Choose Your Favorite Movies And We’ll Reveal Your Hogwarts House

Our favourite movies say a lot about us. Beyond telling people what genres we prefer or what actors and directors we'll always give our movie theatre dollars to see, it gives others a look into our likes and dislikes as well as our beliefs. Do we believe in happy endings? What about love at first sight? What about forgiveness?

Beyond that, the kinds of stories we choose to watch and rewatch can say a lot about our values. What is more important to us: cunning or courage? Do we like stories where characters use their heads in a situation, or ones where they are led by their hearts? Do we like it when facts and truth win the day, when friendship does, or when plain old recklessness gets the job done?

It's probably obvious where this is going, but I'll spell it out just in case it's not. Our film choices, the movies we choose to watch as well as the ones we can't stand, can give some pretty good clues as to our Hogwarts house. That's what this quiz aims to put to the test: can we successfully play the sorting hat with nothing to guide us but cinema preferences? Let's see!

Question 1


Divergent is a 2014 young adult dystopian film starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. It's set in a world where people are defined by their dominant personality traits, and sorted into groups filled with likeminded people. Once in those groups, associating with people in other groups (even family!) is strongly discouraged. The main character, Tris, is found to be Divergent - a person with more than one dominant personality traits. This makes her a threat to the established order, and she must keep her true identity a secret while also training to pass the tests set-up by her chosen faction. Pick or pass?

Question 2

The Theory Of Everything

The Theory of Everything is a 2014 romantic drama and biography, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. It is set at Cambridge University and tells the story of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking's life. It is based on "Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen" by Jane Hawking, which deals with her relationship with her ex-husband, and how it changed as he developed Motor Neurone disease. Though the events of the story are quite tragic in places, the movie focusses on his strength and determination in living with his illness, and his constant wonder about the universe and learning in general. Pick or pass?

Question 3

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a 2017 superhero movie set in the DC cinematic universe. It follows the story of Diana, an Amazon princess who grew up believing that the god had Ares turned humanity bad. When a spy crashed into her island while fighting in WW1, she realised that Ares must be behind the conflict, and set out to London to find and stop him. Along the way, she learned more about why humans were worth protecting, as well as the mistakes that made them less worthy of protection. She even learned the value of love. Pick or pass?

Question 4

Ender's Game

Ender's Game is a 2013 military science fiction action film based on Orson Scott Card's 1985 novel. It stars Asa Butterfield as Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, a gifted child who is sent to a military academy in outer space to prepare for a future alien invasion. The story revolves around Ender learning to protect himself despite constantly being singled out by both his classmates and teachers, and learning the importance of strategy and cleverness. However, he also learns the value of friendship, trust and even empathy, which puts him at odds with the leaders instructing him on what to do. Pick or pass?

Question 5

The Avengers

The Avengers is a 2012 superhero action movie set in the Marvel cinematic universe. It has an ensemble cast, including Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. In the film, the director of spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D Nick Fury contacts different gifted beings across Earth and beyond, encouraging them to team up to tackle an interplanetary threat. The treat is Loki, Thor's brother, who has arrived on Earth with the intention of ruling over it by any means necessary. Though the team members are at odds at first, they learn that they must trust and understand each other in order to save the day. Pick or pass?

Question 6

The Martian

The Martian is a 2015 science fiction movie starring Matt Damon, based on a novel of the same name by Andy Weir. It follows an astronaut who is mistakenly left on Mars by his fellow mission members, and is forced to figure out how to survive by himself. Using the knowledge he has and the resources left behind on the space station, he figures out how to make water and farm on Mars, how to contact people back on Earth, and how to survive while he waits for rescue. The movie is famous for its funny dialogue and characterisation. Pick or pass?

Question 7

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is a 2018 computer-animated superhero movie. It stars an ensemble cast of voice actors, including Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Lily Tomlin, John Mulaney and Nicolas Cage. It follows Miles Morales, a teenager who is given identical powers to Spider-Man, in a universe where Spider-Man has passed away. The villain Kingpin is using technology that pulls people from alternate universes to bring his family back, but a whole host of alternate universe Spider-People are pulled into Miles' universe as a side-effect. Together, they teach Miles what it means to be Spider-Man, as well as teaming up to take on Kingpin. Pick or pass?

Question 8

The Devil Wears Prada

This comedy-drama came out in 2006 (IMDb), and stars Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. The movie centers around a young journalist working in New York, who stumbles into a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the editor of a hugely important fashion magazine. Though the journalist doesn't know anything about fashion she sticks with the job, since after a year she can leave and work at any magazine she wants. Over time though, she grows to appreciate the fashion industry, as well as her tough-as-nails editor. However, this new outlook challenges her relationships with those around her. Pick or pass?

