How Well Do You Remember These Classic 00s Movies?

For all of the love that movies from the 90s get, there are plenty of people that appreciate what the 00s brought to the table. Sure, the 90s completely changed the game in the world of film, but so many movies in the 00s helped raise the bar and take things to another level. Romantic comedies were rolling, superhero films were just finding their footing as blockbusters and several notable performers became household names early on. Because of this, we want to shine a light on some of the better films from this underrated decade.

Today, we are going to feature 50 movies from the 00s. Only the biggest movie fans out there will be able to answer all of these trivia questions. Who's up for the challenge?

Question 1

Which Museum Is Featured In Night at the Museum?

Question 2

What Does Hitch Refer To Himself As?

Question 3

How Many Ice Age Films Are There?

Question 4

Who Is The Villain Of The Dark Knight?

Question 5

Name This Movie

Question 6

Where Is Andrew From In The Proposal?

Question 7

What Is Rule Number Two In Zombieland?

Question 8

What Does Alan Name The Baby In The Hangover?

Question 9

What Are The Popular Girls Called In Mean Girls?

Question 10

Name This Character From Gladiator

Question 11

Who Gets A Fake I.D. In Superbad?

Question 12

Which Restaurant Does Remy Work At In Ratatouille?

Question 13

Which State Does Grace Represent In Miss Congeniality?

Question 14

Name This Movie

Question 15

What Does Dale Have To Call Brennan In Step Brothers?

Question 16

Which Character Does Channing Tatum Play In She's the Man?

Question 17

Is This The Bourne Identity?

Question 18

Fill In The Blank: The ______ Bunny

Question 19

Which Show Is Featured In Hairspray?

Question 20

Which Ship Is Jack Sparrow The Captain Of?

Question 21

Which Magazine Does Miranda Work For In The Devil Wears Prada?

Question 22

Fill In The Blank: District _____

Question 23

Where Is Nemo Taken In Finding Nemo?

Question 24

Is Sin City Based On A Graphic Novel?

Question 25

Which Film Does Count Dooku Appear In?

Question 26

Which Trick Does Alfred Use In The Prestige?

Question 27

What Is Giselle's Best Friend's Name In Enchanted?

Question 28

Which School Is Sam Trying To Save Money For In A Cinderella Story?

Question 29

Where Does Gandalf Meet Frodo In The Fellowship of the Ring?

Question 30

Which Character Does James Franco Play In Pineapple Express?

Question 31

Is This Early Man?

Question 32

Which Princess Does Shrek Save?

Question 33

Which College Is Elle Applying For In Legally Blonde?

Question 34

How Many Taken Films Are There?

Question 35

Name This Movie

Question 36

What Is Lindsay Lohan's Character's Name In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?

Question 37

Is This Pitch Black?

Question 38

Where Does Chad Work In Burn After Reading?

Question 39

Which Alien Race Is In Avatar?

Question 40

Name This Disney Character

Question 41

What Is Curious About Benjamin Button?

Question 42

Peter Writes A Musical About Which Monster In Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

Question 43

Where Does War of the Worlds Take Place?

Question 44

Which Film Does Rogue Appear In?

Question 45

Name This Movie

Question 46

Does Juno Keep Her Baby?

Question 47

Who Is The Rat In The Departed?

Question 48

Fill In The Blank: _______ Dresses

Question 49

Where Is Buddy From?

Question 50

Where Does Bella Meet Edward In Twilight?

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