Pick Or Pass On These Comfort Foods And We’ll Guess Your Sign

Everyone has their off days. Those days when it feels like everything goes wrong and we can't wait to get home, sink down on the couch, and forget all about it. Luckily there are plenty of ways that we can comfort ourselves when we are feeling down. We can hang out with our friends, watch movies, play online games, read a book, take a shower, or play with our pets. And for those really tough days, there's always comfort food!

There's just something about certain types of food that can make all our problems melt away, if only for a little while. But sometimes that's all need! Just a little pick-me-up and we're good to go again.

For today's quiz, we've lined up an assortment of comfort foods. We've got sweet treats like chocolate cake and jelly beans, junk food like burgers and chicken nuggets, and even home-cooked favorites like mash, meatloaf, and mac and cheese. We've got basic dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches and fancier meals like ravioli. All our readers need to do is choose their favorite comfort foods and we'll try to match them to the right star sign. Will we be able to get it right? There's only one to find out!

Question 1

Mash and gravy:

When we think about comfort food mashed potatoes and gravy is one of the first dishes that comes to mind. The bonus is that this dish is easy to prepare, even for folks who aren't great at cooking, but it's also found on most fast food menus. Pick or pass on mash and gravy:

Question 2


It was always Garfield's favorite food and it's easy to see why. When it comes to this yummy pasta dish, one helping just never seems to be enough, we're always coming back for more. That's because it's such an amazing comfort food! Who could go for a plate of lasagne right now?

Question 3


What did our mom's always promise us as a reward for good behavior or being brave? An ice-cream! Ice-cream always feels like a treat and sometimes, when we need a pick-me-up, there's nothing like a big helping of ice-cream to make us feel brighter again. Pick or pass on ice-cream as a comfort food:

Question 4


It's been a pretty rough week but finally, Friday night has arrived and it's time to relax with our friends. Our first stop is our favorite restaurant where we are going to grab a bite to eat and let off a little steam. How about ordering a huge plate of nachos for everyone to share?

Question 5

Red velvet cupcakes:

Parties can be fun to plan and they are always fun to attend but cleaning up after a party is usually hard work. The only consolation is that we might get to tuck into all the leftover food when we've finally finished with everything else. Pick or pass on red velvet cupcakes:

Question 6


Meatloaf is one of those dishes that always makes us think of home. It's a dish we can see a family sitting down to eat while they talk about their days. So when it comes to comfort this dish will always score high! Pick or pass on a plate of meatloaf and veggies:

Question 7

Chicken nuggets:

Provided we have enough dipping sauce, we don't think there is ever a bad time to enjoy a plate (or box, or even bucket) of chicken nuggets. Not only are they the perfect hunger buster and in-between snack but they also make us smile. Go ahead and pick or pass on chicken nuggets as a comfort food:

Question 8


The great thing about tacos is that we can add almost anything we like, and the results will always be yummy! Whether we like them with lots of cheese or lots of veggies it's pretty hard to eat a taco and be sad at the same time. Pick or pass on tacos:

Question 9


Fans of this baked treat will understand just how quickly a slice of cheesecake can change someone's day. To boost the happy factor, even more, try and find out which is their favorite flavor (chocolate, strawberry, lemon) is and present them with a slice of that! Pick or pass on cheesecake as a comfort food:

Question 10


We had a really rough day at the office today. The clients were demanding, our boss was in a bad mood and it felt like everything that could go wrong did so in the worst possible order. We ended up having to work late but now, at last, we've finally arrived home. How about a pizza for dinner?

Question 11

Chicken soup:

When someone is feeling under the weather, they need comfort food more than ever. And there are few comfort foods in the world as good as chicken soup. Not only is it easy to eat but it's also packed with nutrients to help us recover. Pick or pass on a bowl of chicken soup:

Question 12

Tomato soup

Tomatoes are just so versatile aren't they? We can use them fresh in a number of dishes, add them for decoration or garnish or transform them into warm dishes. One of the most comforting meals we can make with tomatoes is tomato soup; delicious with a slice of warm buttered bread!

Question 13

Garlic bread

When it comes to simple pleasures the smell of baking bread must be one of the best. There's nothing quite like it, even the thought of it is enough to make our mouths water. Garlic bread smells especially delicious coming out of the oven. Pick or pass on a few slices of fresh garlic bread:

Question 14


The vegans may want to move on to the next option in the meantime while the meat-eaters will definitely want to stick around to see what's coming out of the oven next. Next up on our comfort food menu is the ever-popular rack of ribs drenched in our fav BBQ sauce. Pick or pass on this one:

Question 15

Pasta Alfredo:

Anyone who has ever tried a carb-free diet knows that the hardest food to give up (behind bread) is definitely pasta. Yes, it can be substituted with vegetable pasta but it's just not the same. There is so much comfort in a bowl of pasta, especially with a creamy sauce like this.