Question 9


Matilda is a 1996 children's fantasy starring Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito and Pam Ferris. It follows a girl who loves reading and learning, but grows up in a family who discourage both things. As a result of all her extra brain power that isn't being tested properly, the girl gains the ability to move things with her mind, which she uses to defend her fellow classmates from the fearsome headteacher at her school. She also grows closer to her class teacher, who grew up in her own difficult circumstances and shares her love of books and learning. Pick or pass?

Question 10

The Goonies

The Goonies is a 1985 adventure comedy film starring an ensemble cast including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Jeff Cohen. It follows a band of kids who live in the "Goon Docks" neighborhood who discover their homes are set to be torn down, breaking up the gang. To they check their attics for things to sell in order to save their homes, and discover an old treasure map that leads them to the long-lost fortune of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate. During the entire adventure, they are chased by a family of criminals, who want the treasure for themselves. Pick or pass?

Question 11

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon is a 2010 animated comedy starring the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, T. J. Miller, and Kristen Wiig. The story takes place in a mythical Viking world where a young Viking teenager named Hiccup desperately wants to become a dragon slayer in order to make his father, the chief, proud. After finally capturing his first dragon, he decides to spend time learning about it and even befriending it, and realises everything his tribe thinks they know about dragons is wrong. However, helping them to learn the truth is a difficult task. Pick or pass?

Question 12

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is a 2013 action fantasy film starring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. It follows a girl whose life is changed forever when she learns that her mother was a Shadowhunter, a group of individuals tasked with saving the world from demons. When her mother is taken, the girl must train at the Shadowhunter institute, readying to battle a fanatic who is determined to make mortals subservient to Shadowhunters by experimenting with demon venom. At the same time, she must battle her growing feelings for the mysterious Shadowhunter who is training her. Pick or pass?

Question 13

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a 2012 American science fiction-adventure film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks. The story takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future in the nation of Panem, where a boy and a girl from each of the nation's 12 Districts are chosen annually as "tributes" and forced to compete in The Hunger Games, a reality show that forces children to compete in a Last Man Standing style battle. Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place, and with her district's male tribute Peeta Mellark travels to the Capitol to train and compete in the games. Pick or pass?

Question 14

The Breakfast Club

This movie is a 1985 comedy drama, starring Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy. It follows five high school students from different cliques, who are all forced to spend a Saturday in detention together. Though at first they don't get along, they spend the day talking about their own lives and struggles, and the pressures they face as teenagers. In the end, they decide that they are not as different as they first thought, and four of them even fall in love. Pick or pass?

Question 15

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a 2016 biographical drama film, loosely based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly. The film is about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the space race, and stars Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury. The film also features Octavia Spencer as NASA supervisor and mathematician Dorothy Vaughan and Janelle Monáe as NASA engineer Mary Jackson, and focusses on the strong friendship of the three women as well as the struggles they faced in the workplace. Pick or pass?

Question 16

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This movie is a 1986 teen comedy starring Matthew Broderick. It follows a popular high schooler who decides to stay home from school, faking an illness using a series of elaborate strategies. He involves his girlfriend in the prank, as well as his hypochondriac best friend, and they also take his dad's car. After a series of increasingly high-stakes adventures, the highschooler makes it back in bed just in time for his parents to come home, and even his older sister in law ceases to be angry at the deception. Pick or pass?

Question 17

Legally Blonde

This movie came out in 2001 (IMDb), and follows Reece Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a socialite who decides to completely change her life after her relationship ends. She studies hard, gets into Harvard, and soon realizes that she has the potential to be way braver and smarter than she thought. Along the way, she gains a host of new friends, including a former rival, a fellow law student, and a quirky hairstylist. She even teaches everyone her signature move, the bend and snap! Pick or pass?

Question 18

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 2005 musical fantasy comedy film, based on the 1964 novel by Roald Dahl. The film stars Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket. The story follows a poor boy named Charlie as he wins a contest along with four other children and is led by Wonka on a tour of his chocolate factory. Over the course of the tour, Charlie is the only one to act kindly and responsibly, leading the mysterious Wonka to give his entire chocolate factory to Charlie. Pick or pass?

Question 19


This movie is a 2008 supernatural romance starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It follows a high school student who moves across the country to live with her father, and at her new school meets a group of extraordinary people. One of the boys seems to dislike her, but is also fascinated with her, which leads her to find out more about him. Later, she finds out that he is actually a vampire, which is why he tried to stay away. The two fall in love despite this, but find that they have bigger problems, as not every vampire is as kind as his family. Pick or pass?

