Choose Your Favorite Pop Stars And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Pop stars are a major part of history. While many people will instantly picture pop stars of today, others may visualize pop stars from decades ago that changed the industry. Each singer has their own style and sound, but they all revolve around the idea of a pop genre. Pop music is catchy, upbeat, and can usually be danced to. The music tends to put people who listen to it in a really great mood!

Often times, we can associate certain characteristics with certain people. One of these characteristics happens to be zodiac signs! There are traits and characteristics that some people possess, that can help us determine what zodiac sign they are!

After picking some of your favorite pop stars, we will take a guess as to what your zodiac sign is!

Question 1

Adam Levine:

Question 2

Taylor Swift:

Question 3

Ariana Grande:

Question 4


Question 5

Bebe Rexha:

Question 6

The Weeknd:

Question 7


Question 8

Sam Smith:

Question 9


Question 10


Question 11

Michael Buble:

Question 12

Niall Horan:

Question 13

Selena Gomez:

Question 14

Nick Jonas:

Question 15

Post Malone:

Question 16

Mariah Carey:

Question 17


Question 18


Question 19

Miley Cyrus:

Question 20


Question 21

Lady Gaga:

Question 22

Katy Perry:

Question 23

Justin Bieber:

Question 24

Kanye West:

Question 25

James Blunt:

Question 26


Question 27

Billie Eilish:

Question 28

Christina Aguilera:

Question 29

Justin Timberlake:

Question 30


Question 31

Luke Bryan:

Question 32

Britney Spears:

Question 33

Harry Styles:

Question 34

Ed Sheeran:

Question 35

Brendan Urie:

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