Could You Handle The Fame Monster? Take The Quiz!

We've all wondered from time to time what it would be like to become famous. Nobody wants to be forgotten and achieving fame is one of the few ways that you can guarantee your own immortality. We've all dreamed of positive aspects of fame; the money, the houses, the travel, and the attention but if you actually get there do you think you'd be able to hack it? Could you live with the paparazzi following your every move or scary stalkers sending you disturbing fan mail? Would you really be okay with people wanting to know everything about you? Would be able to carry your fame lightly and breeze through Hollywood or would you end up as a flash in the pan? Would fame possibly even cause you to have a complete meltdown or do you think you were born to be in the spotlight? Not everyone is cut out for a life of fame, but if you succeed at it (and don't fall into any career killing traps) then it just might be your ticket to immortality. We've got all the answers right here. Just answer our easy questions and we'll tell you whether or not you have what it takes to famous!



Question 1

How is your public speaking?

Most of us hate public speaking and find it a terrifying notion that somehow gives us nightmares of epic proportions. Can you imagine doing this in front of thousands of people at a red carpet event? How about doing this with your favorite actor or actress standing next to you?

Question 2

What would you like to be famous for?

Fame and fortune await anyone given the right place and circumstances. You could be the next big action star or Nobel peace prize winning ambassador. How about the pilot for the planned mission to Mars? What would you do to become famous? How far would you go and what price would you pay?

Question 3

Would you appear in a reality TV show?

Reality TV is one of the fastest growing industries in television history. From Big Brother to Survivor and everything in between. Could you live like that for an unspecified amount of time? Having strangers watch your every move from the comfort of their couches? How about having a film crew with you pretty much for everything? Can you handle the pressure?

Question 4

Your boss asks you to delete an offensive tweet. What's your response?

Ah yes, Tweeting for twits, or is that twitting for tweets? Could you handle some of the offensive tweets that seem to be becoming the norm? How would you handle it if your employer asked you to remove or respond to some very offensive tweets, tweets he or she made?

Question 5

Complete this statement: Fame equals...?

Fame equals a lot of things, but what does it mean to you? Does fame equal fortune? Or does it equal paparazzi? How about your right to privacy? Maybe you aren't that bothered about privacy or the constant flashbulbs going off. But could you have a family and subject them to that kind of exposure?

Question 6

How do you deal with rejection?

Rejection is a common thing in any industry, as well as in personal life. Some of us deal with rejection quite well, others, not so well. How do you deal with it? Could you deal with it if you have been training hard for a role only to be told you don't fit the bill?

Question 7

How good are you at keeping secrets?

Secrets are sometimes hard to keep under wraps, a secret only remains a secret as long as no one else knows. If you were told something in secret, could you keep it to yourself, regardless of what it might be? Or do you draw the line based on the content of the secret? Can you keep it to yourself?

Question 8

You only have time in your day for one event - what's it going to be?

You're famous! And now you're also in demand. Your diary is filling up fast because people just can't seem to get enough of you. You have to start making decisions about where you are going to go and who you want to be seen with. Today you only have enough time to attend one of these - which is it going to be?

Question 9

You suffer an embarrassing "wardrobe malfunction" - what's the best way to deal with it?

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone at any time. They might be embarrassing to us, but for others, they are a source of entertainment and perhaps even money. If you had to have a major wardrobe malfunction in a public place with cameras to capture it for posterity, how would you handle it?

Question 10

What aspect of fame do you think is the most scary?

Fame can be a scary thing. It can lead to new doors opening but it can also lead to disaster if something goes wrong. Imagine thinking you are doing something for the good but it ends up being taken out of context? It could kill your career and will probably never be forgotten. What's your fear?

Question 11

How many Facebook friends do you have?

Social media can make or break your fame. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are but a few platforms that can be used. Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform out there but how many of your Facebook friends have you met in real life? How many do you truly know?

Question 12

Which celeb do you feel is most undeserving of their fame?

Some celebrities deserve to have their fame celebrated, others, not so much. Some have worked their way up from the bottom and others have gained notoriety for the wrong reasons and have attained fame for simply doing something silly. Who do you think should not be considered or deemed a celebrity?

Question 13

Which celeb do you think had the worst meltdown?

Celebrity meltdowns are well documented and have spawned a ton of funny memes. Who can forget Brittney Spears and the hair shaving incident? Or the sweet and innocent Amanda Bynes that went off the rails. How about the ever popular Lindsay Lohan meltdown? Who was your favorite celebrity to have a wobbly?

Question 14

What would your scandal be?

Scandals are everywhere. From the major Hollywood scandals to the ones at the office. What would yours be? Do you think yours could be related to Mary Jane? Or how about some social media oopsies? Perhaps you have that picture or video that you should not have, you know the one, the one that you sent to your coworker or perhaps got from him or her? Maybe it's a verbal issue and those paparazzi hear everything don't they?

Question 15

A fan manages to get to you - what should you do?

Fandom and stardom, sometimes the two just don't mix. It's one thing holding a baby for a photo opportunity and quite another when "your biggest fan” gets through the security cordon and jumps you. How would you handle this scenario? Would you just shake it off and continue or would you freak out?

Question 16

What would you spend your first movie check on?

So you have completed your first movie, it's a box office winner of note and you stand to make millions off it. How would you spend some of that hard earned cash? Would you have a massive blowout party? How about paying off all your debts and buying your mom that dream home?

