Clock's Ticking! Try And Name 100% Of These Country Singers In Under 2 Minutes

Fast and furious isn’t just for the movies anymore. Two minutes is enough time to do a lot of things; we can grab a cup of coffee in two minutes, and we can get dressed in two minutes. We can even listen to some songs in under two minutes. Music lovers will have to begrudgingly admit that that’s true, even if they prefer the epic ballads rather than the short and spunky punk tunes. Whether we like it or not, music comes in many different types. One of the most widely disagreed about types is none other than our home-on-the-range country tunes. Country is often the musical genre people stick their noses up at. It’s thought to be cheesy, depressing, and whiney. Guess what, country haters? Nothing could be further from the truth. Country is a musical genre that has nuances and variety just like other styles. That means there’s plenty of things to know and appreciate about country music. We’re here to quiz those music know-it-alls on the glory that is country. Two minutes is enough time to do a lot of things, but is it enough to prove once and for all who’s the country queen (or king)? We think it is. Try and see if it’s possible to name all these country music stars. Only the true fans can do it.

Question 1

Which teen pop singer started with country and gospel music?

Sometimes life takes us in a new direction more different than we ever thought possible. One minute we’re washing dishes in a grimey kitchen, and the next we’re strutting down a red carpet. Is it possible that superstars have experienced this kind of out-of-nowhere life twist? Spoiler alert: yes, yes it is. This pop sensation actually started out in the world of country and gospel singing. The next thing she knows, BAM! Several hit singles and a whole pile of awards.

Question 2

Name the pictured country singer:

Who’s that woman there with the big hat and quirky, intelligent song lyrics? We’ll never say. This singer is a brilliant writer and performer, and has released many excellent singles ever since she popped onto the scene back in 2013. While she competed on Nashville Star back in 2007, she didn’t make it very far after the top ten announcement. She’s proven that we don’t need to win a singing competition to become a famous singer, though. She’s succeeded all by her lonesome self!

Question 3

Who is the best-selling female artist in country music history?

The biggest country awards in the world are still not quite as well known as other awards. While country might not have the biggest following, there are just as many milestones for country artists to reach. The biggest milestone for any female artist (country or otherwise) is when they’ve reached that best-selling status. That’s a huge accomplishment, and this well known country singer did just that by having over 100 million records. Who said country wasn’t popular? Clearly those people don’t know this artist!

Question 4

Name the pictured country singer:

This question should be an easy one for any true country fan. This singer is an incredibly prolific country artist, with many years experience under his belt. He’s succeeded in making it all the way over to America, despite the fact that he got his start in New Zealand. Not to mention how he’s been doing the country thing since the 1990s. This man is totally the king of contemporary country in our eyes. And even those that don’t like him should be able to recognize that shaggy mop of hair!

Question 5

Which country singer went back to high school after releasing his debut album?

It’s not everyday that a country singer reaches fame from winning American Idol and still decides to finish school. This kid is the epitome of a good old country boy, and he’s stolen our hearts with his commitment to family and knowledge. While he’s a bit older now, the hits haven’t really stopped. He’s still a huge star in the country world, and has really retained those boyish charms. We can just picture him slapping dust off of the back of his jeans. Anyone else picturing whom we’re picturing?

Question 6

Name the pictured country singer:

Okay, everyone has to be able to recognize this man. He’s basically the Grandpa of current country music, and has been working longer than most of us young fans have been alive. He’s got “Red Headed Stranger”, one of the most iconic country albums ever, released to his credit, as well as a whole bucket full of singles and covers that make our hearts feel full. Plus, who could forget those braids? Only one man can rock hair like that, and this signature style is part of the reason that we know him so well.

Question 7

Which of these country singers wrote a song about an attractive tractor?

