Could You Survive A? Take The PLL Test To Find Out!


11When it came to Pretty Little Liars, there was no telling what is going to happen next. The show was full of twists and turns making you believe things and then contradicting itself. It was full of dead bodies, villains, text messages, and friends. Somehow it seemed like those girls were always on the wrong side of a huge confusing mess.

Think about all of those plot twists! Allison came back from the dead, A was revealed multiple times as the wrong person, Allison was inseminated with Emily's egg, Spencer had a twin, Hannah did well on her SATs, Aria dated a teacher... and the list goes on and on. While you were watching this show, you may have thought to yourself, "Oh my god, I'm so lucky to not be in this situation!" Or maybe, you though to yourself, "Pshhh, these kids are overreacting. I could easily survive A. They're being way overdramatic!"

Well, today is your day. You now have the opportunity to see if you would survive the infamous A. There are only two ways this can end: defeat A or be defeated by A. Hopefully, you survive and don't become A's next victim! Take this quiz and we'll see if you get out of Rosewood alive!

1Did you expect Uber A to be Spencer's twin?

Your detective skills say a lot about if you would have survived being targeted by A. It says if you would have known who was attacking you rather than blindly battling your opponent, as the liars did. Admittedly, it was a pretty big plot twist. Did you see it coming?

2Did you believe any of the false A reveals?

Throughout the show, there were so many false reveals about A. They all turned out to be sneaky and misleading, but we were given false hope so many times! Did you believe in any of these reveals or did you know Marlene was messing with us?

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