackets

Like leather jackets, denim jackets stand the test of time. They can be modern and chic, or retro and casual. Would you rather have Carrie Bradshaw- I mean Sarah Jessica Parker's fitted jacket, or model Hailee Baldwin's oversized jacket?

Question 18

Lady in Red

Sometimes you just have to wear all red! This warm colour can be dressed down, or made formal and isn't hard to pull off. Do you prefer the pants and top combo of Academy Award winning Actress Lupita Nyong'o, or actress Kate Bosworth's dress?

Question 19

On the Go

We've covered Canadian tuxedos and painsuits- now let's cover a different kind of suit, sweatsuits! Sweatsuits are perfect for running errands or lazy days. Do you like Selena Gomez classic Adidas ensemble, or would you prefer to have something more colourful like Gigi Hadid's outfit in your wardrobe?

Question 20

Royal, but Cold

It's the fall and winter months and you are freezing! How do you keep your head nice and warm? Do you prefer to make a statement like Kate Middleton? Or keep it more casual like her future sister-in-law and princess-to-be Meghan Markle?

Question 21

What About Hoops?

Let's not forget about jewelry! Depending on your preference, hoops can make a casual outfit more formal, or a formal outfit more casual. Do you want Selena's hoops, or Penelope Cruz's hoops in your jewelry box?

Question 22

The Little Black Dress

Ah yes, the infamous or exciting little black dress. The little black dress is known to be extremely versatile and absolutely perfect for anyone. Do you prefer model Chanel Iman's dress, or Kim Kardashian's fitted outfit?

Question 23

The Formal Black Dress

In life, there are many occasions where it's necessary to put on a fancy black dress and go out. When these events happen, do you go with actress Nicole Kidman's edgy velvet ensemble, or Academy Award winning actress Viola Davis' classically beautiful gown?

Question 24

She Wore Blue Velvet...

Velvet is versatile. It can be worn on the red carpet, or thanks to brands like Juicy Couture, it can be worn while lounging on your couch in sweats. Blue velvet is especially edgy. Which outfit would you rather have? Bella Hadid's combo, or Cara Delevigne's?

Question 25

The More Fuzz, the Better

Fuzzy jackets are fun and warm! They can really be worn with anything and look good in any colour. Do you prefer something more subdued like Ariana Grande's jacket? Or would you rather make a statement by owning Solange's deep red coat?

Question 26

Animal Print Dresses

Animal prints are bold and quirky- especially on dresses. Are you brave enough to spend a fancy evening in animal print? If so, would you rather own Jennifer Lopez's off the shoulder dress, or America Ferrera's short-sleeved ensemble?

Question 27

Black Maxi Skirts

A common misconception with maxi skirts is that you need to be exceptionally tall in order to look good in them- false! Hilary Duff is 5''1 and is killing this looking. Would you want her fitted maxi, Jessica Alba's flowing leather skirt, Victoria Beckham's super simply outfit or Tracee Ellis Ross' classic maxi?

Question 28

Which Oscar Gown?

The Oscar's are a big night for actresses and celebrities. If you were to go, would you be stressed out? Or do you trust your sense in fashion? Which of these gowns would you like to have in your closet?

Question 29

Working Up a Sweat

Just because you're trying to stay fit and healthy doesn't mean you need to feel uncomfortable or ugly while doing it. These celebs have some pretty sleek work out gear, which outfit would you like to exercise in?

Question 30

Necklace Time

A necklace can add some spark, or some added class to a plain dress, or contribute to an already fun outfit. Which sem-choker necklace do you prefer: Ariana Grande's silver chain? Or Scarlett Johansson's classic pearls?

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