This country singer has tons of number one hits (many of which involve drinking, bars, and/or letting those good times roll), but none of them are quite as prolific as this 1999 single about a woman finding his tractor attractive. While there’s definitely a much more vulgar title, we don’t want to give too much away. We need to make this quiz at least a little challenging! This singer is hugely entertaining to watch, apparently, and seems to still be making music. Any guesses?

Question 8

Name the pictured country singer:

Who in the world is this guy, thinking he can get away with wearing denim on denim? Actually, he’s probably the only man in the world who can get away with wearing denim on denim. He certainly looks good doing it. This older heartthrob worked tirelessly as a young man to make his dream a reality, but it never seemed to happen. Good things come to those who wait, though, and this country star has had growing success over the last nearly two decades.

Question 9

Which country singer is known as the "Queen Of Country Pop"?

This popular singer is so well known that she’s got a whole title! While we doubt that she was knighted with this title, we do believe that she was has filled it with a certain kind of royalty that only country queens can bring. The poise that this woman has is unparalleled, and even a little scary. She’s a powerful singer and provides a surprisingly comforting haven on our down days. Does anyone have any ideas as to who this woman could be?

Question 10

Name the country singer pictured:

This country star is another well known artist who’s going to be in our sight for a long time to come. Not only has she won Female Vocalist of the Year several times over, but Taste of Country identified her as crafting “artistically superior albums”. Honestly, we have to agree. Her music might have matured over the years, but there’s always been an adult, sensible side that’s balanced by her bold music. Can anyone identify this top female country vocalist?

Question 11

Which female pop-country singer was born and raised in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is not what we think of when we think of a “country music hub”. Pennsylvania makes us think of pencils, sandwiches, and other everyday things. They’re not boring, but they’re not as dramatic and rough as most country music requires. This singer/songwriter was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and she’s currently an incredibly popular musician. Not only does she not need to worry about where she came from anymore, she probably single-handedly has made it cooler than it was.

Question 12

Name the country band that's pictured:

These good ol’ country boys were brought together by working in other bands, then eventually decided to craft their own country project. These men have been prolific in country music for nearly two decades, and were even chosen for an artist residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. That was back in 2015, keeping them well on the map for current, contemporary country music lovers. While some might have called them old prior to one of their recent albums, they’ve certainly reclaimed their power with more recent releases. Definitely catch these guys the next time they’re doing a concert.

Question 13

Which country singer got his name on a camping trip?

The story itself is better when he tells it, but this singer/songwriter (who classifies himself as “Americana” rather than strictly country) won’t mind if we give the gist of it. Basically, after a night of camp fun and ghost stories, someone decided to name him this name. While it’s a little questionable when using the original phrasing, it feels like the kind of powerful night that sticks with a person. Clearly this one stuck with him, as his whole career is built on this name! Well, the name and the talent. He really is an amazing musician as well as a great personality.

Question 14

Name the pictured country singer:

Sometimes it can be hard to tell who’s hiding under those big, beautiful hats. This guy is such an icon that it shouldn’t be a problem, though. Not only does he have bragging rights to a couple of his albums being early 2000’s country essentials, but he also knows that he’s one of the most hardworking country stars out there. He’s been doing this forever, and knows the in and outs of country music like the ins and outs of his own hat!

Question 15

Which country singer hails from New Zealand?

Us over here in the Americas, we aren’t as well-versed in the musical stylings of any aspect of down under. Not only did it surprise us to learn that New Zealand has country music, but we were surprised to learn that one of the most popular modern country singers in the world hails from grand old New Zealand. We’re sure that New Zealand is very proud, but even they must be surprised. Unless it’s not surprising that such a passionate country has embraced such a passionate form of music. Which, when we think about it, actually makes perfect sense.

Question 16

Name the pictured country singer:

Faces might be easy to remember, but names are a different story. Those of us who have a strong visual memory will be able to recognize all these country singers no problem, but those who are more word-based might end up losing out from the fact that the name escapes us. Don’t worry; this understanding country music star has both an iconic face as well as an iconic name. It’s easy to tell who this original country artist is. It’s just a matter of clicking, now.

