Take The Common Sense Quiz That Will Reveal If You Think Like A Man Or A Woman

Having common sense means that you're a practical person who has solid judgment and a basic knowledge of important things. It doesn't mean you're book smart or even a good student, just that you're probably okay at navigating daily life.

That being said, there are plenty of things that might seem like common sense to most women that complete baffle men and vice versa. No matter how broken down gender roles have gotten over the past few decades, there is still quite a large gap between what men and women are typical interested in -- whether that interest is innate or influenced by society.

On top of all that, it's a sad fact of reality that people are becoming more and more dependant on technology -- and thus, further and further away from being self-reliant.

Things that used to be common knowledge -- like how to jumpstart a car, or how many months the average pregnancy lasts -- are no longer being committed to memory. Because what's the point of actually learning anything when you can always look it up on your phone?

So let's figure out if your range of common sense puts you more in line with being a man, a woman, or something else.

Question 1

What kind of screwdriver is this?

Knowing basic tools should be something that every guy strives to learn. While that certainly doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t be equally as handy, by and large, it’s men who crack open the toolbox when something needs to be repaired.

Question 2

What would you most likely use this makeup brush for?

The answer to this question should be a no-brainer to most women. But unless you grew up in a house full of sisters, the majority of guys are totally baffled by cosmetic products and their various applicators. So what do you think this would most likely be used for?

Question 3

When do you first know if someone is interested in you?

Men tend to think that any positive interaction with someone of the opposite sex means that they’re automatically interested in them. But in reality, it takes more than some simple eye contact and friendly laugh to know that someone is actually into you.

Question 4

Do you use the assembly instruction?

impossible assembly instructions

Guys are notoriously bad about using assembly instructions. But really, what’s the shame in flipping through a booklet? It’s not as if you’re letting someone put it together for you? And you’ll greatly minimize your chances of having to take it apart and start over.

Question 5

Who should pay for the first date?

Tradition says that men should pay for the first date. But most men probably don’t realize that when they constantly end up pay, a lot of women feel pressured into owning them something in return. In which case, it might not be all that bad to go Dutch.

Question 6

How long should the average morning routine take?

Guys and girls will likely have drastically different morning routines. While women should understandably have a harder time getting ready in the morning thanks to makeup and longer hair, that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t strive to consolidate our morning routines to be more efficient.

Question 7

The metric system measures distance in meters. What is the name of the system that measures distance in feet?

Pretty much the entire world uses the metric system these days. Plain and simple — because it’s the system that makes way more sense. However, the three countries of Liberia, Myanmar and the United States of America still haven’t made the switch and use this system instead?

Question 8

What would you call this tool?

If you need to cut something where scissors or a regular knife won’t do the trick, you’ve probably found yourself wishing you had one of these devices handy — which literally has a retractable razor blade encased inside it. So by what name would you refer to this tool?

Question 9

What do you call the makeup that you usually apply to the eyelashes?

They say that having bigger eyes often gives people a more youthful appearance, which may help explain why women give so much attention to dressing up their eyes. One easy way to really make them stand out is simply to apply this to the eyelashes.

Question 10

Pick the funniest sitcom.

Not only is humor generational, it’s also distinct different between the genders. So while men may find the occasional joke in Friends to be legitimately funny, they’re nowhere as head-over-heels obsessed with the show as many women are. And the same can be said about men and Seinfeld.

Question 11

How often should you have your oil changed?

With great power comes great responsibility. And in this instance, we’re talking about owning a car. For instance, not doing something as simple as getting an oil change can absolutely destroy your engine. So do you always know when it needs to be done?

Question 12

What do you do when you like someone?

Some people will spend their entire lives pining over someone with no motivation to actually get the ball rolling. So are you someone who sits back and hopes things go your way? Or do you at least make some kind of attempt to get your crush to notice you?

Question 13

You’re lost and your phone is broken during a road trip. What do you do?

Just like assembly instructions, guys have a hard time asking people for directions. It’s as if accepting help from someone is a form of defeat. While you can certainly look at it that way, it’s also downright foolish to keep making the same mistakes when there’s an easy solution.

Question 14

By what age should you be officially moved out of your parents’ house?

While everyone’s situation is different, it’s a sad fact of reality that young adults are taking longer and longer to make it out of their parents’ houses. While finical strife and student loans often can’t be helped, many simply aren't motivated enough to get their lives moving.

Question 15

What type of hammer is this?

Pretty much the easiest and most basic tool every created, the hammer can be used by anyone — provided you're careful enough to not hit your own fingers. That being said, no two hammers are created equal, and there are a number of variations that perform additional tasks.

Question 16

What type of makeup is used to mask blemishes?

If you have bad acne as a guy, you’re pretty much screwed. And while women are unfortunately judged more harshly for their appearances, they at least have a number of tools at their disposal to help pretty themselves up. So what would they use to cover up a blemish?

Question 17

What would you call this style of footwear?

Overall, women seem to know much more about fashion and different types of clothing than men. But one fashion area that they truly excel in more than males is when it comes to shoes. So what would you normally refer to this footwear as?

Question 18

How about this style of footwear?