Question 20

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 fantasy pirate film starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. The story follows infamous pirate Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner as they rescue the taken Elizabeth Swann from the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, captained by Hector Barbossa. The crew of The Black Pearl are made harder to defeat by the fact that they become skeletons at night, and must be defeated by intelligence and trickery rather than strength. Thankfully, Jack Sparrow is all about trickery, even though at times he seems to be making it up as he goes along. Pick or pass?

Question 21

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a 2009 mystery period action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. Set in 1890, Holmes and his companion Watson are hired by a secret society to get to the bottom of a plot to expand the empire by supernatural means. Sherlock at first refuses to believe that magic is involved and is eventually proven right, but along the way he is almost convinced, thanks to the clever villainy of Lord Blackwood - an occultist and charismatic cult leader. Things are made even more complicated by the fact that Irene Adler, Sherlock's only love interest, is tangled in the plot too. Pick or pass?

Question 22

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord Of The Rings is a 2001 high fantasy film series starring Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen, as well as an ensemble cast. It follows a loveable hobbit named Frodo, who must travel with a powerful and dangerous ring to a far off place, in order to neutralise it and present an ancient villain from gaining power. At the same time, a motley allegiance of dwarves, elves, princes and wizards must overcome their preconceptions in order to fight the power on another front - learning the power of trust and friendship along the way. Pick or pass?

Question 23


Labyrinth is a 1986 musical fantasy starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. It follows a girl whose baby brother is taken by the Goblin King when she wishes him away, and her quest to get him back and return to her old life. The goblin king is infatuated with her, and though she at first is flattered and fascinated by him, she soon realises that she must grow up and abandon her old fantasy of ruling as the goblin queen. Aside from those two characters, every other creature in the movie is a puppet. Pick or pass?

Question 24

St Trinian's

This movie is a 2007 comedy starring Rupert Everett, Gemma Arterton and Talulah Riley, with appearances from Colin Firth, Russell Brand and Stephen Fry. The story follows an out of control all-girls school, run by an eccentric headteacher. While attempting to shut the school down, the government's education officer falls in love with the headteacher. Meanwhile, the new girl in school must learn to adapt to her crazy new environment, which she is put off by at first but soon grows to love. Also: the school competes in University Challenge in order to win the prize money and pay the school's debts. Pick or pass?

Question 25

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is a 2010 fantasy adventure movie starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska. Inspired by both the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, the film tells the story of a girl called Alice, who is told that she can return the White Queen to her throne and defeat the unfriendly Red Queen. She is the only one who can slay the Jabberwock, a dragon-like creature that is controlled by the Red Queen and scares Underland's inhabitants. She does this with a mix of ferocity, gentleness, and unexpected friends. Pick or pass?

Question 26

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is an animated superhero film with a voice cast that includes T.J Miller and Alan Tudyk. It follows a team of science and engineering students who must team up and become superheroes when one of their inventions is stolen. They do this with the help of Baymax, a healthcare assistant that is repurposed as a flying and fighting robot with an inflatable belly and gentle personality. In saving the city and uncovering the mystery, they also come to terms with the grief of having a friend and older brother pass away, by keeping his legacy alive. Pick or pass?

Question 27

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a 2014 science fiction action thriller based on a young adult novel of the same name. It stars Dylan O'Brien, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter, and follows a team of boys all trapped in a maze with no knowledge of how they got there. Each day, they explore the maze to try and find a way out, and each night they listen to the monsters inside run around. However, a new arrival finally gives them the courage to try and escape as a group, but what waits for them outside is not what they expected. Pick or pass?

Question 28

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 comedy film featuring the voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Tilly. The film follows two monsters – James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and his best friend Mike Wazowski, who both work at a power plant that generates energy by startling human children. These children are believed to be toxic to monsters, so when one escapes into the factory it is their responsibility to return her home. Over time though, they realise almost everything they knew about humans is incorrect, and someone has deliberately kept it that way. Pick or pass?

Question 29

Miss Potter

Miss Potter is a 2006 biographical film starring Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson. It follows the life of children's author Beatrix Potter as she struggles to publish her first book, and goes from unknown daughter to success and phenomenon. Along the way, she makes friends with her publisher's sister, and even falls in love with the publisher himself. She even manages to build a life for herself away from her overbearing family, but just as everything seems to be falling into place, tragedy strikes. The film focusses on her capacity for imagination, showing her drawings and books literally coming to life. Pick or pass?

