Date Or Dump These Guys And We'll Reveal What % Crazy Cat Lady You Are

Who's up for a little fun? While we know that dating in the real world can get all kinds of awkward, we are thinking everyone will enjoy our version of a night out on the town. Not only will we not need to make it through any small talk, but the men we have lined up today are all pretty handsome!

In this speed dating-like challenge, everyone will be faced with various gorgeous celebrities. All we are asking, if for everybody to pick some to date and some to dump. Once all of that has been completed, we will get real with everyone as we reveal what percent crazy cat lady everybody is. We may not all like the answer we get, but at least we will know the truth!

Question 1

Chris Pine

Question 2

Josh Hutcherson

Question 3

Norman Reedus

Question 4

Orlando Bloom

Question 5

Theo James

Question 6

Eddie Redmayne

Question 7

Keanu Reeves

Question 8

Nick Jonas

Question 9

Matt Bomer

Question 10


Question 11

Noah Centineo

Question 12

James Franco

Question 13

Brad Pitt

Question 14

Joe Jonas

Question 15

Dylan O'Brien

Question 16

Patrick Dempsey

Question 17

Miles Teller

Question 18

Sam Heughan

Question 19

Joe Keery

Question 20

Ryan Gosling

Question 21

Paul Rudd

Question 22

Chris Pratt

Question 23

Jared Padalecki

Question 24

Paul Wesley

Question 25

Jon Hamm

Question 26

Gerard Butler

Question 27

Chris Evans

Question 28

Jason Momoa

Question 29

Rami Malek

Question 30

Liam Hemsworth

Question 31

Andrew Garfield

Question 32

Ryan Reynolds

Question 33

Joe Manganiello

Question 34

George Clooney

Question 35

Austin Butler

Question 36

Zac Efron

Question 37

Richard Madden

Question 38

Michael B. Jordan

Question 39

Liam Payne

Question 40

Sam Claflin

Question 41

Ian Somerhalder

Question 42

Johnny Depp

Question 43

Shemar Moore

Question 44

Dwayne Johnson

Question 45

Justin Timberlake

Question 46

Taylor Kinney

Question 47

Jared Leto

Question 48

Michael Fassbender

Question 49

Shawn Mendes

Question 50

Kanye West

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