Question 16

Baked potato:

Comfort foods are not always the most expensive items on the menu or the trickiest to prepare. In fact, most comfort food is very simple. Take the baked potato for example - it's so basic almost anyone can make it and with a few spoonfuls of sour cream and a sprinkling of grated cheese, it's pure heaven!

Question 17


Everybody has their favorite burger. Some people might even have a few burgers that compete for the top spot. As one of the most popular fast foods in the world, burgers are always a solid choice for a feel-good meal. Pick or pass on a juicy cheeseburger for dinner tonight:

Question 18

Mac and cheese:

It doesn't get much better than sitting in our most comfortable PJs, watching our favorite series, and eating a massive steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese, does it? Whether it comes from our mom, our microwave or from the fast food joint down the street there's no denying the comfort in this simple dish.

Question 19

Fried chicken:

Is there anything more delicious than a piece of crispy skin dunked in rich savory gravy? Is there anything more inviting than the smell of a bucket of fried chicken? When we are feeling down we know this dish will always make us smile. Pick or pass on fried chicken:

Question 20

Cherry pie:

For some people comfort food might be a savory dish; perhaps something deep fried, or something cheesy. For others, sweet treats might be the order of the day. And is there any sweet treat quite as inviting as cherry pie? If this doesn't cheer us up, nothing will! Pick or pass on this comfort food:

Question 21

Potato chips:

Whether we are sitting down to watch a movie, chat with friends, study or just binge watch YouTube videos it always helps to have a party-sized bag of potato chips and a bowl of dip on hand. There's never a bad time to enjoy one of the most popular comfort snack foods!

Question 22

Hot dogs:

Hotdogs are not only super simple to prepare but they can also be eaten on the go - which makes them perfect for sports games and outdoor events. They are ideal for serving if we have a crowd to feed. Just add a few onions and some pickles and watch the smiles multiply!

Question 23

Grilled cheese sandwich:

Money woes can make us feel pretty down but even when we are broke there's always one comfort food we know we can enjoy - the grilled cheese sandwich. With just a little cheese and a few slices of bread, we can whip up comfort food to help us forget our troubles for a while.

Question 24


Is the BLT the ultimate King of the Sandwiches? Well, he would be hard to beat. The perfect BLT, with layers of crunchy lettuce, juicy slices of tomato, and crisp bacon is the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up, guaranteed to make almost day feel a little better. Pick or pass on the BLT as a comfort food:

Question 25


In this pasta dish, a filling is wrapped, and then cooked, inside a thin pasta dough, and served with a sauce. This dish can be found on the menu of most restaurants but it can also be bought ready-made and reheated in the microwave. Pick or pass on ravioli as a comfort food:

Question 26


Sometimes we just want fries. No burgers, no fish, no chicken, just a huge plate of fresh from the deep-fryer fries and a massive bowl of dipping sauce. With just the right amount of seasoning (and maybe a soda), this is the perfect comfort food meal. Pick or pass on fries:

Question 27

Spaghetti and meatballs:

Spaghetti and meatballs is not a complicated meal to learn how to prepare and with a little practice, it can easily become a signature dish. This is a dish that's perfect for feeding a large group of friends and can be prepared in just a few minutes. Pick or pass on spaghetti and meatballs in a tomato sauce:

Question 28

Banana split:

Whenever adult life gets too stressful there's a way that we can re-live childhood whenever we like - with the power of food. A banana split, loaded with ice-cream, chocolate sauce and a generous dash of sprinkles, will always help us remember how much fun life can be. Pick or pass on a banana split:

Question 29


When there's a side of cornbread, we know it's going to be an amazing meal! A quick bread, made with cornmeal, this bread is perfect for mopping up sauces and pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes. It's even yummy just on its own with a little butter. Pick or pass:

Question 30


Sometimes, when life gets tough, we could all use a little sweet treat to help us feel better. And when the blues hit there is nothing better than a few cookies (or maybe even a whole packet, depending on the day) to make things feel brighter again. Pick or pass on cookies as a comfort food:

Question 31


Anyone in the mood for a plate of pancakes? How about with a side of bacon, all smothered in delicious golden syrup? Or perhaps we'll have them served with fruit and dusted with powdered sugar? Perfect for breakfast, brunch or just a snack; pancakes are an ideal comfort food. Pick or pass?