Question 17

Which of these country singers had a #1 hit with his debut single?

It’s not everyday that someone who’s just starting out gets to climb all the way to the top of the charts. We all have had dreams of reaching number one (whether or not we actually play music), but few get to do it. Even fewer get to that highly coveted number one spot with their debut single! This guy has quite the country reputation, and quite the knack for creating songs that are catchy and creative. It helps that he’s been doing this for years and years too.

Question 18

Name the pictured country singer:

This country singer has had his ups and downs with his more famous country friends. One of his claims to fame (or rather, one wrong move that was a roadblock to fame) was getting kicked off a Rascal Flatts show. He’s certainly turned his career around after that, though, and has received accolades and top ten hits a plenty since his bad boy days. He’s now well known for wearing sunglasses on stage at all times, solidifying even more his bad boy style.

Question 19

Which country singer won the Nashville Star competition in 2006?

There might have only been six seasons of this TV show, but any true country fan will have at least heard of it. This star is often thought to have one of the most distinct voices, which everyone in America got the chance to hear when he competed on Nashville Star in 2006. This would have been the 4th competition the show had, out of the six total. For those that don’t know, it’s basically the country music equivalent of American Idol.

Question 20

Name the pictured country singer:

This woman has a grassroots career that we’ve been following for ages now, and she just gets better and better all the time. After being involved in a variety of projects, she seems to have fingers in a ton of different pies, all of which have lead to success. It’s this kind of hardworking sensibility and determination that’s shaped country music throughout the years, and we’re excited that she’s furthering that country music quality. Plus, she’s got such a beautiful voice.

Question 21

This country singer has their own theme park. Who is it?

We like to think of this country singer as Madonna-esque in their level of celebrity status. Everyone knows who this star is, even if they’re not necessarily a country fan. We know exactly where this theme park was launched, and what it was called. This star wasn’t just being self-centered when they launched it; they’ve got a whole bunch of different ventures, and this theme park was just one other fun adventure in a long list of ideas and experiments.

Question 22

Name the pictured country singer:

This country singer didn’t start out in country. Quite the opposite, in fact! While some singers seem to be wanting sports careers or university educations prior to landing in the country music field, this guy was working in music. It’s not the kind of music one would expect, though! He began life as a DJ, working with rock bands as well and essentially exploring every genre except country. He seems to have done well for himself, though, and his dashing good looks certainly help too.

Question 23

Which country singer's first #1 hit was a duet with Blake Shelton?

Rocking a duet with a lifelong icon is a huge accomplishment, but it’s even more of an accomplishment when it results in the first #1 hit on a singer’s resume. This singer has been around for years, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they really started to break into the chart topping hit material. We personally really like the singer, and think that they should have been huge many years ago. This #1 hit was a great song though, so we won’t complain.

Question 24

Name the pictured country singer:

This is one country singer who doesn’t embrace the country hat, but rather sticks to his cool and casual baseball cap. When he first hit the scene a few years ago he was listed as one of the most promising young country artists. He’s definitely lived up to that expectation, with many number one hits under his belt and many more to come. We certainly like his smouldering-but-casual appeal. His voice is always in our headphones, and we’re sure he’s in everyone else’s headphones too.

Question 25

Which country singer composed songs for Miley Cyrus?

This country singer is one who’s still very much considered an up-and-coming star. Not only do they have a huge amount of talent with a microphone in their hand, but they have just as much talent when it comes to writing and creating their own songs as well. We won’t give anything away, but we’ve definitely heard her #1 single “Burning House” before. When we listen to their music it comes as no surprise that Cyrus wanted to work with them!

Question 26

Name the pictured country singer:

This country singer is not only sweet, but incredibly hardworking. He’s intelligent too, which is likely why his songs are so popular, he’s even written for Keith Urban! He studied philosophy at UAB, and is a huge word lover. Some of his songs integrate spoken word into the choruses and verses, making his style of country music a totally unique one. We love his innovation, and think his stardom is totally well deserved. Plus, just look at that face! Who wouldn’t want to listen to him croon?