Question 30

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a 1971 musical fantasy film starring Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson. It follows a trainee witch who is forced to take in three children during the London Blitz, and tries to keep her magic practise secret from them. When they discover her secret, she takes them along on adventure to find the other half of a missing spellbook, in order to find the incantation that brings inanimate objects to life. In the end, the spell turns out to be in front of them all along, but it's a lot more difficult to master than they expected. Pick or pass?

Question 31

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a 2015 space opera starring an ensemble cast of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. It follows a new team including a reformed stormtrooper, resistance pilot and mysterious orphan as they attempt to recover the map that will lead them to the now legendary Luke Skywalker. In the meantime, they must face down the new generation of the dark side of the force, an ex-Jedi trainee that goes by the name of Kylo Ren. He also happens to be the son of Han Solo. Pick or pass?

Question 32

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a 2014 historical drama film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as cryptanalyst Alan Turing, who decrypted enemy intelligence codes for his government during WW2. It follows his life as he pieces together the information that allows him to gain an advantage and build the computer that changed the world. It also shows his relationships over that time, which help him to come out of his shell and be befriended by his colleagues, and also hide his identity at a time where it would not be accepted. Pick or pass?

Question 33

Toy Story

Toy Story is a 1995 animated family comedy starring a voice cast that included Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Don Rickles. It follows a group of toys that come alive whenever their owner is not in the room, and how the group is affected when a new toy joins the ranks. The two favourite toys, old and new, start out as rivals - but soon learn to respect each other and team up for the good of all the toys in the toybox, as well as the child who loves them both. Pick or pass?

Question 34


This movie is a 1988 dark comedy starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. It follows a high school girl who is counting the days until she can leave and go to college, but is unexpectedly adopted by the most popular trio of girls in school. At first she is thrilled, but the friends treat her less than kindly, and even embarrass her at a party. At the same time, she falls in love with a mysterious new kid with a love of dangerous pranks, who turns out to be even more dangerous than she first thought. Pick or pass?

Question 35

The Lion King

The Lion King is a 1994 animated musical starring the voices of Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Cummings. It follows a young lion prince who is set to take over his father's position leading the pride, and cannot wait for the power of being king. However, he is not ready for the responsibility, and easily tricked into dangerous situations by his father's less reputable brother. The brother tries to seize the throne by any means necessary, but when he succeeds he soon undoes the harmony of the kingdom, a problem which only the young prince can solve. Pick or pass?

Question 36

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a 2005 high fantasy story starring Liam Neeson, Tilda Swinton, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley. It follows four children who enter a magical land named Narnia through a portal in a wardrobe, accidentally setting in motion an ancient prophecy. The four children must choose a side in an ancient battle, bring spring back to a kingdom cursed with eternal winter, and eventually take their places as kings and queens. However, the hardest thing they must do is grow up. Pick or pass?

Question 37

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 superhero comedy starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum and Mark Ruffalo. It follows Thor as he is depowered and trapped on the planet of a charismatic tyrant, forced to fight for his amusement against his old friend from work The Hulk. Bruce Banner is nowhere to be seen as The Hulk has been in control for so long, but the two must still team up to escape in order to save Asgard from Hela, Thor's bigger and more powerful sister who has returned to take back the throne. Pick or pass?

Question 38

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a 2018 young adult science fiction film starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Lena Waithe, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, and Mark Rylance. It follows a world dominated by a VR technology called O.A.S.I.S, which allows anyone to live out their dreams and escape into another reality. Some players are obsessed with figuring out a treasure hunt left behind by the technology's creator, who promises ownership of the tech to whoever finds the truth first. However, a large company is also on the tail of the riddle and will go to any extremes to solve it first. Pick or pass?

Question 39

Batman: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman. It is the second movie in the Nolan Batman trilogy, and sees Bruce Wayne, Police Lieutenant James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent form an alliance to dismantle organized crime in Gotham City. However, a rogue villain known as The Joker seeks to bring down crime in his own unique way, by undermining the corruption of the gangs, the police force and even Batman himself. Pick or pass?

Question 40

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is an animated family comedy starring an ensemble voice cast including Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan. It follows a Kung Fu adoring Panda who tricks his way into an important ceremony, where a new Dragon Warrior is being chosen from a highly trained team. The mysterious Kung Fu elder chooses him instead, leading to resentment from the group, but he has bigger problems. He must unlock his own potential before a shunned villain escapes from captivity and returns to the village, and even the legendary Dragon Scroll won't help him with that. Pick or pass?

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