Question 32

Snack cakes:

A comfort food that we can just pop into our bag or jacket pocket? Yes, please! Snack cakes can be taken with us wherever we go and eaten anytime, making them ideal as a comfort food. Just be careful that no-one else tries to steal a bite! Pick or pass:

Question 33

Apple pie:

Now there might be some debate as to which is better: homemade apple pie or takeaway apple pie, but the one thing we can all agree on is that it's hard to be angry and eat a slice of apple pie at the same time, no matter where it comes from.

Question 34


Is everyone at the office having a Monday (even though it's already Wednesday)? Well, lifting their spirits is as easy as bringing them a big box of mixed donuts. With a few of those and a cup of coffee, everyone will soon be full of smiles again. Pick or pass on donuts:

Question 35


We decided to make breakfast for everyone in the house and we thought what would be better than waking up to the smell of waffles? That's sure to get everyone out of bed in a hurry! Pick or pass on a giant plate of waffles and bacon as a comfort food:

Question 36


Many of us often have the midnight munchies. We drift off to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night looking for something to eat. Drinking a glass of milk can help us get back to sleep and having a biscuit or two probably won't hurt. Pick or pass on Oreos and milk:

Question 37

Onion rings:

Now onion rings are more of a side dish than anything else but is there anything wrong, or weird about just having a plate of onion rings? Of course not! Comfort food is comfort food after all and it's unique to each and every person. Pick or pass on a batch of onion rings:

Question 38


Want to spice up a burger? Add bacon. How about a pizza? More bacon. What about a sandwich? Yes, that's right - the answer is bacon. Eggs and bacon, bacon quiche, bacon burgers, bacon salad, everything just goes better with bacon. Pick or pass on a plate of bacon as comfort food:

Question 39

Lemon meringue pie:

Now, this might not be a dessert that everyone can make (it is a little tricky) but it's one that everyone knows! It's super sweet and the way it melts in the mouth can't be compared to any other pie in the world. Pick or pass on a slice of lemon meringue pie:

Question 40


Although coleslaw is technically a side dish it is also a comfort food in its own way. For some folks, a meal like fried chicken just isn't the same without all the trimmings - and that includes a big helping of coleslaw! Pick or pass on coleslaw as a comfort food:

Question 41


It would take self-control the size of a mountain to pass up on this next sweet treat. Scoring high on the comfort scale is the chocolate brownie. We're not even going to bother with a spoon for this one, we're going to grab it our hands and get messy! Pick or pass?

Question 42

Club sandwich:

In the same way that we all have our own favorites when it comes to pizzas, burgers, and soft drinks, we all prefer different types of sandwiches. For some folks it's the BLT, for others it might be chicken mayo, and for some people, only a club sandwich will do!

Question 43


In order to have a proper comfort food session, we need to make sure that we have the right beverages too. Soda is always a good choice (just because it tastes so amazing with junk food) but we might also consider a delicious milkshake in our favorite flavor to wash down our feast.

Question 44

Chicken wings:

Chicken wings, buffalo wings, whatever they're known as they're delicious. Perfect for nibbling on while watching sport, hanging with friends, or just watching a movie. And if we add some fries and a few pork sausages we've got a feast on our hands. Pick or pass on chicken wings as a comfort food:

Question 45

Hash browns:

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables to have around. They can be boiled, baked, and sauteed into a variety of different dishes, even grated, fried, and served as delicious golden hash browns. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's never a bad time for a quick hashbrown munch session.

Question 46


Sometimes comfort food is all about what we can find in the fridge. And most of the time, there's a block or two of cheese in there, perfect for those midnight snack sessions. Just add a few crackers and maybe some pickles and we'll have a nice plate of comfort food!

Question 47

Chocolate cake:

Okay, so if we had to choose just one cake to eat for the rest of our lives, most of us would probably choose chocolate cake. Nothing says "eat me" quite like a soft chocolate cake, crammed with layers of rich chocolate icing. Pick or pass on this slice of comfort:

Question 48


When we want to just veg out on the couch and chill, we don't want snacks that we need to fuss with. The ideal snack is one that is easy to eat and doesn't make a lot of mess right? Peanuts are perfect for this kind of snacking! Pick or pass:

Question 49


Popcorn is the universal movie snack but it's also a great comfort food. We can spice it up with butter and salt or add our favorite seasoning, we can even roll it in caramel if we're feeling in the mood. And it's actually a pretty healthy snack too - bonus!

Question 50

Jelly beans:

Let's all just admit it: we are never going to get too old to enjoy a bowl of jelly beans. And picking out all our favorites first will always be part of the fun! Let's hope no-one else wanted any. Pick or pass on jelly beans to chase those blues away:

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