Question 27

Who was the first country music winner of American Idol?

American Idol is arguably one of the most well known shows. After all, there’s been 16 seasons now. It’s one of the biggest tickets that can get people launched into a life of fame and fortune. There’s certainly a lot of work and effort that goes into preparing to be on the show, as well as a lot of effort that has to happen afterwards to keep the career going. This super star has worked incredibly hard after being the first country artist to win American Idol way back in season four.

Question 28

Name the pictured country singer:

This country artist is one woman that everyone should know. While some might recognize her from TV or other artistic endeavors, she’s one of the most incredible and well-known country music stars ever. Her style has changed many times over, and she’s experimented with tons of different types of country music. She’s got her name in both the Grand Ole Opry as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame. If that’s not the sign of a superstar, we don’t know what is.

Question 29

Who is Tim McGraw married to?

This is an easy one for anyone who has a love of love. Country music is full of passion. While there’s plenty of songs about failed relationships, there’s just as many songs that are also about successful relationships. Marriage (or really committed love) is a running theme in many country songs, and it’s nice to see this country powerhouse couple living out the happy country romance. That’s right: Tim McGraw is the husband to this powerful country singer, as well as being a powerful singer himself.

Question 30

Name the pictured country singer:

This young man is one of the cutest country stars out there right now. Born in 1993, he didn’t even start making music until the recent part of the of the 21st century. Once he started he really took off, as his debut album featured an instant #1 hit single as well as many other successful songs. He ended up holding down both a job as a famous country artist and American Idol winner while studying in high school, proving that a country soul and talent can appear anywhere; even in young musicians.

Question 31

Who in country music was named "artist of the decade" for the 1990s?

This claim to fame is one that’s unique to the person. While we weren’t able to track down exactly which publication or company gave them this designation, we support it. The 90s were a hit and miss decade for music. Country has always been a strong and solid genre. There’s always something classic happening in the country music scene, as well as something innovative. This artist was named artist of the decade in the 90s for a good reason. Can we guess who it was?

Question 32

Which country singer has a comedic alter ego named Earl Dibbles, jr?

Who says country music is all doom and gloom? Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when this alter ego comes out to play. Some people don’t like to listen to country music because it can come across as depressing, heartbroken, and even a little bit too tough. This guy is making an effort to cheer up the lonely hearts out there, as well as anyone who’s got a love of good comedy. We’ve given the name of the alter ego, but what’s the name of the actual artist?

Question 33

Which country singer initially wanted a career as a pro golfer?

Something doesn’t quite add up when looking at these two interests. Who aims for being a pro golfer, but ends up as a country singer?! This guy. The story gets even stranger when we consider what led him to this life change. It was all thanks to an accident he got into while wakeboarding and the surgery it resulted in. It might be a weird story, but we’ll let the strangeness slide. After all, it did bring us this fantastic guy!

Question 34

Which singer took the 2013 Grammy for Best Country Album?

This is indeed an amazing story, as anyone who knows the story behind it will most definitely agree. This singer competed on Nashville Star back in 2007, but this album that won the Grammy didn’t come out until much, much later. We don’t want to give too much away, but we can say this: the singer released a few amazing singles off of this album, including one controversial one that received almost zero airplay. Any ideas as to who it could be?

Question 35

Finally, name this pictured country singer:

We saved the easiest for last. This singer feels like a woman, can only go up from here, and other song-hinting actions that prove how timeless and fantastic she is. She’s got a smile that will light up a whole stage, and was treated for dysphonia a few years ago. She’s currently on tour, a tour which she’s reportedly said will be her last. Whether or not that’s true, we’re so excited to see her. Any country fan will know who this fantastic lady is. She might even be playing on that “Greatest Country Hits” playlist that’s playing in the background right now...

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