While women could name dozens of different styles of female footwear right off the top of their head, they may not be as well versed in the most common footwear of the opposite sex. So during your day-to-day life, what term would you use for this style of footwear?

Question 19

Pick the best action movie.

Of course, any type of entertainment is subjective. But there are certain movies and TV shows that are overwhelming considered to be amongst the greatest ever made by the masses. So when it comes to the action genre, which one of these movies reigns supreme?

Question 20

How do you take care of your unibrow?

Pretty much everyone grows hair in between their eyebrows, though women are usually more expected to keep there’s well groomed. So how do you deal with excess hair around your eyes? Do you take care of it yourself? Or go to a professional?

Question 21

If you’re getting charged at by a grizzly bear, what should you do?

If you spend a considerable amount of time out in the great outdoors, then it’s certainly a good idea to pick up some survival tips and tricks along the way. While getting attacked by a grizzly is extremely rare, it’s not exactly a situation you want to be unprepared for.

Question 22

What do you need to jump start a car?

There's nothing worse than getting ready to go somewhere and finding out that your battery is dead. However, if you know exactly what has to be done and how to do it, this inconvenience could last no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Question 23

What do you call this tool?

Another standard tool that should be placed in any toolbox, this device can be used for an infinite number of tasks. But basically, it’s used when you need to grip something and your fingers aren’t quite strong enough to do the trick. So what is it called?

Question 24

What do you call this makeup technique?

Most guys probably couldn’t fathom how many different products and applicators go into doing up this fashionable makeup style. Nor would they necessarily even know what this look is called. But if you’re a woman, this should be a no-brainer.

Question 25

What would you call this clothing item?

This might be news to most men, but not all clothing that they think looks good on women is simply referred to as lingerie. While that may be the overarching category that this particular style of top falls under, it still has a very specific name.

Question 26

How about this clothing item?

Like a number of these questions, there isn’t necessarily a 100% wrong answer — just an answer that’s slightly more accurate than the rest. So what name would you use to refer to the fairly common type of top that men wear during the colder months of the year?

Question 27

Pick the best romance movie.

Just as there are action flicks that are considered the cream of the crop, there are a number of romance movies that continue to be hailed as the best in their genre. This doesn’t mean that you have to like them more, just that you're able to recognizes the classics.

Question 28

What do you need to change a flat tire?

While a flat tire is a slightly bigger inconvenience than a dead battery, so long as you have the right tools and know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t leave you dead in your tracks. So what would you need to swap out the flat?

Question 29

What’s an acceptable date to go on with someone you barely know?

The dating world can be an awkward one to navigate, especially if you’re about to go out with someone who you barely know. Luckily, there are a number of unspoken guidelines in place for such occasions, which can help the date be a lot less awkward.

Question 30

Pick the best Netflix original show.

Netflix is turning out some of the best TV shows available today — if you can even call it TV anymore, that is. So out of these four critically acclaimed series, which one do you objectively think is of the highest quality?

Question 31

Can you name this video game character?

He may not be Mario, but this character from the massively popular Nintendo series is one of the most notable video game characters of all time. That being said, it’s remarkable how many people still get this character’s name wrong.

Question 32

How many weeks is the average pregnancy?

Sure, pretty much everyone knows that the average human pregnancy is nine months long. But only most women will be able to convert that into weeks without having to do any math. Especially since most pregnancy milestones are tracked in weeks rather than months.

Question 33

If you’ve been dating someone for about a year, what is the best way to break things off?

Most relationships end before the one year mark — which is around the time that the excitement of a new relationship wears off and reality sets in. So if you want to end things, do you believe it’s only right to do it in person?

Question 34

Should you discuss marriage with your partner before popping the question?

Sheldon proposes to Amy

Do you think that popping the question should be a total surprise? Or does it only make sense that you and your partner are on the same page about marriage and starting a family before you even begin to entertain the idea of proposing?

Question 35

What year did WWII start?

Wolverine WWII

Men may not necessarily get better grades in school when it comes to history class. But with the sheer amount of war based movies and video games that guys can play, they might have a better time spewing out WWII facts than your average woman.

Question 36

If you accidentally ran into someone, what would you say?

Women are far more likely to be apologetic when they bump into someone, almost to a fault. However, even when it's their fault, guys aren’t quite as quick to apologize -- especially when they run into someone that they might consider a threat.

Question 37

What actually happens when someone’s water breaks?

Unless you’ve fathered a child, most men probably won’t know the answer to this question. However, even women that haven’t had a baby of their own will probably find the answer to this question to be common sense. So do you know what’s actually happening when the water breaks?

Question 38

Who is the most important person in the world to you?

If you’re a mother, the obvious answer to this question will hand down be your children. However, even men that have children often don’t have the same connection to them as their mother. And if you’re childless, all bets are off on who’s more important to you.

Question 39

Why do men have nipples?

This is a question you probably thought about a lot growing up, then either looked up the answer or forgot about it entirely. In fact, this very question became the title of a book about questions that you want to ask your doctor, but are too embarrassed to spit out.

Question 40

True or False: You can always turn right on red?

Are women really worse drivers than men? While this has long been the stereotype, scientific findings have been slightly more complicated than a yes or no answer. The short answer is that while women are more likely to fail their driving test, they are still more aware of the risks.

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