If You Fail This Common Sense Quiz, Don't Get Married

There are some basic common sense notions that every single person must know before jumping into a marriage. Marriage is not just a piece of paper... it is a very big deal! It is a contract signed and dated between two people who love each other and decide to share their lives with each other.

That being said, it is important to have a sense of "common sense" when it comes to the basics of a healthy relationship. Knowing how to show respect and love to our partners is a huge factor and so is having patience! It is easy to get annoyed by the little things but in marriage, two people must make compromises and sacrifices for each other's happiness! When it comes to job relocation, other flirty people, social media usage, anniversaries, and more, who has the common sense needed to survive in a long-lasting marriage filled with love and trust? Let's find out!

Question 1

My significant other leaves their phone unlocked on the table.

Question 2

A flirty coworker invites me to lunch but I am in a relationship already.

Question 3

Is it okay to lie to one's significant other?

Question 4

My significant other forgot the date of our anniversary.

Question 5

My significant other comes home with a bad haircut.

Question 6

My significant other is not comfortable with my usage of social media.

Question 7

My significant other gets hired at a job in another state.

Question 8

A doctor's receipt found on the floor shows that my significant other is hiding something.

Question 9

My significant other is having a bad day.

Question 10

Me and my person do not see eye to eye on the importance of receiving a formal education.

Question 11

My significant other says that the physical chemistry in the relationship is boring them now.

Question 12

My significant other is CLEARLY about to make a poor decision.

Question 13

My significant other just revealed they never want to have kids of their own.

Question 14

My significant other is always running late for every single outing.

Question 15

Me and my person do not see eye to eye on current events within the government.

Question 16

My significant other keeps insisting that I watch a movie with them that doesn’t interest me.

Question 17

My significant other doesn’t text back all day long and finally after hours of silence, they text me as if everything is normal.

Question 18

My significant other keeps taking private phone calls in the other room where I can’t hear anything.

Question 19

Me and my person can’t agree on which restaurant to go to for dinner.

Question 20

My significant other forgot my birthday.

Question 21

Me and my person do not see eye to eye on the importance of fitness and exercise.

Question 22

My significant other would rather spend the weekend with their friends than with me.

Question 23

My significant other dislikes dancing in public but I would like to dance with them.

Question 24

My significant other buys me a super tacky piece of clothing.

Question 25

I keep waking my person up when I leave for work since my day starts before their day does. They are unhappy about it.

Question 26

My significant other does not get along very well with my friends.

Question 27

My significant other calls me ten times in a row while I am busy.

Question 28

Me and my person can’t seem to agree on which concert to attend with our very different music tastes.

Question 29

My significant other keeps accusing me of infidelity when I haven’t done anything.

Question 30

My significant other’s car breaks down and is out of commission for a full week.

Question 31

My significant other still has the phone numbers of their exes saved in their phone.

Question 32

My significant other has an annoying habit of chewing loudly.

Question 33

Me and my person cannot agree on Valentine’s Day plans.

Question 34

I no longer like the nickname my significant other gave to me.

Question 35

My significant other keeps raving about their new coworker at work and it is beginning to make me jealous.

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