Could You Make It Through QI's General Ignorance Round?

General trivia is not something that typically comes in handy, but it's still something you can be proud of. Someone who has a lot of general knowledge is a person well-cultured, one who has traveled the world, and one who has wisdom beyond their years. This type of knowledge can impress a potential love interest, or entertain guests at a party. There really isn't any downside to having a wealth of useless information stowed away in your brain, even if it doesn't really get you anywhere in life.

But here's a chance for that useless knowledge to actually mean something. In this general knowledge trivia quiz, your understanding of all the obscurities on the strange planet will be tested to their limits. Will you come out on top? Or will you forever be labeled an ignoramus, a fool, and a dim-wit? The matter is entirely in your hands now, and you must trust both your instincts and your mind if you wish to succeed in this challenge. Even the most learned, cultured individual will be stumped by at least one question on this quiz. But what are you waiting for? Embark on the hardest challenge you will face all day, and take the quiz...

Question 1

What Part Of A Tree Does Cork Come From?

Cork is actually one of the most versatile substances on Earth, and we use it for a variety of different things. Of course, it's most commonly used to make sure no wine spills out of our favorite bottles, but it can also be used to make shoes, coasters, wallets, and even clothing. Cork primarily comes from Portugal, and it's one of their most important exports. It actually grows from trees. But which part of the tree does Cork come from?

Question 2

What Was The Name Of The First Satellite In Space?

The first man in space was a pretty big deal, but the reason it was so important was that the Russians were really beating the US in the space race up to that point. Not only did they have the honor of putting the first man in space, but they also put the first artificial satellite in orbit. This was an awesome looking object that looked like something out of a sci-fi novel. But do you remember its actual name?

Question 3

Who Is Next In Line To Inherit The Throne Of England?

The queen is getting old these days, although she seems to be somehow immortal at times. She is starting to wind down her duties, and recently the honor of placing the wreath on Remembrance day was given to another member of the royal family. The queen has publicly stated that she will step down if she's not able to perform her duties, so people are starting to think she will likely give up the throne. But who inherits this throne?

Question 4

Venison Is The Meat Of Which Animal?

Venison is a very interesting meat that is considered to be a luxury. It is often served in high-class restaurants and is usually quite expensive. This meat has a gamey taste that some people just can't get enough of. It's usually the result of a hunting trip that has become a success, and for this reason it's a very old dish. The kings of thousands of years ago used to eat this meat. But do you know what animal it comes from?

Question 5

What Is An Omnivore?

Omnivores are an interesting bunch. These creatures are probably the least picky eaters in the animal kingdom, and as such we humans can really relate to them. There are many different types of animals that are omnivores, and this is actually a very good evolutionary adaptation. This is because omnivores stand the best chance of survival when there's limited resources, as they have much more options when it all comes down to it. But do you know what omnivores actually are?

Question 6

What Is A Dog’s Most Powerful Sense?

Dogs are a man's best friend, and they're equipped with a wide range of powerful senses. This has traditionally made them excellent companions in the wild, as they can sense danger and alert us to any potential threats. They are also fiercely loyal to their owners, and will protect the members of their pack, especially the young ones. These animals are much more talented than us in many areas. But do you know which sense is a dog's strongest one?

Question 7

True Or False, When Water Is Frozen, It Expands

Water is what we rely on the most on this planet, along with air and sunlight. This crucial factor for life is thankfully found all over our planet, which makes like possible on almost every square inch of the globe. Some planets don't even have water, but some, such as Mars, have frozen ice on their surface. Frozen water behaves in a very interesting way, as most of you have probably witnessed. But is it actually true that frozen water expands?

Question 8

What Is The Capital Of Japan?

Japan is one of the most interesting countries on the Earth, mostly due to its famous isolationist policies after coming into contact with colonialism. This resulted in a unique culture forming within Japan that is totally separate and free from any Western influence. Obviously this has changed a lot in recent decades, but there is still something very special about this country. Its capital city is amazing and full of life and energy. But what is this city actually called?

Question 9

Which US President Was Caught In A Cheating Scandal?

There have been many interesting US president, and each one seems to get caught up in some kind of scandal or other, especially in recent years. There have been all kinds of things, such as failed rescue attempts, wiretapping scandals, and even assassination attempts. But perhaps the most memorable scandal in recent memory happened when a president was caught up in a cheating scandal, the likes of which occurred in the oval office. But do you remember which president this was?

Question 10

Maize Is Also Known As…

One of the most dependable, staple foods that farmers love to grow is known as Maize. This popular and easy to grow food was first discovered by colonialists in South America, and it was one of the many new foods brought home by imperialist nations like Spain and England. It was quickly grown in the west, and now is one of the most common foods at the supermarket. But what exactly are we talking about here? What's another word for maize?