Question 17

Your latest FB post is not getting many likes. What will you do?

You upload a new photo of yourself on Facebook. It's taken you hours to edit and you think you look amazing. You've carefully chosen the words for the post attached to it but it doesn't seem as though anyone is interested. It's hardly getting any likes, what are you doing to do now? Delete it? Or just leave it and move on?

Question 18

Do you think looks are just as important as talent?

Can looks overshadow talent? You’d think so, but then again, who wants to listen to someone who can't keep a basic sentence together. Take Steve Buscemi, not exactly a handsome man, but a superb actor. How do you think you would fare against the Hollywood greats who might not have the looks but sure have the talent?

Question 19

What do you think the best aspect of fame is?

Fame brings a lot of aspects to the fore. Money, attention, and influence to name but a few. Just look at the Hollywood stars and starlets getting involved with the UN to do something good. They can influence policy by simply being there. What do you think the best aspect of fame is?

Question 20

What's the best way to deal with the paparazzi?

Over the years the paparazzi have been blamed for a lot of things, from deaths of royals to invasions of privacy and even trespassing. If you were to find yourself in that situation, how would you handle it? Could you just brush it aside and keep going or would you snap and take action?

Question 21

How do you respond to haters?

Haters are going to hate, that's a fact of life. And we all have haters to a certain degree, whether it be due to fame and fortune or simply because of who you are. How do you deal with haters? You can ignore them and hope they simply go away or you can take action to try and remedy the situation.

Question 22

While accepting an award you fall on stage. How should you react?

Unintentional slip-ups happen. You are receiving an award for your latest movie or album and as you get to the top of the stage, in full view, you trip and fall. How do you handle this? Do you freak out or simply laugh at yourself and make light of the situation?

Question 23

Do you follow a diet and exercise plan?

Diets, eating plans and exercise, even doctors will tell you that you need them. How do you go about it? Do you hit the gym regularly or do you simply take a walk? How about your diet? What is it going to be tonight? Sloppy Joe's or chef’s salad? What is your choice?

Question 24

Do you believe talent and fame go hand in hand?

We are all talented in some way, shape or form. But does that talent mean you should be famous for it? How about the guy down the street that can play the banjo and harmonica at the same time? Should he be famous or is there someone better? Do you believe talent and fame go hand in hand?

Question 25

Which celeb do wish would just quit Hollywood?

Celebrities in Hollywood are much respected and form role models for children and adults alike. But some should not be allowed to. If you could pick, which celebrity would you choose to quit Hollywood? Would it be Kirsten Stewart with her perpetual look of boredom, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan or good old Robert Pattinson?

Question 26

Which "becoming famous" movie did you like best?

Movies often tell the story of how someone rose to fame and fortune and how it changed their lives forever. Regardless of how it's portrayed it often does not reflect the inner struggles or the mountain of issues that had to be overcome. Which "becoming famous" movie did you like best?

Question 27

You have enough money to live anywhere, what do you choose?

Now that you have made enough money from your movies, music, or Youtube videos, you have the freedom to chose where you want to live. It can be anywhere in the world as your finances now allow it. Where would you go? Would you want a nice private island or somewhere in the heart of the glitz and glamor district?

Question 28

Is being famous your best chance at immortality?

There is a fine live between fame and infamy, each holds its own form of immortality. We can still recall events and persons of a thousand years ago, but can you remember the stars and starlets from the early 20‘s to the late 40's? How long do you want to be remembered and do you think becoming famous is your best chance at immortality?

Question 29

How do you feel about celebs who complain about their lack of privacy?

Celebrities and their privacy are always an issue. On the one hand, they are in the public domain, on the other, they have private lives too. How do you feel about celebs complaining that they have no privacy? Do you feel sorry for them or do you feel that this is what they wanted?

Question 30

What will you always do for yourself, no matter how famous you are?

We have all heard the tales of celebs and their diva-type behavior. From Mariah Carey’s outrages demands to Ariana Grande’s doughnut licking incident. And there are some downright weird ones in between. But, as a celeb, what would you do for yourself no matter your level of fame? What can you simply not see others doing for you?

Question 31

Do you secretly enjoy seeing famous people fail?

The fall from fame can be harsh and unpleasant. Some celebs have quietly disappeared and just dropped out of the public eye of their own accord while others have had a loud and very public fall from grace. On the odd occasion, they manage to rectify things and work their way back up. How do you feel about celebs who flat-out fail?

Question 32

How much influence do you think luck has on fame?

Luck can be a fickle mistress, one moment holding your hand and giving you everything and the next, taking it all away in the blink of an eye. But just how lucky must you be to become famous? is it all luck or is there some skill involved? How much influence do you think luck has on fame?

Question 33

What's your dream car?

No matter how famous you are, you still need to get around. Whether you drive yourself or are driven, it does not matter. What car would suit you? How about a Ferrari? Or perhaps a Spyker? Maybe you just want to relax in the back, so how about a nice old limo?

Question 34

What's your dream travel destination?

If money was not a factor where would you jet off to? Would you go someplace secluded and tranquil or would you head for the party? What country would you choose? Somewhere warm and sunny or how about a cold and dark climate? What's your dream travel destination?

Question 35

Where would you draw the line?

Every beginning has an end, and this my friend, is the end. The end of this quiz. But, before you go, consider this. Where would you draw the line at increasing your fame? What would simply be too much or too great a sacrifice for you? What would you consider going too low?

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