Take The Common Sense Quiz That Will Guess If You're A Man Or A Woman

Having common sense means that you're a practical person who has solid judgment and a basic knowledge of important things. It doesn't mean you're book smart or even a good student, just that you're probably okay at navigating daily life.

That being said, there are plenty of things that might seem like common sense to most women that complete baffle men and vice versa. No matter how broken down gender roles have gotten over the past few decades, there is still quite a large gap between what men and women are typical interested in -- whether that interest is innate or influenced by society.

On top of all that, it's a sad fact of reality that people are becoming more and more dependant on technology -- and thus, further and further away from being self-reliant.

Things that used to be common knowledge -- like how to jumpstart a car, or how many months the average pregnancy lasts -- are no longer being committed to memory. Because what's the point of actually learning anything when you can always look it up on your phone?

So let's figure out if your range of common sense puts you more in line with being a man, a woman, or something else.

1What kind of screwdriver is this?

Knowing basic tools should be something that every guy strives to learn. While that certainly doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t be equally as handy, by and large, it’s men who crack open the toolbox when something needs to be repaired.

2What would you most likely use this makeup brush for?

The answer to this question should be a no-brainer to most women. But unless you grew up in a house full of sisters, the majority of guys are totally baffled by cosmetic products and their various applicators. So what do you think this would most likely be used for?

3When do you first know if someone is interested in you?

Men tend to think that any positive interaction with someone of the opposite sex means that they’re automatically interested in them. But in reality, it takes more than some simple eye contact and friendly laugh to know that someone is actually into you.

4Do you use the assembly instruction?

Guys are notoriously bad about using assembly instructions. But really, what’s the shame in flipping through a booklet? It’s not as if you’re letting someone put it together for you? And you’ll greatly minimize your chances of having to take it apart and start over.

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