Question 11

Complete The Iconic Quote From “Jaws” - “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger…

Jaws was one of many amazing films from the very talented director Steven Spielberg. This movie was all about a giant shark that was terrorizing a small coastal town, and a few men who try to kill it. This shark scared the life out of pretty much everyone who went to see this movie, although now the special effects look pretty cheesy. There was one iconic line in this movie, however, which often gets repeated. Can you finish the last word?

Question 12

True Or False, Cats Can’t See As Many Colors As Humans

Dogs may be man's best friend, but Cats are actually more popular in the US when it comes to our choice in pets, according to a recent survey. These funny little creatures don't want to go on walks every five seconds, and they pretty much just nap most of the day. Many people have been confused when it comes to their vision, however. Some think their color blind. But is it true that cats can't see as many colors as humans?

Question 13

What Is The Capital Of South Korea?

One of the most famous Asian nations is South Korea. This is of course one half of what was previously an entire nation, but after the war in Korea the country was divided in two, with the North Korean side adopting an authoritative brand of communism, and the South Korean side embracing democracy and capitalism. The capital of the South Korean nation epitomizes the qualities that they've embraced, and it's quite beautiful. But do you know the name of this capital?

Question 14

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Type Of Cheese?

There are so many types of cheeses in the world, it's almost hard to keep count. Cheese a type of diary product that is popular in almost every single country. You can serve cheese with almost every single type of savory dish imaginable, and even with some sweet ones too. There is of course cheese cake, and some people even put a thin layer of cheese on their apple pie. But out of these four options, which is NOT a type of cheese?

Question 15

What Are The Two Major Political Parties In The US?

American politics are becoming more and more dramatic with each passing day. Hearing about the latest political scandal has become almost like tuning in to your favorite soap opera. It just never seems to end. The majority of the conflicts are a result of a sharp division between two parties in the United States, and these two parties have dominated politics in this country for quite some time now. But do you know what these two main political parties in the US are?

Question 16

True Or False, The Name Of The Ship That Brought The First Pilgrims To The US Was Called The Santa Maria

Believe it or not, there was a time when the US was not dominated by war and overseas interests. This was a time before any settlers had arrived in the country, and it was inhabited instead by First Nations people of many different types. But that all changed when the first ever ship arrived carrying new, hopeful settlers who wanted to create a new life for themselves. This particular ship is well-known historically. But was it actually called the Santa Maria?

Question 17

What Is FIFA Responsible For Regulating?

FIFA is a name you might commonly associate with a popular video game, but people forget that it's actually an organization, possibly one of the largest in the world. Because there is so much money being pumped through this company, it's no wonder why the organization has been met with so many corruption charges over the years, and it's clear that FIFA has become more powerful than many countries. But do you know what FIFA is actually in charge of regulating?

Question 18

Insulation Doesn’t Conduct…

Insulation is one of the most crucial components to any house, at least one that stands in a place where they have a varied climate. Insulation works with an understanding of basic physics, and that's why it's so crucial to put insulation in your house. There have been many new methods of insulation over the years, and we've started to move away from toxic methods to more environmentally friendly ones. But out of these options, which is insulation famously NOT good at conducting?

Question 19

What Is The Capital Of Vietnam?

Ready for another question regarding capital cities? Vietnam is a country pretty much everyone has heard of, and mostly this is a result of its war-torn past. But today, Vietnam is a thriving nation with a booming tourist industry. People have said that its capital city is "dreamlike," and people love to visit its wonders. As you can see by the picture, the city is quite beautiful and clearly thriving. But do you know what the name of this capital city is?

Question 20

What Does The Latin Word “Dinosaur” Mean?

Dinosaurs were once the dominant life form on this planet, but those days are over. It's hard to imagine that millions of years ago, Dinosaurs roamed the very lands we walk on, hunting and scavenging, and living their lives. What would have happened if the Dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct? In many ways, they haven't. We still see their descendants in the form of birds and lizards. Their legacy lives on. But what does the Latin word "Dinosaur" actually mean though?

Question 21

Are Trans Fats Good For Your Health?

The world is crazy about diets these days, and people are still trying to figure out what's good and what's bad. Some people say now that some types of fats are actually good for you. There's a huge craze about healthy mushrooms right now. And people are going vegan left right and center. But what does it all mean? What's the best diet to follow? Will it really stop me from getting cancer? Are Trans fats good for your health?

Question 22

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Type Of Wine?

Wine is one of the oldest beverages on Earth. People have been making wine for thousands of years, and it's a true art. During these long years, many different types of wine have been introduced. Everyone has a favorite, although it would probably take a lifetime to try out every single one of them. Sometimes, it gets confusing with all the different names and classifications. But in the end, it's all just alcohol. Which of these four options is NOT a wine?

Question 23

True Or False, A Cat’s Whiskers Let Them Know If They'll Fit Through A Hole

Cats are very interesting creatures. Evolved from predators, the typical house cat still has that killer instinct, although it might be buried deep inside (or deep under a few layers of fat). There are so many parts of a cat's body that helps them hunt and prowl with ease, and some of the most important parts of a cat's body are their whiskers. These may look cute, but they also serve a purpose. Is it true that whiskers are as wide as a cat's body?

Question 24

Which Is Bigger, The Atlantic Ocean Or The Pacific?

The oceans are what makes life on Earth possible. You may not know this, but the vast majority of life on Earth actually lives in the ocean, meaning us land-dwellers are actually considered odd in the grand scheme of things. There are two main oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. The Atlantic is off the east coast of North America, and the West Coast of England. The Pacific is between the West coast of North America and The east coast of Japan. But which is bigger?

Question 25

Who Was The Dictator Of Italy During World War Two?

During world war 2, fascism was decidedly trendy. Many nations seem to embrace authoritarian rule, and aside from Hitler's Third Reich in Germany, Italy was following along a similar, yet slightly different path. Its dictator wanted to bring Italy back to the glory days of the Roman empire, and had grand plans and ideas to make this happen. Obviously the Italians did not fare too well in World War 2. But do you remember the name of this Italian dictator?

Question 26

Is The Human Body Made Up Of More Or Less Than 200 Bones?

The human body is one of the most complex things that evolution has ever produced. One of the most amazing things about humans is that our skeletons managed to adapt in order to help us walk upright. And the crazy thing is, we still haven't completely finished evolving to walk upright. That's why so many people have back problems, it's still a little bit of an unnatural thing for us to do. But do you know if the human body has more or less than 200 bones?

Question 27

True Or False, Most Dinosaurs Became Extinct 65 Million Years Ago

Dinosaurs were some of the most amazing creatures that ever walked the Earth, and for a while their disappearance was one of Earth's biggest mysteries. Initially, the researcher who proposed that the dinosaurs had been wiped out by an meteor impact was laughed at and ridiculed. But today, we know that this is probably the most logical explanation for their disappearance. That serves a dire warning to humanity today... But do you know if Dinosaurs really went extinct 65 million years ago?

Question 28

What Is The Capital Of Australia?

Australia is a wonderful country home to a diverse range of different people, although they've been cutting down in immigration as of late. They are famous for having lots of Koala bears and Kangaroos, and are one of the newest countries. Just like America, the country was formed by a mixture of settlers from North America and indigenous people who had lived there for many years previously. The capital is a beautiful city. But can you remember the name of it?

Question 29

True Or False, All Kittens Are Born With Blue Eyes

If you think cats are cute, then you just about die every time you see a kitten. There's something inescapably cute about kittens, and it really pulls at our heartstrings when we see especially young ones. They remind us a lot of human babies. That's why when we see one, we have this instinctual urge to take care of them and make sure that they're safe. But is it true that all kittens are born with blue eyes? Or is that a myth?

Question 30

Who Painted The Mona Lisa?

Of all the pieces of art in the world, the Mona Lisa is perhaps one of the most well-known in the world. This classic painting features a young woman whose eyes seem to follow the viewer wherever they walk. Seeing the painting in person is said to be quite an experience. There's something magical about it, and there's something legendary about the man who actually painted the amazing picture. But can you remember the name of the man responsible for this?

Question 31

What Flag Is This?

While some flags of the world are readily recognizable, others are just plain random. Some of the lesser-known flags of the world are almost impossible to identify, and this might just give you a bit of a challenge. One thing you might not know is that the vast majority of flags use the colors red, white, blue, or some combination of them together. This flag is definitely an example of that. But can you tell which country's flag this is?

Question 32

What Does RAM Stand For?

RAM is one of the most important parts of a good computer, and is useful in many different situations. If you don't have enough RAM, your computer is not going to run very well, and it might experience some lag. But perhaps the funniest thing about RAM is the fake websites promising you with extra RAM that is downloadable. Of course, you can't actually download RAM, as it's a physical component in the computer. But what does RAM actually stand for?

Question 33

Someone Who Studies Fossils Is Typically Referred To As A…

Fossils are some of the most interesting clues we have into the earth's past. There are all kinds of amazing fossils that are found throughout the earth, and examining them can give us an idea of what kind of life forms came before us. Many of these fossils are so old that we can only wonder what the creatures might have been like. But specialized researchers can get a lot of information from these bones. What are these researchers called?

Question 34

The Assassination Of Which Person Sparked World War One?

World War One was the first time the world was rudely awakened to the horrors of industrialized war. No longer would war be a noble affair where the strongest and most courageous men won. Instead, it would be a gritty struggle where the ones with the best technology and most ruthless and merciless tactics came out on top. But this was all triggered by the assassination of a major political figure. Who was this person who was assassinated at the eve of war?

Question 35

What Type Of Spiny Plant Would You Find In The Desert?

The desert may be a desolate and dry place, but even in the most inhospitable regions of the planet, you can find a variety of life forms that have managed to thrive in these situations. There are plenty of animals that live in the desert, from snakes, rodents, and even foxes. But there are also many plant life forms, which is perhaps even more impressive, given the scarcity of water. But what kind of spiny plant would you expect to find in the desert?

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